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India.com Reaches Premium Indian Audiences Through Outbrain

India.com is India’s third largest online publisher. Founded in 2011, this network of sites has rapidly grown to over 50 million unique monthly visitors as well as gained a massive audience of 1.5 million Facebook fans and over 120 million views on YouTube every month.

The India.com network also includes Thehealthside.com, India’s number one health site, Bollywoodlife.com, the number one Bollywood portal, Cricketcountry.com, number three cricket site, DNAindia.com the number two news site, and several others. Continuing to scale the distribution of their content to the right audiences is a major priority for this burgeoning network of publications.

Audience growth while increasing reader trust

Publishers, such as India.com, are at the heart of content marketing. Their continuous creation of quality content allows them to reach new users, keep them informed, and tailor their content to different audience segments based on the information they subscribe to and engage with.

A strong commitment to quality content requires the alignment of that content to the right audiences on other premium publications. While traditional online channels, such as search, social, affiliate, and display, have enabled audience growth at a relatively low cost, they lack the brand integrity that is transferred when readers discover content on other strong brand publications.

Outbrain has partnerships with the largest and most premium online publishers in India. Our network includes the likes of Indian Express, The Hindu, Network18, as well as global brands like CNN, TIME, ESPN, and thousands more.

Trust translated to engagement

India.com’s decision to work with Outbrain to scale the distribution of their content allowed them to grow an audience of loyal and trusting readers. Engagement is a key indicator of how much each reader trusts the content that appears as recommendations ‘FROM AROUND THE WEB’ across our network of publishers.

India.com CEO Sandeep Amar described our relationship this way:

With a single dashboard India.com is able to monitor the quality of traffic driven by each publisher and optimize their spending towards the most engaged sources.

Users that bring long term value

Today’s publishers have started shifting their focus from getting users at the cheapest possible cost, to getting highly engaged users who can give them long term value. India.com results with Outbrain reflect how our solution fits perfectly into this changing landscape.


Written by Sandeep Balani, Director of Business Development for Outbrain in India

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