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Ogilvy and Allen Solly Encourage You to Wear A Mask

The act of wearing a mask is a practice we are all still adapting to. It has not been easy for us- most masks are stuffy and their medical equipment looking design increases our anxiety about the situation. But it’s important that we all wear one- so that we can care for ourselves as well as assure those around us.

At Allen Solly we believe that wearing a mask should be as easy to wear and comforting to others- as a smile.

A smile that shows that we care for the people we come across- be it in the workspace, or letting our kids play outside or when you step outside. This is the intent with which we introduced our range of masks- a temporary stand-in for all the smiles we are now unable to see.

Anil. S. Kumar, COO, Allen Solly: "Driven by the need of the hour, wearing face masks has become a new normal. They are now an unavoidable necessity for the greater good. Our campaign aims to add a fresh and positive perspective to the concept of masks by connecting it to a human characteristic - Smile. With easing lockdowns, people have started venturing out and wearing a mask is the new norm. It becomes highly critical in such times to device messages carefully and creatively. Through our campaign, we are not just highlighting people’s duties & obligations but also empowering their trust in accepting masks as a way to express oneself just the way we do with our smiles. We strongly believe the campaign will add positivity and reinforce the importance of wearing masks to not only keep ourselves safe but put others around us at ease as well.”

CCO, Ogilvy South Mahesh Gharat: "Masks are the essentials for the new world. But we don’t want people to feel they are a burden. Designed right, they can be cool, quirky and very very endearing. Our easy-breezy film encourages people to wear a mask with a smile."

The upbeat video captures interesting slice-of-life situations and habits of people, now common around us. And it surely puts a smile on one’s face while reiterating the need to always wear a mask when stepping outside.

Allen Solly has launched its face masks range for men, women and kids. Allen Solly face masks are designed and developed with a unique 3-layer filtration system that has a soft inner layer, followed by the middle melt-blown layer and lastly the trendy outer layer. The entire mask is treated with an anti-bacterial finish using the N9 pure silver technology.

While the masks are high on fashion, the brand has ensured longevity by creating long-lasting product life of up to 30 washes. The products have been engineered to offer maximum comfort to the consumer by ensuring they are highly breathable. Furthermore, these masks come with soft and comfortable elastic loops. Made using fine quality cotton and cotton blends, these lightweight masks are tested and certified in accordance with ASTM F 2101 for high bacterial filtration for up to 95%.

The brand is soon set to launch a range of 7-layer Anti-Viral masks in collaboration with HEIQ VIROBLOCK. The fabric used in the product is treated with HeiQ Viroblock® Swiss Technology that is tested to provide resistance against common viruses(enveloped) and bacteria as per AATCC 100 and ISO18184 global testing methods, up to 20 gentle washes. Resistance to Covid19 is yet to be assessed.


Client: Anil S Kumar, Sonia Ravindran, Sanjana Pandian and Archish Mazumdar

Agency: Ogilvy, Bengaluru

CCOs India: Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Kainaz Karmarkar, Sukesh Nayak

Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy South: Mahesh Gharat

Creative Team: Divya Bhatia, Dheeraj Cherukara, Sayani Ray, Akshi Ghosh

Managing Partner, Ogilvy South: Tithi Ghosh

Account Management Team: Rajnandini Ghosh, Pratik Mundra

Planning: Anirban Roy, Siddharth Mohanty

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