P&G & Grey help Indonesian athletes celebrate Eid with their mothers

To Indonesians, the holy month of Ramadhan means a time of reunion with loved ones. Millions of Indonesians travel home to be with their parents and enjoy the festivities.

However, in the competitive world of sport, taking time off is difficult and hundreds of Indonesian national athletes are unable to spend quality time with their mothers. Unfortunately, Ramadhan falls within the peak training season this year, and to choose between one mother or their motherland (bearing the hopes of 250 million Indonesians) is a dilemma many have had to mull over.

This year, P&G wants to help 810 Indonesian national athletes apologize to their mothers in their own unique ways. A package of apology will be sent directly to every mother of the athletes who will be unable to return home this Ramadhan.

Featuring Sri Ranti, among the most prominent of Indonesia’s medal hopefuls, the film illustrates her painstaking experiences as she invests heart and soul into training for the upcoming 2018 Asian Games in August, and how she dedicated her Gold medals from previous tournaments in a heartwarming tribute and apology to her mother. The video has received over 11 million views in 3 weeks.

“Being an athlete is a lifestyle that consumes every aspect of one’s life including the time you have available for your own mother. Mothers are the silent strength behind the success, the ones who understand that such practices will come before spending time with the family. The athletes’ mothers deserve as much credit for their success as they do”, said Daphne Kuah, Country Marketing Manager P&G Indonesia.

“As an act of purifying oneself, Indonesians ask for each other’s forgiveness during Eid. While national athletes are unable to make it back home for Eid, there is no reason they cannot share their own unique and special apology to their moms. Our idea was centered around making the choice between Mother and Motherland a less painful one” added Nugroho Nurarifin, Executive Creative Director, Grey Group Indonesia”.

Credit List:

Executive Creative Director: Nugroho Nurarifin
Senior Art Director: Finy Tjong
Copywriter: Juenre Sitanggang
Art Director: Devan Rudhinata
Senior Graphic Designer: Maria Priscilla
General Manager: Sharan Sood
Account Director: Sawitri Hertoto
Senior Account Manager: Masayu Difa
Strategic Planner: Ilmalana
Digital Manager: Oktavianus Daud
Social Media Officer: Ainun Yasmin
Executive Producer: Iqbal Arrasyid
Film Director: Upie Guava

Huma Qureshi, Regional Director, PR & Corporate Communications, AMEA

Country Marketing Manager P&G Indonesia: Daphne Kuah

Brand Manager: Berlian Dewirani 

Assistant Brand Manager: Mista Kurniawan

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