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- Nov 24, 2022
Winners to be announced during an online show on December 8 The Epica Awards are delighted to announce the preselected entries for the 2022 competition. Reaching the shortlist is a fantastic achievement, so we would like to congratulate everyone who appears on it. ...


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In a world where audiences are deeply immersed in content, marketers need to adapt to this changing landscape. This has led to the rise of content marketing as a storytelling vehicle, with brands shifting from simply crafting messages to creating experiences.

B2C marketers seem to have generally embraced this shift earlier in the days, prioritising content marketing. Blogs and content hubs are now regarded as ultimate megaphones for companies; websites have to be more interactive and social media channels hold the reins of CRM. According to Content Marketing Institute, 37-percent of B2C content marketers are developing a more documented content strategy than before and dedicating approximately 32-percent of their budgets to it.

But while B2C brands have grown increasingly mature in their understanding of content, many B2B businesses, particularly in India, are still early on in their transition to delivering the essentials customers want to consume. There’s no question that whitepapers, case studies and webinars are important elements in the content marketing toolbox of businesses. After all, audiences and buyers want best practices and key industry insights that will help them get ahead. The stark reality, however, is that businesses are so focused on increasing their content output that they lose sight on keeping their content effective.

In order to succeed in the unique B2B space, marketers need to go back to the drawing board; looking into the fundamental goals of content marketing: engaging, retaining and converting.

So here are 3 best practices that will help B2B marketers succeed in their content strategies

#1: Know Your Audience First and Then Build Awareness

Knowing what your customers want will help you in outlining the content required on your website or blog. After all, your corporate website is the face of your brand in the digital world, and is often the initial touch-point between brand and customer.

In just about every aspect of their web experience, customers should be able to walk away with an understanding of your business, the fact that they possess a need, and certain value propositions of your product, or service.

Apart from tagging each piece of your content with potent meta-data, think about the emotional connection that your content can create, so that customers remember you. Consider publishing whitepapers and blog posts on relevant social media channels or content publishing websites. Thought leadership pieces are also a great content-type to consider.

#2: Take Customers through the Consideration Stage

Moving the customer from awareness to consideration typically involves feeding them with information that generates positive brand sentiment, and illustrates why your brand is a better alternative over your competitors. As customers continue their research, they are likely to be hungry for personalised product demonstrations, and in-depth information such as pricing, recommendations and case study examples.

When creating content for this stage, look at refining the flow of your content. This means offering your customers everything they need so they won’t have to search for information elsewhere. Your web design should follow a simple, logical navigation path to the products and services your business has to offer – which will in turn, help deepen your customers’ online experience.

Take a look at Tetra Pak, a leading food processing and packaging solutions company with a growing presence in India, as a good example of engaging content creation. In a campaign around a new design called the DreamCap, Tetra Pak sent fun, dimensional mailers to brands and retailers, educating them about the new innovation. Developed with the aim of allowing prospects to experience the revised packaging themselves, the branded mock-up also included a clear call-to-action to the Tetra Pak webpage which featured a hypervideo. This allowed recipients to further delve deeper into product features they were interested in exploring.

Although intricacies behind the product design can be technical, Tetra Pak was able to demonstrate the advantages of its packaging by allowing potential buyers to interact with the product both offline and online, ensuring they are fed with the necessary information at the consideration stage – just like how B2C brands would market to end consumers. All these play part in moving the buyer straight from awareness through to consideration in the purchase funnel, in a matter of seconds.

#3: Facilitate Conversion

Measuring conversions in B2B marketing is not always easy.

Take the Enterprise Software industry, for example - according to a recent study by tech media company TechTarget, when choosing a new software for an organization, buying teams often involve 4+ stakeholders, which means you need to reach and engage with various decision makers during their individual process of researching and selecting your product or solution.

Clearly in this scenario content becomes a must-have for B2B brands, and marketers are looking at more innovative ways to create high-quality content that not only establishes authority but builds meaningful relationships with their target consumers.

Cisco India, a pioneer in the cybersecurity industry, is a great example. Facing the challenge of reaching decision-makers in a niche market beyond the traditional formats of marketing, Cisco launched a series of thematic content across key topics of threats, services and solutions on its corporate website. Their choice of using video-rich content on their home page also elicited remarkable response in terms of driving meaningful engagement with their target audience.

With a quick skim, interested buyers are also able to locate a reseller and download design guides across categories such as mobility, security and data cloud in order to hit the ground running. These powerful calls to action are what makes for a robust B2B online marketing strategy.

In conclusion, what B2B marketers should focus on is long-term relationship building, collaborating or providing business solutions. Only those that hit these core points when dealing with B2B content marketing hold the keys to competitive differentiation.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 76-percent of overseas B2B companies are looking to position themselves as thought leaders or experts through content creation this year. It’s time that B2B companies in India too, focus on perfecting their online marketing strategies to yield greater business results in the long run.


Written by Neeraj Singhal, Director of Amplify Sales for Outbrain in India

Adds filmy twist to demonetization

The current scenario of demonetization has left the whole country in chaos… This has led to a lot of people hoarding cash while leaving some others who probably need it desperately with no money at all. 

Zee Cinema is making an effort to encourage everyone to come forward and help those who are in urgent need of cash. The idea is to push people to share their change (Chhuta) and do their bit in this current scenario.

With the campaign line - #ShareTheChangeBeTheChange, this initiative is all about spreading the message and helping a friend in need. As the world’s biggest theater for Hindi movies, they have gone a step forward and put a creative twist giving it a filmi touch in their true Bollywood style.

Using popular Bollywood movies and iconic characters the aim to reinforce this change and spread its positive message.

• Ye Chhutta mujhe de de Thakur..!! #ShareTheChangeBeTheChange (Sholay)
• Bhagwan ka diya sab kuch hai, bas chhutta nai hai...!! #ShareTheChangeBeTheChange with people in need around you (Welcome)

So please join in and lets - #ShareTheChangeBeTheChange!

Chanda Sahay: What do you want to be? Tell me, dear... you must have thought something.

Apeksha Sahay: What's to think?

Chanda Sahay: Tell me

Apeksha Sahay: I will be a maid.

Chanda Sahay: What will you be? Maid?

Apeksha Sahay: An engineer's son becomes an engineer... and a doctor's son, becomes a doctor. What else can a maid's daughter be? Maid. It's that simple.

A struggling single mother is heartbroken with the sincere admission of her only child. The protagonist - a maid decides to change the fate and give her child the ‘Sapnon Ki Udaan’. &Pictures Naye India Ka Blockbuster Movie Channel is all set to present the world television premiere of one of the most poignant films of this year ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ on Sunday 27th November at 8:30 PM. A charming tale narrated with absolute humor and sensitivity, ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ is

Directed by debutant Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari and stars Swara Bhaskar, Ratna Pathak Shah and Ria Shukla in indispensable roles.

Chanda (Swara Bhaskar), works relentlessly her way through menial jobs to make ends meet. Her daughter Apeksha fondly known as Appu who in Class X is least interested in school. Somehow dragging to pass the subjects she has completely given up on Mathematics. Disturbed by her daughter’s nonchalant acceptance in following her mother’s footstep, Chanda turns to her employer (played by Ratna Pathak Shah) for guidance. Upon her insistence, Chanda decides to join the same school as Appu’s to help her daughter with her school work. ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ takes us on an emotional roller-coaster leading both of them to find their true path. An uplifting story of a mother and her daughter, the film touches upon the importance of education.

~Catch the World Television Premiere of ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ on Sunday, 27th November at 8:30 PM only on &pictures~

Today, Times Internet conveyed its intention to scale up its investments in and partnerships with global technology and media platforms who aspire to fully realize their growth opportunity in India. As part of today's announcement, The Times Group announced the hiring of Rishi Jaitly as CEO of Times Global Partners.

Times Global Partners has successfully closed strategic partnerships with some of the world's leading technology and media platforms, deals that have facilitated India market entry and growth for Uber, Airbnb, Coursera, Vice, Huffington Post, and others. As India's largest media company, which also publishes the world's most widely-circulated English-language newspaper, The Times Group has unmatched ability to provide creative counsel, operational support and meaningful visibility to businesses looking to tap into one of the world's largest Internet and mobile markets

Rishi Jaitly is a technology and media executive with unmatched experience scaling digital platforms in India, Asia and beyond. In his four years at Twitter, Jaitly led the company's entry into India, as Country Head and later as Vice President, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa. Earlier in his career, he was a member of Google's original India management team, helping build the India business, while also leading strategic partnerships and public affairs for the company in South Asia. Jaitly has previously served as an Aide to Google Chairman/CEO Eric Schmidt and a Director of the Knight Foundation, America's leading investor in new media and journalism innovation. An active and entrepreneurial member of communities he cares about, Jaitly is also a former Trustee of Princeton University, Director of College Summit and the Founder of Michigan Corps, Kiva Detroit and India Voices.

Said Jaitly on the occasion of his appointment: "My mission has always been to harness the power of technology and media to ensure we fully realize the untapped potential of people, communities and markets. Joining Bennett Coleman as CEO of Times Global Partners advances my mission and the work of building bridges to and within India. Expanding on the success Times Global Partners has already enjoyed, I'm looking forward to building a global business that creates value for The Times Group and global business partners who share in our excitement for the India opportunity."

Said Satyan Gajwani, Vice Chairman, Times Internet, "We are thrilled to welcome Rishi to the Times Group. In the last decade, under Rishi’s leadership, both Twitter and Google have successfully entered the Indian market, immersing themselves in every segment of the country’s business, media and digital landscapes. With Times’ resources and Rishi’s global perspective, capabilities and proven ability to lead, we are well positioned to enable the success of global companies in India and scale our business by orders of magnitude. For our current partners, and those to come, the India opportunity remains unmatched and we are pleased that Times Global Partners has become the bridge of choice into and within India."

We are looking at innovation at every aspect especially new product development. We were looking at trend of children reducing consumption of water colours & poster colours due to scarcity of time and messy experience. We launched an innovative product called brush pen which gives the experience of water colours with the convenience of pen. This has been very well accepted by the market. We have launched many innovative products like Colour Mechanical Pencils, washable Crayons, No Sharpening Mechanical Pencils and many others.” Said Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer of Kokuyo Camlin.

Innovation certainly leading the way, Saumitra spoke to MediAvataar India resulting in invoking some definite nostalgia and connecting to the artist and child within each one of us. It’s not all playful but a lot of work and planning.

Here is all he had to put into words…

MediAvataar: Camlin, I am sure is a part of almost everybody’s childhood, how do you keep reinventing the brand each year.
Saumitra: In India many generations have grown using Camlin in school, but this cannot be taken for granted as today’s generation of children will not just accept it because it’s their fathers brand and hence the brand needs to connect with today’s children.
We make continuous attempt to contemporize the brand without changing or diluting its core equity of making learning fun for children.

MediAvataar: How do you look at your competition?
Saumitra: Today we have new competitors which are good national players and some international as well. But what differentiates us and them is that we are the only player which provides to consumers the complete range of stationery while other are focused at select categories.

MediAvataar: Please share the latest marketing campaigns with us?
Saumitra: Camlin mechanical pencils campaign has been a very successful and game changing campaign for us wherein we could change of age old habits of using wooden pencil for writing to using mechanical pencil in a large section of children.

MediAvataar: What has been the response like?
Saumitra: We witnessed a massive growth of above 50% growth when we ran the campaign on TV. It has for the first time created a high awareness for mechanical pencils.

MediAvataar: Innovation is really the key with such a simple yet mass brand, how do you keep it rolling?
Saumitra: We are looking at innovation at every aspect especially new product development. We were looking at trend of children reducing consumption of water colours & poster colours due to scarcity of time and messy experience. We launched an innovative product called brush pen which gives the experience of water colours with the convenience of pen. This has been very well accepted by the market.
We have launched many innovative products like Colour Mechanical Pencils, washable Crayons, No Sharpening Mechanical Pencils and many others

MediAvataar: How do you really define your TG, given the extent of your products?
Saumitra: While we are known for children products we also market leaders in the category of artist products and markers which are used by adults. Since we have the most comprehensive stationery products portfolio we reach out to most consumers. We offer outstanding quality with reasonable price and hence we are seen as a middle class brand. We target all consumers who are participating with us in making learning fun.

MediAvataar: How do you keep them in the game?
Saumitra: We continuously connect with them and understand their needs to make their products serve their needs the best.

MediAvataar: Going back in history which campaign of Camlin you really liked?
Saumitra: Camlin Mechanical Pencil would be my favorite one as it could change the game in pencils for us

MediAvataar: In your career journey, what has been one of your most a) gratifying, b) bizarre experiences so far?
Saumitra: In my entire marketing career some of the most satisfying experiences have been working on brands like Chik shampoo, Spinz, Indica and Camlin where we have grown much faster than any category and have in the process changed the rules of the industry.

MediAvataar: What is there in the pipeline for the company when it comes to marketing ventures?
Saumitra: What I can say we are looking at many initiatives in order to make learning fun for children both from new products as well as activities and we should be the most exciting stationery brand for our consumers


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