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ad:tech concluded its 10th edition and launch event recently in Mumbai.

Attended by 3200+ participants, the event delivered two action packed days,with 46 companies including Google, Adobe, Network18, Oath, Oracle, SHAREit, Times Network, Taboola to name a few on the exhibition floor.

The theme of this event was The Convergence of Creativity & Technology, focusing on how to win in a disrupted marketplace through a combination of tech, data, AI, consumer focus, content & creativity. The agenda of the event consisted of 6 tracks curated to showcase how the biggest and brightest brand marketers can gain competitive advantage discussing topics like AI, AR & VR, creativity in the programmatic space, best ways to create and measure branded content, reaching cord cutters, marketing to tier 2 & 3 segments and so on. There were a 117 speakers at the event who took on the ad:tech stage to share their insights and help companies succeed at the evolving marketplace.

The keynote speakers for the event comprised of Niamh Byrne, Chief Marketing Officer, APAC & EMEA, Citibank, who highlighted some solid ideas and examples of how Citibank used customer data to create some awesome experiences in the banking space, and the use of influencer marketing for credit card sales; followed by Kaushal Kurapati, Group Vice President, Products, Global at Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle, spoke about how AI & Data is revolutionizing the marketplace thereby helping marketers be ready with a future gazing martech strategy. Dilip R.S, Country Manager for Alexa Skills, Amazon India & Sanjay Dhar, President at Amar Chitra Katha, closed Day 1 discussing how brands can use Voice technologies to design customer conversations, and how it can positively affect their marketing strategies.

David Webster, Managing Partner & CGO, BBH opened Day 2 of the conference with a powerful Keynote around the use of AR & VR technologies in marketing, showcasing some superb examples of how brands like Nike have used these technologies for marketing & social good.; Ram Seshadri, Head – Technology & Solutions, Adobe who explored the use of technology to reach out at specific consumer touchpoints and also effectively measure their results; Sandeep Bhushan, Director & Head of Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook; spoke about reducing the friction in consumer journeys, while Harish Bhat, Brand Custodian, Tata Sons and Author of 'The Curious Marketer' & 'Tata Log' explored the topic of “Brands with Purpose” closing the ad:tech conference. His inspiring keynote spoke about how brands need to responsible for bringing out a positive social change in society.

Elated on a successful closure, Jaswant Singh, Country MD at Comexposium India said “We are excited to have had a super successful launch event in Mumbai, its way beyond our initial plans. The Mumbai show is now going to be an annual affair and will are looking forward to come back to the city next year in Nov.”

He further added, “With ad:tech happening at Mumbai in Nov and at New Delhi in March we are better poised to serve the industry and bring forth discussions on things that are relevant in the marketplace and what marketers need to stay competitive, our exhibition floor also offers a bigger platform to choose right partners from an array of companies.”

With the completion of this event, the team is now focusing on the 2019 New Delhi event, which is their 9th edition and the flagship show in the country. ad:tech New Delhi event is scheduled on 14th – 15th March’19 at The Leela Ambience Hotel, Gurugram and expects 100+ ad:tech companies, 100s of Brands and over 6000+ in attendance over the 2 days.

Sunday, 16 December 2018 00:00

Pinterest top trends for 2019

It’s that time of year again—welcome to your sneak peek into the official 100 Pinterest trends for 2019! Pinterest is its own positive corner of the internet, where more than 250 million people around the world come to discover new ideas to try. The way we know an idea is trending is by looking at what all those people are searching for. If an idea keeps getting more and more searches each month? And that upward trajectory holds steady for 6+ months? That’s how we know it’s a trend.

These trends are what the world’s most style-inspired, parenting-passionate, well-traveled, food-smart people are dreaming about for the year ahead. In a time when so much seems to divide us, these ideas represent what we share in common—from everyday inspiration to the epic dreams-for-someday stuff.

Travel: Off the beaten path

More than two times more travelers use Pinterest vs. top online travel agency sites.1 For 2019, they’re coming here to dream up new ways to travel, from atypical destinations to unusual (and more earth-friendly) modes of transportation.

Health and wellness: What comes naturally

Pinterest is where people come to reconnect with themselves and try something new, without worrying about who else Likes it. So it’s fitting “self care” (+140% in searches)2 is the big theme in health and wellness for 2019—including new trends in eating, exercising and sleeping.

Hobbies and interests: Do what you love

With 8 billion hobby and interest Pins to choose from, there’s almost no end to what people will find when they go looking for side project inspiration. And more than one person on Pinterest has found so much success working on the side, they transformed it into their fulltime dream job.

Celebrations: Momentous moments

When it comes to get togethers, Pinterest has all the ideas people need. Invites, decorations, food, drinks, cake, photo props, what to wear—it’s all right here. You’ll even find new ways and reasons to celebrate.

Food: Veggie tables

Food brings us all together—around the table, around the world. And with 23 billion recipes and dining ideas to discover, Pinterest has got you covered from breakfast to late-night snack attacks. What’s on the menu for 2019? Healthy, sustainable meals with unusual ingredients.

Home: Living color

People use Pinterest to get their houses feeling more like home. Homebodies come looking for everything from day-to-day DIY projects (83% of home searches) to remodels, landscaping and other monumental undertakings (60%).

Men’s style: Old meets new

One reason people find it so easy to find ideas they love on Pinterest is that everything's visual—no need to know exactly what something’s called to search for it. Then just click on those corduroys to find out where to buy them, or show your barber the fade you want and let them do their thing.

Women’s style: Patterns of sustainability

Women come to Pinterest for looks that match their unique style, whether they’re heading out to brunch or a day at work (70% of style searches) or prepping for their next spectacular va-voom special occasion (60%).

Beauty: Standout shine

2019 is about mixing natural styles with pows of gloss and color. And women from all different cultures, with all different skin tones, are coming to Pinterest to find ideas to try—and they’re 2.4x likely to experiment with different makeup vs. women on other platforms.

Kids and parenting: Modern family

When it comes to parenting, it’s hard to know what’s most important: giving the kids an inspiring space to grow up, or just getting them to sleep. Either way, 56% of parents on Pinterest say it is their go-to spot to learn about parenting ideas and products, and 81% say they couldn’t live without it.

What will you dream up next?

We invite you to explore our board of all the 2019 trends and see what sparks your interest. Then let yourself dream. What would happen if you took that mustard yellow wall color and tried it on your eyelids? Or combined the boatbuilding trend with remote island travel?

Once you give a trend a try, tap “Add photo” on the Pin that inspired you to share a pic of how put your own spin on things. Who knows? You might just inspire someone else to get in on the trend!


Sunday, 16 December 2018 00:00

HISTORY TV18 to premiere “God Code”

Gear up for divine adventure and mystery with HISTORY TV18 as the channel premiers exclusive documentary “God Code”

De-code the biblical manuscript with Timothy Smith, tune-in to HISTORY TV18 this December on 24th , 2018 at 9 Pm.

 “There is more to the Bible than meets the eye,” is what Timothy Smith, renowned author of the best-seller “God Code” believes in. This December HISTORY TV18 will take you on an adventurous journey with it’s first of its kind exclusive 2-hour long documentary “God Code” based on the book.

Leningrad Codex, the world’s oldest complete text of the Hebrew Bible that is kept safe behind the locked doors in St. Petersburg, Russia is the sole reason for this de-code. Because of its ancient origins, it is considered to be the purer version of the Bible–containing words and characters lost in later translations. Timothy Smith, an antiquities expert, believes that he’s found an intricate code hidden within its text, one that may not show up in later translations.

This is exactly what the two-hour special episode is all about. HISTORY TV18 this month will take you on a journey across the globe to find out if the hidden code is real. Witness the author travel across continents in search of artifacts missing since Bible times and the clues to their location revealed in God Code. Watch his painstaking search that is both adventurous and mysterious at the same, and how instead of consulting ancient maps to find buried treasure, his hunt relies more on the data calculation power of the new-age advanced technology. The documentary will show how this oldest scripture is more amazing than we ever dreamed of.

And, if it is, could this be the actual word of God? A code written into his own divine work. A master plan for history? Let this December be an adventurous one, switch to your favorite HISTORY TV18 and get the inside details of God Code with the author himself.

Catch this exciting episode of God Code only on HISTORY TV18 on 24th December, Monday at 9:00PM

Audience demand for Netflix Originals to overtake that for its licensed titles in 2019

Leading TV Industry Analytics Research Firms Parrot Analytics and S&P Global Market Intelligence Release Research Covering Demand for Content Across Major SVOD Platforms in the United States.

New research by Parrot Analytics and Kagan, a media research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence, shows support for one of Netflix’s most important strategic goals: To have 50% of its content be comprised of Netflix originals. According to the report, which leverages Parrot Analytics’ globally standardized Demand Expressions® metric[1], demand for Netflix Originals is estimated to overtake the share of demand for licensed titles by October 2019.

Parrot Analytics, the leading big data TV analytics firm specializing in audience demand measurement worldwide, and Kagan joined forces to produce a comprehensive report on demand for television content across streaming subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platforms in the United States. Overall, the report found demand for content on all major SVOD platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime, and Starz, has increased over the past year.

In its analysis of demand for Netflix’s content, the report compared the sum of U.S. demand for both Netflix original series and the licensed titles available on the U.S. Netflix service each month. While currently the most in-demand content tends to be licensed titles, the proportion of the demand share from Netflix original titles has generally grown month over month. Overall, for the 12 months analyzed, the demand share for Netflix originals grew an average of 1.0% each month. From July 2017 to June 2018, the streaming service’s reliance on licensed content dropped by 10.9%. Based on this 12 months of data, the report forecasts that Netflix will generate 50% of U.S. audience content demand with its own original content from October 2019 onwards.

For the premium channel VOD platforms (HBO Now, Showtime, and Starz), new content from their linear channels tends to be the most in-demand. However, Parrot Analytics affinity analysis[2] reveals that the respective back catalog of each VOD platform continues to play an important role, indicating that older titles likely remain an important driver of subscriber loyalty.

“The future for the industry is likely to be even more crowded and the winners are still unknown,” said Deana Myers, Research Director, S&P Global Market Intelligence. “Walt Disney is expected to debut its SVOD service in 2019 and its proposed buy of the studio and libraries of 21st Century Fox will add a vast amount of content to this service. Other anticipated SVOD launches include those by Apple and Warner Media. We estimate the overall US SVOD industry has many strong years of growth in its future, particularly as competition from Disney and Apple could impact the market.”

Other new entrants to the online video space, like Facebook Watch, YouTube and DC Universe, are also investing heavily in originals and acquired content. At the same time, content spending for Netflix, Amazon and Hulu is expected to continue to grow at double digit rates.

The research in this report is based on a catalog demand analysis of digital-only Netflix and Hulu services, and a premium channel VOD demand analysis based on TV demand data pertaining to HBO Now, Showtime and Starz.

[1] Demand Expressions quantify the weighted audience demand for a title in a specific market regardless of which platform the title airs on. Demand expression platforms include social media, video streaming, photo sharing, blogging, micro-blogging, fan and critic rating platforms, peer-to-peer protocols and file sharing sites.

[2] Affinity is a measure of the relationship between two shows based on the number of people who watched both titles on video download and streaming platforms as tracked by Parrot Analytics’ patented technology.

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ScoopWhoop partners with PetFed

ScoopWhoop takes a small step to make a big difference in protecting animal rights by encouraging pet adoption 

India’s leading youth media platform for lifestyle and entertainment ScoopWhoop partners with PetFed, Asia’s largest Pet Carnival kickstarting its adoption drive and support for animal rights. The partnership manifests ScoopWhoop’s effort to create awareness and make a difference to the lives of its furry friends via pet adoption. This initiative is an extension of ScoopWhoop’s endeavours towards animal welfare wherein the media platform has been providing shelter and homes to homeless dogs. Through PetFed, ScoopWhoop will showcase its lovely Indie puppies to pet lovers and help them find their forever homes.

At the two-day carnival, ScoopWhoop will be hosting a camp that aims to encourage pet adoption. Since its inception, ScoopWhoop has been supporting and working for the cause with a strong passion for animal rights. This adoption drive intends to bring a pool of pet lovers closer to orphaned animals that are looking for safe spaces. The initiative aims to raise awareness around adoption being an ideal way to bring home a pet, instead of buying. It is an opportunity for like-minded people to come together and form a strong community for a good cause by giving a happy home to a loving member.

Talking about the partnership, Sriparna Tikekar, Co-Founder, ScoopWhoop Media Pvt. Ltd, says “ScoopWhoop is deeply passionate about animal rights and has created a safe space for many street animals, right inside ScoopWhoop’s Delhi HQ. PetFed is an ideal platform to raise awareness on pet adoption and help one know more about your pets. Our partnership is an initiative to rescue and foster orphaned animals in loving homes and families. It’s time to give back to our furry friends.”

ScoopWhoop is the digital partner of PetFed 2018 and has been covering the event through articles and videos. Though it is kickstarting the adoption drive with PetFed, the initiatives for the cause will go on beyond the event. It will continue its search via articles, videos, social media posts etc.

Recently, ScoopWhoop had celebrated a week-long Animal Welfare Week awareness campaign to promote the safety and preservation of all animals – pets, strays and wildlife. In the past they have actively covered content related to wildlife conservation, animal rescues and promoted adoption drives. The office compound itself is home to many furry beings who are fed and looked after by office staff.

PetFed Delhi will be held at NSIC Grounds, Okhla on 15 - 16 December. The timings are 11 AM to 9 PM. Tickets can be booked at BookMyShow and pet lovers can visit the PetFed page for itinerary details.

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