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BBH India creates new campaign for India-made Creo Mark 1 smartphone

The new Creo Mark 1 is blown up, peeled off and launched by BBH India.

The film conceptualized and executed by Black Sheep Live highlights CREO’s Core Ethos and Brand Promise of A New Phone Every Month

BBH India, a leading creative agency in the country, today released its latest film for Bangalore based Consumer Technology Company, CREO. The film has been conceptualized & executed by BBH owned production house, Black Sheep Live, for CREO’s Mark 1 smartphone.

Mark 1, CREO’s first smartphone to hit the market, aims to break the clutter of the smartphone industry with a unique offering that makes their top-of-the-line smartphone stay new, always, through regular updates on their own proprietary Android-based OS. The premise of this promise is that smartphones tend to lag after a few months from purchase. This slow down can be attributed to the lack of updates sent out from the phone manufacturer’s end to their existing devices. CREO promises to send out regular updates each month on their phone, that empower users with functional and smart features that improve the performance of the phone as well as give users the feeling of A New Phone Every Month!

Film Synopsis

The film dramatizes the idea that when you have a CREO Mark 1 it feels like a new phone every month. The film opens with three users keeping their phones away after clicking on the update icon. Then each phone is shown to transform into a brand new one. We see the first phone magically exploding and getting reduced to ashes. Rising from the ashes we see a brand new phone emerge. The second phone gets wrapped in a cocoon only to emerge from it, newer and more energized, while the third phone sheds its skin, to emerge shiny and new all over again.

The film was shot in Mumbai and post-production of the film was carried out in Paris with Digital District, a leading Visual Effects and Motion Graphics studio

Speaking about the campaign, Russell Barrett, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer at BBH India, “The last thing the world needs is another smart phone. Unless of course that phone is genuinely different. We understood what the guys at CREO had achieved and then our task was fairly simple. Make work that can actually move people around a very simple idea. This is a new phone every month. We wanted to make people viscerally feel for hardware. We hope we’ve been able to make that happen.”

Speaking about the campaign, Vartika Verma, Chief Marketing Officer, CREO

"Contrary to popular belief, spending on new hardware isn’t the only thing that makes a phone feel new. At CREO, we’re going to send a software update to our smartphone Mark, 1 every month, making it run as good as new, that will improve performance and the life of the phone. It’s almost like the phone is reborn, every month. Together with BBH and Digital District, we were able to bring to life the concept of A New Phone Every Month, inspired by creatures of nature who emerge greater, stronger, and better every time they’re transformed to be reborn. This is the first step towards a long sustaining engagement with our community and end user.”

The film was released digitally on 17th of March, 2016. You can watch it here http://bit.ly/v1mrkt


Agency - BBH

Creative Team

· Chief Creative Officer - Russell Barrett

BBH Production

· Executive Producer – Niddhish Puuzhakkal

Account Management

· Managing Director - Arvind Krishnan

· Business Head – Delon Mascarenhas

· Sr. Business Partner – Khadija Attarwala

· Business Partner – Nabanita Chatterjee

Production House – Black Sheep Live

Director – Niddhish Puuzhakkal

DOP – Bharathwaj Subbu

Post House – Digital District, France

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