Zee Cinema premieres Epic-Fantasy 'Nagvanshi'

Mythology and fantasy are two of the most-watched genres in cinema. While epics take us back in time, fantasy transports us into the world of imagination. The blend of both makes for a unique watch as two different worlds are weaved in together by a great script. Zee Cinema, World’s Largest Theatre for Hindi Movies, brings one such visual experience with the premiere of ‘Nagvanshi’ on Saturday, 19th August at 9 PM. After its theatrical release in Kannada, Nagvanshi will premiere for the first time on Indian television in Hindi.

The highlight of the movie is the digital recreation of the popular yesteryear actor Late Dr.Vishnuvardhan. Using the latest head replacement technology, he plays a pivotal role of a mythical king. The Bahubali fame visual effects company, Makuta VFX reportedly spent Rs.15 crore to recreate the character of Vishnuvardhan who also appears as a 140 foot long snake. On the VFX and the comparison to Bahubali, CEO of Makuta VFX, Peter Draper said, “We used the same artists and technology for both the films, but obviously the content is different. VFX should be used to complement the filmmaking process, capturing what is not possible to capture in camera. Like a huge snake… very difficult to film.”

The movie created much hype as the comeback venture of one of Kannada film industry's most popular heroines, Ramya. Such was the fanfare around the film that a social media poll conducted to gauge reactions on Ramya’s return fetched more than 76 percent votes in her favour. With jaw dropping special effects, Nagaravahu lists among the more expensive experimental films that was shot in the South and was a box office hit. Director, Kodi Ramakrishna said, “Ramya's character is the reincarnation of a snake who fights against evil forces. A devotee of Shiva, she prays to him when she is vulnerable and the lord creates a dynamic personality to help her, who gives her power.”

Nagvanshi is the story of Naganika (Ramya) who has been protecting an ancient Lord Shiva monument, as a legacy of her forefathers. But she faces trouble as Kapali (Rajesh Vivek) and his forefathers are also fighting to conquer the same monument. In a fatal fight, Kapali takes ownership of the monument and Naganika loses her life. While Kapali thinks that his ancestors have won, Naganika takes an oath that she will come back to take revenge. With the motive of fulfilling her previous life’s purpose, she takes re-birth as Mamta, a snake-woman. Narsimha (Vishnuvardhan), a mythical king, comes to help Mamta avenge her enemies.

Will Naganika with the help of Narsimha be able to take her revenge as Mamta?

Watch an epic tale of revenge in the Zee Cinema Premiere of ‘Nagvanshi’ on Saturday, 19th August at 9 PM

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