20 September 2020 20:23


Asian Cinemas unveils its official mascot

Shri. Narayandas Narang, Chairman Asian Cinemas unveiled Captain POP, the official mascot of Asian Cinemas.

Speaking on the occasion Shri. Narayandas Narang said, “What’s life without fun and entertainment. In the hectic life that we lead today, the human mind and body need to relax in some form. What better way than take time out to go and watch a movie. While at the movies if there is something that brings a smile to our customers, it makes the experience even more delightful for us and for them. That is what we thrive to achieve in the entertainment business. And that’s what has led to bringing Captain POP into our world”.

Captain POP - as the name suggests is ideated from popcorn, a bestseller at theatres. The appearance is an irregular shape, just like the popcorn and is made into a cartoon so that the young and old together appreciate it. The character of Captain POP is cool, friendly, approachable, witty, casual and fun, who always sports a smile. He always has a twinkle in his eyes and there is something about his appearance that makes you want to listen to him. At Asian Cinemas, he always communicates with the customers on various information, social issues, movie releases etc.

Available at Recharge, the canteen at Asian Cinemas, Captain POP (Popcorn) also has his comrades and allies. As the names suggest we have Sir-mosa (Samosa), Fun-ries (French Fries), Peet-za (Pizza), Sun-wich (Sandwich), Hum-Burger (Hamburgers), Meetha Corn (Sweet corn) and Ka-fee (Coffee), all of which are sold at Recharge.

Shri. Sunil Narang, Director, Asian Cinemas said “Our customers are going to be thrilled with the choice of snacks available at Recharge, our canteen and we have made sure to cater to all age groups who shall find something interesting to eat at our theatres. We are extremely conscious about the quality of the food which we have maintained over the years.”

Captain POP was conceptualized by Shri Bharat Narang, Director, Asian Cinemas whose vision is to make brand Asian Cinemas the next go-to stop for a world-class cinematic experience, with best in class quality and impeccable service, while introducing innovative concepts and ideas at the same time. To stand out in today’s competitive world, we need to be different and get noticed while leaving behind a good feeling in the minds of the customer, he said. In phase 2 of the launch of Captain POP campaign, we seek to roll out the merchandise of Captain Pop that both our young and old customers will wish to carry home.

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