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Q&A with Manoj Jagyasi, Chief Business Officer and Strategic Advisor to the Board, Bharat24

Manoj Jagyasi talks to MediAvataar India about the upcoming launch of Bharat 24 on 15th August 

Here’s the full Q & A:

1.How has COVID-19 lockdown period changed you on a professional or personal level?

Pandemic had devastating affect on individuals and economies globally. It sure did put us through a whole new bunch of challenges professionally, but it also made us think of more creative solutions. Eventually, the pandemic only made us improve individually, both professionally and personally.

2.How will Bharat 24 be different from what we see in the Hindi news genre? Can you highlight your channels’ USP?

Bharat24’s foray in the news space has already created much anticipation and huge buzz in the media fraternity. With the theme of ‘Jahan Tak Bharat Wahan Tak Bharat24’, the channel connects all the states together. The channel will put emphasis on bold and direct widespread news coverage from all Indian states. The channel is at par with its competitors and is introducing new-age technology such as augmented-reality-enabled studios which will enable the channel to deliver a more immersive content on-air.

3.Tell us more about Bharat 24's special programming and on-ground initiatives?

With Bureaus in all major states, Bharat 24, is set to make a benchmark for News Reporting with a team of 4000+ reporters on field. Bharat24 is here to disrupt and lead the news environment with credible and accurate news content faster than any other channel

4.What is your content slate/programming for the upcoming elections in Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh?

Election programming is central to the political news coverage for any news organization while also bringing good business impetus.

Bharat24 is backed by the most trusted anchors and dedicated journalist who will demystify and present the election coverage in a clear and simplified manner. We also comprise of the augmented-reality-enabled studios which ensures that the channel delivers clean, clutter free enhanced audio-visual content on-air.

5.There has been a considerable shift in content consumption with viewers moving towards digital. What is Bharat 24 plans for digital platforms?

TV has held its own ground in terms of growth and TV news will continue to have its own relevance and value. Having said that, Bharat24 understands the quickly changing market dynamics by adapting new-age technologies. The channel will soon be unveiling a slew of its digital assets.

6.TV news business has seen a big shift. How has it changed and evolved?

TV business has been witnessing continuous growth and we intend to follow this trajectory. With a team of experienced and young passionate professionals, we are well in-sync with the evolving dynamics of the industry. We are confident of offering a wide range of customized media solutions to fraternity. We are witnessing huge interest and support from across advertisers and media agencies and I am pleased to inform that we have already signed a few large advertisers before our launch.

7.The Best Businesses Are Built Around Passion. What are your views on this?

Passion and hard work fuel success. With the experience in media, I wanted to introduce a differentiated product in the cluttered market. I have been a go-getter in life who has always followed my heart’s desire with logic.

8.On a personal note, what have been the highlights of your career so far? Your key learnings?

I am grateful for what I have been able to accomplish in my career so far. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to work with some visionary people of the industry. It has taken a lot of hard work, dedication and support of great team-members across organizations that I have worked so far.

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