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CNBC-TV18’s viewership during the Budget Speech was greater than the all other English General and Business news channels combined.

CNBC-AWAAZ, garnered a record-breaking viewership share of 90% amongst Hindi Business News channels during the Budget Speech

CNBC-TV18 demolishes all its competition yet again in the business genre with a market share of 79%, almost four times all the competition put together. (Source: BARC | TG: Males 22+ AB | Market: 1 mn+ | Period: 11:00 to 13:00 hours).

Not only was it the leader in the English Business News genre, CNBC-TV18 also emerged on top amongst the English General News channels this Budget, cementing its reputation as India’s Budget headquarters yet again. As per BARC India, during the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s speech, the channel garnered viewership which was higher than all the English Business and English General News channels put together (Source: BARC | TG: Males 22+ AB | Market: All India | Period: 1st Feb'18, 11:00 to 13:00 hours), During the Budget day CNBC-TV18 had higher viewership than all English General News channels put together (Source: BARC | TG: Males 22+ AB | Market: All India | Period: 1st Feb'18, 24 hours) and during the Budget week, greater than Republic TV and Times Now combined. (Source: BARC | TG: Males 22+ AB | Market: All India | Period: Week 05'18)

CNBC-AWAAZ, India’s No.1 Hindi Business News channel, has garnered a record-breaking viewership share of 90% during the Budget Speech this year amongst Hindi Business News channels (Source: BARC TG: 22+ AB Males Market: HSM Period: 1st Feb, 2018 (11:00-13:00), making it a consistent leader on every front. The channel showcases the most detailed coverage of the Union Budget with the biggest experts and analysts and has always been the channel of choice of the viewers due to its exhaustive programming line-up and a strong network of reporters and anchors.

Speaking on the success of CNBC-TV18 and CNBC-AWAAZ’s Budget coverage for yet another straight year, Avinash Kaul, President Network18 said, “It is a matter of great pride that both our English & Hindi business news channels have cemented their undisputed leadership in their respective language categories. CNBC-TV18 continues to maintain its dominance and reaffirms the fact that the channel is India's budget headquarters, yet again. CNBC-AWAAZ, on the other hand, provides news that matters the most to the masses, in the language of the masses. The figures stand testament to the outstanding performance recorded by both channels of being number one in their respective Business news categories, while CNBC-TV18 has topped the ratings in the General news category as well. The news channels stand out for their unmatched reporting quality and standards, compelling content and stellar marketing activities."

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Five takeaways from Davos 2018

This year the theme for Davos was “Creating A Shared Future in A Fractured World” and like every year was filled with hundreds of official panels, scores of semi-official breakfasts, lunch, dinner and “night-caps” and thousands of private meetings in secured locations all over the snow laden town. The sheer scope of the occasion makes any comprehensive summary difficult, since one only is exposed to a tiny fraction of what transpires, but here is one perspective on the key takeaways.

1.Economics Trump All.

This conference at its core remains a business and financial gathering and with worldwide stock markets at a record high, the mood was the most bullish in over a decade. Healthy financial markets and the expected –at least in the short term—benefits of the tax cut have eclipsed the darker and worrying behavior of the individual. The final score is money. Imperative to remember in a Machiavellian world.

2.China India America and the rise of Economic Nationalism.

The future is increasingly going to be driven by three countries, China, India and America. America has always been a dominant player and economically it has never looked stronger. This was India’s Davos starting with Sharukh Khan, India’s biggest star being feted at the opening awards ceremony (along with Elton John and Cate Blanchett), to Narendra Modi the Prime Minister given the opening keynote and 130 Indian CEO’s with huge delegations. While the Indian and US Presidents and delegations were around in large numbers the country that really stole the show was China. One of its efforts known as the One Belt, One Road Initiative launched in 2013 to connect via land and sea routes over 80 countries, 60 percent of the world’s population and nearly half the GDP is an indication of the sheer enormity and long term outlook of China’s ambitions.

3.Technology Everywhere with an emphasis on AI and Data Driven Platforms. And the need to learn. Facebook/Zuckerberg as Voldemort.

In the past, there used to be several panels on digital or mobile or technology but now technology is so pervasive that it is embedded into every conversation and every discussion. The breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and the dominance of companies like Facebook who have harvested and monetized our data flavored many conversations. Here there was less optimism and some concerns particularly the impact of employment and whether the platform companies had grown too powerful.

4.#Me Too.

The #Metoo movement was pervasive and while Davos is still predominantly (79%) men, the cultural impact of the recent Women’s movement was everywhere. Of particular note was a statistic that if women had the same opportunity as men to be in the workforce in Japan and India, the GDP of these countries would be 9 and 21 percent higher. While equal pay and equal participation and equal rights are a key to the movement, another focus is the impact that today’s women leaders have on the future generation.

5.The World Is Getting Better and Science and Reason are Key.

Today there are significant issues all around the world with millions in poverty, millions underfed and shut out from opportunities and in pain. But besides the economic boom, the rise of women and China and India and the wonders of technology that make things sometimes magical on a wide spectrum of measures the world is getting better, safer and richer. Yes, the world is getting much better than ever before because of reason, science and it is why it is these values that must be preserved and the real threat to the future is leadership of some countries including the United States who are either living in an imagined reality or scuttling investments in science and education.

The future is bright as long as we are willing to learn, think and understand the other.



Network18 Digital properties (Desktop + Mobile + App) well surpass a million mark 

As Finance Minister - Arun Jaitley unveiled the Budget, Google Analytics dashboard across Network18 Digital Properties registered escalating numbers and record traffic as the day progressed. The peak concurrent users across Network18 Digital properties (Desktop + Mobile + App) stood well over a million. To cater to millions of viewers logging into the internet to follow the most critical Budget, Network18Digital laid out a dazzling array of options. The network consolidated its resources and operations to deliver seamless and ground-breaking experiences to users in forms and formats accessible to everyone, whether on desktop or mobile, broadband or data connections. The drive to deliver these experiences in the language of choice for each consumer also led to all the digital properties deliver the Budget day to audiences in over 8 languages, a first amongst news publishers in the country.

The News18 news platforms covered the Budget across its English, Hindi and vernaculars. Delivering over 25 million Pageviews on Budget day, an 80% growth year on year on its Budget coverage, the news18 cluster once again restates its position as the new platform of choice for general news coverage and content, be it in English, Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Gujarathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Urdu and now even Tamil. With strong integrations with the ETV network of channels across the country, this will only grow going forward. This marks an auspicious beginning to News18’s foray into vernacular and multi-lingual content, looking to better capture the multicultural diversity of perspectives, issues and topics of conversation of Indian audiences.

moneycontrol showcased its expertise in economic, finance and market analysis by serving up an entire day (8 hours) of programming live streaming onto user devices on the moneycontrol websites, app and Facebook page. The live blog covering the event alone garnered 3.5 million pageviews. moneycontrol’s efforts into delivering a holistic multi-media approach continued with its launch of moneycontrol Podcasts, with extensive coverage of the Budget, expectations, history and analysis delivering 3k+ listens within a week of publishing.

Firspost live streamed on Facebook and YouTube, beyond live coverage and commentary of the Budget as it happened, to deliver record total traffic as compared to previous Budgets. With over 7 million PVs, Firstpost recorded its highest ever traffic on the Union Budget event as news consumers and watchers keyed in and make its clutter-breaking coverage and opinion a success on Budget Day.

This overall success of the Union Budget session event’s coverage at Network18 is only a stepping stone as we at Network18Digital kick on to the next phase of further scaling and consolidating our leadership in news and opinion, across genres, markets, communities and formats in the digital space in India.

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TIL launches BrainBaazi

A live gaming and entertainment show on mobile

A digital-first entertainment app that reimagines what live mobile video entertainment could be

Times Internet, India's largest digital products company, announced the launch of its interactive live gaming and entertainment show - ‘BrainBaazi’. The show follows on the heels of Times Internet’s digital strategy and reimagines live video entertainment. Audience participation is facilitated through a downloadable app, currently made available on the Play Store for android devices.

"At Times Internet, we think digital-first, and we wanted to reimagine what mobile video entertainment could be. And, so we built BrainBaazi, a completely new format for video entertainment. It’s a live trivia show, with real participation from the people who watch it. It’s engaging, exciting, and the thrill isn’t just watching someone else, but actually being in the show, as someone with a chance to truly win.

We’ve built BrainBaazi to scale, using the latest and strongest technologies. We have carefully put together a stack of codecs along with proprietary handling of cues and quiz payloads to ensure realtime delivery of video and questions to millions of users with high diversity in devices and bandwidth.

Today, we’re excited to bring this to a wider audience. Our hope is to see this become the first true primetime show for millenials, with a reach that is competitive with television, and the engagement of an immersive digital product.

BrainBaazi is built for India with a deep understanding of the nuances of its consumers and the infrastructure. It’s a major technical challenge to be able to have a real-time, responsive, live show at that scale, everyday, and we’re excited to put our platforms to the test”- said Gautam Sinha, CEO, TIL.

93.5 RED FM, India’s most awarded and largest private radio network continues to enhance the experience of its listeners with its RED FM app.

The app has garnered much appreciation from the listeners and generated a steady stream of new tech-savvy audience who love instant entertainment on the go. The mobile application has been designed keeping in mind the connected device eco system that today’s listeners are living in.

The RED FM mobile application is an entirely new way to reiterate the tagline of ‘Bajaate Raho’ where one can get entertained with handpicked curated content from localized RED FM station. The application has primarily four sections LISTEN, WATCH, EXPLORE and FOR YOU.

The LISTEN screen helps you to catch up with your favourite comedy capsules like MORNING NO1 WITH RJ PRAVEEN, MATA K EMAIL BOLLYGUNGE PHARI, THE PRIYANKA RAINA SHOW, PRAVEEN’S RED MURGA, EK KAHANI AISI BHI, NILAM’S BEIZZATIKARALO.COM etc. and all the best infotainment content presented by your favorite jock. It also includes options of skip, rewind, pause; and share stuff through the social media handles.

The WATCH section presents the best of all Bollywood interviews, behind-the-mike stories, exclusive Red FM digital delights like TOLLY SHOPPING NETWORK, YE KAR KE DIKHAO pranks, CARNAMA, MOVIE REVIEW and some exciting videos. The EXPLORE section curated by team features a mash-up of some 'must-watch' and 'must-listen' viral content. The FOR YOU section helps you to subscribe to your favorite category so that you can be instantly intimated on fresh content upload.

TOLLY SHOPPING NETWORK, PRAVEEN’S RED MURGA and MATA KA EMAIL have received great responses from the Kolkata audience.

TOLLY SHOPPING NETWORK: Keeping up the quirkiness of Red FM’s Bajaate Raho motto, RJ Praveen has been roasting the celebs of tinsel town by asking them to sell some ‘’unseen items’’ in Red FM’s new IP titled ‘Tolly Shopping Network’. Megastars like Prosenjit Chatterjee, Dev, Jeet, Swastika, Nusrat Faria and director Srijit Mukherji have been victim to his unmatchable prank.

PRAVEEN’S RED MURGA: To tickle the funny bone of every Calcuttan, RJ Praveen prank calls chosen listeners across the city. This benchmark property from Red FM positions itself differently in the treatment of the prank call, along with the diverse layers and characters added by RJ Praveen which make each call unpredictable and a complete surprise package.

MATA KA EMAIL: The must hear segment on Red FM’s Kolkata Cutting is RJ Nilam’s Mata K Email, where she mimics Lata Mangeskar posing as ‘Mata’ (spiritual lady), who dispenses humorous advices on everyday issue. RJ Nilam’s punch lines and the selection of people who call her on Mata is what makes it such a popular property.

Nisha Narayanan, COO 93.5 Red FM said, ‘Listeners today are constantly on their phones. They use all kinds of apps for entertainment and to ease their life. The Red FM app cuts away from the usual practice of radio content that has a low shelf life and once broadcasted disappears. The app works as a great retention strategy and can be reused on other platforms like mobile and social media.”

Salient Feature of app

A user can listen to his favourite RJ content anywhere, anytime by selecting the city of his choice

Hyper Local podcast for every Red FM cities are represented and a user can toggle around from one city to another

Watch the best of video content of the Red FM Network- from your favourite star Interviews to funny pranks, on-air behind the scene

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