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Contract advertising creates a brand campaign for Vectus

Water tanks and pipes brand Vectus takes the higher ground on water conservation with its debut ‘Kya jawaab doge?’ campaign.

Contract advertising’s powerful brand campaign for Vectus will heat up the battle in the water storage tanks and plastic pipes industry. In a category which has scarcely ventured into mass advertising till recently, Vectus’ debut campaign is slated to be a game changer.

Talking about the brief, Ashish Baheti, Director, Vectus Industries Ltd. Said, “The challenge for us was to leverage our legacy of 25 years in the industry to get a head start for our flagship brand, Vectus. We wanted Vectus to rise above product features and speak in the voice of a leader – a voice of authority, reason and foresight. We also wanted to reach out to home builders across age groups as well as those from the construction industry with a memorable message which keeps us on the top of their minds”.

First on TV and then on outdoor and print, the campaign will ask the same question in different languages across India:

When half the people in the country struggle for enough water to sustain life, what excuse do you have for water wasted through leakage and seepage at your house?

Shot on the parched terrain of Rann of Kutch in Gujarat by talented director Sainath Choudhary, the TVC is intense and dramatic, and a refreshing change from the clutter of product advertising today. The cinematography, the cast and the sound design come together to create the excitement of a western thriller, and the entry of the product leaves you spell bound and nodding in agreement.’

"Tanks, pipes, drainage pipes aren't exactly top of mind for people ever. What we've done here is to change the conversation of the category. We've taken the usual clichés of durability, longevity, strength etc. and represented them in a totally new and compelling way. The socially responsible angle presents the case to the consumer in a manner they can't ignore. It brings the category into the forefront and presents Vectus as a thought leader in it," says Mayur Hola, Executive Creative Director, Contract Advertising New Delhi.

The stark visuals and intense, captivating music force you to experience the anguish of someone who suffer from shortage of water as well as the dilemma of someone who has the power to stop wastage of water.

“The TVC does just that”, says V Bhaskar Preenja, Vice President, Contract Advertising. “In a category which has dozens of players having identical products, the challenge was to raise the brand above the functional benefits and establish the expertise & credentials of Vectus in the domain,” he adds.

Vectus Industries is one of India’s premier brand of water storage tanks and plastic piping solutions. Leveraging their massive pan-India retail presence in the water storage tanks domain, Vectus launched their comprehensive piping solutions range successfully, and has made huge strides in the past few years. Today, Vectus is an end-to-end water solutions provider which is known for excellent quality, great design and freedom from leakage.


Team Contract: Ashish Chakravarty, Mayur Hola, Varun Popli, V Bhaskar Preenja, Viksit Jain, Shivani Sharma.

Director: Sainath Choudhury

Production House: Purple Vishnu Films

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