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Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, one of India's largest network has appointed Abraham Thomas as its Chief Executive Officer.

As BIG FM looks at charting newer benchmarks with technology-led propositions, platform-agnostic content, incubating audio and video talent, branded content and original music led spikes on digital, the appointment of Abraham Thomas with his complementing ideologies will trigger a swift phase of growth. The industry veteran will leverage his deep insights into the multi-media platforms to drive and sustain the network's vision of being a leading platform-agnostic radio player.

Abraham Thomas comes with more than two decades of experience and has a proven track record of propelling businesses across print, radio, TV and digital to newer heights in India, China and South Asia. Under his leadership, he has built robust organisations and added volume to the business inventories through high performing teams. A multi-faceted media professional turned entrepreneur with One Network Entertainment, he has previously worked with Radio City, RED FM, Indian Express, Sony, Astro Broadcast and MTV.

He has always been extremely passionate about innovation in the audio entertainment space through various means such as content marketing, newer music formats and multi-platform approach.

At BIG FM, he will take forward the mantle of driving meaningful partnerships, enhancing multi-platform reach, brand integrations, developing original content and music led programming and digital campaigns. As a media brand specialist, his association will strengthen the network's core functionality and leadership team with strategic alignment of goals across verticals.

Speaking about his role at BIG FM, Abraham Thomas said, "Audio entertainment is ever evolving and players are bringing formats that are new and engaging to drive listenership and enhance advertiser relationships. BIG FM's programmatic and tech-driven developments paired with content marketing offerings by BIG Thwink, support the objective of pushing more original content and innovative brand integrated campaigns across platforms. In an evolving era where audiences are consuming audio content across multiple platforms, I am excited to join this evolving business and be a part of the successful transformation and growth that lies ahead.

Tuesday, 09 October 2018 00:00

The Humans vs.The Machines

Machine learning technology makes advertisers dramatically more effective at identifying and targeting the most receptive consumers, significantly increasing purchase intent as well as other KPIs, according to a study published recently.

Entitled “The Humans vs. The Machines,” the study was conducted and released by MAGNA, the intelligence, investment and innovation unit within IPG Mediabrands; and IPG Media Lab, the media futures and advisory arm of IPG Mediabrands; and true[X], the leader in attention-based advertising products.

The study analyzed three live ad campaigns utilizing UP//LIFT measurement technology powered by true[X], to determine if more impact is delivered over the course of a month when the campaign is managed with or without the assistance of machine learning — in effect, humans versus machines. Machines working with humans bested humans alone in virtually every category measured – including raising brand familiarity (machines: +6.2%, humans: +3.3%), brand interest (machines: +8.6%, humans +1.9%) and, perhaps most important purchase consideration (machines: +5.7%, humans +0.8%) and purchase intent (machines: +1.1%, humans +0.5%). Machine learning was also more economical, with only 3.08 ad exposures per consumers vs. 4.13 generated by humans required for brand recall.

“The goal of right message, right person, right time is a lot more complex than marketers realize, with dimensions like platform, location, duration, and live vs. on demand viewing all factoring in,” said David Cohen, president, NA, MAGNA. “It is a market that necessitates real-time optimization and the use of machine learning to deliver the best results for marketers. We are excited to be able to quantify this impact with true[x] as a result of this study.”

A key learning from the study is that ad effectiveness surveys aimed at measuring brand lift should be shorter and to the point. Long surveys not only have high dropout rates but induce fatigue, generating poor data and creating missed opportunities with hard to reach audiences. Utilizing UP//LIFT’s “Brand Funnel Impact” (BFI) one-question survey overcomes these obstacles by asking consumers to self-report their position in a brand journey or “funnel” increasing survey completion rates from 67% to 93%.

“Streamlining traditional brand lift questionnaires into a one response brand funnel impact survey doesn’t just create a better user experience that can scale across devices, it generates more data, significantly increasing the representative sampling of a campaign’s reach,” said Jamie Auslander, SVP Research & Analytics, true[X]. “Higher volumes of observations then completely transform brand lift data from what have conventionally been performance notes post-campaign, to driving actionable data that machines can use to boost ROI in real time.”

“The Humans vs. The Machines” is the latest in MAGNA and IPG Media Labs’ media trial series. Recently, the companies explored the tangible impact of brand (un)safety in “The Brand Safety Effect”; harnessing the power of content creators with Twitter; the power of content targeting with Zefr; best practices for mobile ads in its “Battle of the Mobile Ad Formats” study; 360 video ads in its “The 360 Effect” report; the use of haptic technology in mobile video ads in its “Ads You Can Feel: The New Mobile Ad Experience” study and the impact of viewability on performance based campaigns in its “Pulling Back the Curtain: Viewability + Direct Response” report.

Tuesday, 09 October 2018 00:00

ET NOW launches ‘Inspiration Inc’

The show premiers October 12 at 7.30pm with Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog as the first guest

ET NOW, India’s leading English business news channel announces the launch of its new weekend show ‘Inspiration Inc’. The new show will see Mihir Bhatt, Chief Editor, IPs, Times Network in conversation with the Influential business and policy leaders who have played a pivotal role in the growth of India. With its first guest, Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog, the show premieres Friday, October12, 2018 at 7.30 pm.

Aligned to the brand ethos, ‘Rise with India’, ‘Inspiration Inc’ builds conversations with the business icons who have risen to become beacons of inspiration for the nation on the rise. Going beyond boardrooms, numbers and strategies, the show unravels unknown aspect of the corporate honchos and how they have shaped their business acumen to make their mark and inspire citizens with their remarkable stories.

Some of the leaders who will talk through their journey on Inspiration Inc include, Mr. Kishore Biyani, Founder and CEO - Future Group, Harsh Mariwala, Chairman - Marico, Rashesh Shah, Chairman and CEO - Edelweiss, Mr. Nirmal Jain, Founder and Chairman - India Infoline Group, Ajay Srinivasan, Chief Executive - Aditya Birla Capital and Nilesh Shah, Managing Director, Kotak AMC Ltd.

Premiering October 12, 2018 at 7.30pm, watch the Indian business leaders in a candid conversation with Mihir Bhatt, only on ET NOW.

Discovery Kids, the fastest growing kids channel this year, will premiere special episodes of Little Singham to celebrate the forthcoming festive season.

The festivities start on October 10 with the campaign ‘10 Days 10 Villains’ with special content lined up for kids.

Little Singham will travel to Ahmedabad to dance on the beats of dandiya, little does he knows that danger is awaiting while he is practicing his moves. Immediately after Navratri, The Dussehra special episode on 19th October will have Little Singham fight with a life-sized mechanized robot who has been replaced by the statue of Raavan on the day of Dussehra to create havoc in Mirchi Nagar. He will come face to face with 10 new monstrous, more powerful and dangerous villains to tackle new difficulties with same zest and style.

Discovery Kids in collaboration with Rohit Shetty Picturez and Reliance Animation, launched Little Singham at a never-before scale, and the show made immediate connect with children across the country Little Singham, India’s youngest supercop, has received huge traction amongst the advertisers as well. The property ‘10 Days 10 Villains’ is Presented by Hershey’s and Co-Powered by Lost Kitties (Hasbro).

Speaking about the special programing Uttam Pal Singh, Business Head of Discovery Kids, said, “Little Singham has become a rage leading to more and more children joining the Little Singham squad daily. We are bringing exciting offerings this festive season with full blown fun package of fresh content, action filled episodes supplemented by on-ground activities through our school contact program.”

Little Singham is creating history across dimensions. The IP has helped in propelling ratings of Discovery Kids by more than 400% this year. ‘Little Singham’ Mobile Game added to the IP’s success hitting the top of the charts in the Arcade section by garnering more than 5 million downloads till date.

Watch Navratri and Dussehra special episodes from 10th October to 19th October at 1:30 PM and 5:30 PM only on your favorite kid’s animation channel Discovery Kids.

Tuesday, 09 October 2018 00:00

Why Small Brands Are Stealing The Spotlight

There’s been a lot of buzz around small brands right now. Smaller brands want to be the next best thing and big brands want the growth of small brands.

The heat is on and marketers everywhere are feeling it. With the barrier to entry lower than ever, new products are appearing almost daily and speed to market is becoming a priority. Eighty-four percent of fast-moving consumer goods professionals said they feel more pressure to bring products to market quickly today than they did five years ago. Only 1% said they feel less pressure.

Companies are finding themselves constantly defending against new brands, shifting to address the latest trends, and fighting for more market share. As a result, larger companies are using every tool in their toolbox to keep pace with today’s consumers’ shifting desires. To get to market faster, 98% of marketers say they are cutting corners, spending less time on at least one phase of the innovation process. When we asked marketers if they felt like spending less time impacted their products’ chance of success, 90% said “probably” or “definitely.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, launching more quickly with less insight doesn’t seem to be fixing the problem. A look at innovation launches over four years shows us that new launches contribute 53% in incremental growth to small players versus 5% for large brands.

So what are the small brands getting right?

Contrary to popular belief, small brands are not prioritizing speed. They’re investing more research time and the right way. Here are four things small brands are doing differently than large brands.

If you think about it, this makes sense. Smaller companies tend to have a much narrower portfolio, which means they have a lot more to lose if their product isn’t right. What we’ve seen in the market is that being first doesn’t always pay off—but being right does. Successful small brands are winning by being smart and focused in how and when research techniques are applied.

By rushing to market, and planning to tweak the approach on the fly, large brands are running several risks. First, product development is expensive, and a product that stumbles out of the gate in a sub-par form is just plain costing you money. Additionally, you run the risk of two very damaging side-effects to your most important audiences:

Retailers (both brick and mortar and e-commerce partners) who are dissatisfied with your product’s lack of success could delist you or bump your further down the page, and it can negatively impact your partnerships for future launches.
More importantly, you’ve also damaged your relationship with your buyer-base, diminishing your brand in their eyes, potentially impacting your whole franchise.
Your competition may be first to market, but you can avoid damaging key relationships that are much more expensive and time-consuming to repair.

Another secret to small brand success?

Small brands know they’re up against a lot. They’re trying to break through in a crowded marketplace and so they use whatever tools at their disposal to create personalized, targeted, buzzworthy marketing. While small brands often have smaller budgets, they’re more likely to invest in the right level of marketing support for their brand.

In the Nielsen CMO Report 2018, 93% of marketers surveyed said customer acquisition is their most important marketing objective. But there’s a gap between strategy and tactics. A Nielsen study of product launches across multiple markets and categories found that one-third of the initiatives floundered because they didn’t have the basic marketing support needed to attract new customers.

Large brands can absolutely win back share of consumers’ wallets. Here are a few tips for success:

Focus on being both fast and smart

Prioritize your strongest innovations

Understand how every decision you make impacts the size of your revenue

Create a compelling retail story so you can gain visibility on shelf and online

Experiment and ideate on small number of variables, in small universe


Written by By Jenny Frazier, SVP, Innovation at Nielsen

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