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The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), a state-run organization established to promote Korean culture content overseas, is gearing up for its annual competition, the "Korea Content Awards ― Story Division," to scout out new creative writing.

The agency announced Monday that it will be kicking off the application process for the awards competition July 1. It will accept submissions online until July 8. Any individuals or teams who are citizens of Korea are eligible to apply.

"A good story constitutes the basis for K-content, and especially amid the rapidly changing content industry, the need for a good story has become more and more important," Lee Hyun-?joo, the head of the pop culture division at KOCCA, said in a statement. "I hope that this contest can act as a source for the content market industry, and provide opportunities and a platform for creators to challenge themselves."

The competition was formally called the "Korea Story Competition" until 2019, and has since become an important part of KOCCA's major annual event, the Korea Content Awards, which marks its 13th anniversary this year.

The competition was launched in an effort to discover creative story ideas that could be used in various fields of the cultural content industry, and to provide government awards to their creators.

There are five categories to the contest: theatre, cartoons (webtoons), animation, video (for drama and film) and publishing. The applicants choose a category for their submission, depending on which industry they wish to introduce their ideas to, and potentially create a product in.

The submissions are evaluated by different criteria, including: originality, quality of completion and marketability.

A total of 15 submissions across the categories will be selected to receive awards. One of them will win the highest honor, the President's Award. Runner-up prizes will be awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism to four submissions, and the rest of the 10 awards will be awarded by KOCCA.

The total amount of prize money for the awards will be 350 million won ($313,000), and the award ceremony will be held in December.

The winners will be offered support in the form of matching them with businesses to help make their stories into a final product. The winners will also be given priority when they apply for spaces in the Story Writing Center.

"KOCCA is planning to get various businesses to scout out excellent stories through contests and to support the whole cycle of production and distribution with those ideas," the agency said.

Applications for the "Korea Content Awards ― Story Division" can be submitted via KOCCA's website between July 1 and 8.

SonyLIV has appointed Sreedhar Reddy Komalla as Head – Telugu Content, Digital Business. In his new role, Reddy will primarily focus on leading the expansion plans of the Telugu vertical of SonyLIV for users across markets.

A Mechanical Engineering graduate from NIT Warangal completed his MS (Research) from IIT Madras and received Gold Medal for his MS thesis. He worked for major multinational IT companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro and Tech Mahindra for 11 years and left IT career to pursue his filmmaking dreams.

Sreedhar Reddy Komalla also known as Madhura Sreedhar Reddy in Telugu film industry is known for his exemplary contribution to Telugu cinema. He started his film career by establishing a music label Madhura Audio and shaped it as one of the top music labels in Telugu Cinema. His first directorial film Sneha Geetham, fetched him the Best Debutante Director award. The award-winning director later directed, produced and distributed several concept-based movies in the last 10 years.

Mr. Reddy is also an active member of various Telugu filmmakers groups such as the Telugu Film Directors Association, Telugu Producers Council, Active Telugu Film Producers Guild amongst others.

After on-boarding Dr. G Dhananjayan for strengthening the Tamil portfolio, Reddy’s appointment deepens the roots of SonyLIV in the southern market. At SonyLIV, Madhura Sreedhar Reddy will be responsible for bolstering the Telugu content library. With long-standing experience across verticals of the Telugu industry, Reddy will oversee the development plans of the platform in the region.

Madhura Sreedhar Reddy, Head – Telugu Content, SonyLIV said, I am excited and looking forward to my new innings at SonyLIV. My role here is to extend SonyLIV’s footprint in the Telugu market and churn out homegrown content which caters to users across geographies.

Ashish Golwalkar, Head - Content, SonyLIV and SET commented, We are delighted to have Madhura Sreedhar Reddy at SonyLIV to head the Telugu portfolio. Reddy brings with him a diversified experience that will help us chart out growth for Telugu content and offer captivating stories of India to our audience across genres.


Zee Sarthak creates awareness on menstrual hygiene through ‘Naali Bindu’ campaign

Awareness generation of menstruation and menstrual hygiene is the need of the hour. To ensure women's health by promoting safe menstrual hygiene, Zee Sarthak is proudly launching the Naali Bindu campaign. This campaign will promote the significance of menstrual hygiene education. Menstrual hygiene continues to be amongst the most challenging issues today faced by the women of this country. In Odisha, more than half of menstruating women use unhealthy absorbents. While the urban areas fare better in this regard, the situation in Semi Urban and Rural areas is alarming. This makes it very critical to spread the right information about menstrual hygiene to as many people as possible. Through Naali Bindu campaign, Zee Sarthak contributes towards this noble cause.

As a part of the Naali Bindu campaign, the channel is launching a website, with all the useful information about menstrual hygiene. The website will contain advocacy videos featuring celebrities, articles, infographics, and health advisory about menstrual hygiene. This website also provides a platform where women can share their queries regarding menstrual health and get an expert advice. The aim behind this campaign is to create an online community of women through discussion and stories about the subject. Through this initiative, the channel also aims to collaborate with Government bodies, NGOs/Self Help Groups and FMCG companies to plan several on-ground activities for promoting this righteous cause. With this commendable initiative Zee Sarthak will surely succeed in creating a positive impact and this important health subject finds a place in the public consciousness in Odisha.

Commenting on the same Arghya Roy Chowdhury, Business Head, Zee Sarthak said, “The Naali Bindu campaign, besides spreading awareness amongst people about an important subject, also celebrates the divine power of womanhood. That is why we wanted to launch this campaign during the auspicious day of Raja Parba this year. Zee Sarthak has profoundly impacted the lives of millions of Odia women, and has been showered with their unconditional love in return. As a responsible broadcaster and one of the most influential stakeholders in the Odia GEC space, we believed it was necessary to support a cause that affects the lives of so many women.”

Mr. Samrat Ghosh, Cluster Head, East, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited said, “Although the channel’s priority has always been to entertain the viewers and create memorable touchpoints, but we also strive hard to bring value and create a positive change amongst the viewers which is why having a consumer-centric approach is of utmost importance for us. Menstrual hygiene is a vital aspect of women's health. We are extremely delighted to announce Naali Bindu as through this initiative we aim to empower our target audience which is mainly Odia women. The focus of this campaign will be on generating awareness on Menstrual Hygiene at an earlier stage amongst women. The campaign will show solidarity to women facing challenges, educate them and let them know they are not alone in busting age-old myths.”

Sony Pictures Sports Network (SPSN) launches its exciting series of campaign films for the launch of its new regional language channel, SONY TEN 4, featuring South Superstar Rana Daggubati. SPSN has on boarded Rana Daggubati as the ‘Face of SONY TEN 4 and WWE campaign in Tamil and Telugu’ on the back of the launch of its regional sports channel, SONY TEN 4, available in Tamil and Telugu across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Rana Daggubati features in a series of films for SONY TEN 4 that showcase his love for sports along with special films dedicated to WWE, which has been one of the most viewed sport properties in the southern market.

Rana introduces SONY TEN 4 (25s)

The introductory film showcases Rana Daggubati’ s excitement to watch the exciting line up of the upcoming marquee sporting events like UEFA EURO 2020, Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, India tour of England, India Tour of Sri Lanka and more in the local language of choice. Much to his delight, he can now catch all the thrilling excitement from LIVE sporting action in Tamil and Telugu in the coming months.

Launch of SONY TEN 4 (75s )

This set of films with Rana Daggubati, encapsulates the array of sporting properties on SONY TEN 4, the premier destination to watch marquee global sporting events in Tamil and Telugu. The film opens with the South Superstar enjoying playing a game of street cricket and football in his neighborhood and prompting his friends to start watching sports in Tamil and Telugu. The film then transcends into a phase where all the friends start enjoying the best of LIVE sports in the language of their choice, Tamil and Telugu, on the newly launched SONY TEN 4.

Tamil Promo 

Telugu Promo 

WWE goes Live on SONY TEN 4 (25s)

Rana Daggubati will also be seen in a series of special films dedicated to WWE, which has been one of the most viewed content/property in the southern market. The first of the two campaign films introduces the power-packed WWE Live morning shows to the regional audience. The actor is seen normalizing morning dates while watching LIVE WWE flagship events like WWE RAW, WWE SmackDown and WWE NXT, along with your better half in Tamil and Telugu.



Rana WWE Launch (100 sec)

The second film depicts the impact WWE and its superstars enjoyed in the South with all the high-octane action and entertainment quotient. The film showcases the South Superstar being motivated by WWE Superstars’ fighting skills, to stop the goons from harassing a woman. The film later transcends to family viewing time when the family gets together to watch WWE on SONY TEN 4.


Telugu -

Rajesh Kaul, Chief Revenue Officer Distribution and Head - Sports, Sony Pictures Networks India commented, “The campaign films for SONY TEN 4 are a testament to Sony Pictures Sports Network’s commitment to serve sports fans in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu with localized content so as to bring them closer to their favorite sport in a language of their choice. We are also happy to have Rana Daggubati as the Face of SONY TEN 4 and are confident that his affinity to connect with the viewers in the southern market will drive a wider set of audiences to our new regional language channel.”

Rana Dagubbati, ‘Face of SONY TEN 4 and WWE campaign films in Tamil & Telugu’ said, “I am delighted to partner with Sony Pictures Sports Network for SONY TEN 4. With a shared vision to collectively bring the ideals of sports to a large community, I am proud to be the face of Sony Pictures Sports Network’s new regional language sports channel, SONY TEN 4 and promoting WWE programming in Tamil & Telugu. SONY TEN 4, dedicated to the southern markets, will be a definitive destination for the best of international sports in Tamil & Telugu for all WWE flagship properties as well as marquee events like UEFA EURO 2020, Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, India tour of England and more."

Marketers have always been pressured to deliver measurable returns on their efforts, but the demand for growth has sharpened as the world looks toward a post-pandemic future. And to deliver, marketers should focus on balanced strategies that re-elevate upper-funnel, brand-building efforts that work in tandem with conversion-focused efforts.

There is no short-selling the importance of sales-driven marketing, but long-term business vitality requires more than short-term activations. Holistic marketing requires balance, and that’s something that an array of multinational companies realized after relying too heavily on sales-driven activations—even before the pandemic hit. Brands like Gap Inc., Adidas and Tripadvisor all made public statements in late 2019 about their need to do more to create and maintain long-term brand equity.

Compared with the alluring, immediate results of conversion-oriented marketing, brand building is slower to generate tangible returns. The returns, however, are meaningful—and measurable. In terms of actual sales, Nielsen’s experience base shows that on average, a 1-point gain in brand metrics such as awareness and consideration drives a 1% increase in sales. While it might be easy to dismiss a single percent as immaterial, a 1% return on sales of $1 billion equates to $10 million, which is far from immaterial.

Upper-funnel marketing efforts also generate an array of ancillary benefits that can drive the efficiency of sales activations. For example, Nielsen recently measured how effective a financial services company’s marketing efforts were at driving sales across approximately 20 markets. At the onset, brand awareness and consideration for the brand varied across the different markets. At the end of the study, Nielsen found that the correlation between the upper funnel brand metrics and marketing efficiency was exceptionally strong (0.73). Accordingly, brands may find it worthwhile to build equity not only for the direct benefits to sales, but also for the indirect benefit coming from improving the efficiency of activation efforts.

In addition to the established benefits of brand building, long-term marketing efforts are growing increasingly important as traditional sources of brand equity are eroding. It’s easy to forget, for example, that visibility on a store shelf or on a physical sign provides a notable amount of brand equity. Brand owners may take these for granted, but that becomes a risky proposition when we consider that fewer people are shopping in physical stores and traveling past them. So when it comes down to it, staying top-of-mind with consumers could be the difference maker when a sale is at stake. In fact, Nielsen data shows that marketing accounts for 10%-35% of a brand’s equity.

The impact of equity loss is reflected in the differences in brand retention and the trial rates across traditional and digital channels. For example, in the U.S. consumer packaged goods (CPG) market, consumers say that 4.3% of their brick-and-mortar purchases involve a brand they had not purchased before, according to Nielsen Commspoint. For online purchases, the metric jumps to 12.1%. The increased rate of new brand purchase is entirely at the expense of brands that consumers use regularly.

This increased pressure on non-marketing sources of equity elevates the importance of marketing in preserving a brand’s health.

There is never a good time to stop advertising, but the need to drive awareness has never been more important for brands. Conversion-oriented marketing is appealing because it drives sales in this quarter, and the immediate gratification carries weight. But long-term business success requires more than repeat business among existing customers. And that’s why marketers should focus their efforts to ensure they insert a balanced share of voice in both their upper- and lower-funnel messaging.


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