Anshuman Saha

With dwindling consumer attention spans, there is growing consensus that if you’re able to get your consumers to actively spend time with your brand, there will be a positive impact on brand metrics and a lift in sales.

So, w

Jitendra Joshi
CEO & Co- Founder SportzConsult
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Satyan Gajwani
CEO, Times Internet

In February, Sudhir wrote a post about the online real estate market, because there was a lot of interest in the space at that time.

I think he was a little early! In the last 9 mo

Vinish Kathuria

Digital media is changing the way political parties interact with voters bridging the gap like never before. Given today's era of increasing social media usage, and growing internet penetration due to increased usage of smartphones on the one hand and saturation of traditional mediums on the othe

Shiju Mathew
Mobile Product Manager with Vizury

At the outset, I have a question to ask advertisers. How much of your marketing budget do you spend in driving app downloads? And, how much of it is driven towards engaging with those who already have the app?

The fact is that current mobile advert

A Digital Enthusiast

Social media has taken a centre stage and been influencing customer buying behavior. So, how can hoteliers ensure that they are using sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to their greatest advantage?

Online Reputation Management is essentially monitoring online opinions about your

Atibhi Mehra
Head of Mindshare Mobile Centre of Excellence India

We’ve seen all sorts of news coming out of Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, but it appears the biggest overall trend is a renewed focus on emerging markets. The App planet section at the event was buzzing with companies offering a suite of advertising s

Sandeep Bomble
Founder and Creative director, Palasa

Has technology started replacing the mental effort? Is it taking over our brain and turning it futile? What about big ideas? Has gennext stopped thinking because of easy referencing from the net? Where is technology moving to? Today, it has revolutionised the way we see and perceive every single

Ankur Kalra
Founder & CEO of Vibgyor

Maya Louangelou wasn’t off the mark when she said that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will not forget how you made them feel. Infact, it holds true especially in times like today when the average person is exposed to o

Vandan Chopra
Founder member and Creative Director, Adept Artvertising Solutions

About two weeks ago, the calendar and media decreed that we pause to celebrate mothers. One full day dedicated to the most over-worked and under-thanked people in the world.  As part of my slightly late gift, this article is dedicated to all mothers. They’ve t

Pritesh Patel

The Digital industry has grown from mere 30mn users to over 100 mn. With this growth marketers are evolving and now know how to use the digital medium for their brands, though there is still scope of improvement with this adoption, as some marketers are still dub

Allison Morris

It’s no secret that online shopping has become a booming business—virtually everything under the sun is available for online purchase in today’s e-market, and most items bought online can be on your doorstep within a matter of one day. With the success of b

Ravikant Banka

Which is the healthiest fruit? Chances are, you will most probably say an Apple. Why the apple? Why not any other fruit like a banana or a watermelon? It is most probably of the famous saying we’ve heard since generations, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor awa

Sarvesh Bagla

Given the stringent requirements with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, the looming questi

David Sandström
CEO at DDB Stockholm

DDB Stockholm has the largest planning department in Sweden today. And planning is seen as critically important area for the agency's development.

So why is our agency, famed for its work with VW's The Fun Theory and the Swedish Armed Forces, rein

Dhruv Sahgal

Despite the Internet being around for just over two decades, its impact, from an advertising perspective, has been revolutionary. Ad dollars now are flowing by the billions into online marketing where terms like CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impression) and CPC (Cost Per Click) are common in advertising. Ho

Jacinta Shibong
Marketing Head, EFactor, Asia

Before 1991, Indian business success was a function of ambition, licenses, government contacts, and an understanding of the bureaucratic system.

In 1991, the Indian government liberalized the economy and therefore changing the competitive landscape. Family businesses, which dominated Indi

Stephen White
Chairman, EMM India/International

TV violence in India has recently been on the rise.  And that’s just the audience measurement system!

A noisy public dispute has broken out between an Indian TV network, the TV ratings service measuring national TV viewership, and assorted advertising trade bodies.  Now India’s gove

Grishma Shah
Senior Manager Percept Sports & Entertainment

Fans depend on athletes to score touchdowns, hit homeruns, and win championships, but behind the scenes most successful sports stars rely on a hard-working sports agent to take care of business for them, so they can concentrate on their game.

The idea of being able to combine two interest

Shameer Thaha
VP ThoughtBuzz

In this series, let's focus on Twitter strategy.

Do you really care about Follower/ Follow Ratio these days ? The strategy doesn't hold good these days to just follow for the sake of it if you have no intention of reading what they say. Don't fake it !

But what really would matter

Samraat Kakkar

Marketing research has been around for almost a century now. Over the years the use of market research has evolved and today it is used for various activities today ranging from ad tracking to test marketing to customer satisfaction research. The techniques of market research evolved but they til

Samarth Saxena
Co-Founder and COO, Octane Marketing Pvt. ltd.

Email is a method of communication. Of connecting with someone, of delivering a message, of having a conversation, but mostly though, email is about engagement. And perhaps that’s why; it didn’t take long for these ‘digital letters’ to morph into advertisement material, flyers, p

Rajiv Dingra
Founder and CEO, WATConsult

The social media revolution started a few years back and is only growing more aggressively into newer aspects of our society. Brands, organizations, recruiting, journalism, content, movies etc. are some of the sections have been affected by the disruption of social.

Prashant Deorah
MD, Puretech Internet

A key question that is out doing the rounds amongst the corporate circle revolves around the role of social media and its benefits to business.

It must be noted that decision makers will not invest in an avenue which they themselves are not very certain about. However, being ignorant t

Ashok Lalla
President – Digital, Euro RSCG

Good news. Bad news. It spreads easily.

Being good. Doing good. Raising a voice for good bad. We see it all around us.

Brand launches. Offers.Reviews.Events. We are surrounded by them.

Indeed, we are swamped. By options.By advertising.

George Paul
Head Marketing, Ericsson India


India as you are aware, is a broadband deprived country going by the statistics of low penetration of services in the country. About 20 million broadband subscriptions and over 100 million internet users of which 40% comes from mobile internet users.

With third generation mobil

Head Marketing,

Social, local and mobile marketing are changing the way content is delivered to consumers. With animated images, countdown timers, live social media content and rendering for different screens, email marketing has become fancy too.

While small businesses usually find it easier to adapt to

Hareesh Tibrewala
Joint CEO, Social Wavelength

In the good old days, when social media was not there, brand communication was a broadcast communication, a one way monologue. The brand spoke and the consumer listened. The rise of social media has broken the iron curtain that shielded the brand from consumer feedback. Now communication has beco

Vandana Kakar

A change I have noticed this year is that the seminars have become interactive. The speakers have started taking questions from the audience, asking for a show of hands and even asking the audience to do a few exercises. Sheryl Sandberg, the elegant COO at Facebo

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Marketing - Personal Care & Modern Trade, HUL
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