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Bharat Subramaniam, Managing Director, Big Trunk Communications

What does Big Trunk Communications stand for?

Our vision at Big Trunk Communications is to provide nimble and agile communication prowess to our clients. The client-centric approach is engrained in our DNA. We always go the extra mile to ensure immaculate execution. We blend perfectly with the client’s marketing objectives and communication mandates to deliver excellence. Our commitment empowers brands to engage their customers contextually and consistently and create the strongest recall for their products and services. This client-centric service is a part of our culture and has enabled our 60 digital marketing champions to execute defining campaigns for over 2000 brands.

How important is the Online Brand Identity in today’s day and age?

Indians spend more than 3-4 hours per day on their smartphones and web-based browsing which is around 20-25% of their active time. India with an expected 442.5 million by 2022 will be a huge market for brands to create online personas and grab maximum timeshare and mindshare.
A well-managed online brand connects and influences the target audience positively while ensuring the best returns on marketing investment. Such online brands can leverage the power of digital channels to assist customers from consideration to purchase and much beyond. Personalization has enabled online brands to engage customers better and create unique omni-channel experiences.

What’s your idea of enhancing it for clients?

Our mantra is simple. We understand the client’s business to the minutest details. We have multiple discussions on their strategy for the business and brand. This helps us to formulate a strategy with clearly defined goals and attainment objectives. The execution that follows enables us to accelerate business growth for the client and add value to their brand.

How do you look at your competition?

We are in an extremely competitive business. We are very passionate about what we do and that helps us to have an edge over our competitors. We focus on a few key aspects such as hiring the right people with the skills and the will and staying agile and aggressive to deliver faster outcomes. Our client-centric approach and competitive pricing enable us to create a truly unique value proposition.

Please share some of your campaigns that have really made you feel proud.

Considering the amount of effort, thought and innovation that Team Big Trunk invests into campaigns, all of them are dear to me, and choosing a few would be a bit difficult. Nevertheless, the most prominent ones that come to my mind are the brilliant social media ideas that we executed for the leading Pizza brand, Sbarro, where we used the power of moment marketing effectively. Many of them were even appreciated by reputed marketing media platforms. The next campaign I would like to mention about is the Lead Gen campaign for Vantage Nutrition which is a sister concern of ACG group - a premier pharma engineering company from India which is into Liquid-filled hard capsules development, Ingredient processing and Fortified food premixes for reputed pharma manufacturers across the globe. Our highly optimized lead-gen ads for Vantage were able to get the costs down by almost 70% and increase the sales qualified leads by more than 40%. Last but not the least, the YouTube Campaigns that we ran for Discovery Kids for the launch campaigns for their latest shows Little Singham and Fukrey Boyzzz, which increased their subscription base to 1 million in less than 2 years.

Where do you place India on the global digital marketing backdrop?

India will have more than 1 billion people connected to the internet with personal and handheld devices within the next two years. For a young population with an average age less than 30, the overall opportunity is a highly compelling one for businesses, both from India and from the foreign markets. India will soon become the hotbed for digital marketing innovation. We will witness various digital marketing ideas having their pilot runs here and we will become a model market for gauging the power of digital marketing.

Your message to the budding digital marketing professionals in India.

I would urge them to learn business, marketing, and customer engagement. Digital is the channel to amplify the idea of creating brand recall and hence driving business through compelling story ideas. Passionate digital marketers should align brand objectives and digital capabilities to create high levels of personalization while engaging their target customers. Digital marketers should work towards creating a community of loyalists and evangelists for the brands they manage – that will be a true measure of their success.

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