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Mirchi partners with Dolphin Recording Studio LLC to re-enter the market after a short break, with its radio and digital platforms

Mirchi, India's leading music and entertainment company, has announced its official launch in Dubai, today. Re-entering UAE after a short, strategic break, Mirchi is partnering with Dolphin Recording Studio LLC to reintroduce its radio and digital platforms. Mirchi aims to offer the best listening experience in Hindi and Bollywood music as well as some of Mirchi's most popular and loved content like 'Mirchi Murga', 'Mirchi Top 20 Countdown', 'What the Farhan' and 'Club Mirchi', amongst many others.

In a bigger and bolder avatar, the brand has come back as 'Mirchi', dropping the term 'Radio' from its name. This is to highlight the fact that Brand Mirchi is much more than radio now.

Brand Mirchi offers its customers and clients experiences and solutions across various digital platforms, On-ground events (Mirchi IPs and customized events), Original video content (Web series and sketches) and interesting celebrity shows like 'Calling Karan' with Karan Johar, 'What Women Want' with Kareena Kapoor.

With South Asians comprising more than 50% of the UAE population, UAE is an extremely important and strategic market for the brand. Having established its stronghold in the country for almost eight years, Mirchi offered unparalleled entertainment that the audience lapped up with delight. Mirchi dominated the share of listenership for over 5 years in UAE (Nielsen data), retaining it's leadership status till June 30th 2020 when it exited the market for strategic reasons.

Mirchi will now be accessible to listeners across UAE on the frequency 102.4FM as well as online on www.mirchi.ae

Further to Mirchi's rapidly growing digital and brand solutions businesses, this launch provides for an ideal outlet for Indian and well as local brands to reach their target audience in the UAE. Catering to a diverse diaspora of South Asians, Mirchi provides for a large consumer base for businesses to engage with.

Commenting on the launch Prashant Panday, MD and CEO ENIL of Mirchi says, "UAE is a crucial market for Mirchi; we are extremely happy to re-launch our brand in the market. We had witnessed a great response to our content and our RJs; so much so that we became the No.1 radio station in the country and were industry leaders for 5 years. With this reentry, we want to reconnect with our audience, cater to their entertainment requirements and provide unmatched Hindi content."

Director of Dolphin recording Studio LLC Kish Bandopadhyay said, "We are absolutely delighted to announce our partnership with Mirchi, India's premier music and entertainment brand, which is a sure trendsetter for innovation and excellence in the commercial radio space. We have no doubt that this strong alliance with Dolphin Studios, the oldest commercial radio broadcasters in the Gulf, will deliver a product that represents the best and most enjoyable listening experience."

Brij Bhalla – CEO Dolphin Recording Studio LLC shared, "We are delighted to partner with Mirchi and look forward to game changing strategies, establishing a future leadership status within the market. The all-new uniquely fresh sound of the station will make for exciting new content for our listeners. The program strategy will align with the brand MIRCHI - young and trendy. The station offers a CHR format for the city, playing non-stop music and entertainment to keep you hooked. We look forward to a fruitful relationship!''

This launch comes on the heels of Mirchi's upcoming expansion across multiple markets in GCC region.

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YouGov Automotive Rankings 2021 India

YouGov’s Automotive Rankings highlight the best-performing organizations in the Automotive sector according to their overall brand health. This is the first in our global annual Automotive Rankings series.

The rankings are based on the Index score from YouGov BrandIndex, which is a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend, and Reputation.

The 2021 rankings show urban Indians’ strong affinity towards Japanese auto brands. Maruti Suzuki has topped the list followed by Honda. Royal Enfield has topped the two–wheeler rankings and has secured the third position in the overall automotive rankings. In an overall tough year for carmakers, Indian brands Tata Motors and Royal Enfield have strengthed their place amidst global players and are enjoying good brand health among Indian consumers.


The brands in the YouGov Automotive Rankings 2021 were ranked based on the Index score, which is a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend, and Reputation.   

The Index Rankings chart shows the brands with the highest average Index scores between February 1st, 2020 to January 31st, 2021. The scores are representative of the general population of adults 18+.   

All Index scores listed have been rounded to a single decimal place; however, we have used additional precision to assign ranks.  All brands have been tracked for at least 6 months to be included in the rankings.

Online harassment is an epidemic all over the world, including in India. A recent nationwide survey by Bumble India found that 83% of women have experienced online harassment of some kind, with 1 in 3 reporting that they experience it weekly. And it’s worsened since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, women in India report: 70% say they believe cyberbullying has increased since lockdown began.

As a result of this digital abuse epidemic, well over half (59%) of women we surveyed in India said they feel unsafe. No one should have to feel afraid of harassment online, nor should they — as 1 in 3 women reported — put on a brave face and let this behavior slide for fear of retribution.

Bumble India has teamed up with Mumbai-based public safety platform Safecity to create a safety guide to help our community identify, prevent, and combat these common types of digital abuse and harassment.

Cyber Stalking

Cyber stalking means using any form of electronic communication to follow or attempt to contact or interact with someone, despite a clear indication of disinterest from that person. A cyber stalker monitors their victim’s digital footprint, whether that’s via email, social media, or any other digital platform. Catfishing, monitoring locations and online check-ins, lurking on Google Maps Street View, and hijacking webcams are all forms of cyber stalking.

If you’re experiencing any of these, the first step would be to disengage with the stalker. Avoid contact with them in any capacity, both online and in person. Regardless of whether you intend to pursue legal action, it’s important to document the entire incident (or incidents, if there’s been more than one). Consider changing your passwords if the abuse and harassment don’t stop. Block and report the stalker on the relevant platforms. If you’d like to file an official complaint, you can do so on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal, or report it to the police.

Stalking can be a traumatic experience, resulting in a feeling of helplessness and loss of control. This is a completely normal reaction; give yourself some time to heal, and remember, none of this was your fault. It can also help to tell a trusted friend or loved one about what happened so you’re not going through this alone.


Doxxing means revealing another person’s personal information without their consent, including their full name, home or office address, phone number, or any other identifying details. If you think that your information has been compromised without your permission and used in an effort to harm you, then document the entire incident. Contact the online platform’s support team and report the account of the person who’s publishing these personal details.

Online Impersonation

When someone uses your personal information — your electronic signature, your password, or anything that’s identifiably yours — without your consent, that’s online impersonation. If someone is posing as you online, start by sending out a warning to all your contacts. You can block and report the fake profile to the platform in question, and if you choose to, you can file a complaint on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.

Concern Trolling

Concern trolling is a bit tougher than some of these other types of harassment to define and identify, but essentially, it’s expressing concern disingenuously, pretending to care but in fact using phony support to criticise or undermine. For example, a harasser might claim to be worried for someone’s health when what they’re really doing is fat-shaming.

If you’re on the receiving end of such behaviour, you could call the person out for their actions, as they may not be fully aware of the harm they’re causing. You can also block and report the profile in question on the relevant platform.


Flaming means attacking another person online by posting disrespectful comments about them, often with hostile language. This can include character assassination, posting lies, hurling insults, or other such aggressive behaviour.

If you’re on the receiving end of flaming, you can correct the person’s offensive comments and ask that they refrain from attacking you online. You should document the entire incident (or incidents) and report and block them on the platform in question. If you choose to, you can also take legal action by filing an official complaint on the National Cyber Crime Reporting portal, or report it to the police.

Outing or leaking personal videos

Leaking intimate videos of another person, known as ‘outing’, is punishable by Indian law. You can report this act on the platform in question, document the entire incident or incidents, and seek legal recourse if you’d like.

Your first priority online should always be your personal safety. It’s important to know and understand your rights in the digital space. Social media platforms allow users to control how their information is shared and who has access to it. These settings are often customizable and may be found in the privacy section of the website. Bumble encourages its community to block and report anyone whose behaviour goes against the company’s guidelines — even if that means someone made you feel uncomfortable. Bumble users can also visit the app’s Safety and Wellbeing Center for more resources.

If you or anyone you know is affected by online abuse and needs support, please report cyber crimes at www.cybercrime.gov.in. You can also contact and share any incident of harassment anonymously on www.safecity.in.


Two years ago, Netflix and GOBELINS L'école de L'image first partnered on two scholarship programs to help develop new voices in animation. Since then, we’ve been able to support talent from France, India, and Africa through our Japan-based Netflix Animation Scholarship Program as well as our Character Animation Scholarship Program.

However, we want to do even more to nurture the next generation of animators. We recently teamed up again for a week-long visual storytelling course for students at India’s Amity School of Film & Drama. Held from March 15-19, GOBELINS L'école de L'image curated the course and faculty, many of whom were graduates and teachers from the famed animation school.

Students were introduced to Storyboarding and Animation principles during the lectures of the programme.

Activities included sessions on animation principles, storytelling fundamentals, character design, storyboards and gesture design. There were guest lectures by expert animation studio heads including Guillaume Dousse (Sun Creature) and Anish Mulani (Fractal Picture). The group also heard from Green Gold Animation founder Rajiv Chilaka, who created Netflix’s beloved preschool hit series Mighty Little Bheem.

Students also received personalised coaching from faculty, helping them develop personal projects for formats across film, television and animation.

We love fresh new creative voices, and were grateful to be able to help support and spend time with this group in a way that celebrates India’s storytelling culture and helps bring more of it to the world.

Users Can Upload Their Own Image Or Choose An Avatar From A Selection Of More Than 120 Iconic Characters From The HBO Max Library

HBO Max today announced the launch of a new feature that allows users to customize their profile images, either by uploading a photo of their own -- a first of its kind feature among streaming platforms -- or by choosing an avatar from a selection of more than 120 iconic characters. HBO Max is committed to providing a personalized experience, and this new feature, which launches today and rolls out across all supported partners by March 26, allows users to express their identity through a creative lens and further connect with the stories and characters they love on the platform.

“With the launch of customizable profile images and character avatars, we’re delivering on our promise of a bespoke experience that is tailored to each user, empowering their individual tastes and preferences,” said Sarah Lyons, Executive Vice President, Direct-to-Consumer Global Product Management. “This is a key step toward our vision of providing users with a platform where they can build an identity that connects them to the content they love most.”

Starting today, users can upload a photo or take a new photo via supported tablets and mobile devices or can choose an avatar from popular HBO Originals, Max Originals and classic animated and kid-friendly titles. The image will then appear across all supported platforms where the user is signed in.

Users can choose their favorite characters from classics like “Game of Thrones,” “The Sopranos,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and new favorites such as “Insecure,” “The Flight Attendant,” “Lovecraft Country,” “I May Destroy You,” “Watchmen,” “Westworld,” “Succession,” “Raised By Wolves” and more. Avatars from these titles were specifically curated with content partners to identify the most popular characters across several demographics. Additional characters will be available to choose from in upcoming releases. For complete steps on how to manage a user profile, see hbom.ax/profiles.

HBO Max’s avatar selection also features a wide array of kid-friendly options for its younger viewers, including characters from shows like “Looney Tunes,” “Sesame Street,” “Tom & Jerry,” “Powerpuff Girls,” “Scooby Doo,” “Princess Mononoke,” “Spirited Away” and more. When parents create a kid’s profile, they will set an account PIN that will also be used to manage their kids’ profile images. The child will only see age-appropriate avatar options based on their parental control settings. Delivering a personalized experience for each person in the household is of utmost priority. To learn more about tailored experiences for your kids, see hbom.ax/kid-profiles.

HBO Max is making a difference in customers’ overall viewing experience by powering personalization in the platform through a mix of human-powered discovery and underlying data, while providing bespoke tools including a sophisticated video player, flexible and clear upfront parental controls and a unique kids experience. Since launch, HBO Max has rolled out continual enhancements to the product including the “For You” Tray, allowing each user to see a different selection of content in a tray personalized to them, Age-Targeted Kids Profiles that launch kids directly into a homepage curated for their age, and support for enhanced viewing formats like 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on select titles.

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