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- Apr 22, 2020
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Over 4000 viewers attended the summit with average time spent of one hour across 3 panel discussions 

As the world combats the COVID-19 pandemic; industries, and organizations have come to an uncertain operational halt. Taking primacy across the professional world, moneycontrol, India’s leading business and finance platform in association with Salesforce, introduced India’s maiden large-scale Virtual Summit - ‘The Future of Indian Industry’ with pioneering industry leaders. The back-to-back webinars focused on various sectors and provided effective and productive strategies of the new realities in the post COVID-19 world along with its impact on organizations, businesses and economy. Garnering support from across the country, the webinar recorded over 4000 concurrent users attending the summit with an average watch duration of over an hour. Staying true to its commitment, the platform has left no stone unturned in providing businesses, industries and consumers stay abreast to the latest trend and ongoing situation of the global economy.

Aimed at raising awareness amongst the audiences about the disruption in the business and economy the panelists spoke on various topics that included – ‘Disruption is the new normal for businesses and commerce - Technology a key component in navigating new normal at the workplace’, ‘Work From Home - the new reality to benefit top line and environment?’, ‘The impact of COVID 19 on the overall manufacturing and consumer goods industry’. The discussions touched upon how supply chains across manufacturing industries have faced a big-blow and the relevance of state-of-the-art technology in creating more effective solutions. In addition, it also laid impetus on the need to re-strategize business operations, enhance digital capabilities across verticals, and explore new workforce, expanding the geographic horizon for growth. Adhering to its motto, the platform has been a pioneer in conveying and sharing knowledge with the audience through innovative initiatives such as Road safety event in the presence of Minister Nitin Gadkari, Road Transport & Highways of India and SME Round-Table conference which presented budding entrepreneurs with long-term growth strategy.

Hosted by Sakshi Batra, News Anchor and Gaurav Choudhury - Deputy Executive Editor at moneycontrol along with Mridu Bhandari - Editor - Special Projects - Network 18 Media, the webinar lasted for 3 hours and 35 minutes. The summit saw the presence of 16 industry experts from various sectors along with the Keynote speaker Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister - Law and Justice, Electronics, Information Technology & Communications. Alongside, there were panel discussions with Abhishek Singh, CEO, MyGov; Kamal Kanth, Regional Vice President, MMGB, Salesforce; Ramanan Ramanathan, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission & Additional Secretary- NITI Aayog; Sangeeta Gupta of NASSCOM; Kaustubh Sonalkar of Essar Foundation and Saurabh Goel of Havells India among others.

Ranjita Sehgal, Revenue Head, moneycontrol explained, “Technology has been instrumental in providing a directive for what the future might hold in post-covid world. Known as leaders in both B2B and B2C space, we provide a platform for enterprises as well as general public and are delighted that this virtual summit was received so well by the audience. We aim to hold more of such virtual summits, catering to businesses and consumers across sectors that include SME, healthcare, pharma, automation in manufacturing, supply chain logistics, real estate, enterprise technology solutions, BFSI, Start-ups and Fintech amongst others.”

Furthermore, to their offerings, moneycontrol hosts exclusive webinars for its premium users on its subscription-based platform called Moneycontrol Pro which has recorded an incredible 2,00,000 active paid subscribers. With exemplary content and engaging initiatives, the platform hosts exclusive webinars for its premium users every now and then.


The drug lord of Brabant, Ferry Bouman, will be back on Netflix this fall in Undercover

The series will be available in the Netherlands on Netflix on September 6, 2020.

Amsterdam, May 19, 2020 - Today Netflix shares the first look and date for the second season of Undercover. Frank Lammers, Anna Drijver, Elise Schaap and Tom Waes can be seen on Netflix on September 6 in the thrilling crime series.

Almost a year after the events of season one, Kim works for a human rights NGO. With the help of her former colleague Bob, her investigation into illegal arms trade in Syria leads her to El Dorado Ranch, a horse riding ranch in the Belgian countryside. Bob goes undercover and tries to get into the good graces of the brothers Laurent and JP Berger, arms dealers.

Meanwhile from inside prison, Ferry Bouman continues his search for the true identities of undercover agents Bob and Kim, while Bob’s teenage daughter Polly wants to find out for once and for all who her father really is…

The drug lord of Brabant, Ferry Bouman, will make a comeback this season. Lammers: "Ferry is back, so watch out! The second season is even more exciting, with new characters and storylines. I can't wait for the fans to see it." A number of new characters will be introduced this second season, including a small role for Rico Verhoeven.

Lina Brouneus, Director of Co-Production & Acquisition at Netflix: "Undercover season one was such a breakthrough success, we knew the fans needed more. We are therefore enormously proud that, together with De Mensen and VRT, we are bringing back this outstanding Flemish-Dutch co-production. All fans can finally mark September 6th in their calendars.”

Undercover is a series produced by production company De Mensen for Eén, in collaboration with Netflix, Proximus, the Brussels-Capital Region, Source Investments / DFW, Federation Entertainment, Les Gens, Gardner and Domm, Gallop, and the Tax Shelter measure of the federal government. In Flanders, the series will be available on Eén.

First Peacock Originals Include Brave New World, The Capture, Cleopatra in Space,

Curious George, In Deep with Ryan Lochte, Intelligence, Lost Speedways,

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, and Where’s Waldo?

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, today announced its original content that will be available to stream on July 15, 2020, when the service launches nationally. Peacock Premium customers can stream all first season episodes of Brave New World, The Capture, Intelligence and Lost Speedways; sports documentary In Deep with Ryan Lochte; and the entire full-length film Psych 2: Lassie Come Home on July 15.

Additionally, Peacock Kids is home to new episodes of Curious George and two original series from DreamWorks Animation: Cleopatra in Space and Where’s Waldo?. Premiere dates for future Peacock Originals and exclusive content will be announced later this year.

“Our variety of Peacock Originals at launch demonstrates how we deliver timely and timeless content – no matter the genre or format,” said Bill McGoldrick, President of Original Content, Peacock. “We’re proud to establish our voice and are excited to build on our strategy to attract a wide audience to Peacock.”

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2020 Netflix Recommended TVs

Whether you are watching the latest episodes of Dead to Me, Outer Banks, Hollywood or films like Extraction or 6 Underground - it’s not enough to have access to the best shows, you want to make sure that your picks are quick and easy to watch, and delivered at the highest quality.

At Netflix, we are obsessed with providing the best entertainment experience to our members. And as part of that commitment, every year we put out our recommendations for the smart TVs that offer better performance, easier menu navigation, and new features that improve the experience for Netflix, and for streaming in general. This year, we’re excited to recommend select models from Panasonic, Samsung and Sony that will provide a top notch experience.

The “Netflix Recommended TV” logo represents TVs that have passed our rigorous testing to ensure great performance and easy access to Netflix. For example, Netflix Recommended TVs support the latest version of the Netflix app to ensure that members get the full experience and all the latest features.

For the first time, we have added new criteria that determines if a TV provides a superior experience for interactive content. Interactive shows and movies unlock a whole new level of engagement - giving our members the ability to participate and choose the direction of the story they are watching. And when it comes to making a choice and seeing what happens next - speed is everything. Our evaluation ensures that, for example, when you choose to defeat the reverend and make it to your wedding on time from our latest interactive special Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend, you can see the results of your choices immediately and enjoy the big day.

Here are the initial designations of 2020 Netflix Recommended TVs:

Panasonic HX750/HX800/HX810/HX820/HX830/HX850/HX880/HX900/HX940/HX970 series

Samsung QLED 8K / QLED 4K / Lifestyle TVs

Q950TS | Q900TS | Q800T | Q90T | Q80T | Q70T | The Frame | The Serif

Sony BRAVIA X80H(XH80) / XH81 / X95H(XH95) / Z8H(ZH8) / Z9H series and A8H(A8) / A9S(A9) series

Timing of availability for Netflix Recommended TVs will vary by country, and not all models will be available in all regions. We test all TVs that carry Netflix and will continue to report new designations throughout the year as new devices and device updates become available.


Source: Netflix

Making Your TV Viewing Experience More Personalized Than Ever Before

Today, consumers are streaming more than ever. Interested in cooking shows on-demand? Or want to subscribe to live TV only during baseball season? That choice and flexibility is now possible for viewers, and that’s all thanks to streaming.

With our growing audience, we’re constantly thinking about creating the best possible experience for our viewers, by getting them to the content they want to watch quickly while also helping them discover their next favorite movie or series to binge. We listened to feedback from our viewers and heard they loved how easy it was to continue watching the shows and movies they love, but not as easy to discover new content.

That’s why today, we’re announcing some changes to our experience which will be available to some viewers on Roku and tvOS devices beginning today and roll out more broadly over the next few months.

Making Navigating Collections Easier

Viewers can now navigate through collections vertically and explore within a collection by moving horizontally. This navigation pattern is something our viewers are accustomed to and matches the navigation pattern across Disney+ and ESPN+, making it easier for viewers who subscribe to the Disney bundle to switch between services and navigate with ease. When testing, viewers found it easy and intuitive to adjust to this updated navigation pattern.

We’re also simplifying navigation. Categories of content like TV, Movies, and Sports will be moved to the master navigation, which gives our viewers a clear pathway to find what they’re looking for. In the mood for a dramatic movie? This new navigation provides an easy way to navigate our vast library of content with fewer clicks than before.

Communicating More Information Through Tile Size

Our new collection trays will continue to showcase content in a focused way while also using tile size as another way to communicate information. For example, new shows or movies we know you won’t want to miss will be larger in size. “Keep Watching” tiles however may be smaller, so viewers can see more of their titles at a glance and quickly return to their favorite shows with less clicks.

More Personalized Collections by our Content Experts and Recommendation System

We’re always working on bettering our recommendations to help you discover more, faster. In addition to changes to the Hulu user experience, we’ve also made some backend changes to improve the way our recommendations work.

Since Hulu launched, we knew it was incredibly important to have human editors surfacing content, in addition to smart algorithms identifying the next binge-worthy series for you to watch.

Starting today, our team of content experts and recommendation system work even more closely together, with our recommendation system fine-tuning curated collections so they are more personalized for our viewers.

With this change, a viewer who may be a fan of medical dramas will see those titles first in a curated drama collection. In that same collection, a fan of romantic dramas may see those prioritized instead.

These updates to our UI, paired with more powerful expert and algorithmic curation, make Hulu’s content discovery and navigation experience easier to use and more personalized than ever before. These changes are just the first step in many more to come, all aimed at creating a user interface that puts our content and viewers at the forefront of the experience.

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