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Looking for creative talents who will lead the future content industry

Kon Jin-won recruits trainees for the '2021 Contents Creative Talent Partnership Project'

- '10 cars celebrated the content talents representing business, this year a total of 440 female patients trainee recruitment

- creative funding expansion, starting when local allocation mandates more than 25% for enhanced student competence

- Kang Dong-yun music director, Kim, Do - Hoon producers such participation apprenticeship industry's top mentor Lead mentoring

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee) and Korea Creative Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as Konjinwon) are recruiting about 440 creative trainees to participate in the 2021 Contents Creative Talent Partnership Project (hereinafter referred to as the Creative Talent Partnership Project) by the 14th .

The Creative Talent Accompaniment Project, which started in 2012 and has reached its 10th year, is a representative business for nurturing content talent.In order to cultivate young talents who will lead the future content industry and develop creative competencies, the industry has conducted apprenticeship mentoring between experts and prospective creators. Supporting advancement.

Recruiting a total of 440 people from 17 platform organizations… Expansion of creative support fund so that you can focus on creation

This year, a total of 17 platform institutions were selected to operate education in the fields of games, music, performances, videos, webtoon, animation, media art , and through these platform institutions, we will recruit trainees and operate specialized mentoring programs for each content field .

A total of 440 trainees are recruited, and the creative support fund will be extended to 1.5 million won per month, more than last year, so that they can fully concentrate on enhancing their creative competencies during the 6-month training period . In addition, when selecting trainees, it is expected to make efforts to foster local creators by making it mandatory to allocate more than 25% of the regions per platform institution.

In particular, in this mentoring, music director Jang Ji-young of the musical Phantom and The Days, Music director Dong-yoon Kang of the dramas When Camellia Blooms and Descendants of the Sun,Composition and directing of top Korean singers such as Mamamoo and Davichi Top mentors in each field, including producer Kim Do-hoon, who was in charge of the work, participate . It is expected that it will be a good opportunity for prospective creators to create their own content IP by vividly passing on the know-how of experts through apprenticeship training.

Fostering a total of 2,368 creators over the past 10 years and driving successful settlement in the content industry

It is estimated that the Creative Talent Accompaniment Program has fostered a total of 2,368 creative trainees over the past 10 years , and has contributed to fostering creators necessary for the content industry and leading the influx of talent . In addition, as it became difficult to mentor face-to-face between mentors and trainees due to Corona 19, the flexible non-face-to-face method was used in parallel, leading to significant achievements such as project contracts and awards in competitions, as in previous years.

Trainee Ha Tae-sung, who participated in the Creative Talent Accompaniment Project last year, composed ``Give it up, Korea'' to comfort Korea in need of Corona 19, and presented it on major online distribution platforms such as Melon to produce meaningful results. In addition, trainees Jung-in Park and Jae-jun Maeng wrote and arranged the main theme songs for the drama <18 Again, aired on JTBC last year, and were included in the OST album. It has successfully settled in the content industry, reaching 5.7 million cases.

Con epicenter corporate human resources division bakgyeongja Division is "confident that as slip '10 personnel accompanying business window reached the car is representative eject the outstanding creators to lead the domestic content industry business," he said, "be focused on creating ohrotyi are preliminary creators of this year has expanded the original grant to help pay for a good result, we will work harder looking 10 years ahead for the talent to lead the future, " he said.


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