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State of Mobile 2020

Consumers Downloaded a Record 204 Billion Apps

● Annual worldwide downloads have grown 45% in the 3 years since 2016 and 6% year over year, which is particularly impressive given this excludes re-installs and app updates.

● Downloads are largely fueled by emerging markets, including India, Brazil and Indonesia.

● Consumers in mature markets like the US, Japan and Korea have seen download growth level off, but are still seeking out new apps. Downloads in 2019 alone topped 12.3B, 2.5B and 2B in the US, Japan and South Korea, respectively.

Mobile Is Our Go-To Device, Capturing 3 Hrs 40 Min Per Day

● Across the markets analyzed, consumers are spending 35% more time in mobile in 2019 than 2 years prior.

● Mobile-first emerging markets like Indonesia, Brazil and India continue to spend the most time in mobile each day.

● France, India and Canada saw strong growth with the average user spending 25% more time in mobile each day in 2019 than in 2017.

Mobile-First Companies Saw 825% Higher Avg IPO Valuation

● The 3 largest initial public offerings (IPOs) in 2019 were companies with mobile as a core focus of their business: #1 Alibaba Group ($167.6B USD), #2 Prosus & Naspers ($100B USD), #3 Uber ($82.4B USD).

● Mobile-focused companies had a combined $544B valuation, 6.5x higher versus companies without a mobile focus.

● These are further indications that mobile is essential to succeeding with customers in 2020 and beyond

60% More Sessions Per User in Top Apps Than Older Demographics

● 98% of Gen Z (born 1997 - 2012) report owning a smartphone.

● Gen Z is expected to surpass Millennials as the largest generation by the end of 2019, comprising roughly 32% of the population.

● It is imperative to win Gen Z on mobile, or risk missing out on a mobile-native generation of consumers.

“Millennials and Gen Z have over $1 trillion in direct spending power, and will continue gaining influence in 2020 and beyond. In order to reach them, marketers need to take advantage of immersive mobile platforms like Snapchat, where we build engaging mobile experiences and drive powerful incremental reach among younger audiences.” Kathleen Gambarelli, Group Product Marketing Manager, Snapchat

2020 Is Set to Be Mobile’s Biggest Year, With Advertising Fueling Revenue

Mobile ad spend to reach $240B as brands harness mobile’s potential.

● The streaming wars will heat up in 2020 and consumers will decide where they spend their 674B hours on mobile.

● Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass will result in innovative new games for consumers and new revenue streams for publishers.

● 5G Is the next battleground, and gamers will be first to reap the rewards.

● Consumer and mobile ad spend to top $380 billion globally in 2020.

"As most growth marketers know all too well, driving performance through programmatic channels, be it CPA, ROAS or LTV, comes down to two things: (1) having a broad set of high quality unbiased, fraud-free user data, and (2) a rigorous practice for building and testing ad creatives. To successfully scale UA on mobile, marketers must invest equally in each." Dennis Mink, VP Marketing, Liftoff

Mobile Gaming — All Other Gaming (Home Console, PC/Mac Gaming, Handheld Console)

● Mobile games in 2019 saw 25% more spend than in all other gaming combined.

● Call of Duty: Mobile and Mario Kart Tour launched on mobile in 2019 — evidence of console migrating to mobile to capitalize on the larger market.

● Mobile gaming extended its global lead in consumer spend to 2.4x PC/Mac gaming and 2.9x home game consoles in 2019.

● Mobile has democratized gaming, allowing for a portable gaming console to be in the pocket of nearly every consumer.

● Mobile gaming is on track to surpass $100B across all mobile app stores in 2020.

Globally, Consumers Are Migrating More of Their Financial Activities to Mobile

● Globally, consumers accessed Finance apps over 1 trillion times in 2019, up 100% from 2017. From stock management to mobile banking to payment apps, this showcases mobile’s central role in managing our daily finances.

● Loyalty and referral programs can help cultivate deeper engagement in finance apps. Citi reported 83% of consumers — and 94% of millennials — are more likely to participate in a loyalty program if it’s on mobile.

● Both Apple and Google have both recognized the power of mobile as our financial hub, with Google offering checking accounts and Apple offering a credit card.

User Base Growth of Top Fintech Apps Topped Traditional Banking Apps

● Globally, the average MAU of top 10 Fintech apps grew 20% year over year in 2019, while Banking MAU grew 15%. While Banking apps tend to have higher existing user bases, this illustrates Fintech’s disruption — enabled and accelerated by mobile — of traditional banking services.

● The key to mobile is ease, accessibility and simplicity. Features like face or finger recognition streamline the user journey. This underscores why companies can’t port over an existing experience to mobile. Mobile requires deliberate planning to meet consumers’ expectations.

● After all, a good mobile experience can make trading stock or transferring money as fun as leveling up in a game or as engaging as social media.

Shoppers Turn to Mobile for Research, Consideration, Purchase and Loyalty

● Increased time spent in Shopping apps is driven by both growing user bases and increased engagement.

● Global Shopping app downloads grew 20% from 2018 to 2019 to over 5.4 billion, an indication of strong demand.

● Time spent in Shopping apps in Indonesia grew 70% from 2018 to 2019 — highest among markets analyzed.

● With more companies adopting mobile platforms and experiences for their users, businesses are enhancing mobile experiences to streamline usability, personalization and services offered.

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Made Strong Gains in Mobile Engagement

● Bricks-and-Clicks apps saw strong gains in total sessions year over year, often out-pacing Digital-First apps in their respective markets, a notable change from past years.

● However, among markets analyzed, Digital-First apps still had up to 3.2x more average monthly sessions per user than Bricks-and-Clicks apps in 2019.

● Mobile is central to growing retail businesses in 2020 — for both Brick-and-Mortar and E-Commerce brands. In Q3 2019, Nike’s digital business grew 42% — driven by mobile and app experiences.

● Nike has also focused on innovative app features that enhance the in-store experience, including product reservations and foot scanning technology to give shoppers an accurate shoe size.

Consumers Choose the Small Screen: Mobile Is Our Go-To Device for Entertainment

● Globally, consumers spent 50% more sessions in Entertainment apps in 2019 than in 2017.
● The ever-growing adoption of video streaming apps on mobile devices to watch movies, TV shows, and live events on-demand helped bolster demand for Entertainment apps.

● High quality streaming, growth in user-generated content, and offline mode becoming standardized were industry advancements that helped tip the scales from screen size to on-the-go viewing.

● Competition in the video streaming space will bolster better user experiences to drive growth in downloads, usage and revenue, and ultimately lead to partnerships and consolidation to win the wallets of consumers long term.

TikTok Tidal Wave: Time Spent Exceeded 68B Hours in 2019

● TikTok has grown to become both a social networking app and a source of entertainment, showcasing short, user-generated videos, often featuring lip-syncing or comedy. Musician Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” started as a meme on TikTok and went viral on the platform, landing at #1 and breaking Billboard Hot 100 records.

● Global time spent in TikTok grew 210% year over year in 2019, both from expanding user bases and increasing time spent per user. TikTok’s advertising platform positions this engaged and growing audience for brands to reach through videos designed to show value and entertain.

● 8 of every 10 minutes spent in TikTok in 2019 were by users in China, but the app’s usage has also skyrocketed in other markets.

Consumers Spent Over $2.2B in Dating Apps, 2x As Much As in 2017

● Tinder dominates for global consumer spend in dating apps. Tinder was the 2nd highest non-gaming app for consumer spend over the last decade, seeing strong success from in-app subscriptions.

● While the most popular dating apps are still growing, companies are also growing by creating a portfolio of apps that cater to a variety of dating interests, as opposed to trying to fit all needs in one app, such as JSwipe, Single Parent Meet, Chispa, and OurTime.

Ride-Sharing Apps See Strong Growth in Total Rides in 2019

● Ride-sharing apps saw strong growth in sessions in most markets analyzed, with South Korea being the main outlier.

● UK is the most concentrated market among those analyzed. It will be interesting to see if the November 2019 licensing changes in London will impact this in 2020.

● As sessions continue to grow, more mobility options proliferate. Some come from larger players looking to diversity (e.g. JUMP by Uber), while others are focusing solely on a sub category such as scooter-sharing (e.g Bird).

Consumers Turned to Mobile to Stream Their Favorite Sports Matches

● Globally, time spent in sports apps has grown 30% from 2017 to 2019.

● However, during the same time period, total megabytes used has grown 80%. This indicates that sports fans are increasingly turning to mobile to stream matches — whether from a connected device casting to a TV or on-the-go from their always-on device: their smartphone.

● In the US, ESPN and MLB.com at Bat were the top two sports streaming apps, respectively, by time spent on Android phones in 2019. In the UK, the top two were BBC Sport and Sky Sports, and in Japan the top two were Sports Navi and DAZN.

● 5G stands to lead to advancements in augmented sports viewing in 2020 and the years to come.

Consumers Spent 130% More Money in Health and Fitness Apps in 2019 vs 2017

Globally, consumers spent $1.5B in Health and Fitness apps in 2019.Mobile offers new pathways to meal planning, training regimes, exercise tracking and wellness and meditation — carving into the time and money spent at the gym.

● Growth in engagement and spend were strongest in APAC among markets analyzed. Consumers in China spent 330% more in Health and Fitness apps and in South Korea, 570% more time in them from 2017 to 2019.

● Cashwalk, a pedometer app, saw incredible growth in time spent in Korea at 175% year over year.

Zee Yuva’s ongoing celebrity dance reality show ‘Yuva Dancing Queen’ is receiving unwavering support and love from the audience. In this show which is now synonymous with ‘Experimentation’ in dance forms, viewers are loving to see the divas set the stage on fire with their amazing performances. Apart from the contestants and Judge Sonalee Kulkarni, there is one more diva in the show who is grabbing attention with her screen presence. That person is none other than Ganga. Ganga is an integral part of the show and shares the stage with Adwait Dadarkar as a co-host of the show.

In the latest Episode of Yuva Dancing Queen, Ganga astonished everyone and left them teary eyed when she openly spoke about her sexual identity on national television. Ganga has come a long way, fighting against all odds. Ganga was originally born as a boy, her real name is Pranit Hate. She has had an extremely tough journey of finding her identity as a person in the society and in the entertainment industry. No matter how much ever progressive society seems to be, transgenders still don’t get treated as normal human beings and Ganga has had to face this harsh reality right from her school years, right up to her professional life.

Ganga is an inspiration to each one of us who dream big. As TV aspires to become progressive, it is a very bold move by Zee Yuva to welcome a transgender as a co-host on the show and accept her the way she is. What is even more amazing is that the channel did not introduce her as a transgender. They introduced her as any other host with her talent and her past credentials as her identity. Only later in the show, when Ganga herself expressed interest in revealing her gender identity, did the channel revealed it on air.

At this incredible moment Ganga shared, “Today, after all the bad days I have seen, I stand tall and proud of who I am. Today, this Ganga has given Pranit his real identity. I’m very grateful to Zee Yuva and Yuva Dancing Queen for giving me this to show the world that I can also dream about something and can achieve it. Because of Zee Yuva I’m living my dream.”

Gender is a socially constructed term and we have been assigned roles pertaining to our gender. This is something that needs to change. Gender is a complicated topic and it has to be dealt with in a sensitive manner. Television has the power to influence its audience and shape their thinking. This move by Zee Yuva lives true to the channel’s identity as a younger GEC which is more inclusive, more open minded and truly progressive. This show has not only helped built on the perception of the channel, but it has also raked in numbers. It stands tall at an average 1.18 TVR; making it the highest rated show on the channel.

Millennials were the first ones to welcome technology with open arms. As early adopters of technology, the ‘On the go’ lifestyle of millennials has motivated industries to change their conventional business models. Almost all sectors from Banking to Smart homes have made this change. Below are some companies from various industries that have ensured they have made their process to be a seamless one for their customers.


Indian Household chores are some of the most exhausting, time-consuming, and monotonous activities to get yourself engaged in. No one likes to vacuum and mop floors, so why not get a robot that does the dirty work for you? Roomba the smart robo-vaccum cleaners from iRobot can clean your floors and can be operated from anywhere with the help of internet or can one can simply ask Alexa or Google home to ask Roomba to clean the floor. With the imprint technology you can clean any desired room in your house like bedroom or living room from anywhere in the world if you are in network through the iRobot App.


Traditionally, lunch at work would mean waiting in the long queues at the office cafeteria, scrambling to hand over the exact change and then looking for a place at the already crowded cafeteria, by which time almost half the break would be complete. HungerBox, an institutional food-tech company is transforming the way you consume food at work by digitizing the office cafeterias. Right from the food ordering to the payment front. This simplifies the process, not to mention it saves time for the employee and allows them to actually take a break from work and enjoy their lunch.


Since the DIY (do it yourself) investing model appeared, financial products like mutual funds have have only become more popular in India. Groww engages people to build and manage their own investment portfolios, without relying upon agents or third-party financial managers. It is one of India's largest investment platforms that has more than 4 million users, and it has accomplished this number in just three years since it started up in mid-2017. Groww has become a game-changer for a new generation of investors who are actively exploring and investing.


There was a time when travelers reached out to licensed travel agents for their flight bookings. Increased internet penetration gave rise to online travel aggregators like Cleartirp, who along with enabling online ticket booking, resolved a lot of other consumer pain points and made travel a completely on-the-go experience by enabling seamless search and discovery. For example, Cleartrip pioneered the introduction of in-app cancellation of tickets, and then also led the space by introducing the country's first stored card solution enabling users to book without any hassle. Today, Cleartrip fare alerts keep an eye on the dynamic fares and send information whenever the prices drop or rise. Cleartrip Shortlists automatically tracks individual itineraries and alerts users before the airline is about to increase the fares, giving ample time to make a buying decision. Similarly, Cleartrip’s 2-d filter is designed to enable international travellers to tackle the challenge of arriving at the best balance of price vs. duration. Once the respective travel points are entered, the 2-d filter immediately analyses the available flight options and presents carefully-curated flight buckets based on duration.


The evolution of online platforms for income tax-related work has made life easier for taxpayers, and their numbers have increased every year substantially. Traditionally, chartered accountants have been the most sought after by taxpayers who were looking for assistance to file their tax returns. But, with increasing penetration of the Internet, lack of time and for convenience, tax filing portals are becoming popular. ClearTax is a leading income tax and GST filing portal. The financial-technology platform provides software and services including Tax filing, TaxCloud, TDS Returns, GST, Mutual Fund Investments and CA & legal services, designed to empower individuals, accountants and MSMEs We aim to ease and simplify their financial woes. Our platform has served over 5 Million Indian Taxpayers to e-File their Tax Returns, about 6 lakh businesses, 60000 CAs and tax professionals and over 1,000 large enterprises have utilized our GST Software for GST-compliant billing and filing returns.

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Netflix increases investment in France

Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, to open new French headquarters in the heart of Paris -- home to 40 employees and a space for the entire creative community. Netflix will significantly increase its investment in France -- with 20 new French productions, and partnerships with leading French creative institutions.

Netflix celebrates the opening of its new Paris office in the heart of the 9th arrondissement. This new office reflects Netflix’s long-term commitment to France's creative community, including over 20 French productions in 2020.

Netflix’s French HQ: dedicated to the creative community

Located in the heart of Paris, the French HQ is Netflix’s fourth office in Europe. Netflix France currently employs 40 people, across films and series, partnerships and marketing.

"It is a real honour to be in France, with its rich culture and history of storytelling. This office is a sign of our long-term commitment to the country, and will enable us to work even more closely with the French creative community on great shows and films that are made in France and watched all around the world”, said Reed Hastings, Founding Chairman and CEO of Netflix.

French series and films for French people, showcasing local creativity in France and around the world

To reflect the diverse tastes of our members in France and our 158 million+ members around the world, Netflix has, since launching in France in 2014, developed 24 French titles, including 6 films, 9 series, 5 stand-up shows, 3 documentaries and 1 unscripted series.

2019 was a year of great success for original stories in France, with the horror and YA sci-fi series Marianne and Mortel, comedies Plan coeur and Family Business, the film Banlieusards, and Grégory, the documentary series about a case that touched France.

The French content executives today unveiled several original shows to be produced by Netflix over the coming years as well as a range of series and films made by production partners for Netflix. They include:

BigBug, the new film by César Award Winner Jean-Pierre Jeunet, based on a script written by Jeunet and Guillaume Laurant -- a comedy set in the future with a cast including César Award Winner Elsa Zylberstein, César Award Nominee Isabelle Nanty, and Manu Payet.

Fanny Herrero, the hugely admired screenwriter, is developing a 6-part series following the lives of four young comedians trying to make it in the Paris stand-up scene.

The renewal (Season 2) of the original YA Sci-fi series Mortel, created by Frederic Garcia.

Sentinelle, an action-packed film starring Olga Kurylenko, directed by Julien Leclercq (Braqueurs and La Terre et le Sang).

This comes on the back of a range of original shows already announced for 2020:

Arsène Lupin, starring Omar Sy, and created by George Kay in collaboration with François Uzan. The first three episodes will be directed by Louis Leterrier.

La Révolution, a historical thriller series created by Aurélien Molas.

The Eddy, Damien Chazelle’s series created by Jack Thorne, that reunites Leïla Bekhti and Tahar Rahim.

Vampires, starring Oulaya Amamra and Suzanne Clément, and created by Benjamin Dupas and Isaure Pisani-Ferry.

Two documentaries, one about Nicolas Anelka, developed by Franck Nataf, and the other featuring Maître Gims, directed by Florent Bodin.

We are incredibly proud of the productions we’re currently filming, the ones we are developing and the ones we’ve unveiled today. The establishment of a new French creative hub brings new opportunities for us to work with the best and most exciting creative talent in France and to bring diverse genres and content to everyone who loves French storytelling,” added Damien Couvreur, Netflix’s Director of Series in France.

Betting on the creative talent of tomorrow and promoting diversity in all its forms

Netflix also today announces a series of partnerships with major French creative institutions, to support new voices and to increase diversity within the creative community. Those partnerships include:

Strengthening Netflix’s existing partnership with La Fémis by supporting their ‘Residency’ programme, an 11-month full-time training course that helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds get into film and TV.

1000 visages, an association founded in 2006 by Houda Benyamina, which provides a number of training programmes in the visual arts and promotes access to jobs within the creative industries. Netflix will become the main partner in the programme dedicated to series’ screenwriting, to be launched in January 2020. Houda Benyamina is also the director of two episodes of The Eddy.

Since 2019, Netflix has partnered with GOBELINS L’École de l’Image, giving one graduate every year the opportunity to work alongside Netflix’s animation experts in Japan. In addition, Netflix will now contribute to Gobelins' training program by funding four-year scholarships for five students as part of their Master of Arts in "Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking".

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Cannes Lions announces 2020 Jury Presidents

Gender parity is represented in the President line-up for the first time in Cannes Lions’ history • The Presidents will lead the Cannes Lions 2020 juries, including the New Creative Business Transformation Lions jury

Cannes Lions has announced the Jury Presidents selected to lead the juries at the 2020 Festival of Creativity (taking place from 22-26 June 2020). The Presidents are chosen from among the world’s very best industry leaders. Together, they combine a diverse wealth of creative expertise, skill and talent, from both clients and agencies, to benchmark and award global creative excellence and effectiveness that will set the bar for the year ahead.

Among the global spread of elite industry experts, 53% of Presidents are also women for the first time (up from 33% in 2019) – ensuring global female talent is equally represented at the head of the juries. The new Creative Business Transformation Lions will also be awarded in 2020, alongside the refreshed PR Lions.

Simon Cook, Managing Director, Cannes Lions, said, “We’re delighted to present such an impressive global line-up of experts from all over the world. The Cannes Lions Jury Presidents represent the many facets of the creative global industry and will play a fundamental role in defining the creative benchmark on the global stage in 2020. As the uses of creativity expand and diversify, so does the work and so do our expert juries. This year, we have established gender parity in our President line-up as part of our on-going commitment to appoint outstanding global talent that represents the full breadth of our diverse community.”

The 2020 Jury Presidents are announced as follows:

Communication Track

Titanium Lions - Susan Credle, Global Chief Creative Officer, FCB, Global

Global CCO of FCB since January 2016, Credle has reignited the network and bolstered its creative reputation. The creative brilliance behind iconic multiple Lion-winning work including M&M's "Human" and Allstate's "Mayhem", Credle has received numerous industry accolades. Named as one of AdAge's "100 Most Influential Women", Business Insider's "Most Creative Women in Advertising" and in 2017, Susan was also named a Matrix honouree by New York Women in Communications.

Design Lions - Pum Lefebure, Co-Founder \& Chief Creative Officer, Design Army, USA

Award-winning creative director and savvy business leader, Lefebure is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Design Army, leading global brand campaigns for clients including the Hong Kong Ballet, the Academy Awards, PepsiCo, Karl Lagerfeld, Adobe, and The Ritz-Carlton. The Thailand native was named one of Adweek’s Creative100, Graphic Design USA’s Top 50 People to Watch, and a Rising Star by the Washington Business Journal's Women Who Mean Business. Pum has also been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, and Fast Company.

Film Lions - Richard Brim, Chief Creative Officer, adam&eveDDB, UK

Since Brim joined adam&eveDDB in 2013, the agency has won seven Grands Prix at Cannes Lions, as well as being named Agency of the Year in 2014 and 2018. In 2019, Brim was awarded AdAge’s Chief Creative Officer of the Year, as well as Campaign Magazine’s Creative of the Year. Recent notable creative highlights for his Creative Department include the Lion-winning John Lewis Christmas work, Project 84 for Calm, the launch of FIFA 18 and the Marmite Gene Project.

Mobile Lions - Andrew Keller, VP, Global Creative Director, Facebook, Global

Keller’s work has been globally recognised at Cannes Lions, picking-up three Titanium Grands Prix Lions in his career. Keller leads the development of experiences and creative across all surfaces for Facebook’s business audience around the world. Prior to Facebook, he spent 18 years working with creative agency CP+B. Under his leadership and tenure, the agency was named Agency of the Year 13 times by Ad Age and Adweek, as well as Agency of the Decade by Ad Age.

Outdoor Lions - Luiz Sanches, Chairman, Chief Creative Officer & Partner, AlmapBBDO, Brazil

Sanches has received more awards than any other Brazilian creative, including over 180 Lions at the Festival. In 2018, he also served as President of the Cannes Lions Film Jury. Almap is a four-time Cannes Lions Agency of the Year and the best-performing Brazilian agency in the Festival’s history. In 2013, Sanches became a partner at AlmapBBDO, where he is now Chairman & CCO and serves on BBDO's Global Creative Board. The Gunn Report once named him the best creative director in the world.

Print & Publishing Lions - Liz Taylor, Global Chief Creative Officer Leo Burnett / Worldwide Chief Creative Officer Publicis Communications NA

Taylor’s canon of creative work has earned her clients’ numerous Lions at the Festival, alongside other awards. Liz oversees the global creative vision for Leo Burnett, the third most-awarded creative network in the world (The Gunn Report) and leads creative for Publicis Communications North America. Liz has been named an Ad Age “Woman to Watch” and a member of the Adweek “Creative 100,” thanks to her commitment to creative excellence.

Radio & Audio Lions - Ted Lim, Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu Brand Agencies, Dentsu Aegis Network, APAC

Lim has led on creative work that has won multiple Grands Prix Awards at Cannes Lions and in 2017 he stood as the Direct Jury President. Lim repositioned the work Dentsu Asia-Pacific produces as “Innovative Business Solutions” and he was selected by AdWeek as one of 2019’s 13 global creative leaders whose ideas are advancing advertising worldwide. His team at Dentsu has produced globally recognised work for global clients including: Coca-Cola, Sprite, Zespri, Prudential, Unilever, Adidas, Qantas, Uniqlo and Yamaha.

Craft Track

Digital Craft Lions - Jax Ostle-Evans, Managing Director, Stink Studios, UK

Over the course of her career, Jax has won 16 Gold and 15 Silver Lions and other accolades at leading industry awards. She was also a member of the Film Craft Lions Jury in 2015. Ostle-Evans joined Stink Studios London as Executive Producer, becoming Managing Director in 2017. Her combined knowledge of film and digital have enabled her to spearhead a slew of innovative integrated projects, whilst helping to transition Stink Studios from a digital production company to a strategic and creative agency.

Film Craft Lions - Kerstin Emhoff, President, PRETTYBIRD, USA

Emhoff is co-founder & president of PRETTYBIRD, a hybrid production company and creative studio producing entertainment properties and original IP alongside filmmakers, studios and brands. For over 10 years, PRETTYBIRD has developed a diverse body of work from music videos and advertising to award-winning feature documentaries. Emhoff recently finished producing Ready For War, a feature documentary that premiered in 2019 at TIFF and was acquired by Showtime. Under her leadership, PRETTYBIRD has collected numerous Lions Awards, alongside Grammys and MTV Video Music Awards.

Industry Craft Lions - Jayanta Jenkins, Global Executive Creative Director, Samsung Mobile, Cheil Worldwide, Global

With an industry track record of 17 years as a creative leader, Jenkins is currently responsible for creative direction for Samsung Mobile Communications global account, heading up a dedicated global creative team. Before becoming global executive creative director for Samsung Mobile, Jenkins was Twitter’s former global group creative director and more recently the global executive creative director at HP. He was also the global creative lead at Apple’s Beats by Dre.

Entertainment Track

Entertainment Lions - Jae Goodman, CEO, Observatory (A Stagwell and CAA Company), Global

Jae Goodman is CEO of Observatory, an agency for the content era. Observatory leverages the power of popular culture to create campaigns that drive business results for the world's leading brands. Jae was the inaugural Entertainment Lions Jury President in 2016, has won four Cannes Lions Grand Prix in four different categories, 26 Lions in total, and has been named as one of Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business 1000, Adweek's Creative 100, Ad Age's Creativity 50, and PR Week's Hot List.

Entertainment Lions for Music - Wyclef Jean, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Carnival World Music Group, USA

Wyclef Jean has written, performed, and produced as a solo superstar and as founder of the Fugees and has been a consistently powerful, pop cultural force for over two decades. In 1996, the Fugees released their monumental album The Score. Since then, Wyclef has released eight albums as a solo artist, that have sold nearly nine million copies worldwide. Jean has previously been on the Entertainment Lions for Music jury and now returns in 2020 as President.

Entertainment Lions for Sport - Ben Hartman, Chief Client Officer, International, Octagon, Global

Ben Hartman is the Chief Client Officer, International, for Octagon, a creative agency with a specialism in sports and entertainment. Ben is viewed as one of the next generation of industry leading stars and oversees a team across APAC. Ben has worked on award-winning campaigns on behalf of brands such as Unilever, Standard Chartered Bank and Mastercard, winning numerous times at Cannes Lions. He was also a member of the inaugural Cannes Lions Entertainment Lion for Sport jury.

Experience Track

Brand Experience & Activation Lions - Vicki Maguire, Chief Creative Officer, Havas, UK

Maguire is one of the most awarded creatives in the industry today. She is also one of the few creatives to be awarded outside of the industry, picking up a British Comedy Award for The Angina Monologues, a programme that aired on Christmas Day to an audience of 7 million. A vocal advocate of diversity and inclusion, Vicki was the first female chair of Creative Circle and helped set up the Creative Circle foundation; a charity that helps fund students from diverse backgrounds enter the industry.

Creative Business Transformation Lions - Ronald Ng, Global Chief Creative Officer, Isobar, Global

Ronald Ng leads the creative charge across Isobar’s 85 offices to deliver world-class experience-led transformation, powered by creativity. Joining in 2018, Ronald steered Isobar to their most successful year at the 2019 Cannes Lions Festival – establishing Isobar’s strength in the ‘Creative Experience and Commerce’ space with a Creative eCommerce Gold Lion for KFC and Isobar China. Ng was previously Global CCO at Digitas where he helped transform their creative offering and won the 2017 Creative Data Grand Prix.

Creative eCommerce Lions - Tiffany Rolfe, EVP Chief Creative Officer, R/GA, USA

As EVP Chief Creative Officer US, Rolfe champions R/GA’s creative vision across its six U.S. offices. She works in partnership with Richard Ting, EVP Global Chief Experience Officer + US Chief Creative Officer, to lead creative teams that work at the intersection of business and culture to deliver transformational work to global clients. She was named one of Ad Age’s “Women to Watch” and is currently on the board of The One Club and the Ad Council Creative Committee. Tiffany is well-known for developing strategic creative solutions that lead to business and cultural impact, and she brings over 20 years of design and creative experience.

Good Track

Glass: The Lion for Change - Karen Blackett OBE, WPP UK Country Manager and Chairwoman MediaCom UK & Ireland

Karen Blackett OBE is a renowned business leader with a track record in creating vibrant cultures and consistently delivering business growth and success. With over 20 years’ experience at the forefront of the media industry, and after an enormously successful period as CEO of MediaCom UK, in January 2018, Karen became the first UK Country Manager for WPP, the world’s largest communications network, overseeing 14,000 people across multiple operating brands.

Sustainable Development Goals Lions - Eduardo Maruri, VP Global Creative Board & President/CEO Europe, Grey Worldwide, Global

In 2012, Maruri Grey won the first Lion for Ecuador. That Lion, a Gold, sits at the Presidential Palace Museum. In the last 8 years, different offices under his direct creative leadership have accumulated 109 Lions, including 21 Gold, 2 Grands Prix and two Regional Network of the Year recognitions. Maruri is the Founder and CCO of Maruri Grey in Ecuador, as well as President & CEO of Grey Latin America, President & CEO of Grey Europe and VP of the Grey Global Creative Board. Eduardo is a former politician, elected congressman, and member of the Constituent Assembly.

Health Track

Health & Wellness Lions - Tom Richards, Chief Creative Officer and Chairman of the Havas Health Global Creative Council, Havas Lynx Group, Global

2018 saw Havas Lynx Group crowned Cannes Lions Healthcare Agency of The Year and in 2019 Havas Lynx Group appeared in the UK’s top 10 creative agencies. In an astonishingly short space of time, Richards has grown the creative department to over 100, including 12 hugely talented Creative Directors. Richards is also Chairman of the Havas Health Global creative council and responsible for driving creative standards across the network.

Pharma Lions - Anne de Schweinitz, Global Managing Director, Healthcare, FleishmanHillard, Global

For four years in a row, Anne has been honoured as one of the most influential people in healthcare communications on Medical Marketing & Media and PR Week’s “Health Influencer 50.” In 2016, she served on the Pharma Lions Jury and as Healthcare Jury President for the eurobest Awards. Anne de Schweinitz leads an award-winning team of more than 300 healthcare communications specialists around the world at FleishmanHillard’s healthcare arm.

Innovation Track

Innovation Lions - Claudia Cristovao, Head of Google Brand Studio, APAC, Google

Cristovao has previously sat on the Titanium Lions jury and returns to lead the Innovation Lions as President in 2020. She has been a guest speaker at both Cannes Lions and Spikes Asia. Cristovao has worked as a writer, brand developer and creative director for a range of global brands including Google, Honda and AMEX. Her projects scan disciplines from art installations to digital experiences to business transformation and her artwork has been exhibited across the world.

Impact Track

Creative Effectiveness Lions - Ann Mukherjee, Chairman and CEO, Pernod Ricard NA

In her distinguished career, Mukherjee has been the recipient of numerous Lions Awards. She was named by Business Insider as one of the top 100 most innovative CMO’s in the world. She also has been named as an Ad Age Women to Watch, Brand Week Marketer of the Year, and on the Forbes Top 50 Most Influential CMOs list. She was also a member of the Cannes Lions Creative Effectiveness Jury in 2017.

Reach Track

Creative Data Lions – Maurice Riley, Chief Data Officer, Digitas, Australia & New Zealand

Riley has led the charge on the development of creative data over the course of his career. He has delivered data-fuelled creative for P&G, BMW, Campbell’s Arnott’s, Virgin Australia, Samsung, and Tourism Australia. Award wins include numerous Lions and he previously served on the Cannes Lions Creative Data Jury. He has been a guest speaker many conferences around the world.

Creative Strategy Lions - Suzanne Powers, Global Chief Strategy Officer, McCann Worldgroup, Global

At McCann Worldgroup, Powers is responsible for the strategic development of the company and its clients' brands across all regions and agencies. Under her leadership, McCann was ranked the number 1 advertising agency network for creative effectiveness in the 2019 WARC Effective 100 rankings. As a known advocate for talent ideas and creativity, she was named "2019 Chief Strategy Office of the Year" by Ad Age.

Direct Lions - Sonal Dabral, Chief Creative Officer, South & SE Asia & Vice Chairman, India, Ogilvy, South & SE Asia

Over his 30-year career, Dabral has led agencies to the top position in three different markets across Asia. At Ogilvy Mumbai, he helped drive it to become India's Number 1 creative agency. He also led Ogilvy Singapore to become Number 1 in Asia, and the third most awarded office in the world at Cannes Lions 2007 – a first for an Asian agency. He has judged or chaired every major international and regional award show and has spoken at major festivals and events across the globe.

Media Lions - Philippa Brown, Worldwide CEO, PHD, Global

As CEO, Brown oversees the running of the global network at PHD Worldwide, consisting of close to 6,000 staff across 100 offices. Brown took the helm in July 2019. Since then, she has been instrumental in transforming the network’s approach to helping brands create and harness ideas that go beyond expectations, as well as ideas that enable them to make the leap above their competitors and enjoy disproportionate growth.

PR Lions - PR Lions - Gail Heimann, President & CEO, Weber Shandwick, Global

Under Heimann’s leadership, Weber Shandwick has won nearly 100 Lions at the Festival, in partnership with leading brands around the world. Gail has served on three juries at Cannes Lions: President of the PR Jury in 2012; a member of the inaugural jury for Glass: The Lion for Change in 2014, and a member of the Titanium Lions Jury in 2018. Gail is chairwoman of the PR Council and she sits on the board of The LAGRANT Foundation. She was named PRWeek’s Global Agency Professional of the Year in 2019. Earlier in her career, she was named an Ad Age “Woman to Watch.”

Social & Influencer Lions - Debbi Vandeven, Global Chief Creative Officer, VMLY&R, Global

Under Vandeven’s leadership, VMLY&R has experienced unprecedented growth and recognition, earning a wealth of top awards. At the 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the agency received 31 Lions, including two coveted Grands Prix in Glass: The Lion for Change and Social & Influencer categories; 69 shortlists, as well as Agency of the Year in the Reach and Good Tracks.

The Presidents will join their juries at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity where the winning work will be awarded and celebrated each evening from 22-26 June 2020.

Entries to the Lions Awards open on 16th January 2020.

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