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A show that enables people to actively participate in the discourse on socio-political issues

Today, discussions on social media over current issues and social norms are something we come across almost every day. Many take to Twitter or Facebook to express their views; reflecting a strong desire for platforms that allow for a free and open public dialogue.

In order to provide such a platform, News18 India has launched a new weekend show Chidiya Ud. The live debate show anchored by Navjyot Kaur, engages with public on what they think about various socio-political issues and how they want to get them addressed. It is a platform that gives the common citizens an opportunity to voice their concerns, grievances and opinions. The anchor conducts discussion with the public at iconic places in Delhi and also informs the viewers about the importance of the place.

Last week, News18 India’s team visited two well-known places in Delhi- Hanuman Mandir in Connaught Place and the famous book market of Daryaganj to interact and discuss with public on the trending topics- Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb of India and facilities provided by government hospitals, respectively.

Watch Chidiya Ud every Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM on News18 India

The comedy genre has exploded over the last few years in India with new comedy clubs sprouting and stand-up comedians achieving celebrity status. However, the limelight seems to be squarely focused on the men with very few women making a mark in this burgeoning space.

Given the scenario, TLC, India’s go to lifestyle channel, is launching ‘QUEENS OF COMEDY’ – India’s first-ever female comedy show. QUEENS OF COMEDY provides a unique platform to the talented female comedians to compete with the best and prove that when it comes to being funny, they can give the men a run for their money!

The show will be judged by three acclaimed artists - Actor Richa Chadha - The Bholi Punjaban of Bollywood has left a remarkable mark with her varied choice of movie roles and now she's all set to make her TV debut and set to display a whole new set of skills. She is all set to leave you in splits of laughter with her impeccable comic timing in Queens of Comedy; Rohan Joshi – one-fourth of AIB, from electronic engineering to a comedian, he has broken many hearts along the way. But it’s okay since his jokes can make even the toughest of audience laugh in no time; Kaneez Surka - One of the first improvisers in the country, her impeccable comic timing and her witty improv skills will leave you ROFL-ing. With her flourishing career, she also has her own comedy game show in tow; Varun Thakur of ‘Struggling Actor Vicky Malhotra’ fame will host the show. The show will premiere on 24th September and will air on weekends at 10 pm, only on TLC.

Zulfia Waris, Business Head - Female & Family Entertainment Products, Discovery Communications India, said,There is a strong perception that women are not inherently funny and take themselves very seriously. Queens Of Comedy will change the way how females are perceived in the comedy circuit in India. With their insights and perspectives, women can combine humor and self-deprecating wit with hilarious results.”

Queens Of Comedy is the first of many new shows that we plan to launch targeted at the Indian female millennials,” added Zulfia.

Talking about the show, Richa Chadha said, “Women in our society are expected to be quiet, well-mannered and submissive while men are encouraged to be flamboyant, opinionated and even combative. So, it is not surprising that women are under-represented in the comedy circuit in India. I think there has been a dearth of investment and platforms to showcase their talent. TLC’s initiative to launch India’s first ever female TV comedy show is a significant step forward to address this gap. I am extremely excited to be part of this breakthrough show.”
Rohan Joshi, added, “Comedy is a very potent tool. The mike in your hand gives you the power to speak your mind while the world takes note. While being fun, comedy can also empower. I would encourage any and every woman to participate and bring their funniest selves forward and show the world what they’ve got!”

“It is important for television to reflect a range of voices – share new and different stories. Queens of Comedy has a completely fresh, uninhibited outlook. I am delighted that the show has adopted digital format of entries which makes it democratic and easy for women to participate. It is dramatically different from all the physical toils we went through when I started,” said, Kaneez Surka.

Host Varun Thakur said, “Women deserve every chance and opportunity to put their best selves forward in any field they choose to. The opportunities to do this in comedy were limited. Hence a show like QOC becomes paramount and I would encourage all the women out there who love comedy to give this a shot. Because in finding the funny you may also end up finding yourself!

All the entries will be uploaded on the QoC microsite The 50 shortlisted entries will be opened for voting where audience can rate them on a scale of ‘ROFL’ to ‘HAHA’ and ‘NAY’. The top eight shortlisted contestants will battle against each other and feature in the reality show on TLC in their quest to be India’s next female comedy sensation.

Starting 24th July@4PM, Jai Malhar will air every Monday to Friday, only on Zee Anmol

Zee Anmol will premiere a new mythological epic series, Jai Malhar, that will surely enthrall hearts across the nation. The show is based on the courage, magnanimity and prowess of Khandoba (fondly known as Malhar) the warrior deity of Maharashtra. The show will bring alive Khandoba's (Lord Shiva’s reincarnation) journey and touches upon his magnanimity and determination to protect others. Khandoba is also known for his marriage to two wives, back in the ‘Satya Yuga’ Goddess Parvati took a vow from Lord Shiva that when he would take birth as Khandoba in the ‘Treta Yuga’ then he has to promise to marry Jayadri Devi who will be reborn as Banai.

Produced and directed by Mahesh Kothare, Devdatta Nage is playing the male protangonist of Lord Khandoba while Isha Keskar is essaying the role of Banu in Jai Malhar. Portraying the character of Mhalsa, the first wife of Lord Khandoba in a mythological show is the talented actor, Surabhi Hande.

Surabhi said, "I consider myself lucky that I was selected to perform Mhalsa's role in this serial. I just couldn't say 'no' for this offer. It was a golden opportunity which came my way. Jay Malhar is a mythological serial and my character of Mhalsa has given me an opportunity to play something different. I am learning and enjoying a lot while doing this character. Different look, different attitude, I am also feeling some change within myself; I have changed a lot."

Speaking about her experience shooting for the serial, she adds, "It is a great experience. There is a lot to learn from all those around. The most important thing I learned is about 'timing'. All the artists guide and understand one another. I am quickly learning the technique of delivering the dialogues, as well as body language for this role as this is a mythological story. I am really enjoying every moment of this serial with all artists and my co-artist Mr. Nage."

Khandoba is also known as Malhar fondly & worshipped across Maharashtra making him a deity for countless families across India. The show Jai Malhar is a story about Khandoba’s reign as the King of Jejuri and his life as a God on earth. A revered idol of Maharashtra, Jai Malhar has been portrayed as a God of love, a Superpower and the symbol of excellence. The legend of Khandoba revolves around his victory over the demons Mani-Malla.

With a promise to offer its audience an unmatched movie experience, &pictures HD, presents the World HD premiere of ‘Trapped’ on Saturday, 22nd July at 8 PM.

Helmed by Vikramaditya Motwane, and starring the supremely talented and versatile Rajkummar Rao, the film reflects the nuances of a human mind that often remain lost in the subconscious. In an age of connections and communications, Trapped is an extraordinary story of a man stuck in a high-rise apartment in Mumbai — without any basic amenities and also touches upon a wider topic of emotional indifference and detachment.

Shaurya (Rajkummar Rao), a simple boy in his mid-20’s plans to elope with his girlfriend Noorie, (Geetanjali Thapa) a day before her marriage. Desperate to rent a house where he can live with Noorie, Shaurya books a 35th-floor apartment of a non-functional building that doesn’t have municipal clearances. He also starts the shifting process without keeping Noorie aware of his whereabouts. Just when Shaurya is setting off to bring Noorie to their new home, he locks himself in the house. A man without electricity, food and water is desperately trying to get out and to add to his misery, his phone battery is drained out too. With a lone security guard stationed at the building, unaware of Shaurya’s occupancy, he finds himself ‘trapped’ inside.

Will Shaurya be able to survive this test of time?

Watch the World HD Premiere of ‘Trapped’ this Saturday, 22nd July at 8 PM only on &pictures HD

#UnderstandingWomen #MBNews

Mathrubhumi group’s television division announces a monthly extra leave privilege to its women staff during their first day of period.

This bold step is taken in consideration of the long hectic working hours the women reporters have to put in while on field. Currently, the provision has been implemented in Mathrubhumi News and will be soon extended to its other divisions which include Mathrubhumi online and print vertical.

There are at around 75 women staff in television division of Mathrubhumi group who can avail this benefit. Mathrubhumi Group has become the first media organisation to implement this policy in the state of Kerala.

Announcing the policy Mr M V Shreyams Kumar, Jt. Managing Director said “In a country where menstruation is very much considered a women’s issue, never to be discussed with men, our organisation felt the need to provide women who work with us a supportive working environment and considerate policies”.

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