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Vik Kathuria, Managing Partner, EVP, Digital Investments and Trading for MediaCom US

“Embrace digital fully, and do not be afraid to fail.  Given that the medium itself is continuously changing and evolving, the only way to learn is to continue to experiment.” Said the recently promoted, Vik Kathuria as the Global Head of Digital Investment for MediaCom Worldwide.

In this interaction with MediAvataar- Vik kept it short, simple yet effective, pretty much how a digital strategy should be. Here is the discussion…

MediAvataar: Congratulations on the promotion! How do you look at the newly created role of Global Head of Digital Investment at MediaCom Worldwide?

Vik: MediaCom is always looking for ways to give our clients an edge, and my role is to craft global partnerships that deliver best in class digital investment capabilities.

MediAvataar: Do you think digital media has become the front runner for most of the brands worldwide?

Vik: Digital is growing rapidly, but it will always be part of an overall communication strategy based on consumer insights and client objectives.

MediAvataar: What would be your advice to all the digital trading platforms?

Vik: As spending increases, so too will the level of venture capital dollars scrambling to get into the space.  While this is a positive, it means that the technology landscape is going to continue to be confusing.   This is why marketers need trusted advisors.  Agencies with a superior understanding of the game and the players – companies like MediaCom – can help educate the industry and represent marketers’ interests.

MediAvataar: Your advices to marketers who are not already active on digital media and who want to kick start the virtual journey in the coming Year.

Vik: Experiment aggressively, but make sure you’ve set an objective that can be tracked, optimized and measured – that’s the only way to truly assess what works and what does not.

MediAvataar: How does digital help marketers meet their objectives across the purchase funnel?

Vik: As with other channels, the answer varies depending upon the marketer’s objectives. Digital can help across the entire spectrum, from awareness and branding to conversion and repeat purchase.

MediAvataar: What according to you should be the best parameter to judge a digital campaign?

Vik: Business-relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

MediAvataar: What is your idea of a perfect conversation online?

Vik: One that’s two way and genuinely connects with the consumer

MediAvataar: According to you, what are the digital/social media trends prevalent in this year, globally?

Vik: Attribution becomes closer to reality. Rise of native programmatic platforms. Location-based information advertising will continue to grow.

MediAvataar: Your final words to all the marketers out there who want to use digital media to the fullest?

Vik: Embrace digital fully, and do not be afraid to fail.  Given that the medium itself is continuously changing and evolving, the only way to learn is to continue to experiment.

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