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Aeolus Tyres to roll out on Indian roads with Grasshoppers

Aeolus Tyres, arm of a Fortune 500 company and a global tyre-manufacturing giant, has appointed Grasshoppers as its creative agency to spearhead the brand’s communication and branding activities in India.

Aeolus was founded in 1965 and is among the top 20 tyre brands globally. It is present in 140 countries and now, the brand is looking to aggressively launch its high-performance PCR (Passenger Car Radial) range of tyres in India. Aeolus tyres are O.E. approved and proudly fitted by various global leading vehicle manufacturers. The PCR tyres for Indian market bear the mandatory BIS certification.

Although Aeolus has been selling tyres for trucks and other heavy vehicles in India since a couple of years, it will now be introducing its PCR segment of tyres in India with a wide range of products meant for ultra-high performance cars to SUVs to the economy range of cars. Grasshoppers, along with its digital marketing wing Grownups, will design an integrated creative campaign to introduce the brand to the targeted consumers.

Mr. Deepak Yadav, the Director at Aeolus Tyre India Pvt. Ltd., says, “Aeolus Tyres are far superior in terms of performance as compared to many of our contemporaries and we are also one of the most prominent advocates of the green technology in tyres. That is why our products are highly sought after in the European and American markets. Though we are new entrants in India, I am confident about our success as only sturdy and good quality tyres can last for long on Indian roads. We will also be introducing some path-breaking solutions in the tyre industry in India which will be unveiled soon through our campaign. As the team at Grasshoppers not only has a strong sense of aesthetics but could also give us a one-stop solution for our mainline and digital marketing requirements, we have partnered with them for an integrated campaign to highlight our key value propositions to the end consumer.”

Grasshoppers’ creative team is thrilled about the new challenge that is up their sleeve.

The agency’s Director Arjun Banerjee explains, “Since there are several well-established players in the tyre segment in India, it is imperative that the Aeolus Tyres campaign stands out from the clutter while clearly communicating the brand’s differentiating factor. Thus, the strategy has to be innovative and that is an exciting task for any creative agency. We want to see Aeolus as a dominant player in the tyre segment in India within the next couple of years and our marketing initiatives will be aimed at aiding that process.”

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