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Interpublic Group Earns Holding Company of the Year, IPG Health Earns Healthcare Network of the Year, and AREA 23, An IPG Health Company is Healthcare Agency of the Year

NYF Health Awards DE&I Board Honors FCB Health New York, Harrison/Star, and Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

New York Festivals Health Awards honoring the best work in Healthcare & Wellness and Pharma (Rx) Advertising, announced the Special Industry Award winners for 2023.

Interpublic Group | IPG earned a trifecta of impressive awards. Honors include the 2023 NYF Health Awards Holding Company of the Year, IPG Health earned Healthcare Network of the Year, and AREA 23, An IPG Health Company was honored with the title of Healthcare Agency of the Year.

2023 NYF Health Awards Holding Company of the Year

Interpublic Group | IPG, with employees in all major world markets, specializing in advertising, digital marketing, communications planning, media, public relations, and specialty marketing earned the prestigious title of NYF Health Awards 2023 Holding Company of the Year. The Holding Company of the Year is awarded to the holding company whose advertising networks earn the highest score for the highest caliber of work entered in all mediums across all competitions.

2023 NYF Health Awards Healthcare Network of the Year

IPG Health was in the spotlight this year earning the title of 2023 NYF Health Awards Healthcare Network of the Year. The NYF Health Awards Healthcare Network of the Year is awarded to an advertising agency network that earns the highest score for entries in all mediums across all competitions. The network's companies, which include AREA 23, FCB Health New York and Neon earned an impressive number of trophies awarded by the 2023 Health Awards Executive Jury. Honors include the prestigious Grand Award, 17 NYF Health Gold Towers, 9 Silver Towers, 5 Bronze Towers and 78 Finalist Awards.

"These tremendous honors wouldn't be possible without our talented people and their obsession with doing what's right for our clients, their brands and our people," said Dana Maiman, CEO of IPG Health. "As we approach our second anniversary as a global network, it's our interconnectivity and steadfast commitment to our purpose that keeps us laser-focused on creating life-changing work for our clients and their brands."

2023 NYF Health Awards Healthcare Agency of the Year

AREA 23, An IPG Health Company, was recognized with the title of 2023 NYF Health Awards Healthcare Agency of the Year. The NYF Health Agency of the Year is awarded to an advertising agency that earns the highest score entries in all mediums across all competitions. AREA 23 earned an impressive 13 NYF Health Gold Towers, 8 Silver Towers, 1 Bronze Tower, and 42 Finalist Awards.

"Everyone at AREA 23 is thrilled with this achievement," said Tim Hawkey, Chief Creative Officer of AREA 23. "Winning Agency of the Year at NYF Health Awards means that our teams and our clients are onto something really special here. We're changing pharma marketing and getting this recognition means everything."

"We're honored to celebrate IPG and its networks and agencies whose innovative campaigns impressed both the online Grand Jury and the live Executive Jury. NYF's Special Industry Awards recognize the outstanding bold creative that pushed boundaries and delivered impressive messaging to consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals on behalf of world-class brands." -Scott Rose, President, NYF Advertising Awards Competitions

The results of the NYF Health Awards Grand and Executive Jury sessions determine the overall points earned for winning entries. The New York Festivals Special Industry Awards provide an account of the highest-ranking companies and agencies within this year's competition.

DE+I Awards

Aleisia Gibson Wright, Healthcare Managing Director at Lippe Taylor, was at the helm as chair of the NYF Health Awards DE+I Board. The 7 person DE+I Board of esteemed executives brought their understanding of the healthcare industry and awareness of social issues to the jury panel. Their insights and perspective guaranteed that inclusive advertising and marketing was celebrated and awarded. The Advisory Board ensured that all entries were judged fairly and thoughtfully using the 4R Framework created by P&G.

New York Festivals Health DE&I Awards honors work taking meaningful steps to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society. The DE+I Awards celebrates work that supports, protects, represents and uplifts historically underrepresented groups. For 2023 the DE+I Board honored the following NYF Health Award entries:

2023 NYF Health DE+I Award Winners

* Gold - Health & Wellness - FCB Health New York, An IPG Health Company
"The Trial for #ClinicalEquality" for The Trial for #ClinicalEquality
* Silver - Health & Wellness - FCB Health New York, An IPG Health Company
"THE DUMB LAW PARADOX" for Blood Equality
* Silver - Pharma - Harrison/Star
"LOVE LETTERS: for Unbranded - Portfolio Marketing Team
* Bronze - Health & Wellness - Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness
"Red Dab? Red Flag" for N/A

NYF's Health Awards jury panels of globally respected healthcare and wellness innovators selected the 2023 award-winning entries from healthcare, wellness and pharma campaigns submitted from 29 countries worldwide.

The international New York Festivals Health Awards honors the world's best healthcare advertising and celebrates creative achievement within the healthcare advertising, marketing, and communication space beyond the barriers of language and culture.

To view the entire gallery of trailblazing Healthcare & Wellness/Pharma campaigns earning Gold, Silver, Bronze Towers, and Finalist Awards in the 2023 NYF Health Awards, click HERE.

For more information on the 2023 NYF Health competition visit: HERE. View the Special Industry Award winners.


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AVOD revenues to climb by $50 billion

Global AVOD revenues for TV series and movies will reach $91 billion in 2028, up from $41 billion in 2022.

The US will contribute 41% to the 2028 total; adding $20 billion between 2022 and 2028.

By 2028, nine platforms will generate AVOD revenues in excess of $3 billion, including five global, three from the US and one from China. The market will remain fragmented.

Simon Murray, Principal Analyst at Digital TV Research, said: “Disney+ will be the AVOD winner, with $11.4 billion by 2028. Disney+ is expected to follow its US example by converting its existing subscribers to the hybrid AVOD-SVOD tier, with SVOD-only subscribers having to choose to pay more.”

Witnessed an insightful panel discussion with Amrita Thapar, Agnello Dias and Anuradha SenGupta

Announces ‘Goacast’ as the official podcast for Goafest 2023

Entertained by Next Door Mind Reader and mentalist, Narpath Raman

Kickstarting its celebrations by bringing together the who’s who of the advertising and marketing fraternity, and unveiling the theme, Goafest 2023 raises a toast to ‘The Future of Creativity’, at a Curtain Raiser event. Hosted by the Goafest 2023 organizing committee, the Curtain Raiser was held on May 5, 2023 in Mumbai and seen participation from agencies, advertisers, brands and media owners.

Speaking at the Goafest 2023 Curtain Raiser, Prasanth Kumar, President, Advertising Agencies Association of India and CEO, South Asia GroupM said, “Goafest is known to unite India and South Asia’s creative economy. When we began working on curating Goafest 2023, we were certain that we wanted to present to the industry creativity in a new avatar and our theme is exactly in line with this. While we often discussed the future of creativity, this year’s edition of Goafest will be synonymous to it. With a stellar line-up of speakers, must-attend masterclasses, and celebration-worthy evenings, we look forward to meeting our industry folks at Goafest, shortly.”

“Year on year we have raised the standard of Goafest and The ABBY Awards making it internationally competitive, increasingly. We believe we owe it to our industry. As we kickstart our month long celebrations, we are excited as we create new opportunities, bring in new learnings, and drive enthusiasm while honouring excellence.” added Partha Sinha, President, Times of India Group and President of The Advertising Club, addressing the industry at the Curtain Raiser.

Diving into the theme, was a panel discussion led by Amrita Thapar, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft India and advertising expert and veteran Agnello Dias. Noted journalist Anuradha SenGupta moderated the panel. The panel discussed the possibilities of AI and creativity, and advancements in technology that will enable new forms of creativity. The panel also threw light upon emerging technologies blurring the lines between the real and virtual worlds.

Opening up the panel discussion, journalist Anuradha SenGupta said, "AI based tools are becoming available at dizzying speed. As we evaluate the opportunities and challenges they create, we need to understand more, so much more about how they work. We will have to use these tools consciously and listen as much to the scientists and engineers who create them as regulators, ethicists and philosophers who question them. Glad Goafest 2023 has made this the theme. The more we talk the better our choices."

Sharing his thoughts, advertising expert Agnello Dias said, “AI is a big step in democratizing the access to raw material required for creative execution but it cannot substitute creativity.”

“Generative AI is the next big leap in artificial intelligence. It’s an inflection point in terms of how emerging technologies like AI are being used today.” said Amrita Thapar, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft India, further adding, “It augments human ingenuity. It's your copilot that helps unlock productivity, unleash creativity and up level skills.”

In a bid to deepen engagement and drive participation from across the industry, the committee also launched Goacast, as the Official Podcast for Goafest 2023. Goacast will offer exclusive interviews and scoop with the best from the industry. Curated and presented by Ideabrew Studios, Goacast is the definite platform for daily dispatches during Goafest 2023.

Adding to the entertainment factor, the Curtain Raiser witnessed a performance from one of India’s top 3 mentalist, Narpath Raman that kept guests intrigued. Narpath is a pioneer in mentalism in India and is popularly known as the ‘Next Door Mind Reader’ for his simplicity and fun approach. He uses a mixture of methods - psychology, hypnotism, and storytelling to pluck thoughts out of one’s mind, influence decisions and mess with one’s sense of reality.

Co-hosted by The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) and The Advertising Club, South Asia’s biggest advertising festival Goafest 2023 is set to return on 24th, 25th and 26th May at Grand Hyatt, Bambolim, Goa. The prestigious fest will also witness the 54th edition of the ABBY’s, South Asia’s Gold Standard, that has been recognizing creative excellence in advertising for over five decades.


Manoj Jagyasi, Chief Business Officer & Strategic Advisor of Bharat24 talks to MediAvataar about the role and importance of DD Free dish in the viewership of News Channels.

Here are the few excerpts from the chat with him..

How has been the impact of DD Free Dish on the viewership of Hindi news genre?

DD Free Dish plays an impactful role in the overall viewership of News channels. It reaches to approx. 5 crore TV households in India which translates to approx. 30% of the total viewership. Moreover, DD free dish’s reach is focused majorly on the cities where high consumption happens, that cannot be ignored.

In the recent DD Free dish auction, Out of 16 National Hindi News channels, only 12 were able to secure their slot. Bharat24 was able to get LCN No. 59 on DD Free dish which is jus’ ahead of major broadcasters. It really helped us strengthen our reach across India.

Can you please give us the heads up on Bharat24’s performance, post the LCN change in DD Free Dish?

Being on Free Dish gives news channels an opportunity to garner mass reach and guaranteed eyeballs, especially in rural regions. In a year’s time, India will witness several assembly polls and Lok Sabha elections in 2024, and DD Free Dish will certainly help the advertisers to reach out to their target audience during the election period which is supposed to be very high decibel event for any news channel.

Bharat24’s channel share has increased by 4X in Urban + Rural market and by 5X in rural market. Our channel share has also increased multifold in the last 4 weeks, both in urban and rural market. The viewers are selecting and staying on the Bharat24 for a longer duration as content team is working meticulously on ethos of channel, “Jahan Tak Bharat Wahan Tak Bharat24” which is to get news from every corner of India not focusing only on 2-3 states.

How has been the response from the advertiser's on Bharat24  ?

Since the launch of Bharat24, our revenue team has done a superb job to get 150 advertisers on board which is a great feat for a channel which is jus’ a nine month old & for which, I am thankful to our all industry partners.

Bharat24’s performance has attracted the attention of many advertisers and agencies alike. We have already signed a few large size annual deals with our partners and are in process of signing a few more, this is backed by our approach to provide customized solutions to each client differently.

We have designed our deals in such a way that an advertiser can maximize from the upcoming elections. These deals contain election programming and other value adds that makes the entire deal extremely lucrative and an interesting proposition to partner with us.

What can we expect from Bharat24 in 2023? 

Bharat24’s team is all geared up with its annual programing and revenue plans in line with the company’s long term objectives. Channel will be seen going more aggressive with its programing as our content team is planning to launch various programs with nation first approach. Bharat24 will also build on its core strength of organizing large scale IPs like Super Indians, Shikhar Samman & ShoorVeer etc. which we have already executed.

With all these efforts of our content team, I am sure that Bharat24 will become the best investment destination for all our partners amongst the available options in the genre.

Alphabet Media, a public relations agency focused on strategic integrated communications, is delighted to announce its association with Saundh India as an honored PR partner.

Inspired by stories that shape our artistic heritage, Saundh is an everyday affordable-luxury label focused on womenswear. Launched in 2019, it houses exquisitely handcrafted luxe styles. With designs that breathe in the beauty of sentiments rooted in tradition bolstered by a global contemporary appeal, its wide range of styles includes sarees, co-ord sets, dresses, tunics and more.

Alphabet Media has proudly won its mandate after competing in a multi-agency pitch. The agency is prepared to lead its consumer as well as corporate vertical by providing integrated communication solutions that include public relations, media management, and influencer engagement. They will develop effective engagement strategies and manage external communications to deliver result-oriented services for the brand.

Sarabjeet Saluja, Founder of Saundh said, “We’re glad to have partnered with an agency that understands the nuances of a clothing brand like ours which still has a vast pool of uncharted territories to explore and a unique vision and passion to stand out in today’s saturated market. We’re certain that Alphabet Media’s expertise and creative approach will help Saundh build an empire of its own. We look forward to bringing this partnership to fruition.”

Tejal Daftary, CEO & Founder, Alphabet Media added, “We are thrilled to onboard Saundh as our newest partner. We’re all set to further strengthen the brand’s presence in the country through creative strategies to engage with the right audience. We look forward to supporting the brand in achieving their business outcomes with the utmost sincerity.”

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