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Global spending on consumer video media services will total $314 billion in 2017, a 4.2 percent increase from 2016, according to Gartner, Inc.

Pay-TV services is the largest spending segment and is on pace to represent 90 percent of the total market, totaling $282 billion in 2017 .

In 2017, emerging Asia/Pacific (20.8 percent) and Middle East and North Africa (17.4 percent) are forecast to record the highest growth in end-user spending on consumer video media services.

Earlier this year, China Mobile began offering its pay-TV service free of charge to its premium subscribers for the first two years of a new contract. "This will lead to an influx of new subscribers in the pay-TV marketplace. However, it will also bolster price competitiveness and put negative pressures on the average revenue per user (ARPU) of the overall pay-TV market," said Fernando Elizalde, principal research analyst at Gartner.

Moreover, internet-delivered linear TV services have already launched in India and the Middle East, and Gartner expects these services will commence across all emerging regions by 2018. "We estimate that, incentivized by lower prices, one million households in emerging regions will enter the pay-TV market through an internet TV service by 2020," said Mr. Elizalde. "The dramatic difference in the price of these packages compared with traditional pay-TV packages will also put downward pressure on ARPUs overall."

Transactional video on demand (T-VOD) offers consumers the ability to access a wide variety of content, from either managed pay-TV providers or over-the-top (OTT) companies such as Amazon, Google or Apple. "OTT-VOD sources are changing the landscape," said Derek O'Donnell, senior research analyst at Gartner. "OTT-VOD services are the fastest-growing segment in the VOD landscape and eroding pay-TV providers' share of revenue. OTT-VOD sources began outperforming traditional pay-TV sources in 2016."

Mr. O'Donnell added that the availability of premium-priced 4K content will increase end-user spending on T-VOD content in mature regions, from $160 million in 2017 to $400 million by 2020. In emerging regions, increased competition in the T-VOD marketplace from unmanaged providers and increased threats of piracy will put negative pressure on T-VOD prices. End-user spending on T-VOD services in emerging markets will decrease gradually each year, starting in 2017, by about $60 million to almost $445 million by 2020.

Global Spending on S-VOD Services to Show Double-Digit Increases over the Next Four Years

Global consumer spending on subscription-based video on demand (S-VOD) services will total $18.7 billion in 2017, an increase of 28 percent from 2016.

The average consumer adoption of S-VOD services is 10 percent in 2017, with an average ARPU of $7.41. The highest ARPUs are in Japan ($12.10), Mature Asia Pacific ($10.84) and North America ($9.60).

"Consumers will not subscribe to more than three services," said Mr. O'Donnell. "This is because of price and content discovery fatigue. Consumers are having to go through each application separately to find content, which can create fatigue."

Universal search is the key to driving further penetration, which will allow consumers to search for content across all their S-VOD services. "However, this is a 'holy grail' in the industry as providers, such as Netflix and HBO don't want to cooperate," added Mr. O'Donnell. "Therefore, true universal search is still some years away."

"Currently, there is a market for niche subscription video services and established streaming providers. However, as the market matures, we forecast more consolidation around the fewer companies that can innovate and set themselves apart from the juggernauts within the industry," concluded Mr. O'Donnell.

The ability to access information and entertainment instantaneously has led to the rapid developments of conditioned behaviours - people’s consumption of media and ability to connect and share information. People swiftly moved past the traditional value exchange of ads for television programming and entered a world where everything is accessible.

Social media offered a place beyond publishers to connect and to share and gave the power back to the people. For adland, it was an opportunity to flex its creative muscles under a set of new rules; but old habits die hard. What could’ve been a playground of possibilities, creativity and expression soon became another distribution channel to put ads. And these ads were, and still are, rolled out all day, all week and all year to fill never ending content calendars for the ‘always on’ generation of marketeers.

As Mark Manson puts it, we’re living in an age of outrage and as such there’s naturally been a resistance. Adblockers are being downloaded en masse but rather than asking the question of why people would want to block ads, the industry has tried to shut down the adblockers. People are actively avoiding advertising yet adland isn’t listening.

If the world doesn’t want ads, let’s stop making ads.

As Nils Leonard said, “If you’re trying to communicate a purpose or promise to the world, often an ad is the last thing you want to do”. As a channel littered with ads, we need to take a step back from social, a medium that has been either siloed from the rest of a brand’s communications or considered as an afterthought, and look at the bigger picture - the darker the shadow the brighter the light. What can we do that makes an impact and how does it play out across social?

Let’s create entertainment, cultural platforms, stunts, apps, shows, products or experiences that people love. Let’s make stuff that matters. There’s precedent too...

LEGO were one of the few trailblazers; building theme parks and cultivating product partnerships with topical brands, films or sports stars. LEGO then entered the branded content game in style by making a movie - and a sequel, and a spin off - that were all critical and commercial successes.

The BBC used Yik Yak to get teenagers talking about mental health. Everlane used Black Friday to improve staff working conditions in their factories. And Volvo created life saving paint.

Sunday, 14 May 2017 00:00

Y&R creates BAV Group

To consolidate BAV properties, talent and resources

WPP’s David Roth to Lead Drive to Develop Collaborative Products That Leverage BAV and BrandZ Together

Y&R announced that it is creating the BAV Group to consolidate the BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV) study along with its two business arms, BAVLabs and BAV Consulting. The consolidated group will be led by Michael Sussman as CEO. He has been serving as President, BAV Worldwide, which oversaw both the BAV study and BAVLabs, and he will continue to report to Y&R’s Global CEO, David Sable.

At the same time, WPP’s David Roth will become Chairman of BAV, in addition to his responsibilities as CEO of WPP’s global retail unit, The Store. Roth will be responsible for facilitating collaborations between Y&R’s BAV Group and WPP’s BrandZ, developing and marketing new products, services and data insights that leverage both studies. This will provide WPP companies with the ability to leverage these world-class brand evaluation tools and data on behalf of their clients.

The proprietary BAV study, since its launch in 1993, has amassed an enormous amount of data on consumer perceptions of brands, all of which supports BAV’s unique ability to be both a diagnostic and prescriptive model. The BAVLabs, regional hubs around the world, service Y&R’s local agencies and their clients, while BAV Consulting is a stand-alone strategic branding consultancy that provides BAV services as well as customized intellectual property for its clients. John Gerzema, who has been CEO of BAV Consulting for seven years, is leaving for another opportunity.

The newly configured BAV Group will continue its substantial strategic work for clients. In addition, the combined talent and resources will enhance the group’s ability to create new products and model extensions that capture today’s marketplace dynamics, including social equity, as well as new areas of focus, such as BAV Politics. The BAV Group will continue its partnership with US News and World Report and The Wharton School on Best Countries, an annual ranking and data analysis of 80 countries around the world.

“BAV is core to Y&R’s strategic approach, and remains an unparalleled resource in the industry. In consolidating its resources and people, we will unleash its full power for all our clients. It gives me particular pleasure to put Michael Sussman at its helm. Michael is not only a brilliant researcher and strategist (with a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology), he has been an integral part of BAV’s development and growth for close to 20 years, and an invaluable strategic counsel to clients around the world. We are also excited about the opportunity to work with David Roth on BAV initiatives across the WPP Group. Last but not least, we are grateful to John for his many contributions, including Best Countries, and look forward to seeing his next chapter,” said David Sable.

The very lively, energetic and fun office of 93.5 Red FM was in a very sombre and quiet mood on Friday. There were a lot of unspoken words and unasked questions when Asha Devi, Nirbhaya’s mother visited the office.

This Mother’s Day Red FM’s initiative will surely well up your eyes with tears. On behalf of our nation, RJ Raunac decided to celebrate this Mother’s Day with Mrs. Asha Devi – ‘Mother of Nirbhaya’. The entire thought behind this was to make it special for her and convey the love and message that the nation has for her. Even after 5 years of losing her daughter she isn't alone. This city and country stands strongly with her as her children.

The whole nation has cried for Nirbhaya, we said in unison this should not happen again. This Mother’s Day her mother deserves more than just a greeting, more than just a card. This Mother’s Day Asha Devi was overwhelmed when the children of Delhi called her ‘Ma’ and said #MainbhiNirbhaya. The listeners were selected based on calls they made. These were the people who were all present in the infamous 2012 India Gate protest that took place because of Nirbhaya. Till date they feel an emotional connect with her.

Nisha Narayanan, COO, 93.5 Red FM said, “The recent Supreme Court verdict announcement of hanging the gang rapists has not only been a win for Nirbhaya’s parents who have been fighting the brutal rape case, but a win for all of us. It is a victory, as justice has been served not only to a brave heart- Nirbhaya but also to every girl in this country who has been deeply affected and saddened by this incident. It was the smallest gesture on Red FM’s part for listeners to connect with Nirbhaya’s mother this Mother’s Day and speak to her. I would like to thank our listeners for making Ma’s day a special one and standing with her through it all.”

The people who were in the studio interacted with Ashaji in person, while those outside called up and spoke to her LIVE on air. She was overwhelmed by the love and support shown by Red FM listeners, and thanked everyone for making this Mother’s Day the most special one for her.

With a heavily emotional voice RJ Raunac said, “I witnessed a different joy in Ashaji’s eyes when the listeners started addressing her as Ma. Yes, nobody can replace Nirbhaya, but today these millions of Delhiites have become her children; what better gift for a mother who has endured the emotionally draining turmoil for 5 endless years. Ashaji had one small request, to Red FM listeners to keep the fire alive and fight evil against the crime against women.’’

Susanna Dinnage, President, Discovery Networks UK & Chief Content Officer, International, unveiled two high-profile commissions .

The new series will air across Discovery’s networks in more than 220 countries and territories in 2017 and 2018.

The commissions are part of Discovery’s commitment to find compelling new talent and to raise the profile of much-loved established talent amongst a global audience. Ed Stafford: Left for Dead is a brand-new survival show featuring Ed Stafford, whose compelling portrayal of existing in extreme environments has been a hit with audiences around the world and this series sees the adventurer take on some of the most hostile locations on the planet. Joining Ed on the slate are new faces Micky Yule, Mike Goody and Will Swift who feature in a brand new series, Men of Iron (wt). All three have overcome challenges associated with losing limbs during their lives and relish the opportunity to take on audacious physical challenges – often with much humour and always with great determination.

“Discovery’s audiences love talent that they can relate to and these two programmes feature great characters on real-life adventures. They bring exciting challenges to our screens, told in a compelling, first-hand narrative. It’s hard not to feel inspired and in awe of their courage,” said Dinnage.

In addition to the two new series, Dinnage also announced that Discovery Channel’s high-impact documentary Mosquito and iconic Shark Week 2017 will sync up around the world with global premieres this summer (July 6 and week of July 23, respectively). Mosquito, a documentary special shot on four continents, sounds the alarm about the mounting global threat to mankind. It will serve as a call to action for the immense international efforts required to reduce their march of destruction. Notably, this marks the first time in its history that Shark Week, the iconic programming week that has defined Discovery Channel for almost three decades, will premiere everywhere around the world in the same week.

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