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Saturday, 23 January 2016 00:00

Twitter Announces Books Vertical in India

Twitter announced the launch of the Books vertical for India at the Penguin Random House Party at the Taj Rambagh Palace by welcoming India’s favourite writer @RealRuskinBond to Twitter.

Announced on the sidelines of the Jaipur Literature Festival, 2016, Twitter’s Books vertical in India aims to bring writers and readers closer to each other. The Books vertical in India will energise the conversation with major authors and publishing houses making #TwitterFirst announcements, sharing updates, interacting with their fans.

Over the course of the @JaipurLitFest Twitter will play host to video Q&As with literary legend Margaret Atwood among other writers.

Raheel Khursheed, ‎Head of News, Politics & Govt @TwitterIndia, said, “Twitter is the natural home of writers. Our customers come to the platform for real-time conversations on a variety of topics and issues ranging from politics to entertainment to news to sport. We are proud to have so many writers taking to Twitter to engage with their readers. We aim to amplify the conversation via our platform.”

To support storytelling across India, Twitter India recently teamed with the UN’s Global Education Platform (@educationenvoy), and (@Wattpad) to encourage writing and education amongst Indian youth.

List of authors actively engaging with their readers on Twitter-

Margaret Atwood (@MargaretAtwood)

William Dalrymple (@DalrympleWill)

Salman Rushdie (@SalmanRushdie)

Paulo Coelho (@paulocoelho)

Stephen Fry (@stephenfry)

Chetan Bhagat (@chetan_bhagat)

Tisca Chopra (@tiscatime)

·         A unique 360-degree consumer engagement campaign

·         Provides an interactive new platform to enter into conversations with youthful dreamers and strivers

·         “Crowd sourcing of dreams” to take fans a step closer to reaching their dream

Datsun, the 80 year heritage car brand, launched a new brand campaign in India called #ISayYes. The multimedia, multiplatform campaign kicked off with a teaser video online, and is just the first of many initiatives.

The Datsun new campaign aims to build a stronger connection with young, ambitious and aspirational Indians inspiring them to come forward and share their dreams with the world through a series of planned social activations and innovative storytelling grouped under the campaign hash tag #ISayYes.

Commenting on the new initiative, Arun Malhotra, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd., said, “Young Indians want to have a voice in society as they strive to achieve their dreams. They want to be heard, and Datsun understands this. We’ve been engaging with young people for four years since Datsun came to India. Our new #ISayYes campaign is designed to connect with the energy of these young dreamers, further strengthen our bond with them, and encourage them to never give up.”

The six-week-long campaign will consist of Above-The-Line (ATL) activations such as television commercials, and a major social activation phase, which includes sharing of stories, opportunities to participate in unique experiences and win prizes.

A one-of-a-kind “crowd sourcing of dreams” activity will be launched on January 25th. Under the #ISayYes campaign, this activity will give Datsun fans a chance to share their dreams online. Datsun will help the winners take a step closer to achieving their dreams. Platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook will be used to reach out to fans.

The campaign will culminate with Datsun fans vying for one grand experiential gratification and five tangible gratifications related to their dreams—and a lot more.

Discovery Kids will celebrate Republic Day with kids onboard the Discovery Kids Joy Express this weekend. Kids’ favourite super hero Kisna will spread the patriotic spirit with cheer and fun amongst his little fans. Extending the celebrations on-air, Discovery Kids will also premiere a Republic Day Special episode of KISNA on 26th January from 9am to 10pm.

On 23rd & 24th January, Discovery Kids Joy Express will bring a host of exciting activities to convey the importance of Republic Day to kids. Kids will learn interesting facts about this important day through puppet shows, art & craft, fun quiz and much more. Kids will also get a chance to meet and celebrate Republic Day with their favourite superhero KISNA.

Rahul Johri, EVP and GM, South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “Discovery Kids Joy Express has received an overwhelming response from kids and parents. We will continue to keep kids engaged through unique, interesting and topical themes onboard.”

Discovery Kids Joy Express was launched in December 2015 as a unique way for children to spend their weekends. Since launch, over 1000 kids have experienced the joy and fun aboard the Discovery Kids Joy Express.

Do not miss the fun and get set to celebrate Republic Day with Kisna, only on Discovery Kids Joy Express!

·   SnapBizz had earlier raised $1.7 million, making the overall investments at around $9 million

·   Its solution has created enormous receptiveness among the kirana stores, e-commerce players, cash & carry stores and FMCG brands in a short span of time

SnapBizz, a retail-technology firm, has raised $7.2 million led by Jungle Ventures, Taurus Value creation, Konly Venture and Blume Ventures. The funds raised will be used to continue the firm’s rapid growth and spur market expansion across key cities. The company had earlier received a seed fund of $1.7 million from Qualcomm, Jungle Ventures, National Research Foundation of Singapore, Taurus Value creation and Blume Ventures.

SnapBizz is already transforming thousands of traditional retail outlets in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad via a technology solution addressing the key business challenges faced by them. SnapBizz also connects and provides immense value to all stakeholders of the fragmented retail ecosystem of India. The cost-effective, end-to-end solution is an Android-based, cloud-connected business platform. The solution comprises a tablet, barcode scanner, printer and an intelligent consumer-facing LED display for consumer engagement.

“We are thrilled that all ecosystem players have shown confidence in our solution and that our existing investors have reiterated their support to us. Large retail and online players account for only 10-15% of any brand's business. The remaining 90% happens through traditional trade and there is zero or minimal last mile connectivity between brands, consumers and retailers. We are on a mission to address this big gap while addressing the pain points of the kirana stores”, said Prem Kumar, Founder and CEO, SnapBizz.

“We are convinced with the SnapBizz business model, which brings a tailored technology solution to kirana stores and believe that it will play a large role in India’s retail growth story. Prem and team have a rich and diverse experience across multiple markets and verticals that has led to their impressive growth over a short span of time.  We are confident that this momentum will continue as more kirana stores look to leverage technology to improve their business.” said David Gowdey, Managing Partner, Jungle Ventures.

SnapBizz empowers retailers by delivering a competitive edge through leveraging their strengths to achieve improved profitability. SnapBizz also drives digital inclusion of a large part of the economy and provides the much needed last mile connect in keeping with the national agenda of Digital India.

“SnapBizz is bringing in more money to kirana stores through partnership with FMCG companies. Brands, large and small, find SnapBizz a must-be-on platform. They can now contextually engage consumers in and out of stores, track promotions efficiently, analyse their business like never before and connect directly with kirana retailers”, says Chirantan Bhabhra, Director- Brands Engagement, SnapBizz.

“Kirana stores have been the face of India’s retail ecosystem for ages. The last few years witnessed the entry of large players in the form of supermarkets, hypermarkets and e-commerce posing a huge threat to kirana stores’ business. Despite stiff competition, kirana stores are still considered as the most trusted retail format in our country. They have unique strengths like trust, convenience, flexibility and competitive pricing which make them highly relevant. SnapBizz helps kirana stores leverage these strengths to get a competitive edge. In line with the changing business environment and consumer expectations, kirana stores have realized the need to transform the business through advanced technology solutions”, added Prem Kumar.

Research used state of the art facial coding technology

63% said content-led marketing is an innovative way for advertisers to reach audiences

Brand engagement and perception heightened by transparency, integration and a premium environment

BBC StoryWorks, the content marketing arm of BBC Advertising, is pioneering new ways of understanding the emotional impact of content-led marketing by measuring consumers’ subconscious reaction to campaigns on In a study published today titled ‘The Science of Engagement’, its in-house insight team, in partnership with facial coding experts CrowdEmotion, has combined traditional research metrics with facial coding to understand how brands can use content-led marketing to effectively engage with consumers. BBC Advertising plans to offer this insight to premium clients as part of its campaign reporting to ensure they understand the full impact content-led marketing can have on consumers and the value of it to their brands.

According to the research - the first of its kind by a publisher - well executed and clearly labelled content-led marketing is considered trusted and persuasive in quality environments, and has a powerful emotional impact for the brands involved. Exposure to content-led marketing can significantly improve consumers’ positivity towards the advertising brands (with a +77% increase in explicit positivity between pre and post exposure). In addition, the study measured* the second-by-second facial movements of people as they experienced the content to measure true engagement and the respondents’ implicit reaction.  The results showed that exposure can also lead to a 14% increase in subconscious positivity.

Richard Pattinson, SVP Content, BBC Advertising and Head of BBC StoryWorks, said: “In a time when advertisers are increasing their spending on content-led marketing, it is important that they also feel confident in its effectiveness, and understand the significant positive impact this kind of content has on their brand. We believe that this study will enhance advertisers’ understanding and confidence in these campaigns, and in the value of high quality content-marketing delivered in premium environments.”

Other key findings from the research include:

Transparency and quality were revealed to be the most important factors in engaging the audience.

64% were happy to read content-led marketing so long as it is clear which brand it is presented by and 64% were happy to read as long as it is clearly labelled.

Among those who already have a high awareness of the medium, this increases to 82% and 83% respectively. From that group, 80% agreed they would share it and 80% think it plays a complementary role to editorial content.

In the facial coding study, rejection for fully labelled brand-presented content was 7% below the average benchmark, while rejection for non-labelled content was 18% above the average.

63% of respondents were happy to see the content as long as it mirrored the quality of the provider’s editorial content. In addition, 59% found the content informative, 55% found it interesting and 57% said they would share it.

Consumers are 30% more likely to believe content-led marketing on premium news providers will be more informative and accurate than on non-premium news providers.

Content-led marketing enhances brand perceptions, with a +10% uplift for familiarity and a +14% uplift in average brand image between test and control. It also drives brand amplification, with a +14% increase in recommendation and a +16% lift in consideration.

Integrating the brand drives a greater emotional response and referencing the brand within the content narrative works harder for the advertiser. Integrated content drives a +109% increase in explicit and a +32% uplift in implicit brand positivity. Integrated content also increases key call to action measures of recommendation (+21%) and consideration (+20%).

The month-long study was conducted in October 2015, following the insight that while traditional performance metrics offered a partial story of campaign success, combining them with the measurement of both conscious and subconscious consumer reaction to branded content offered a more rounded view of the effectiveness of content-led marketing campaigns.

On the decision to explore emotional recognition techniques, Pattinson commented: “BBC StoryWorks has used the innovative facial coding methods offered by CrowdEmotion to prove that when made transparent and properly executed, brands can use content-marketing to heighten emotional engagement and enhance brand perceptions with consumers.”

The key findings from the BBC StoryWorks study have shown five general principles when it comes to content marketing:

Be transparent and educate your users;

Match the editorial quality;

Be clear what your content is trying to achieve and how emotional engagement can support that;

Integrating the brand within the narrative will work harder for the brand;

Placing in a premium environment will give your content credibility and allow it to flourish.


The research included a sample of 5,153 digital consumers of English language international news across six key markets: Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Canada and Germany. It focused around three core measurements - an online quantitative survey, facial coding and Implicit Response Testing. For the unconscious measurement, facial movements were recorded on a second by second basis and then coded into six possible emotions: sadness, puzzlement, happiness, fear, rejection, surprise.

To understand why they were experiencing those emotions, a panel of 20 media experts from executives from media agencies, key global advertisers and academia from around the world helped provide context to the facial coding results. The experts viewed the content tested in the research and rated them for the presence of a number of key factors – such as fun and easy going, thought provoking, cerebral etc. These results were merged with the emotional response to help understand why consumers responded in a certain way.

Launched in June 2015, BBC StoryWorks is a global content marketing team within BBC Advertising that brings together the boldness and innovative qualities of a creative studio with the agility, responsiveness and timeliness of the newsroom.



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