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Embarks on a new era of honouring the best of storytelling and fine performances

The unique awards show will present 30 categories ranging in various sections of comedy, drama, web-original and critics’ choice for both web series and web films

OTT platforms have become one of the staple mediums of entertainment for digital India. Further proliferated by the pandemic induced lockdown, the platforms with bold, gripping and innovative narratives have captured the hearts and attention of millions across the country. Following the soaring rise of the industry and with an aim to serve its audiences with all things entertainment, Filmfare embarks on the next journey of celebrating excellence and honouring talent with its beau ideal. Extending the honour of bestowing the Black Lady to the best of the Indian streaming industry, India’s leading entertainment brand introduces the first-ever edition of Filmfare OTT Awards in association with Flyx as its title partner. Having lauded and recognized cinematic brilliance of the mainstream film industry with the prestigious Filmfare Awards for over six decades, the announcement sees the brand take forward its legacy on the digital entertainment space for the very first time.

Speaking on the marquee announcement, Mr Deepak Lamba, CEO, Worldwide Media said, “It’s been exciting to see the remarkable rise of the streaming industry in our country over the past few years. With the exponential rise in adoption of digital consumption of content, the OTT platforms in India have become an important and critical platform for audiences and content producers alike. Filmfare has played an instrumental role over the last 6 decades in recognizing cinematic brilliance at its finest, and we believe that the launch of the Flyx Filmfare OTT awards was the right step in keeping up with our objective of recognizing the best of entertainment content and talent. The ascendancy of the OTT industry is a new chapter for India’s entertainment industry, and we along with the Black Lady are here to celebrate it.”

Sharing his thoughts about the very-first Filmfare OTT awards, Jitesh Pillaai, Editor, Filmfare said, “While it’s been a year to remember, it’s also been one with many firsts for Filmfare. The start of the year saw the prestigious Filmfare Awards being held outside Mumbai for the first time in 64 years. The end of the year will mark another milestone moment for us as we celebrate the finest in the OTT industry. One can only marvel at how the OTT space has been brimming with innovative and gripping narratives, riveting characters and new talented actors breathing life into these tales. This year, the idea of extending the legacy of Filmfare Awards to streaming platforms seeks to recognize and thank the best of content creators and artistes who have given us constant entertainment even during these trying times.’’

Sharing his thoughts about the collaboration with Filmfare, Mr. Shashank Singh, CEO & Co-founder, Flyx said, “We at Flyx are super excited to partner with Filmfare on this exciting journey, this is a historic moment for the Indian streaming industry. Filmfare has a strong legacy and Flyx brings modern age technology to digital entertainment. Flyx is a fast-growing community of movie and show lovers who love to share their excitement and enthusiasm with their friends and family. With streaming wars at its peak, Flyx helps you to find the best content that you will absolutely love.”

With Filmfare and Flyx coming together, honour your favourite stars, movies and shows by voting in this historic event. The Flyx Filmfare OTT Awards will put up entries received from various OTT platforms for voting, starting 23rd November 2020. Fans can vote for their favourite shows and actors from across 18 categories. Audience can log on to Filmfare.com and Flyx app to cast their vote.

Incremental 6.9 million Net Subscriber Additions in last Six Months

Eros STX Global Corporation, a global entertainment company, announced that Eros Now, a leading digital OTT South Asian entertainment platform owned by ErosSTX, has reached 36.2 million paid subscribers and 211.5 million registered users worldwide as of September 30, 2020. This represents 6.9 million net new paid subscriber additions over the past six months.

This subscriber growth has been powered by our investment in technology and our larger partnership with Microsoft. In a recently completed project, Eros Now uploaded content to a central content repository, built on Microsoft Azure, that can quickly process large volumes of data to distribute to hubs via satellite. Consumers then connect to these hubs to securely download content to their mobile devices without internet connectivity. By using this system, consumers in low connectivity regions can access Eros Now’s rich media content and pay for services in modes they prefer. Enabling video distribution via satellite could be game changing for the OTT business in developing markets like India, South East Asia and Africa where more than 50% of the population has intermittent access to internet and internet video.

Another major attribute of the growing popularity of Eros Now has been the Eros Now Original Series. The recently released and critically acclaimed original series ‘Flesh’, starring Swara Bhaskar, generated the highest ever time spent viewing by Eros Now consumers – more than any other original series launched on Eros Now so far. Overall engagement on the Eros Now platform has increased dramatically so far this year and is approximately double the “pre-lockdown” engagement.

This festive season, starting with Diwali in India, viewers and subscribers have much to celebrate. Around this auspicious occasion, Eros Now has partnered with Paytm, India’s largest mobile wallet provider with a customer base of over a 100 million, to offer 100% cash back to Paytm consumers in India who subscribe to the Eros Now’s monthly pack of Rs. 49 and to unlock, #DilwaliDiwali and enjoy the best of movies, original series and more.

Commenting on the growth, Ali Hussein, CEO- Eros Now, said, “Eros Now’s strategic market expansion and its massive content library has resulted in phenomenal growth in 2020, a year which is witnessing unequalled digital disruption. We at Eros Now are committed to cater to the increasing global demand for online video streaming and play a pivotal role in the evolving dynamics of the SVOD ecosystem. We are continuously mapping the scope for growth in the OTT market to re-establish our leadership position globally.”

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Wanna Talk About It?

Entertainment can have a profound impact on people, sparking conversations that are sometimes tough, whether it’s about mental health, sexual orientation or sexual violence. It’s why creators and Netflix often work with independent experts to ensure our stories are authentic, and that we offer members support if they need it.

Wannatalkaboutit.com is a site we launched this summer to address topics ranging from sexual violence, abuse, mental health and well-being to self-harm to suicide. It complements our films and series - providing people with information, videos, downloadable guides and nonprofit helplines. We built the site - which is available in 26 languages - in conjunction with 150 organizations from 45 different countries including Mental Health America, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, RAINN, The Trevor Project and Crisis Text Line in the U.S.; Consejo Ciudadano in Mexico; and Pavena Foundation for Women & Children in Thailand.

These organizations are all experts in their fields and long-term partners for Netflix. Earlier this year, for example, a number of them took part in a series of live Q&As with Netflix stars to discuss how you can stay mentally healthy during a global pandemic. These are important conversations so if you’re struggling, or you know someone who is, remember there’s always help out there. As these experts have taught us, it helps to talk about it.

Election Night (11/3) broke records on Hulu and ranked as the most watched event ever on Hulu + Live TV with over 65% of our overall Hulu + Live TV subscribers tuning in.

Hulu’s continued efforts around Election 2020 included opening access to live election coverage — for both the debates and Election Night — to viewers on the Hulu and Hulu (No Ads) plans at no additional cost as well as enabling a test of Hulu Watch Party for ABC News’ “Election 2020” live coverage.

Here are some additional trends we saw on Hulu throughout the full 5 days of Election Night coverage (“Election Week,” 11/3-11/7):

Hulu opened up live Election Night coverage to its Hulu on-demand-only subscribers via ABC News Live. In doing so, 70% of Hulu’s total Election Night viewers were Hulu + Live TV subs and 30% were viewers on the Hulu and Hulu (No Ads) plans.

Throughout Election Week, Hulu saw nearly 5 million Hulu subscribers tuning in to live news coverage, with subscribers watching for on average over 7 hours.

Throughout Election Week, viewers from the key battleground states of Georgia and Pennsylvania were the most engaged compared to the rest of our viewers, watching for an average of nearly 8 hours.
On the day the election was called (11/7), subscribers in Georgia and Pennsylvania also had the highest engagement with Hulu overall.

Throughout Election Week, subscribers that watched election coverage supplemented their news watching with adult animation titles like Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers, as well as catching up on the always exciting season of The Bachelorette.

Source: Hulu Internal Data Nov. 2020

WPP and Anzu, an adtech startup specializing in integrating advertising into video games, today announced a partnership aimed at bringing commonly accepted advertising standards to the esports and gaming space.

These standards, which include ad viewability and brand lift measurement, fraud detection and user privacy protection, are widely applied in digital advertising and will now be available for in-game advertisers.

Responding to the accelerated popularization of gaming largely due to COVID-19, and the increased frustration from brands at the lack of universal standards for in-game advertising, this first-of-its-kind collaboration will make in-game advertising as simple and accessible as other commonly used channels and help to build advertiser confidence in the value of in-game media by using the technologies they trust.

WPP and its agencies will utilize Anzu’s in-game programmatic technology to reach gamers across all gaming platforms. These platforms include mobile, PC and console, seamlessly integrating advertising into new environments without affecting gameplay. The partnership also encompasses an in-game advertising solution for esports tournaments, reaching gamers outside the home.

WPP and Anzu are helping propel in-game advertising towards becoming a mainstream digital media channel and a top choice for brands interested in reaching the estimated three billion gamers worldwide. Advertisers will be able to track, report and audit viewable impressions in real-time, and adtech vendors will also be integrated in-game.

Mark Read, CEO of WPP, said: “The pandemic has accelerated many trends, including the demand for in-game advertising. Delivering these new standards is a big step in bringing gaming and esports to the forefront of mainstream digital media channels. It also supports the wider gaming ecosystem by increasing monetization opportunities for developers and enabling more games to be made.”

Itamar Benedy, Co-Founder & CEO of Anzu, said: “This partnership builds confidence in the value of in-game media, as marketers will be able to engage with an audience of over three billion gamers worldwide. Anzu in-game campaigns are scalable, measurable, and demonstrate the kind of multi-touchpoint campaigns brands are looking to launch.”

The announcement follows WPP’s 2019 investment in Anzu’s Series A round of funding.

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