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Sunday, 02 December 2018 00:00

Brands need to balance short and long-term

I was browsing the Kantar Media’s 2018 Dimensions report (well worth a read), when I came across a section on the need to strike a better balance between short and long-term. This seems to be a topic of increasing interest to marketers, but how do you find the right balance?

The Kantar Media report points to the plethora of digital convenience metrics available to us today and states,

It may be easy, and even superficially appealing to deliver thousands of likes, click-throughs or retweets but if there is no way of associating such information with business success the use of the information is limited.”

And that is the problem with convenience metrics, there is little evidence that they relate to direct sales impact or building brand equity. But that simply points to a wider problem; there is no agreement on what we should be measuring right now to anticipate longer-term effects.

All marketing activity – be it designed to build the brand or stimulate immediate sales – needs to work now. Whatever the activity is, it must reach the people it is intended to influence, be noticed, and evoke some form of response. That response needs to happen immediately; however, the behavioural outcome of that response may be delayed weeks or even years, particularly in the case of activities designed to build brand predisposition.

If you can influence someone who is actively searching or shopping, then the behavioural outcome will likely be apparent quickly and easily if all the buying process happens in the digital domain. However, there is much more likely to be a temporal disconnect for brand marketing activities because they are designed to influence both people shopping right now, and people who will shop at a later date.

Simply influencing people shopping a category now is not enough to grow a brand – or rather it is a tough sell unless people are already predisposed to buy that brand. To grow, brands must reach outside their existing brand bubble and influence potential new shoppers. And to do that, brands need to seed ideas and feelings that will help influence behaviour when they do start shopping at a later date.

For years Kantar Millward Brown has found that one thing which anticipates whether a marketing activity is likely to be effective over the longer-term, is that people think they have seen your brand advertised. This is not just some leftover from the days of traditional TV; we see the same thing with our Brand Lift Insights measurement of digital advertising. If people do not remember your brand being advertised, it is highly unlikely that you will see any increase between test and control cells in salience, brand favourability, or purchase intent.

So step number one in anticipating whether your marketing activity will have a long-term influence? Check whether anyone remembers it in relation to your brand today.


Written by Nigel Hollis, Executive Vice President and Chief Global Analyst at Kantar Millward Brown.

Sunday, 02 December 2018 00:00

Optimizing The Automotive Path To Purchase

In today’s crowded car market, auto advertisers are hard-pressed to connect with consumers, encourage new sales, and do it all under shrinking budgets.

It’s a steep challenge, and one that can only be met with a full understanding of how consumers shop for cars and how they react to automotive advertising.

Our recently published Nielsen Auto Marketing Report 2018 seeks to help you meet this challenge with fascinating new insights into the automotive path to purchase and media strategy.

We’ve all seen the traditional sales funnel, with brand awareness at the top and purchase intention at the bottom. There are two big misconceptions with this view of the consumer journey.

Consumers don’t have an intrinsic bias favoring one brand over the other at the start of the car buying process.
The shopping process itself is a process of elimination, whereby consumers eliminate brands that don’t meet their needs one by one until a winner finally emerges.
Let’s start with the first misconception. Our research shows car buyers do, in fact, have a bias, and it comes down to their level of unaided brand awareness (i.e., how top of mind you are) of car brands.

Unaided awareness is responsible for 85% of all purchase intentions, yet only accounts for 20% of total brand awareness. The other 80% of car brand awareness is aided, which requires a prompt to jog the memory.

In fact, purchase intent conversion rates for unaided brand awareness of a brand are a whopping 25 times those of aided awareness.

It’s clear that you need to build deeper connections with consumers—not simply awareness for awareness’ sake. It takes a more media-agnostic, customer-first marketing approach to build these connections long before prospects are actively in the market for a new car.

The good news is that you have many more channels at your disposal to reach car shoppers efficiently. You also have more and better car shopper data to guide your audience segmentation, targeting and creative decisions, not to mention the technology to automate your advertising workflow.

And now for the second misconception: Our research shows that car shopping doesn’t follow a linear path with a consistently decreasing consideration set. The number of brands being considered actually increases the closer a person gets to a final decision.

Car shoppers start out on the path to purchase by considering two to three brands on average, but by the time they’re ready to buy they have five brands under consideration—nearly twice as many as they started with.

The fact that shoppers are considering more brands as time goes by is encouraging. It suggests that they are open to considering additional brands even while having a top of mind brand that carries a natural advantage.

The key is to develop campaigns that can deliver on both fronts: building long-term brand equity and capturing people’s attention when they’re weighing their options.

And this takes an understanding of how media flights should be sequenced based on the path to purchase: employing mass reach media like TV and radio for brand building, and transitioning to more targeted and “personalizable” media including mobile, digital and direct mail to increase purchase consideration and dealership foot traffic.

Simply put, there’s never been a better time to be an automotive marketer.


Written by Brett House, VP Product Marketing & Strategy, Nielsen

In a major development as part of the strategic partnership between Discovery, Inc. and the PGA TOUR, GOLFTV today announced an exclusive multi-year global content partnership with 80-time PGA TOUR winner and 14-time Major champion Tiger Woods.

Starting in January 2019, GOLFTV powered by PGA TOUR, the new global live and on-demand video streaming service jointly developed by Discovery and the TOUR, will collaborate with Woods on a wide range of programming, content creation and storytelling opportunities that will offer fans an authentic and regular look into the life, mind and performance of the game’s ultimate icon.

The GOLFTV partnership will reveal Woods as fans have never seen him before, providing an unparalleled opportunity to get close to Woods’ practice routines, preparation and life on the road through a variety of programming showcased exclusively on GOLFTV.

“I’ve been watching Discovery and David Zaslav build up a global sports platform with Eurosport, the Olympics and the launch of GOLFTV with us at the PGA TOUR, so I think they’re the perfect partner to help grow the game. They’re global, they get sports and know how to build new, younger and big audiences. It’s a perfect fit and I’m so excited to be a real partner with the Discovery Sports team, said Woods.

“I love the vision of GOLFTV and the ambition for it to become the premier destination for golf entertainment worldwide. To have my own platform to communicate is the culmination of a lot of hard work from my team and the team at Discovery. We’re going to build content for everyone, whether you’ve been playing golf for a long time or just starting out. I’ll be sharing stories and giving insight into my approach that has never been seen before. This is such an exciting time for golf and for me, so to be part of the vision to grow the game all around the world is fantastic. I can’t wait to share my knowledge on GOLFTV,” he said.

I want to talk to golf fans and golfers everywhere, directly, and straight from me. That’s important to me. Talking about what we care about: what’s happening on the course, how to play better, how can I shoot lower scores tomorrow, how can I beat my friends? David explained how GOLFTV is for the fans and the players, a single place they’ll all want to go, and he’s building something everyone will want,” Woods remarked.

Among the plans, Woods and GOLFTV are collaborating to develop:

Weekly practice and instructional videos to improve your game;

Exclusive access into Tiger’s preparation routines;

Behind-the-scenes access before and after PGA TOUR rounds;

Unique and exclusive post-round commentary.

“Getting the chance to do instruction is exciting. I’ve always been focused on my own game and this experience can help players everywhere. Whether you’re a long-time player or a beginner, there are some things that help us all play better. It’s one way I want to give back to people who love the game like I do. If I can help the next generation enjoy the game more and play better, that’s pretty special,” Woods concluded.

A first for Woods on video, this content will be exclusively owned by GOLFTV globally, including in the United States, where Discovery has the opportunity to execute an owned or partner distribution strategy.

David Zaslav, President and CEO, Discovery, said: “I am excited to welcome Tiger to the Discovery family and to GOLFTV, a true superstar joining our company of world-class storytellers and brands. At the heart of Discovery is high-quality storytelling, told through the most authentic, credible and trusted voices. Tiger is the ultimate example of a world-class athlete and cultural figure with whom audiences are enamored, and follow closely around the world. Our global partnership with Tiger is a perfect example of our strategy to collaborate exclusively with top talent to extend global media platforms, and take advantage of our international distribution and technology infrastructure and aggregate audiences and build long-term value.

“With Tiger joining us, I am confident that GOLFTV will be the new gold standard for comprehensive sports streaming, nourishing golf fans when and where they want to consume what they are most passionate about,” Zaslav added.

This partnership with GOLFTV comes at an ideal time in Woods’ career, on the heels of a comeback season that saw him return to form in spectacular fashion, culminating in a history-making win at the 2018 TOUR Championship in September.

Alex Kaplan, President and General Manager, Discovery Golf, said: “It’s a privilege for us to welcome Tiger to the GOLFTV team. No one else in the game resonates globally the way Tiger does or has the global fan base, and he has great wisdom to share, on and off the course. We’re thrilled to give him the global platform to do just that, and to provide our audience in more than 200 markets and territories a closer look at Tiger on the greens and behind the scenes.

“Our long-term partnership with Tiger reflects our broader ambition as we roll-out the service over the coming years, seeking to grow GOLFTV into a true ecosystem for all things golf: watching, learning and playing,” Kaplan added.

Launches Hashtag Challenge, Brand Takeover and In-feed Native Video solutions

TikTok, the go-to destination for short-form mobile videos today launched Innovative Digital Advertising Solutions in India at ad:tech, the leading digital marketing advertising conference in the country.

TikTok showcased its insights on how short-form video is shaping the future of digital advertising. It launched the innovative ad format - the Hashtag Challenge for brands to seek insights of the digital community, trigger more high-quality content and find out the most engaging way for branding. In addition to the Hashtag Challenge, TikTok also launched Brand Takeover and In-feed Native Video to further enhance the ad impact, and to address various needs of the digital advertisers.

The 10th edition of ad:tech was held on November 28th-29th 2018, at JW Marriott, Sahar, Mumbai. ad:tech is a gathering of the digital advertiser’s community to share amazing innovations that have happened, are happening and will happen in the digital world.

Short-form video is shaping the future of digital advertising

TikTok is a destination for short-form mobile videos, capturing and presenting the world's creativity, knowledge, and moments that matter on your fingertips. Since its launch in 2017, TikTok has already become a global platform and marked its footprint in over 150 countries and regions, including India.

Designed for the new generation of creators, TikTok enables everyone to be a creator and encourages users to share their passion and creative expression through short-form videos.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Wang Tong, Director of Global Monetization Strategy, TikTok Ads said, “We have seen a huge fervour that TikTok has raised around the world, and of course we see that same fervour here in India as well." He further added, “While we are excited about the passionate, creative and self-expressive elements that have been triggered by TikTok, we never stop exploring the manner in which we could be valuable for the business too, and to make TikTok bring in a paradigm shift in the traditional ad expression."

Hashtag Challenge, make your audience a part of your ad

Huang Linjing, Director of Global Partnership, TikTok Ads added, "As a marketer, it is vital to make sure that your brand is effectively connected to your audience. At TikTok, we not only provide an interactive platform for advertisers to reach out to users, but we can also make the users actually participate in our ad campaigns.”

The customers can interact with and participate in ad campaigns through the innovative ad format initiated by TikTok - the Hashtag Challenge. In May, Huawei launched Honor 10 with a 22-day #1MillionAudition campaign in India. Leading video influencers participated in the Honor #1MillionAudition that saw over 73K users’ participation generating 40k UGC short videos with 640 Million views, and 321 Million impressions during the campaign.

More digital solutions for digital advertisers

Brand Takeover is a gateway for digital traffic with full screen vertical display, it will help advertisers to take a dominant visual position to achieve brand exposures. In-feed Native Video is a more immersive, original, and interactive way for ads, which is designed to trigger more in-depth interactions from the users.

Thursday, 29 November 2018 00:00

AME Awards Announces Advisory Council

New York Festivals AME Awards Announces Inaugural Advisory Council

New York Festivals® 2019 AME Awards® announces the competition’s inaugural Advisory Council.

“I am honoured to be the first South African to sit on the AME Advisory Council. To help steer and guide the process of awarding work that works; great creativity that meets and exceeds marketing goals and delivers tangible results, is a reward in itself,” said Mick Blore, Chief Creative Officer – South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa, McCann Worldgroup.

“I'm also very excited to do justice to the awards (and to our industry) by suggesting ideas and categories that will drive the future of our industry. And hence, hopefully, work that helps our industry play a meaningful role in today's constantly evolving world,” said Tahaab Rais, Regional Head of Strategy & Truth Central, FP7/MENA.

AME’s Advisory Council, an international task force of creative and strategic leaders, provide the competition with knowledge of emerging trends and critical industry insights allowing AME to be more responsive to changes and demands within the advertising/marketing sphere. Their astute advice and combined industry expertise ensure continued wise council.

“We’re thrilled that these prominent leaders are committing their industry expertise and global view to AME,” said Gayle Mandel, Executive Director, AME Awards. “In today’s ever-changing world of advertising and brand building it’s an amazing win to have visionary award-wining creatives of their reputation taking AME to the next level.”

For the past 25 years, the international AME Awards has honored only the most creative and measurably effective campaigns.

“As great as it feels for us creative people to win awards, our work is only being judged by other creatives. To maintain relevance as an industry and with our clients, we need to demonstrate the effectiveness of our work. After all, it’s why we’re here and is key to the future of our industry. That’s why I agreed to participate,” said Zak Mroueh, Chief Creative Officer/Founder of Zulu Alpha Kilo.

“In the end, marketing and advertising are all about motivating behaviour and selling products and services. It’s what clients need and what they want. These awards demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt, that creativity that achieves results is the most valuable advantage that a brand can have,” added Blore.

"As an advocate of creative effectiveness as the one true way to survive, I’m very excited to look at the best work out there that will be on display at the AME Awards, learn from it, and bring back what I’ve learnt and share it; not just with our agency network but also, with all the agencies out here in MENA,” commented Rais.

“Accolades are important, effectiveness is paramount,” added Mandel. “Earning an AME Award is the benchmark for excellence, innovation, and most importantly effectiveness.”

2019 AME Awards Advisory Council

Alex Schill, Global Chief Creative Officer, Serviceplan Group, Germany

Merlee Jayme, Chairmom/Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Philippines

Tahaab Rais, Regional Head of Strategy Office & MENA Director -Truth Central, FP7/MCCANN MENA & President, McCann Worldgroup MENA Strategic Community, UAE

Mick Blore, Chief Creative Officer South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa, McCann Worldgroup, South Africa

Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Chief Creative Officer, Jung von Matt/SAGA, Germany

Zak Mroueh, Chief Creative Officer & Founder, Zulu Alpha Kilo, Canada


The AME Awards deadline to enter is December 15th.

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