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- Apr 22, 2020
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Fever Network, the country’s leading radio network and house to the most popular radio stations Fever FM, Radio Nasha and Radio One is all set to go live with its latest campaign– ‘Bounce Back Bharat’, an initiative towards supporting nation building and spreading positivity via inspirational stories post the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Indian economy is currently facing challenging times with every industry, function and geography affected and tremendous uncertainty about what the future holds for businesses and enterprises. With Bounce Back Bharat, the Fever network aims to boost the morale of the people and provide a platform for business guidance via conversations with industry experts. The campaign will see webinars with the who’s who of Indian corporates, right from MSMEs to start-ups to giant corporates.

Fever Network has been known for its campaigns focussed towards bringing about a demonstratable change in society. Bounce Back Bharat goes a step ahead in further strengthening the network’s position in this space. The campaign will go live on Fever FM, Radio Nasha and Radio One social handles. The on-air listeners can also tune into the station frequencies to catch all the action on air.

ZEE Biskope presents “SaajanKePyaar… SenurwaKeTyohaar” to celebrate the festive cheer of Vat Savitri

Soaking in the festivities of Vat Savitri, ZEE Biskope curates a special movie line-up from May 18-22 at 9:30 am

Having its roots in the folklore of Savitri and Satyavaan, the festival of Vat Savitri is celebrated with much fervor in the Bhojpuri region. Women observe fast and tie a thread around the banyan tree praying for the wellbeing of their husbands. The festival reflects the love and bond shared between a husband and his wife that’s powerful enough to defy death like Savitri did for her husband Satyavaan. The custom is so predominant that it has been adopted in a host of Bhojpuri movies too. This year when people are confined to their homes, entertainment will play a pivotal role in keeping the festive spirits high. ZEE Biskope takes the rein to bring the festive cheer of Vat Savitrito every household with “Saajan Ke Pyaar...Senurwa Ke Tyohaar”, a handpicked blockbuster movie line-up from May 18 - May 22at 9:30 am to celebrate the magic of love.

Enthralling its audience with a special movie line-up, the channel will commence the festival with ‘Ghulami’starring superstar Nirahuawith gorgeous actress Madhu Sharma, who despite having lost everything in life does not lose the hope of bringing her husband back. The audience will soak in the fathoms of love on Tuesday as Zee Biskope will treat its viewers with a movie that’s true to its title, ‘Mohabbat’. The romantic blockbuster features Chintu Pandey and Kajal Yadav who profess their never-ending faith on each other. Namit Tiwari, Rani Chatterjee and Monalisa will make for a wonderful Wednesday in ‘GharwaliBaharwali’ which beautifully portrays the love a wife has for her husband that remains strong under all circumstances. Delighting viewers to their heart’s content, the superhit movie LekeAaja Band Baaja Aye Pawan Raja starring Pawan Singh perfectly showcases how the lead couple stands by each other’s side knitted together by the spirit of love & affection. Wrapping up the festivity with a power-packed performance by Nirahua and Anjana Singh in pivotal roles, ZEE Biskope will bring the mass entertainer ‘Jigar’.

Speaking about the festive line-up, Amarpreet Singh Saini, Business Head – Zee Biskope and BIG Ganga said, “Given the unprecedented time we are going through, our role as content providers will be deeper and influencing. Thus, we have prepared our content strategy with the core intention of uplifting spirits along with regular dose of entertainment for our viewers. While people celebrate festivals in the region within the boundaries of their houses, ZEE Biskope will continue to keep the sense of celebration alive through its superlative collection of festive offerings. It is our constant endeavour to curate such exciting festive line-ups like Mother’s Day, Family Chokha Film Festival and now Vat Savitri special that can be enjoyed with your loved ones. We plan to present more such content blocks in future to keep our audiences entertained.”

Regaling audiences to their heart’s content, the channel stays true to its core proposition "AathonPahariyaLootaLahariya" (enjoy Bhojpuri entertainment throughout the day). The channel is available on Airtel (channel no 663), Tata Sky (channel no 1120), DEN Bihar(channel no 840), DEN Jharkhand (channel no 839), DD Free Dish (channel no 31), d2h (channel no 859), Dish TV (channel no 1555), Siti Cable (channel no 214) and Darsh Digital (channel no 189). It’ll soon be available on all other major cable platforms.


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Jio Creative Labs unveils its logo

Jio Creative Labs – Logo Launch of India’s Most Versatile Creative House

The domain of advertising and communication services under Reliance JIO to be rechristened as Jio Creative Labs.

While the rapidly spreading COVID-19 has put us physically on a lockdown, ideas and innovation are soaring higher for Jio Creative Labs as it unveils its logo.

JIO Creative Labs has had quite a journey to come to this point. It started out as “Business Of Ideas” which was set up by Aditya Bhat in the year 2011 which merged with Reliance in 2016 as their advertising and marketing arm as JIO Studios.
Parallelly, the name was also used by Reliance for their films division as well. To avoid confusion, the Apex decided to demarcate the advertising and marketing arm to have an individual identity and rebranded it as – Jio Creative Labs. The Logo of the same is launched today. Jio Studios continues to be the films arm.

The logo identity of Jio Creative Labs has been designed by the Jio Brand Team with an interesting thought process of using the Jio logo along with the ‘Cool Boxes Design System’. The boxes represent a combination of young and experienced talent and truly integrated services, combined on a powerful brand experience. It’s a flexible and scalable design system that can flow across any platform providing a fluid yet consistent brand experience.

JIO Creative Labs continues to work with a wide set of clients from Reliance such as Reliance JIO and Reliance Retail and also with the Government, Private and Public Sector. With the vision of being the most versatile creative house for brands and individuals JCL has also equipped itself with inhouse production and post-production capabilities.

Talking about the new name, Mr. Aditya Bhat (Head, Jio Creative Labs) said, “JIO Creative Labs is a name that has the right philosophy behind it and the JIO Brand Team have outdone themselves with a logo that represents that philosophy in a visually exciting manner. That being said, nothing much changes in our ideology, the teams remain the same, the work remains the same, and now with these new beginnings, the passion and zeal is multiplied tenfold.”

Economic anxiety remains high, but we have found a new normal in lockdown even though we miss our lives. We are though already turning towards the next steps as constraints on our lives begin to ease. These are the findings from the fourth wave of Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer, the leading global study tracking people’s attitudes, behaviours and expectations across more than 50 markets.

Kantar has identified three major trends that will remain sticky to shape consumers’ post-pandemic behaviour; a new wave of ecommerce shoppers, an era of value-consciousness and a move toward local consumption.

Across the world anxiety levels are receding from their mid-March peak. Although high levels of concern remain in the 70%+ region, for the second successive research wave, those saying they are very concerned has fallen back. 73% now identify as very concerned compared to 79% in March. As lockdown periods extend in to their second, and in some cases, third month, across the world people are finding new routines and habits and recovering some equilibrium in their lives. Over 40% of people claim to be exercising, reading or sleeping more as coping strategies. More than 50% of people claim to be eating more healthily and trying new recipes. In households with children this reaches almost two thirds (64%). ‘Drysolation’ – avoiding alcohol – remains a consistent choice for about one in five.

Time will show whether these coping strategies embed themselves to become regular habits as lockdown restrictions lift and people’s routines adapt. Kantar has though identified three significant behavioural changes that we believe will remain sticky in a post-pandemic world, and to which consumer products and brands will have to adapt.

A new wave of digital shoppers will emerge. Already seeing faster growth than any other part of the retail landscape, Kantar believes that ecommerce will further outperform retail in the year ahead. Previous waves of the Barometer research have shown shoppers trying ecommerce for the first time across a range of categories. We also see that usage across established online shoppers has increased significantly. Almost one in three households (32% overall - 40% of households with children) has increased or significantly increased their ecommerce spend in the pandemic period. One in three (33%) households believe their future online purchases will increase. This increases to 40% for the sustainability conscious shopper and almost half (45%) of households with children. The acceleration of the ecommerce boom will create new household names. 38% have said they will continue to buy from the online stores they first visited during the crisis. 31% of shoppers will continue to buy new products and services that they started to buy during the crisis. Every brand scaling their ecommerce channels will need to ensure their online customer experience, including sustainability credentials, supports their brand. Our research shows 25% of online shoppers find the experience less satisfying than visiting a physical store.

Expect an extended period of value-consciousness. Economic anxiety combined with pessimism about a virus resurgence and the long-term impact of the pandemic leads Kantar to believe that pricing, promotional and value-add strategies will become critical to brands competitiveness. 45% of households have already seen their income fall during the pandemic (up from 38% in Wave 2) with a further 1 in 4 (26%) expect their income to be impacted in the future. There is also wide-spread pessimism about the near-term. Two thirds of people expect that it will take a long time for the economy to recover, and that there will be a long-term impact in terms of job losses and struggling businesses (up from 55% in wave 1). Almost three quarters (72%) of consumers are very or somewhat concerned about a second wave and the reintroduction of a shutdown. In households who have already taken a financial hit this increases to 76%. The percentage of people who say they ‘pay more attention to prices’ has increased from 59% in wave 2 to 68% in wave 4. 45% (vs 40% in wave 2) of people believe companies should help their consumers by offering discounts and promotions. Offering discounts and promotions has become the biggest expectation of brands after the hygiene factors of protecting employees and securing supply lines.

Localism becomes a mainstream movement. Already important to sustainability-conscious consumers, brands’ sourcing and production strategies will become a more important factor for mainstream shoppers. All over the world, consumers are now more in favour of products that are have been produced locally. 65% of people favour buying goods and services from their own country. This increases for those who consider themselves sustainability active (79%) or engaged (72%). China has become the country most championing ‘buy local’ with 87% expressing this view, followed by Italy (81%), S Korea (76%) and Spain (73%). 42% of consumers say they now pay more attention to the origin of products. In households with children this increases to 52%. One in four consumers think the brands they use should bring production back to their own country, while one in three worry whether they are at a safety risk from products shipped from abroad. Products from China and the US, in particular, are perceived as risky by people in other countries with 60% and 47% respectively saying they are slightly/far less in favour of buying goods and services from those countries.

Commenting on the findings Rosie Hawkins, Chief Innovation Officer, Kantar observed, “We know that periods of disruption accelerate change, and that it takes between one and two months for new habits to become ‘sticky’. We believe these three trends will become important as the world’s biggest brands plan their paths back to healthy growth in the post-pandemic period. Ecommerce, and particularly ensuring a great customer experience needs to become a mainstay of every consumer brand. Successful incumbents will need to watch out for emerging D2C competitors who have been more agile and creative during the lockdown period. New value-add strategies will need to be developed to respond to the economic anxiety that will remain for some time. Brand strategists will need to more closely evaluate their resourcing strategies and explore the opportunities that strong provenance creates.”

Bhojpuri Genre amongst the regional languages in the entertainment space is one of the oldest, going back in time the genre was very different than, it was popular for having below the belt content exposing itself to a long list of criticism in its aesthetics.

In recent times, Bhojpuri has changed its concept and content mix to a large extent, thereby seeing an increase in its popularity. Bhojpuri industry is evolving as a genre and one of the contributors for enhancing the image of the genre is B4U Bhojpuri. B4U Bhojpuri was launched on 15th May 2019 by the B4U Network. The vision of B4U Bhojpuri was to ensure that the image of the genre changes dramatically to entertain family audiences and give it an array of clean content.

The Network comprises of popular channels like B4U Kadak, B4U Movies, and B4U Music, both in India & International B4U Aflam B4U Plus in the Mena Region and has its footprints across 100 countries in the world.

B4U Bhojpuri with special festive programming and World Television Premieres, has also showcased a variety of action-packed, romantic, comedy Bhojpuri Movies. The selected movies was helped by a star cast of crowd pulling Bhojpuri Actors such as Nirahua, Khesari Lal Yadav, Pawan Singh, Aditya Ojha, Kajal Yadav, Anjana Singh and many more. More importantly, the channel keeping in line with its vision focused on family-oriented films so that viewers of all age groups could enjoy watching it together. B4U Bhojpuri has become a trendsetter in the Bhojpuri industry.

B4U Bhojpuri, today is celebrating its 1st Anniversary with an impressive programming lineup with Blockbuster Hits starring popular Bhojpuri Actors.

On this occasion of the channel completing a year, Mr. Sandeep Singh, Regional Associate Vice President states, “B4U Bhojpuri has given several home-produced movies like Saiyaan Hain Anadi, Damaad Ho To Aisa etc. and plans to produce 8-9 Movies starring Khesari Lal Yadav, Pakhi Hegde, Yash Mishra etc. These movies were and will be family-oriented to change the audience’s perceptions about Bhojpuri Movies. Furthermore, our channel has reached out to more than 31 Million people in Bihar and Jharkhand. To celebrate our 1st Year anniversary, we are showcasing back to back Bhojpuri Movies of superstars like Nirahua, Khesari Lal Yadav, Pawan Singh etc.”

“B4U Bhojpuri has completed one year and with the support and blessings of our audience, we will surely reach new heights,” he adds.

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