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- Mar 17, 2019
Detailed analysis of spending on Internet advertising media jointly carried out by D2C Inc., Cyber Communications Inc. and Dentsu Inc.  Three companies in the Dentsu Group have released a survey titled "2018 Advertising Expenditures in Japan: Detailed Analysis of ...
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Use of location data. Strength through collaboration. Unexpected media placements gain attention.

Making use of location data, the importance of collaboration between agencies and utilising unexpected media placements to gain attention, are the three key themes, finds WARC, following its analysis of the world's top campaigns for media excellence.

WARC, which provides the latest evidence, expertise and guidance to make marketers more effective, has today released 'Media 100 - Lessons from the world's best campaigns and companies for media innovation', a report analysis of the campaigns, brands and agencies ranked in the WARC Media 100, to uncover trends from the latest media strategies as well as bringing together insights and opinion from media experts.

Amy Rodgers, Managing Editor, Research & Rankings, WARC, and author of the report, says: "For the first time, following the release of the WARC Media 100 rankings benchmarking media excellence, we've analysed the results to provide valuable insights and learnings that will ultimately inspire and pave the way for more media innovation."

The three key themes from the WARC Media 100 are:

1. Location data is driving a new concept of creativity

The increasing sophistication of campaigns that use geographic data and targeting, and the seamless integration of those data sets, stands out as a key differentiator. Canada's VIA Rail 'Data vs Car' campaign (ranked #2) created a highly personal and impactful message by using real-time customisation to target individual drivers generating an 11.7% uplift in train ridership. 'Hijacking the Largest Shopping Festival in the World' (ranked #12) for global clothing brand Uniqlo, drove foot traffic to its stores in China on Singles' Day through the combination of online and offline purchase data.

Amrita Randhawa, CEO, Mindshare APAC & Executive Chair, Mindshare Greater China, comments: "This year's WARC Media 100 rankings inspire not just because they use data well, but because they use it in a complex, layered, thoughtful way that focuses on the consumer experience."

2. Importance of collaboration between agencies

The campaigns in the Media 100 demonstrate that by combining media, creative, and PR right from the start, improve the chances of good results; but equally, each campaign has to find its own unique way of making collaboration work. MediaCom worked with various agencies from the start for its Gillette campaign 'I Don't Roll on Shabbos' (ranked #1) to boost its deodorant sales in Israel. The success of 'The Awesome is Here' campaign for Mexican beer brandCerveza Victoria (ranked #3), involved working with government agencies and other bodies to improve discrimination rules.

Matthew Mee, Global Chief Strategy Officer, MediaCom, says: "Inclusion around great ideas often means working far beyond the immediate club of advertising capabilities and event technology partners, and that requires a different approach."

Mee added, "Ultimately, the key to successful collaboration is not about process. It's about being open to ideas, and most importantly, it's about knowing when to take a risk."

3. Unexpected media placements designed to gain attention

Brands can't just buy eyeballs, they have to work hard to earn consumers' attention, and they are using unexpected media placements to deliver complex, multi-channel activations that harness the interplay between advertising and culture. 'Dundee - The Son Of A Legend Returns Home' campaign for Tourism Australia (ranked #9) launched a fake Dundee film to make Australia top-of-mind for high-value US travellers. For 'Batman Barges In' (ranked #23), entertainment giant Warner Bros highjacked UK's TV Channel 4 to engage with a new market segment to promote its LEGO Batman Movie.

Chris Colter, Strategy Director, UM Sydney, says: "This year's WARC Media 100 reveals brands are increasingly ditching tired and predictable conventions, and injecting themselves in new contexts to seize attention. Whilst not a new strategy, it's the sophistication in which brands are activating this that poises them to win."

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Will Jon Snow win the Game of Thrones?

Fans across countries are rooting for the White Wolf

The Game of Thrones series has taken the world by storm since its release and given us eight years of intense drama and nail-biting twists and reveals. As fans prepare to bid farewell to Westeros with the final season premiering on 14th April, we asked people who according to them will assume the iron throne.

Jon Snow appears to be the frontrunner to win the throne across countries and continents. In India, nearing 1 in 3 people (28%) are most hopeful he will occupy the throne, while a fifth (19%) believe it will be the Night King.

A YouGov survey in the US revealed that a quarter of people (25%) believe Jon Snow is going to take the throne. In the UK, 1 in 5 (22%) think the same.

World over, Jon Snow is showered with a lot of female attention. In the UK, a higher number of women want to see him on the iron throne, compared to men (35% women vs 27% men).

However, in India, a higher number of men state he is their favourite character (21% men vs 9% women) and also believe he is the most likely to win the game, as compared to women (31% vs 25%). Women agree with the view of Jon Snow taking the iron seat, but when it comes to their favourite character from the show, Arya Stark is the winner.

1 in 7 people (14%) feel Daenerys Targaryen will reclaim her ancestor’s throne, while 1 in 12 (8%) feel Sansa Stark will occupy the iron seat.

Interestingly, 1 in 25 (4%) say nobody will get to claim it while 1 in 10 (11%) believe the throne will be destroyed.

Cersei is believed to have the least chances of claiming the throne, with just a 7% saying she will win this war.

Even though some people feel the Night King will be the next monarch, just under half (48%) feel he is doomed to die. On the other hand, over two-thirds are sure Jon Snow and Arya Stark will definitely survive till the end.

Ned Stark’s death seemed to have shocked people the most, followed by his son, Robb Stark’s death. Men found Robb’s passing as shocking as his father’s and a higher number of men felt this blow as compared to women (17% men vs 5% women).

Close to a quarter (23%) want to revive Ned Stark in the show but the next popular choice for reincarnation is Khal Drogo, and then Robb Stark.

Apart from giving fans a lot of memorable characters to cherish, Game of Thrones has given its admirers a lot of favourite moments and lines. ‘Valar Morghulis’, a Braavosi greeting in high Valyrian language, which means "All men must die", is the favourite one-liner from the show, after the most popular phrase ‘Winter is Coming’.

Coming to the fans of the show, 2 in 5 respondents (40%) have watched all the seasons of Game of Thrones, either once or more than that. Of these fans, more than 8 in 10 (83%) like to watch the episodes as soon as they are out while the rest (18%) like to binge-watch a season.

In order to refresh their memories before the final season, more than 3 in 5 people (62%) have watched the season roundup videos on YouTube or somewhere online, half (50%) have viewed one or more seasons, under half (45%) have read summary articles online and a quarter (26%) have taken a download from friends.


Data collected online by YouGov Omnibus among around 500 respondents in India in April 2019 using YouGov’s panel of over 6 million people worldwide. Data is representative of the adult online population in the country.

The Zoom Studios’ Mom & Co. is all set for an enthralling finale on 13th April 2019~

Neliima Azeem and Ayush Mehra’s show strikes a chord with the audiences, garners over 15 million views on YouTube and Facebook~

Zoom Studios launches Mom & Co. music album with 9 tracks

The Zoom Studios, original show ‘Mom & Co.’ which celebrates the extraordinary relationship between a mother and a son has been a roaring success, garnering 15 million views on YouTube and Facebook. The show that has strongly resonated with the viewers on its narrative and music, will see the launch of Mom & Co. music album with 9 tracks composed by the talented music director duo Sarthak-Nakul.

The show is now gearing up for an enthralling finale episode which will be premiered on April 13th, 2019 at 7pm on zoOm styled by Myntra and The Zoom Studios YouTube Channel. The episode is an emotional roller coaster for Suhasini (Aai) and Aditya as they embark on a brand new endeavour for Aai’s kitchen by taking up a catering order by a big Pharmaceutical company. The finale marks the culmination of Suhasini (Neliima Azeem) and Aditya’s (Ayush Mehra) journey as they come together for their new business with their recently found love and respect for each other as they take on a mammoth task. The series that celebrates the beautiful relation between a mother and a son has garnered a whopping over 15 million views on YouTube and Facebook.

During the course of the show, the dynamics of the relationship between the mother-son duo takes interesting turns as Aditya has understood all the sacrifices Aai (Suhasini Joshi) has made for him. Will Aai's Kitchen make the cut? Life comes full circle for Aditya, as Vivekanand whom Aditya had fired in the first episode, is now in charge of choosing the company that will be hired to cater the orders. Will Aditya manage to mend bridges with Vivekanand? Will Aai's food win over Vivekanand? Will he finally give her credit for being the heart and soul of Aai's Kitchen? The finale episode will have answers to all the questions.

Produced by The Green light productions and directed by Ashish Ranglani, the finale episode of ‘Mom & Co.’ airs this Saturday, 13th April, 2019 on The Zoom Studios Channel and zoOm styled by Myntra.

The third day of Goafest 2019 opened with high-power sessions that focused on three tenets of the advertising and marketing industry – creativity, innovation and empowerment.

Flagging off the day was the Keynote session by Ross Jauncey, Head of Create with Google. Highlighting the ability of creativity to transform, Ross Jauncey said: “We have never seen a more amazing time to be in world creativity. Today, we need creative minds who can march into the unknown.”

He relayed the audiences with various campaigns such as Kupu by Colenso BBDO in New Zealand which was developed to connect with consumers using an interactive app. The app helps people learn Te Reo Māori translations by exploring the objects around them. Jauncey further added: “Creative is a similar language across the world with ideas that are passionate and to that effect your values are just as important as your product.” He also shared a three-point checklist for brands: “Keep your ad relevant, don’t get complacent and focus on a big idea that will stand out.”

After this engaging session on creativity, next up were Knowledge Seminars presented by Lokmat. First amongst the two sessions was an engaging presentation by Navi Radjou and Jaideep Prabhu, Co-authors of Jugaad Innovation and Frugal Innovation who emphasized on India being a hub for frugal innovation and how 50% of contribution towards global Sustainable Development Goals will be by India. Navi Radjou started the session with highlighting how Jugaad Innovation is important to industries and what differentiates Jugaad marketers is that they are very resilient and inclusive. They shared with the audience campaigns by brands such as Levi’s and Ikea who are looking at circular and shared economies.

Radjou and Prabhu also shared the six principles of frugal innovation: engage and iterate; flex your assets; create sustainable solutions; shape customer behaviour; co-create value with prosumers; and make innovative friends.

To win a world championship once is no mean feat, but to win it six times is seldom heard of. A testament to resilience, humility and empowerment six times World Amateur Boxing Champion Mary Kom was the next speaker of the Knowledge Seminar. In conversation with sports journalist Boria Majumdar, Mary Kom opened up about her early life and her induction into boxing, the societal outlook towards women’s boxing, infrastructural challenges that she faced, etc. However, she spoke about how she kept at it without losing focus. Speaking of resilience and perseverance, Mary said: “Being a girl, it’s very difficult as women’s boxing is not introduced nationally as a sport. As a child I used to get inspired by action movies of Jackie Chan and Akshay Kumar and always believed that if men can then why can’t women?” Encouraging future boxers, Mary said: “A lot change has come in the boxing facilities since I started, and we have a lot more infrastructure today. But we are missing a champion. We need more athletes to take up boxing seriously.”

While every story Mary shared was inspirational, the highlight of her session was when she took up the mic and sang ‘What’s going on’, a surprise to the audience who cheered her beautiful rendition of the popular song.

A day that begins with such great stories of creativity, innovation and empowerment can only get better from here on.

Dentsu Aegis Network dominates Goafest 2019; bags 56 metals

With 40 metals in its kitty, Dentsu Webchutney, the digital agency from the house of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN), has been named the ‘Digital, PR and Direct Specialist of the Year’ at the Goafest Abbys, 2019 edition. While WATConsult and Isobar have bagged 4 awards each, Carat has brought home 3 metals. Happy mcgarrybowen and Dentsu Impact followed suit with 2 metals and 1 metal respectively. With wins across an entire gamut of categories — ranging from digital and PR to direct and media — DAN has proven its prowess across categories.

Overall, DAN has won the maximum number of metals as a group at the Goafest Abbys this year with 15 Gold, 15 Silver and 26 Bronze wins – a total of 56 metals in its pool.

Commenting on the network’s performance, Ashish Bhasin, CEO- Greater South, Dentsu Aegis Network and Chairman & CEO India said, “Goafest has always been the biggest industry celebration and this year was no exception. The whole scale and quality presentations, the sessions and the speakers were absolutely fantastic. This year, about 400 organisations participated in Goafest either as delegates or entrants to awards and I’m ecstatic to witness our agencies winning awards across the spectrum. The group has demonstrated brilliant levels of innovation that I am extremely proud of. My special congratulations to Sidharth Rao and the entire Dentsu Webchutney team for creating such amazing work.”

On the agency’s remarkable performance, Sidharth Rao, CEO & Co-founder, Dentsu Webchutney said, “It's incredible to know that what is usually known as a digital-first agency, has bagged the highest haul of metals across categories at the Abbys. We're all super proud at Dentsu Webchutney. In 20 years of being in the business, times have changed for the entire digital ecosystem, and we're humbled to be torchbearers on its behalf!”

“There’s pride in how we have learned to nurture the ideas to the biggest stages with disruptive clients who demand excellence. We use the term “kill your babies” a lot at Webchutney, and the breadth of campaigns that won, shows we have a lot more coming. This is the strongest team we’ve ever got together, and they’re ready to reach new heights in 2019,” he added.

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