Cinema as an Advertising Medium

Cinema is a catalyst to 'together time' for couples, families, friends and peer groups and hence the experience of bonding over the shared experience of a film rates much more than other entertainment avenues. This 'Together time' is hard to find and harder for a marketer to penetrate. Cinema provides a state of mind that exists in no other medium. The audience gets into the most receptive frame of mind owing to voluntary surrender to the environment

While cinema may have a lower reach than television in India, it is a far more cost effective and high impact medium for advertisers.

As per a study, the increased advertiser acceptance of the medium has been cited for three factors:

Continuing roll out of multiplexes: This is resulting in more people going back to the movies, and the superior aesthetics of the environment.

Organised players getting into the space: Local players are becoming more organized with some entering into tie-ups with overseas players, thereby raising the quality of the medium.

Faster roll out of Digital cinemas: This results in assured print quality & easy monitoring of advertising
Cinema advertising is finding easier acceptance in the media plan, for many brand categories who see cinema as an extension of their television communication.

A big contributor to footfalls in theatres has been the digitisation of single screens as well as tier-II and III multiplex screens in the last few years. Digitisation, say experts, has given exhibitors the flexibility in selecting movies, and especially last year, when mainline Bollywood films failed to deliver, regional films have been able to save the day for distribution and exhibition companies. Thanks to this, cinema halls have been able to maintain footfalls, making in-cinema advertising a lucrative option for brands, notably, regional brands.

As per a recent report, brand categories are attracted to the multiplex spaces for the quality of the TG and the controlled environment in these spaces. Cinema advertising is a dynamic medium offering advertisers the opportunity to reach their target consumers in a distraction-free environment.

Advantages of Cinema Advertising

Cinema has a larger than life visual impact when compared to TV or Radio

Cinema as a captive medium offers an uncluttered environment

Cinema reaches out to young affluent audiences and is cost effective

It has the added advantage of delivering nation-wide reach as well as localized reach

Offers 360 degree exposure & innovative opportunities to brands, on-screen & off-screen

Low ad avoidance as cinema goers perceive the ads as part of the experience

Cinema forming a deep engagement of audiences with brand messages

Cinema's captive audience delivers advertising recall that is up to five times that of TV

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