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Although a majority are keen to get vaccinated, concern about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine is common among residents

As India prepares to roll out its first domestic Covid-19 vaccine, YouGov’s new survey reveals a large majority (68%) of urban Indians are likely to take the vaccination once it is available. A quarter (24%) are unsure of their decision and only 8% are unwilling to take the jab.

Of the people who said they are either unsure or unlikely to take the shot said they are hesitant about the safety of the vaccine and want to review it first.

Even among the ones willing to take the injection, safety concern reigns supreme and two in five (41%) said they will wait a few months before taking the shot. A third (33%), however, will get vaccinated as soon as the vaccine is available. A few would do so if vaccination is made compulsory by the government (13%) or by the employer/ educational institutes (11%).

Although there is general hesitance towards the vaccine, the good news is more than half (55%) of the urban Indians said they trust the vaccine of Indian origin more than those from developed nations like US, UK and Russia, where only a few respondents (11%, 7% and 6%, respectively) displayed faith in the vaccine produced by these countries.

The Union Health Minister recently announced free first phase vaccination for the most prioritized beneficiaries in the country. This initiative aligns with the public sentiment where about half of the surveyed respondents (50%) said they would want the government to arrange free vaccines for everyone in the country.

Many (36%) feel the vaccine should be freely distributed only to the poor, elderly or those who are severely sick, while a few (14%) think those interested in getting a vaccination should pay for it.

When asked about the order of priority, a vast majority feels patients suffering from high-risk diseases as well as senior citizens should be the top priority for vaccination. Apart from these, frontline workers and people in the service industry (79% each) are also rated high in the list of vaccine priority.

Public support for priority vaccinations of children and domestic helpers stands at a slightly lower percentage- 67% and 66% respectively, and preference for those below the age of 18 is lower- at 51%.

Apart from concerns around the safety of the vaccine, there seems to be a growing concern among residents about the new Covid strain that was discovered in the UK. When asked about the likely impact of this variant, more than half (53%) fear it may affect vaccine development and response.

YouGov Omnibus data collected online among around 1015 respondents in India between Dec 29th, 2020 and January 2nd, 2021 using YouGov’s panel of over 6 million people worldwide. Data is representative of the urban adult population in the country.


A syndicated Net Promoter Score (NPS) study in Digital Payments

· Tracked 10 brands in the space including GPay, Paytm, PhonePe and BHIM

· The study will help brands understand their consumers better

The brand rankings based on Net Promoter Score (NPS) show Amazon Pay, MobiKwik taking the lead at #1, with Pockets by ICICI Bank ranked #3 in the recent syndicated Net Promoter study conducted by Hansa Research. DigiPay 2021 report highlights a wide variation in consumer experiences across brands and links the impact of positive experiences on advocacy. When it came to market reach and usage of digital payment services amongst consumers, Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe were amongst the most used brands, followed by Amazon Pay and BHIM.

Commenting on the launch of the syndicated study, Piyali Chatterjee, Sr. VP, CX, Hansa Research, said, “India, in recent times, has witnessed a dramatic rise in the use of digital payment services. Given the robust market competition and the increasing transition to digital, it is key for marketers to ensure a strategy to build a powerful brand. Customer experience is a big driver in the digital payments sector, and it is an essential element to manage when it comes to customer expectations. Hansa Research’s DigiPay 2021 makes the task easier by providing a ‘one-in-all’ picture with a holistic view of strategic direction for improvement in critical areas & helps in identifying leverage-able opportunities for each brand."

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is used by many brands as a loyalty metric to measure the health of their customer relationships. A superlative consumer experience is a critical aspect driving the Net Promoter Score. The study highlights easy instructions for usage, ensuring a liable speed of transaction, offers, discounts, cash backs, and easy navigation as important to customers while using a digital payment solution. Positive outcomes in these aspects lead to a high NPS score.

DigiPay 2021 pegs the Net promoter Score of the Digital Payments industry at 35 (53% are the Promoters, 29% are the Passive Opinionates, 18% are the Detractors). Amazon Pay and MobiKwik achieved the highest NPS by both scoring 44, and Pockets by ICICI scoring 42. On the other hand, market leaders like Google Pay, PayTM, and PhonePe scored comparatively less, at around 35-27.

Key takeaways

Key usage barriers highlighted by consumers included ease of use and concerns regarding fraud/security.

Daily usage of digital payments among young consumers is 1.4X times higher compared to their older counterparts. Offers/ discounts/ cashback play a significantly more important role for younger consumers.

Women are more likely to use digital payments for online purchases or shopping on websites than men, giving higher preference to offers, discounts, and cash backs via digital payments.

For men, aspects such as range of services, easy refunds, trust, customer support, and protection/security features held more significance.

Consumer experience in the digital payment space is far from being seamless, with as many as 1 in 3 consumers claiming they faced a problem and had a reason to complain about the services. Primary reasons for consumers to reach out to brands included clarification related to usage, log in or password issue, information on registration, and problems related to transaction or payment.


Program’s most diverse jury ever; “Once in a Century”: this year’s entrants can be part of history by winning a coveted ADC Cube in the prestigious show’s 100th awards season.

The One Club for Creativity has announced five top creatives from India who will serve on its most diverse jury ever for the historic ADC 100th Annual Awards, one of the world’s longest running and most prestigious global competitions celebrating excellence in craft and innovation in all forms of design and advertising.

Nearly 180 highly-qualified creatives from 36 countries will judge entries from around the world. The jurors from India and their judging discipline are:

Dimpy Bhalotia, Hodophile Fine Art Street Photographer, Bombay/London (Photography)

Anjan Das, chief creative director, Forbes, Mumbai (Publication Design)

Abha Narain Lambah, principal architect, Abha Narain Lambah Associates, Mumbai (Spatial Design, chair)

Tania Singh Khosla, founder/CD, tsk design, Bangalore (Brand/Communication Design)

Osheen Siva, multidisciplinary artist, Osheen Siva Studio, Goa (Illustration)

This year’s jury chairs for 10 disciplines were announced last month, the current full global jury list for the ADC 100th Annual Awards juries can be viewed here.

“For the past century, the ADC Cube has been awarded for the world’s best work based on excellence in craft, design and innovation,“ said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club for Creativity. “This strong tradition continues today in the hands of this year’s jury members, who are recognized creative leaders in their fields.”


VIRGIN SUSPECT, co-produced by Seventh Sense Productions, is now live on the digital platform ULLU. Both creative houses have earlier worked on the popular SLIP web series.

Virgin Suspect is a two part web-series, with roles being played by some of the most accomplished and talented actors in the industry. The story, screenplay and dialogues have been written by Rajeev Mendiratta, with Vivek Mishra and Satish Harde as the producers.

A riveting tale filled with humor, this interesting web-series revolves around Chandan, played by the famous actor, Randeep Rai. Chandan is a brilliant student, having a disciplined life being looked upto by everyone.

Suddenly, his life takes a turn when he is arrested on charges of rape. The story takes more twists and turns and the entire neighbourhood and Chandan’s parents are shocked on this serious crime. Although Chandan has no past criminal record, the evidence seems to be pointing right at him.

Chandan’s Friends Sunny, played by Aman Jaitly, comes to his aid with the help of his lawyer Shanaya, played by the beautiful Rishina Kandhari.

The plot takes another interesting turn here when Chandan’s secrets regarding his emotional and physical relationship with his girlfriend, Ginny played by Vedika Bhandari, get slowly uncovered. The noted comedian Rajeev Nigam’s comic timing is the cherry on the cake.

The cast includes Randeep Rai as Chandan, Rajeevv Nigam as P P Singh, Rishina Kandhari as Shanaya, Vedika Bhandari as Ginny, Aman Jaitly as Sunny, Pradeep Jangid as Inspector Khan.

“Virgin Suspect is a beautifully made web series. It is gripping, it has suspense and is a complete thriller. Every actor has performed well and especially with the charming Randeep Rai who is a a favourite amongst the youth and a content creator playing the protagonist, it has given our platform a lot of buzz” says Vibhu Agarwal, CEO – ULLU Digital “He is apt for the role, perfectly casted. Such stories keep our audiences on edge. And our audience has accepted this series.”

A series that is full of suspense, comedy, and a totally unexpected end to Season 1. Viewers will find themselves constantly engaged through unexpected turns and laughter through the entire Season 1, making it a web-series that is not to be missed.

Director Rajeev Mendiratta says “Virgin Suspect is one of those rare suspense stories which is layered with a lot of comedy , so that the audience actually enjoys the Suspense. The Story not only holds you and keeps you on the edge of your seat but also makes you laugh throughout”. He adds “It was a script which needed the backing of a production house which understands the contemporary content and with Seventh Sense Productions I found that”

It comes across as a series that is entertaining, yet realistic, sometimes comic, sometimes dramatic. It is a story of suspense, comedy and a gripping end.

Part 1 of the entire series is now streaming on Ullu app. The interesting storyline, coupled with talented screenplay and dialogues makes Virgin Suspect a binge-watch adventure to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Republic Day special Mission Frontline to premiere on discovery+ from January 21

Last December, discovery+ announced it was foraying into the world of exclusive Indian originals. Now, as the nation gears up to celebrate its 72nd Republic Day, discovery+, India’s first and leading aggregated real-life entertainment and learning app, is now all set to launch the most anticipated show titled, Mission Frontline on January 21, 2021. Featuring multi-award-winning actor and producer Rana Daggubati, ‘Mission Frontline’ highlights the life of Border Security Force, our frontline heroes, fighting at the border to keep the country safe.

In the special episode, Rana Daggubati will experience first-hand, the difficult life of a BSF Jawan and live with the border men at the Murar Post, Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer base camp has one of the richest histories as it is home to rich martial traditions and a witness to numerous battles. Providing an intimate glimpse into the lives of border men who put themselves at risk every day, this special documentary is bound to evoke a deep sense of appreciation for these unsung heroes.

The audience will get to see Rana in a never-seen-before avatar, performing tasks just like a Jawan, including physical training routines like learning to salute; running drill with weapons and backpack; fireman’s lift and hurdle jump. Taking the training and preparations a notch higher, Rana Daggubati will also be trained to use weapons, firing live rounds, patrolling on Camel, taking part in a simulated mission to track down and neutralize infiltrators and traveling on sand scooters among many other grueling tasks.

Talking about his experience, Rana Daggubati said, “India's Border Security Force - or the country's first line of defense has no holidays, no breaks and no breathers. If it isn't for those brave-hearts always on their toes, our nation stands at risk. I feel grateful to have been able to meet them, live with them and train with them. As a civilian and countryman, this experience gave me perspective on what goes into guarding our frontiers, 24/7. These Jawans are our lifeline, our guarantee to sovereignty, and they’re the true heroes," Rana added, "Going by what I experienced in Jaisalmer, Mission Frontline is a tribute to those Jawans' grit and spirit, with the intention to drive home some inspiration and gratitude for our defense forces, whose service we often take for granted.”

Issac John, Direct-to-Consumer Head, APAC - Discovery, said, “discovery+ is committed to providing its passionate audiences a revelatory and unique point of view with every story we tell. Mission Frontline will give our viewers unprecedented access into the lives of our Jawans at the border. With exclusive access to the Indo-Pak border, discovery+ gives the viewers a chance to know more about the lives of Jawans and the extreme training they go through. We are delighted to have Rana Daggubati as a part of the show, taking the story of the country’s border men to the people across the nation.”

Watch Mission Frontline, 21st January 2021 onwards, only on discovery+

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