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BARC INDIA: Star Maa has got 185 Mn impressions in Wk 14

Innovative concept presentation has always been the forte of Star MAA, No.1 Telugu entertainment channel and it is proved again with the recent launch of Ohmkar-hosted reality show Sixth Sense which has registered record TRP ratings.
Sixth Sense, which telecasts between 9.30 pm to 10.30 pm during weekends, went on air on March 31st and received a fantastic response from the first episode with 8.4 Mn viewers and highest launch TVRs of 9.1 (7 for Saturday and 11.3 for Sunday episode)

Mr. Alok Jain, Executive Vice President and Business Head, Star Maasaid “At Star Maa, we believe in entertaining our viewers with diverse and innovative programming. While we continue to dominate the prime time with our fiction, it has just been amplified further with the launch of our latest non-fiction Sixth Sense which marks the re-entry of Ohmkar as the anchor and producer. The stellar ratings of the show have helped Star Maa firm up its position even further. Be it the international format or home ground format, we have always created a unique presentation to our viewers.”

The show has seen a wave of positive feedback. Millions of viewers, including some celebrities have expressed Ohmkar’s timing& mannerismand their breathe taking experience on the show. Many of them took their Twitter handle to express their opinion.

16 celebrity Participants including Suma & Rajiv Kanakala, Mumaith Khan, Prince, TejaswiMadivada, VJ Ravi, Rohini, ,ChalakiChanti, Hyper Aadhi, Shekar Master, Adarsh, Babu Gogineni, Mahesh Kathi, Hariteja, Getup Srinu, Dhanraj, Satya and EeshaRebbawere introduced in the show.

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Sodexo partners with JioMoney

Jio Money & Sodexo to enable digital transactions across retail point of sales like grocery stores, restaurants and cafeterias

Reliance Jio and Sodexo, the leader in Employee Benefits today announced the partnership to accelerate India’s digital transformation. Jio and Sodexo will leverage complementary strengths and offerings to create an enriched digital life ecosystem for Indians.

Jio Money, the PPI wallet offered by Jio Payments Bank Ltd., has enabled integration of Sodexo Meal Cards with a user’s Jio Money account to allow mobile-based payments via Sodexo Meal Card. The partnership will enable thousands of Sodexo Merchants like grocery shops, kiranas, restaurants and cafes across the country, to accept digital payments via Sodexo.

Sodexo’s proprietary meal benefit solution, Sodexo Meal Pass can be linked to the Jio Money App for making quick payments on-the-go. It will also be an added digital transaction option for Jio Money’s rapidly growing user-base across India. Consumers no longer have to carry the Sodexo’s physical card for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages. They can simply add the Sodexo Meal Card balance to the Jio Money app and start transacting on -the -go. Jio and Sodexo will continue to work together to accelerate adoption of services offered by both the brands.

Speaking on the association, Anirban S Mukherjee, Business Head, Jio Money said, “Jio’s partnership with Sodexo will further Jio’s endeavour to deliver the benefits of evolving digital technologies to every Indian and allow them to live Digital Life to the fullest. The integration will bring convenience and new digital transaction options for both Jio Money and Sodexo users in India. Going forward both brands will leverage core strengths, develop synergies and expand their reach and presence in India’s growing digital ecosystem.”

Stephane Michelin, CEO Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India said; At Sodexo, we constantly strive to enhance the consumer experience by expanding the ways to use the Sodexo Meal card within our proprietary network. Our endeavour has been to improve the retail experience for our 3 million daily users. With this partnership, Jio Money’s MPOS system will help segregate the food & non – food items among standalone, smaller merchants, which will further strengthen Sodexo’s position as a compliant meal benefit solution in the country.”

Frank Cuesta returns to Africa to confront the most lethal snake on the planet

The popular Spanish TV presenter, tennis coach, adventurer and wildlife expert Frank Cuesta returns to the African continent this season on Discovery channel to face one of the biggest challenges he has faced in the history of 'Wild Frank': face to face the black mamba, the most lethal snake on the planet, whose bite has earned the nickname "kiss of death". Starting April 18, Wild Frank Mamba will be showcased every Wednesday at 9:00 pm.

Zulfia Waris, Vice-President & Head, Premium & Digital Networks, Discovery Communications India, said, “Our strategy of establishing Discovery channel as the home of Mavericks with focus on domains like Auto, Wildlife, Adventure, Military, Science and Technology et al has paid us huge dividends. Wild Frank has a huge following amongst male millennials especially wild life enthusiasts and we are confident that his adventure in search of planet’s most lethal snake will keep the audiences engaged.”

Frank Cuesta has traveled to territories as diverse as Brazil, Africa, India, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand, Australia and California, with the objective of discovering their wild life; and in the process, has exposed himself to situations of great danger. The herpetologist returns to Discovery channel willing to risk his life and face the "kiss of death". This is how the deadly bite of the Black Mamba is known in Africa, the deadliest snake on the planet and most feared by the inhabitants of that continent, who are aware of the consequences of the bite of this species whose attacks have increased considerably in the last few years.

Frank’s passion for snakes has led him to cross the boundaries on more than one occasion. And now, Frank wants to go further: find a black mamba, hold it in his hands and look at it face to face. Throughout three hour-long episodes, we will accompany Frank in this reckless quest that will be for Frank "the most dangerous and exciting adventure" of his life. And, as the herpetologist explains, "she is the ninja of the snakes" towards whom he feels "a fatal attraction". That's why Frank is willing to live a life-and-death encounter with one goal: to get out alive.

On his journey through the grassland of Southern Africa, Frank and his team will face multiple challenges including a fight for survival between a rhinoceros defending his space and a male lion. The adventure does not end until Frank achieves his goal and comes face to face with the black mamba. What will happen? Will he suffer the attack of the "ninja" of the Black Mamba or will he manage to dominate it?


Black Mamba is also the name of a group of 26 South African women who uniformed in camouflage attire; dedicate themselves to protect poachers from animals that inhabit a 400 km radius in the middle of the African grassland. They are disarmed and patrol their territory to defend the rhinos and other wild animals that are the favorite target of poachers.

During his search for the snake, Frank will accompany these women who every day dismantle traps and fight to preserve the wild fauna intact by exercising an educating role: they are experts in wildlife and environmental education and go through schools to teach children to respect and protect nature and animal life. The Black Mamba have been awarded by the United Nations Environmental Program for their work.

Grand Awards go to: “Diana: In Her Own Words,” “Jane,” “Genius,” “Mosul,” and “Yamazaki Moments”

Al Jazeera English is Broadcaster of the Year, The Edge Picture Company named Production Company of the Year, and Moviestar+ Earns Program Promotion Team of the Year

New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards  announced the 2018 award-winners at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas. This ceremony honored the World’s Best TV & Films℠ and celebrated blockbuster entertainment from 40 countries around the globe.

2018’s award-winning entries represent the leading-edge content accessible to viewers on all screens. The robust number of riveting documentaries achieving medalist status illustrate the significant increase in the popularity of this compelling genre. Engaging primetime entertainment, spell-binding sports programming, captivating breaking-news coverage from around the globe, attention-grabbing promos and innovative corporate image films were honored in the winner’s circle. To view the complete list of 2018 award-winning entries, please visit:

The New York Festivals TV & Film Awards Grand Jury, a respected panel of prominent international broadcast and film industry executives, awarded trophies to content creators across all platforms and in all genres. For 2018, 177 Gold World Medals, 169 Silver World Medals and 173 Bronze World Medals were awarded.

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards Grand Jury honored five distinguished entries with the prestigious Grand Award:

“Diana: In Her Own Words” (1895 Films) The award-winning documentary uses archival footage, audio, and photos—including audio tapes made by Diana herself for the use of her biographer, Andrew Morton.

“When I first started making documentary television, a prominent network executive told me to enter one of my films in the New York Festivals. She said, “that is a really good award to win”. Since then, my company has been lucky enough to receive several Gold and Silver awards. Every year, I looked at the Festival’s Grand Winners, listing prominent filmmakers and programs and think, “Someday, I hope we create something significant enough to be considered for that top prize.” We are so grateful that day has arrived. To see our name as a Grand Award recipient is a dream 20-years in the making. I can assure you, the thrill that comes with this honor is well worth the wait.” Tom Jennings, Director/Writer/Executive Producer, 1895 Films.

“Mosul” (Frontline PBS /C4/ Mongoose Pictures) the story of an elite team of Iraqi Special Forces who defeated the Islamic State in their heartland.

“I am truly honoured to receive the Grand Award for Cinematography for ‘Mosul’. Mosul was by far the toughest place I have ever filmed in, but I kept going back to follow the same group of soldiers as they battled against ISIS because I wanted to make a film that was intimate, giving a human face to the conflict and showing the true horror of war. I am thrilled that the New York Festivals Award has chosen to recognise ‘Mosul’ with such a prestigious award.” Olivier Sarbil, Director & Cinematographer, Mongoose Pictures.

“Yamazaki Moments” Dentsu Inc. this digital movie provides the experience of a tour of the Suntory Yamazaki Distillery, renowned for its world-class single malt whisky.

Kaoru Sugano, Creative Director for Dentsu Inc. said, “Thank you so much for such an honorable award.

I am so glad that the craft skills of all of our team members are awarded. We are proud of all of our production team members.”

“Jane” (National Geographic) with a score by composer Philip Glass, award-winning director Brett Morgen tells the story of Jane Goodall one of the world’s most admired conservationists whose chimpanzee research challenged the male-dominated scientific consensus of her time.

“Genius” National Geographic’s first scripted anthology series with a first episode directed by Ron Howard and an all-star cast including Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson.

For the second consecutive year, Al Jazeera English’s news analysis and investigative programming earned the network the coveted title of Broadcaster of the Year. The network’s award-winning entries explored a variety of global topics and garnered an impressive number of medals. Among their Gold Medalist winners: “The Boy Who Started the Syrian War” “Witness - Racing in Cocaine Valley,” “101 East Duterte: A President's Report Card” and “Al Jazeera Correspondent - The Cut: Exploring FGM.”

“Winning Broadcaster of the Year, for the second year in a row, as well as winning over 30 medals at The New York Festivals event is a wonderful confirmation from our industry peers of the quality of our journalism and the talent of our teams. Since last year’s event, there have been calls from certain Middle East countries to shut down Al Jazeera. We believe such calls are dangerous signs of how the media throughout the world is being threatened and coming under fire. Democracy cannot flourish, and societies cannot advance if independent media are constrained and if people are deprived of information. So, these awards for Al Jazeera English are not only a heartening validation of what we do but also an important show of support for media freedom. Giles Trendle, Managing Director of Al Jazeera English.

For the 12th year running, The Edge Picture Company UK earned the title of Production Company of the Year. The production company was in the winner’s circle taking home an impressive number of Gold Silver and Bronze medals. Among the Gold World Medals awarded: “Rethinking Risk,” “Dear Qatar,” and “Safety First.” Silver World Medals include: “Dear Qatar,” “We All Have to Eat,” “Innovation,” and “How We Use Social Media.”

“We are so honoured and humbled to receive this great news from NYF, consistently the world’s most prestigious corporate film festival. Winning NYF’s PCOY was a real game changer for us 12 years ago, but to have now won this honour for a 12th consecutive year is something well beyond our wildest dreams. We’d like to thank all of our many clients for having the courage to continually entrust us to produce such creatively ambitious films and of course our many film crews and production teams all over the world, whose skills and talents continue to help us reach such cinematic heights”. Phil Blundell, Owner & Executive Producer, The Edge Picture Company Ltd.

Moviestar+ Spain was recognized with the 2018 Program Promotion Team of the Year Award. Gold winning promos from the network include: “Game of Thrones,” “The Plague” and “Eurofighters.”

“The NYF TV & Film Awards do a great job in honouring TV creativity and marketing of all over the world, so we’re thrilled to be crowned Program Promotion Team of the Year. The standard is incredibly high and it’s a real honour to have the quality of our work recognised by our peers in the industry,” said Iñaki Martikorena Executive Creative Director, Moviestar+ Spain.

Greg MacGillivray, Chairman/Director of MacGillivray Freeman Films was recognized with the 2018 New York Festivals® Lifetime Achievement Award. Throughout his illustrious career Greg has personally shot more 70mm film than anyone in cinema history. He has created 5 of the top 10 highest-grossing IMAX films of all time and with 360 theaters worldwide showing his films in 2003 he became the first documentary filmmaker to reach the $1 billion benchmark in worldwide ticket sales.

Each year, New York Festivals, in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Public Information, selects entries that exemplify the aims and ideas of the United Nations and honors them with the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI) awards. 2018 UNDPI winners include: “Living in the Future's Past” (Cinepartners LLC), produced by Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges, earned the Gold UNDPI Award; “Water of Life and Death” (Xebec Media Ltd) earned the Silver Award; and “Brazilian Mechanic Lights up the World with Powerful Invention” (CGTN America) received the Bronze UNDPI Award.

Longform reigned, a robust number of riveting documentaries dominated this year’s winner’s lineup. Gold Medalists include: “Dream Big: Engineering Our World” narrated by Academy-Award winner Jeff Bridges (MacGillivray Freeman Films); “Danica” (EPIX); “Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS” (National Geographic”; “The Black 14: Wyoming Football 1969” (CBS Sports Network); “The Lions Rule” (Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH ); “Big Pacific” (NHNZ); and Nova’s “Secrets of the Sky Tombs” (WGBH PBS).

Primetime blockbusters in the spotlight include drama series, mini-series, TV movies, entertainment programs and culinary. Gold Medalists include: “Der namenlose Tag” (Provobis Film und Fernsehen mbH/ZDF) Academy Award winner Volker Schloendorff wrote script and directed. “Delicious” (Endemol Shine International/Bandit Television) drama starring Dawn French as a Cornish chef who is suddenly forced to evaluate her closest relationships. “Manhunt: UNABOMBER” (Discovery Channel) mini-series chronicling FBI Profiler, Jim Fitzgerald’s pursuit of the deadliest serial bomber. “Guerrilla” (Sky Atlantic in association with SHOWTIME) is a love story set against the backdrop of one of the most politically explosive times in UK history. “The Long Road Home” (National Geographic) exploring the First Cavalry Division ambushed in Sadr City, Baghdad with Emmy-winning Jason Ritter and actress Kate Bosworth. “Smart Cities 2.0” (Very! Pte Ltd) showcases the influential city of Barcelona. Entertainment programs and culinary earning Gold: “Garth Brooks Yankee Stadium Live” (Audience) and “MasterChef Junior Season 5 USA” (Fox/Endemol Shine International).

Network news coverage captured events unfolding on the world stage, Gold Medalists include: “Rohingya Villages” and “BBC News General Election” (BBC ), “Jornal Nacional 2017 - Dimension of the News” (Globo TV), “Inside Mandalay Bay: The Vegas Massacre” (Seven Network Australia), “'Di Ka Pasisiil (Never Shall Be Conquered)” (ABS-CBN Corp.), “101 East, Best Non Fiction Series” (Al Jazeera English).

Entertainment Promos engaged audiences. Gold Medalists: “Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party Season 2 – Ghost”( Viacom Media Networks), “Horror Highlight Generic” (TELE 5 TM-TV GmbH), “Mutant Rage” (FOX Networks Group Latin America), “Zarah - Wild Years” (ZDF), “Inside Out Opening” (HK Television Entertainment Company Limited), “Mother's day” (FOX Networks Group Spain), “Nat Geo & Further” (Banjo Soundscapes), and “Carol of the Balls” (Corus Entertainment),

From dramas to opens and promos, Sports entries scored Gold including: “Super Bowl III Through the Sports Illustrated Lens” (Sports Illustrated/Time Inc. Studios) ESPN’s “SportsCenter (Veteran's Day Special) - 22 Peaks” and “SC Featured - Rod Carew” each took home Gold World Medals. ESPN’s “Humanitarian Awards Show Open” and “Monday Night Football” earned Gold World Medals.

 Corporate Image Films succeeded in both bringing a company’s vision to life and engaging viewers. Corporate Films earning Gold include: “Goose bumps for the eardrum” FICTION FILMS GMBH, “The Dollar Data Store” (Radley Yeldar), “Michael Kors Watch Hunger Stop 2017” (Quite Frankly Productions),” Chase Your Dream, No Matter What” (Coder), “VIVENDI” (Norvell Jefferson), “Time” (White Rain Films), “Camry Karaoke” (Kaleidoscope Productions), “Fearless” (PSONA FILMS), “LUNGIE – A true story” (Forster Film LLC), and “Eyes Wide Open” (The clever little monkey co).

 Industry executives and international award-winners from around the globe celebrated trophy-winners success. 2018 ceremony presenters include: Chris Brown, executive vice president of NAB Conventions and Business Operations – USA; Holland Cooke – RT America – USA; Trevor Owens, Photojournalist, Global News – Canada; Anne Panasuk, National Reporter, Radio-Canada/CBC – Canada; and Jessica Soho, News Anchor and Alden Richards - lead actor of Alaala (Remember): A Martial Law Special. GMA Network – Philippines.

New York Festivals 2018 International Television & Film Awards ceremony and acceptance speeches will be available for viewing on the TV & Film Awards website. To view this year’s winner’s showcase, please click

Discovery Kids in collaboration with Rohit Shetty Picturez and Reliance Animation set to disrupt kid’s genre with the launch of Little Singham

· India’s Super Hero IP ‘Little Singham’ with never-before scale aims to shake-up kid’s genre

· Ties up with Indian Council for Child Welfare National Bravery Award to inspire children across the country

Discovery Kids, the leading kids channel from Discovery Communications India, in collaboration with Rohit Shetty Picturez and Reliance Animation, a Reliance Entertainment company, is all set to disrupt kid’s genre with the launch of new animation series ‘Little Singham’. Inspired by ‘Singham’, India’s most successful supercop brand and one of the biggest Bollywood blockbusters of all time, Little Singham, aims to become India’s favorite animation character, targeting children in the age-group of 5-11 years. Little Singham will be launched at a never-before scale with 156 episodes and 5 tele features. The new animation series will be aired in 3 languages- Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Dabur Red Paste has come on-board as the title sponsor of Little Singham.

Discovery India has tied-up with Indian Council for Child Welfare National Bravery Awards to inspire young children across the country. As a part of this tie-up, Discovery Kids will run a special Little Singham episode based on the real-life stories of ICCW National Bravery Award (ICCW NBA) winners. Two children – Sonu Mali (from Rajasthan) and Shivampet Ruchitha (from Hyderabad), recipient of ICCW NBA awards in 2016 and 2015 respectively were personally present on the occasion.

Ace Director, Producer & Mentor of Little Singham, Rohit Shetty, also engaged with select Police officials from Mumbai Police along with their children at the launch press conference of Little Singham.

“Little Singham was conceptualized based on an insight that every child wants to be a super hero, wants to help others if the situation arises. Little Singham, the brave young super cop, defends the residents of his home town Mirchi Nagar against all evil in this out and out entertaining animation series,” said, Rohit Shetty. “We are delighted to have the august company of select brave police officials from Mumbai Police along with their children as well as ICCW National Bravery Award recipients on the launch of Little Singham. We respect their valor and hope that all the children across the country will get inspired to do more good for the society at large for a better tomorrow.”

Discovery Kids has achieved almost 200% growth in ratings since February 2018, post the launch of a new animation series ‘Bandbudh aur Budbak’. The launch of Little Singham on April 21 is expected to further catapult the ratings of Discovery Kids to its historic high ever in the country.

Speaking about Little Singham, Uttam Pal Singh- Head of Discovery Kids, said, “The kid’s genre in India has been largely devoid of ground-up Super Heroes. Little Singham is a very bold and at scale attempt to fill this gap. We have worked with a world class animation partner Reliance Animation to produce this masala faceted series rooted in action, adventure & comedy to attract attention of kids across the country.”

Shibasish Sarkar, COO, Reliance Entertainment, added, “We are delighted that the Singham franchise is extending itself to kid’s genre in India. We are confident that kids across the country will love this new entertaining series. We have engaged as many 250 animation artists on this project who have been working for than 6 months to get ready for this mega launch. The presence of Rohit Shetty as a mentor of Little Singham will further help in penetrating deep across the country.”

Little Singham will premiere on Discovery Kids channel starting April 21, 2018. India’s youngest Supercop, with the intro line – ‘Police kiwardi, Sher ka Damm, Naam hai mera – Little Singham!’ is an apt representation of Discovery Kids’ brand purpose – Super Heropanti.

Watch all new and exciting animation series Little Singham from 21st April at 1:30 PM and 5:30 PM on Discovery Kids

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