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- Jun 17, 2021
South Korea’s global cultural clout is no longer in question. This year alone, the world has seen a string of hits of K-pop bands ━ such as BTS and Blackpink ━ around the world, the Korean cinema ━ such as ‘Minari’ and ‘Parasite’━snatch global awards, and large ...
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WARC releases The Marketer's Toolkit 2022: Global Trends Report

With insights from 1,500+ marketers and 25+ leading CMOs, it is the definitive, evidence-based and practical guide to help brands take charge of their new year revolutions

As brands shift their marketing strategies from temporary adjustment to permanent transformation, WARC, the global authority on effective marketing, has today released Marketer’s Toolkit 2022: Global Trends Report , the first-part of a must-read series of six helping brands speedily identify, adapt and successfully meet the challenges of the year ahead and turn them into opportunities for growth.

This 11th edition of The Marketer’s Toolkit brings together insights from a survey of 1,500 marketing executives, one-to-one interviews with more than 25 leading Chief Marketing Officers, and a review of WARC’s latest proprietary research, best practice guides and case studies.

Providing marketers with a set of planning and decision-making tools for the coming year, the report is built around six key drivers of change - society, technology, economy, policy, industry and creativity.

Aditya Kishore, Insight Director, WARC, says: “Far from signalling a return to normal, the opening up of economies has only created a new set of challenges for marketers. Attitudes, behaviors and market structures have resulted in significant change during the pandemic, and a huge 97% of respondents to our proprietary survey believe changes to consumer behavior will impact strategies in 2022.

“Providing a wealth of information, the WARC Marketer’s Toolkit 2022 is designed specifically to support decision making in the coming year and give confidence to adapt at speed, identify and maximise opportunities, and help optimise marketing effectiveness.”

Key findings from the WARC Marketer’s Toolkit 2022 are:

97% of WARC survey respondents say changes in consumer behaviour will impact their 2022 marketing strategies

With vaccination rates rising in many countries, many parts of the world are starting to see a return to normal. However, even in these markets, consumers are rethinking and evaluating lifestyles, resulting in different behaviours, preferences and buying patterns. Marketers can benefit from these changes if they carefully adjust their strategies for this inconsistent and incomplete return to "normal."

Social and environmental practices are becoming more important. Consumers are spending more time at home and becoming more concerned about their local surroundings. Personal and family health and wellness are being prioritised. Customer journeys are more complicated as consumers switch between digital and in-store channels.

73% of brand owners in WARC’s industry survey felt changes in consumer behaviours would have a significant impact on strategies for 2022. Another 24% felt these changes would have at least some impact - totalling 97% of all respondents.

Pete Markey, CMO, Boots, said: “The big lesson, I think, has been around strengthening our digital presence: investing behind that to be there when people need it the most, and also using the physical presence to provide the extra depth of interaction and a level of customer experience that I think only an in-store [environment] can really offer.”

46% of WARC survey respondents say the environment and financial growth are of equal importance

Sustainability is increasingly becoming an important priority for organisations. With consumers holding brands up to scrutiny on their record, brands will have to ensure that they deliver not only on traditional growth metrics, but also on a clearly identified framework for sustainable practices.

The ‘double bottom line’ - valuing profit and the planet - is now a reality for 46% of survey respondents who say they afford the environment and financial growth equal importance. Actions include changing manufacturing, packaging and distribution, making public commitments they will be accountable for, and encouraging green consumer behaviours in their messaging.

58% of participants agreed sustainability and purpose initiatives ought to be distinct, but there is still work to be done on measurement with 25% of respondents viewing sustainability as a “general goal” rather than using specific metrics.

Martha Velando, CMO, DeBeers, said: “Today, consumers expect brands to do what they say, have the right values, and be able to tangibly show what they're doing to make a positive impact in communities and on the environment. It's our duty to be true to our word, and to make sure that we find the right mechanisms to show progress we're making towards those goals.”

Robbie Millar, VP - Global Marketing, Carlsberg, said: “Our sustainability report is published annually. It's very transparent and externally audited. On things that Carlsberg brands might highlight, such as reduction of water use, will be factual. If we're using greener inks, it's factual. If there's less plastic in snap-packs, it's factual. We want to make sure that what our brands get involved with is true.”

54% of WARC survey respondents view market penetration/customer gain as the most important barometer of marketing effectiveness

Advertising measurement is in a state of unprecedented flux as a result of increased privacy regulation, the end of third-party cookies by Google and Apple’s opt-in to ad tracking.

The third-party data slowdown means marketers are exploring new advertising metrics, particularly more probabilistic measures, which could blur boundaries between short- and long-term measures of advertising.

Over half (52%) of those surveyed by WARC said they are looking to find “new measures of effectiveness”, while 42% acknowledge the need to invest in new technologies to measure audiences.

As advertisers focus on converting target audiences, more than half (54%) of respondents now view market penetration/customer gain as the most important barometer of marketing effectiveness, up from 44% last year.

Charisse Hughes, SVP/Global Chief Marketing Officer of The Kellogg Company, said: “Probably the best way that we've been much more advanced is in our data and analytics, and because we have such rich data and analytics – we’re on this journey with our first-party data – I think we're able to test learn, adapt, and adjust our messaging much faster than we ever thought we could.”

Emma Sheller, Global Head Brand & Marketing, Standard Chartered Bank, said: “Cross-media studies should be a fundamental aspect of through-the-funnel media planning and buying. Our hope is that the industry moves with these changes to focus less on last-click attribution, towards a more holistic view of media measurement.”

75% of WARC survey respondents plan to increase spending on social commerce

Content creators on social media are increasingly becoming empowered, as their followings become important to enabling platforms.

As livestreaming and other combinations of social entertainment and digital commerce become more important, brands will have real opportunities in this space if they can find effective ways to work with these creators.

75% of brands in the WARC survey plan to increase spending, leveraging the power of creators to sell via livestreams and shoppable media.

Kari Callahan, Director of Global Media, Portfolio and Insights, Amazon, said: “We've really been finding some interesting models of working with creators where they're creating and producing and building and our creative teams are stepping away… being able to have fun with it, being able to sometimes make fun of ourselves a little bit, and letting the stories go where they will naturally go. We've seen some great success, the more we put it in the hands of the creator versus trying to take ownership or control of some of the pieces.”

Doug Frisbie, VP - Global Business Marketing, Snap, Inc., said: “The difference now is that creators have platforms and creative tools that allow them to reach a unique audience of customers in a way that resonates more than traditional marketing would. The industry is starting to recognise that we need to ensure that creators can build thriving businesses as part of the marketing ecosystem.”

78% of WARC survey respondents expect to spend more on e-commerce

Increased budgets are going into e-commerce, creating new opportunities to optimise brands for an e-commerce environment. This is creating a need for alignment (and in some cases integration) of marketing and e-commerce teams. This could result in a potential clash of cultures, but also presents an opportunity for marketers to play a broader role if they can identify the right strategic balance.

In the Marketer’s Toolkit survey, 78% of respondents expect to spend more on e-commerce and 25% are adopting an integrated approach by merging e-commerce and digital branding teams.

Suzy Deering, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Ford, said: “As our cars are more and more connected, the way that we think about e-commerce shifts pretty dramatically, because it's not just about the purchase at that point; it's about the lifelong relationship that we're going to build with a customer that really creates more everyday interactions.”

Each webisode will highlight different explorers and time

Keeping its promise to bring unparalleled stories, EPIC Digital Originals has launched a new show, Epic Explorers.

Since time immemorial, India has received several keen travelers who came here to attain knowledge and fell in love with the country’s traditions and colors.

As the name suggests, the show highlights these travelers’ documented chronicles of their experiences of the country. It will explore India's journey through the eyes of famous foreign travelers who visited the country between 300BCE to 1800 AD.

Each webisode will cover explorers like Marco Polo, Ibn Batuta, Megasthenes among many others.

Emphasizing the questions - Who were these travelers and what brought them here? Which kingdom and era did they study? And what makes them so unique? – the 12 webisodes will answer a few of these questions.

Talking about the show, Nisha Thakkar, AVP - Content & Strategy, EPIC said, “The webisodes are an attempt to showcase our past through the eyes of these explorers to the current generation. At EPIC, we are always innovating to bring interesting and exceptional stories to the foreground. Our Digital Originals are a step towards capturing the on-the-go audience.”

The show premieres on 15th November, every Monday at 7:55 pm on the channel, YouTube, and EPIC ON.

Acquisition of Quintillion Media includes identified stakes in the digital media operations of Quintillion Business Media, Quintype Technologies and YKA Media

Quint Digital Media Limited (QUINT, BSE 539515), India's leading digital media company and only new-age digital-first news/ information operator listed on an Indian stock exchange, has entered into definitive agreements to acquire a) 100% ownership of Quintillion Media Private Limited (“QMPL”) and b) 47.92% stake in Spunklane Media Private Limited.

The said stakes will be acquired for a total consideration of Rs 24.5 Crores , subject to necessary closing adjustments. The consideration will be discharged by Quint Digital on a deferred basis, 5% on closing and balance 95% within a period of 12 months from closing.

The acquisition of 100% of Quintillion Media Private Limited includes underlying stakes in the following digital media and technology properties:

Quintillion Business Media Private Limited (“QBM”): QBM is an Indian business and financial news company and operates a leading business news digital platform in India. Its main content is based on the Indian economy, international finance, corporate law & governance and business news. As a part of the acquisition, Quint Digital will acquire 100% stake in QBM along with an amended Program Services and Content Sharing Agreement with Bloomberg Television Production Services India Private Limited which inter-alia has extended the tenure of the partnership by 10 years.

Anil Uniyal is the Chief Executive officer and Menaka Doshi is the Managing Editor at QBM.

Quintype Technologies India Private Limited (“QTIPL”): QTIPL is a Bengaluru head quartered company and is engaged in providing Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) platform to digital media publishers. QTIPL was set up in 2015, and it provides digital publishers with state-of-the-art content and subscription management systems. Quint Digital will acquire 50.41% stake in QTIPL. In September 2020, QTIPL had raised INR 25 Crores from IIFL AMC, part of IIFL Wealth Management in Series A Funding.

Chirdeep Shetty is the Chief Executive officer at QTIPL.

YKA Media Private Limited (“YKA”): YKA is India’s largest media platform (www.youthkiawaaz.com) for young changemakers who want to change the world. YKA was founded by Anshul Tiwari, Founder and Chief Executive Officer in 2014. Quint Digital will acquire 34.6% stake in YKA, including convertible instruments held by QMPL.

In addition, Quint Digital will also acquire 47.92% stake in Spunklane Media Private Limited (“SMP”). SMP operates a digital news platform (www.thenewsminute.com) and is focused on reporting and writing on issues in India, with a specific focus on the 5 southern states viz. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It was founded by Dhanya Rajendran, Chitra Subramaniam and Vignesh Vellore in 2014.

Speaking on this transaction, Ms. Ritu Kapur, Co-Promoter & Chief Executive Officer, Quint Digital, said “the proposed acquisition of stakes in QBM, SMP and YKA will give Quint Digital the double edge advantage of synergising across news platforms as well as diversifying across demographics and geographies, bringing a larger community of readers/viewers into our fold. QBM’s acquisition will add the most valuable learnings in running a successful premium subscription platform as the world gets ready for a rapid growth of reader revenues. The expansion of audiences across various websites and new-age social media platforms, makes us way and away the largest pure-play digital news/information group in the country. It will close to double our group revenue base, giving us size and clout in the new digital media space.

Additionally, QTIPL brings to us cutting edge capabilities in “media tech”, which is a critical strength in today’s burgeoning growth in digital content.”

Mr. Raghav Bahl and Ms. Ritu Kapur are also committed to providing the necessary growth capital to Quint Digital, if required, to finance this acquisition and other growth plans, in accordance with the applicable regulatory framework.

The transaction has been approved by the Board of Directors and is subject to customary closing conditions and approvals. The proposed acquisition is a related party transaction and is subject to approval of the shareholders in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, SEBI Listing Regulations etc.

HTML in partnership with Songdew has announced the launch of the most ambitious Artist Management Programme – SURGE to give a big boost to Indie Music in the country.

As part of 360 degree initiative, SURGE will provide end to end support to select indie artists, thereby helping them become the next music sensation in their respective genre.

Commenting on the launch of SURGE, Sunil Khanna, founder of Songdew said “Music scenario in India is going through a structural change – On one hand the role of music in films is reducing and on the other hand large numbers of talented artists in India are creating outstanding music in various genres. At this point of time artists need support so that they realise their full potential. The launch of SURGE is in line with our strategic objective to support and amplify #PureUncorruptedMusic.

As part of SURGE, select artists will get support in managing their social media, helping them plan launch campaigns, amplification of their music on FM Fever, Radio One, Songdew TV and on the other digital assets of HTML and Songdew. Besides this the dedicated artist management team would help them get revenue generating opportunities.

Neeraj Saraswat, Business Head Fever FM said “We have been experiencing huge traction for indie music for some time, and this initiative would help select artists to take their music to the masses. We are launching this initiative in partnership with Songdew and have selected three exciting talents as part of this programme. We shall be adding more artists to this programme over a period of time”.

The three artists who have been selected after a very exhaustive process of scrutiny include Pune based band Fiddlecraft, singer & songwriter Harpreet from Mumbai and The Tapi Project from Surat.

“This has been a big moment for us to be part of SURGE. We are extremely delighted to see two major stakeholders in the music industry coming together to support us” said Gaurav Kadu of Fiddlecraft. “This is destiny changing moment for us, we are humbled that HT Media and Songdew believed in our talent” commented Yogi, the guitarist and composer of band The Tapi Project. “I am excited to be part of this initiative. It is great to see that finally organisations like Songdew and HT are supporting indie music in true sense” said Harpreet.

“The selection of the artists for the programme has been a very meticulous and challenging process especially keeping in mind that there is so much talent in the country. As the objective of the programme is not merely to manage an artist but also help them become the next music sensation, we tracked the journey of these artists over a period of more than a year to finally decide on the first three artists to be part of the programme. We jointly with HT Media will keep on tracking the journey of other talented artists as well and add more talent as part of this programme in future” said Sunil Khanna of Songdew

Ramesh Menon, CEO – Radio and Entertainment, HT Media Ltd and Next Mediaworks Ltd. said, we are simply amazed with the talent of these artists. As our mission is to bring best music to our audience, we are excited to bring the music of these very talented artists to millions of our listeners through our leading brands FM Fever, Radio One, Punjabi Fever & Radio Nasha alongside our digital assets. With SURGE programme, we have set ourselves on a continuing journey to find indie artistes and offer them the right platform to do grow.”

With its latest initiative, HT Media and Songdew have taken another big leap to support India’s high-potential musical community and contributed in the ‘Future of Indian Music’.

New for 2022, NYF Radio Awards Debuts New Trophy, the NYF Tower

The 2022 New York Festivals® Radio Awards competition is now open for entries.

New York Festivals Radio Awards honors storytellers from around the globe. Since 1957 NYF has celebrated excellence and innovation across all genres and platforms, keeping pace with industry-wide developments and global trends.

“When we added nine categories for social justice content last year, radio producers and the global audio storytelling community responded with thought-provoking work,” said Rose Anderson, VP/Executive Director, New York Festivals Radio Awards. “This year, we are thrilled to announce the debut of our new trophy, the iconic NYF Tower in hand-polished Gold, Silver, and Bronze.”

2021 Social Justice medal winners included “Birds Eye View” (StoryProjects), “Racism Within” (SBS Australia), "Say Their Name" (DCP Entertainment), and “Bioneers Radio Series” (Bioneers). To view the complete roster of 2022 Radio Awards categories, visit HERE.

2021 NYF Radio Grand Awards were I'm Not A Monster from BBC Panorama & FRONTLINE (BBC), The Hobbit, By J.R.R. Tolkien, Read by Andy Serkis (HarperCollins Publishers) and Weightless (DMC Studio Argentina). To view all the 2021 Radio Awards winners, visit HERE.

Molly Solomon, Executive Producer & President of NBC Olympics Production and Executive Producer for the Golf Channel received the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award.

The BBC earned the Broadcaster of the Year Award and TBI Media UK earned the title of Production Company of the Year.

Although the 2021 in-person NAB Show was cancelled due to pandemic quarantine restrictions, NYF pivoted with a 90-minute virtual ceremony Storytellers Gala featuring highlights and acceptances from 100 winning teams of men and women coming from their homes in 40+ countries.

The 2022 Storytellers Gala will take place at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas on April 26, 2022. This is the 12th year of NYF’s strategic partnership with NAB Show. All NYF Radio Award winners have access to the multi-day event which is the world’s largest global gathering for the media and entertainment industry.

For the second year in a row, New York Festivals welcomes JusticeAid, an organization that promotes justice through the arts and public engagement, as a partner.

The NYF Radio Awards receives entries from radio stations, networks, and independent producers from over 30 countries around the globe. The mission of the competition is to honor the achievements of the men and women who make up the global audio storytelling community. 

New York Festivals invites award-winning industry leaders from around the world to become members of their world-class Radio Awards Grand Jury. The 2022 Grand jury will be set in the coming months. Those jurors will include some of the most world’s recognizable voices and captivating content producers in the radio industry. Entries are judged on production values, organization, presentation of information, creativity, and use of the medium.

All Entries in the 2022 competition will be judged online by NYF’s Radio Awards Grand Jury of 200+ producers, directors, writers, and other creative media professionals from around the globe. Award-winning entries will be showcased on the Radio Awards winners gallery. To view the 2021 winner’s gallery, visit HERE.

The deadline to enter the 2022 Radio Awards competition is February 9, 2022.To enter please visit: HERE

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