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Vidya Narayanan, CEO & Co-Founder - Rizzle

1. After India’s ban on TikTok and other Chinese apps there has been a surge for a plethora of short video platforms. Your Thoughts?
Rizzle launched in a world where TikTok and other apps were very much present and made strong progress in India and in the US. While most other short video platforms have focused on song and dance and track-based recording alone, Rizzle developed its own unique identity. Rizzle has channels and episodic play which makes it very suitable for the nano vertical web series. A sui generis feature on Rizzle, RSeries help creators bring mini vertical series in comedy, drama, mystery, and other genres.

With or without the ban, Rizzle has been and will be a unique player. The reason being we have several options for creating great talk shows - with B-roll images and videos, sound effects, intro animations, and daily prompts, creators can make professional talk show content in minutes. Prompts - a compilation of all the trending topics that help newbies on the app get startred- bring the community together in discussions. Rizzle is a unique player in short videos.

2.What kind of content is popular on Rizzle? What are the top trending hashtags, topics, etc.?
Rizzle welcomes all types of content as long as its original. As much as we love a good video, we insist all our creators to stick to high-quality original 'made on Rizzle' content. It not only enables us to curate the best videos for the feed but also enhances the overall appeal of the app. Comedy bits and bite-sized clips tend to be appreciated and requested a tad bit more, but as long as the concept is true and real, Rizzlians will shower with you with love. Hashtags and topics are always pertinent to the current times, be it political, pop culture, news or trending shows. We have a dedicated team that creates relevant prompts for our users to make videos. This ensures freshness and crispness across all relevant boards and topics.

3.Throw some light on the user base and the demographic of Rizzle?
Our users, Rizzilians, as they like to call themselves come from various backgrounds; be it actors or filmmakers, YouTubers or creators, stand-up artists or vloggers, musicians or DJs, everyone and anyone can be a part of our tribe. Rizzle supplies an ecosystem of support and resources necessary for creators to build content; from in-app design tools to licensed music and sound effects, Rizzle has a lucrative end-to-end model within its app. We are focused squarely on original, user-generated episodic content -- which nobody else is doing in the area. Thus, Rizzle is a space that welcomes anyone and everyone. We appreciate a good piece of original content.

4.Rizzle recently launched the “RSeries Originals” and “R360 Originals”. How has been the response?
So far, the response that we’ve received from the users is amazing! They like the concept and have already spinned many original mini web series on the platform. R360 Originals focuses on all things news, opinions, pop culture, and more. In this series of theme-based contests, reports about everything you deem important and share your perspective on them. Bring news in its rawest form & capture the world around you!
On the other hand, RSeries Originals is more about bringing out your inner improv talents. Create a script, act, & direct your original brainchild series - and get paid for it.
We recently launched RStudios, a virtual workshop for acting and dance classes to help enrich talent and cultivate it to the next level. This move aims to set Rizzle a class apart from other short video apps by going one step further to equip the creators with an opportunity to learn and grow.

5.What are the safety features you have introduced within the app?
At Rizzle, data security has been our top-most priority and will always be. However, we believe that charity begins at home and so, we have refrained from 'Chats' & 'Comments' features since the inception. Our decision to completely do away with a comments section comes at a juncture when social media platforms across the world are grappling with issues of user safety, especially when it comes to female content creators. 'Comment' sections on social media apps have inadvertently become a playground for bullying creators.

We have a strong 3-Strike Policy that “quarantines” an account for 48 hours followed by a permanent ban if any user violates the terms and conditions, supports nudity, or posts harassing videos. Rizzle.tv keeps the keyboard warriors and trolls away, and is focused on building a positive community that listens, speaks, argues, debates, and supports.

6.What are your plans for monetization and brand partnerships in India?
Our complete focus is towards creating a flawless product for the end users. As of now, we are determined to build the best short video app for the content creators. We are definitely tapping some amazing brand associations that are mutually beneficial but monetization isn’t our priority as of now.

7.What is the USP of Rizzle and how do you plan to enhance the in-app user experience?

Rizzle is a playground for people who want to create a name for themselves. It’s a storehouse of original content and we at Rizzle, are constantly focusing on creating a user-friendly, smooth, and feature-rich app that’s a trend-setter in the field of creative content. Our amazing team of engineers and marketers put in their best brains to make Rizzle flawless.

8.In terms of business operations, how big is the Rizzle team here in India? Any plans to set up more offices in the country going forward?
We are a team of more than 100 people and growing each day. Our Engineering team is completely based out of India along with the majority of our Marketing team. We have a small team working from the US as well and we’re always on the lookout for fresh talent to join us and make Rizzle the next big thing.

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