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People come to Facebook to experience, share and talk about some of the most important moments happening in their lives, communities and around the world. Many of these moments are reminiscing past memories and moments between friends.

Since launching On This Day more than two years ago, we’ve learned that there are many different types of memories and moments that people enjoy revisiting and celebrating, which is why we are excited to share that we’ve added two new ways for people to relive meaningful memories and celebrate special moments on Facebook.

Recapping Your Memories

We’ve launched a new experience that packages your recent memories in a delightful way for you to enjoy and share. For related recent memories, we will bundle them into a monthly or seasonal memory recap story. Like On This Day, these memory recap stories will show up in News Feed and are shareable.

Celebrate Your Friendships

We’re launching a new way to celebrate the actions that connect you and your community on Facebook. There are two types of moments where you may see these celebratory messages – when you make a notable number of friends on Facebook, and when your friends have liked your posts. We plan to launch more messages like this in the next few months. Additionally, these messages are currently only shown to you, but will become sharable in the near future.

Updates to On This Day and Memory Preferences

We’ve received input from people over the past two years and have worked to improve On This Day, such as making controls and preferences easier to access. On This Day is one of Facebook’s most popular experiences and we’re excited that this feature is now available to everyone on Facebook.

Finally, we know that occasionally there are some memories that may spark negative feelings that you would rather avoid. We’ve invested a lot in developing ways to filter content that will select photos we believe may be the most relevant and enjoyable to you.

We know how much people cherish their friendships and memories, which is why we approach these experiences with sensitivity and care. Our goal is to create a supportive environment that allows you to express your feelings and connect with what matters to you and your community.

Written by By Oren Hod, Product Manager, Facebook

In a recent development, SBI Mutual Fund, the fifth largest (by AUMs) asset management company in the country recently appointed FCB Ulka as the Agency on Record for its creative mandate.

The account will be serviced from FCB Ulka Mumbai.

The account was awarded to FCB Ulka following a multi- agency pitch.

SBI Mutual Fund (SBI MF) has completed 30 years of successful operations in India. With a widespread network spreading over 165 branches across India, SBI MF has a strong and proud lineage that traces back to the State Bank of India (SBI) - India's largest bank. SBI MF is a Joint Venture between SBI and AMUNDI (France), one of the world's leading fund management companies.

Commenting on the win, Nitin Karkare, CEO, FCB Ulka, said, “We are thrilled to have the iconic and trusted brand- SBI MF on board! SBI MF is a magnanimous brand, however the category it operates in is challenging. We are delighted to bring alive the new chapter in story telling for the brand, marrying it with the trust the brand has garnered over the years. We look forward to a memorable journey and join hands in the endeavour- ‘a partner for life’ with the ‘never finished’ algorithm!”

Making it the highest rated film across Hindi movie genre in 2017

In an industry first initiative in India, ZEE took a strong content and technology initiative #ZEEForAll to make content on television accessible for the Visually & Hearing Impaired. ZEE aimed to provide audiences with a sensory handicap the opportunity to experience unparalleled access to entertainment that is currently only enjoyed by millions of Indians with sight.

This was made available on Zee Cinema’s Independence Day premiere of the most loved film of last year, Aamir Khan's Dangal. The premiere established a milestone in the Indian broadcasting industry with ZEE being the first broadcaster to showcase a film with Audio Description and Subtitles in India. Dangal, having garnered 11,936.77 Impressions'000 rated 170% higher than its second airing and is the highest rated film across Hindi movie genre in 2017 (SOURCE: BARC, Week 33, HSM Urban + Rural).

The objective of #ZEEForAll was to ensure that the large population of the Visually and Hearing Impaired receives access to truly world class, inspiring entertainment. Zee Cinema associated with the biggest Association for the Visually Impaired in the country, National Association For The Blind (Mumbai, Indore, Chandigarh and Lucknow), National Association For The Blind - The Workshop for the Blind in Mumbai, Institution For The Blind in Delhi and Patiala School of Deaf & Blind in Punjab. To sensitize the Visually Impaired with the technology of Audio Description and to bring entertainment within their reach, Zee Cinema hosted preview screenings at these institutes with Audio Description and Subtitles.

Zee Cinema rolled out a robust marketing campaign across cities including television, print, outdoor, digital, radio and on-ground mediums. The blockbuster featuring Aamir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima Shaikh, Aparshakti Khurana, Zaira Wasim, Suhani Bhattnagara and Sanya Malhotra was telecast on 15th August at 12 Noon on Zee Cinema.


CNN, an original Snapchat Discover launch partner,is unveiling “The Update” – a brand new daily Snapchat Show that provides a rundown of the biggest news from CNN reporters and bureaus around the world. CNN will provide a daily Show that runs at 6:00 pm ET, and produce breaking news segments.

Tapping into the largest global newsgathering operation, reporting from CNN’s own anchors, correspondents and reporters will publish on Snapchat throughout each day and time zone, with rolling updates as news breaks. Each Show will feature five or more stories from CNN’s team around the world, further cementing CNN as a key source of breaking news for Snapchatters.

“We are introducing our brilliant cast of world class anchors and reporters to a young audience in a smart, accessible way with ‘The Update,” said Samantha Barry, CNN’s Executive Producer for Social and Emerging Media. “In today’s news environment, people are hungry for news and they want a quick update of where things are at within one tap of their phone. So, we're serving that up, speaking their language and delivering it in beautiful, vertical, mobile friendly video.”

“Since launching content on Snapchat, we have believed in the importance of giving our community access to accurate and authoritative news coverage, and CNN has played an important part in that from the beginning,” said Sean Mills, Senior Director of Content Programming for Snapchat. “It’s more critical than ever that Snapchatters have access to the best journalism in the world, right when news breaks, and we’re excited to watch CNN deliver that to them through The Update.”

“The Update” will serve as the home of CNN content on Snapchat’s Discover platform. Reporting will be hand curated by editorial and design teams and programmed in the same tappable, swipeable, vertical video format that millions have come to enjoy. Now Snapchatters can get the news from CNN’s most recognizable faces who will report on Snapchat as they do across all of CNN’s connected platforms.

Snapchatters can find “The Update” in the Shows section of their Stories pages and subscribe for easy viewing.

Snapchat launched Shows as its third content format as part of its Discover platform one year ago, and has since been working with leading TV networks and entertainment studios to bring premium mobile-TV like content to Snapchatters. To date, nearly 25 total series and over 200 episodes of those Shows have aired on Snapchat. Over 88 million unique viewers have tuned into these Shows, spending a collective 22 million hours watching. There is currently over a Show a day on Snapchat -- by the end of the year, Snap expects to have three Shows a day and are currently expanding into a diverse range of genres.

CNN’s The Update will build on and complement news coverage Snapchat offers its community through all of its content formats on Discover. Discover was built on values of authoritative and credible sources of information: Snapchatters only see content that is produced by approved editorial partners (Publisher Stories) or has undergone a rigorous editorial and fact-checking process through its own editors (Our Stories).

On Discover, Snapchatters can see news from Shows, including Good Luck America and NBC’s Stay Tuned; Publisher Stories produced by The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, NowThis News, and VICE; and daily Our Stories covering major political and breaking news, produced by Snap’s in-house news team of editors and producers.

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Is Snapchat the Axe of social media?

Apparently investors were not too excited by Snapchat’s latest usage numbers.

Is it me or does the fact that the daily active number of users rose over 20 percent compared to last year outweigh the fact that the absolute number fell short of the expected figure by about 1 percent? Or maybe Snapchat is just different from other platforms?

Now would probably be a good time to state that Kantar Millward Brown has worked with parent company Snap Inc. since 2015, however, this post is my opinion and based on publicly available data. And I am intrigued by whether the investor disappointment is really justified.

Most commentators out there seem fixated by the relative growth rates of Snapchat and Instagram Stories, apparently ignoring the fact that Facebook has more than one horse in the stories race. WhatsApp Status now has 250 million daily users too. But here is thing: Stories is a feature, it is not the platform and it is certainly not the brand. If you have a huge existing user base, and WhatsApp has 1 billion of them, then getting some of them to use a feature is a lot easier than getting someone to download a completely new app.

Does this put pressure of Snapchat? Yes, because the network effect will take its toll unless Snap Inc. comes up with new features that appeal to its target audience. What it should not do is fixate on what the competition are doing but develop new features that play to its strengths. What Snapchat needs to do is continue to differentiate itself from other social media platforms not try to play them at the same game – providing investors let it.

Snapchat found success as the fun, mobile-first social media platform for a younger audience. Looking at BrandZ data for last year, Snapchat stands out as having a fun, playful character with a Rebel archetype, very similar to Unilever’s Axe. Both appeal to a younger audience. Both share the Rebel archetype (although Axe has had a much longer history of investment in that positioning). Both are rejected by a substantial proportion of potential users (which is just fine for their users who do not want to be seen using the same brand as their parents on a daily basis). Indeed, my colleague Martin Guerrieria recently wrote an interesting article which touches on Snapchat's character in this article about the proposed Google purchase.

If that is true then what are the implications for Snap Inc.? Focus full time on what will attract the next generation of young users. For many years that strategy worked well for Axe even though it pressures the brand to come up with something new every few years. So what do you think?


Written by Nigel Hollis,Executive Vice President and Chief Global Analyst at Kantar Millward Brown.


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