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Fan Clubs And Communities Are Creating Waves In Social Media

We have often seen film stars and their influencing capabilities given the kind of fan following they have, through them there have been many unofficial fan clubs that ensures that the voice of the fans are heard and they are the ones who create the maximum impact on reach by any means in the social space.

Whether it is Twitter Or Facebook, stars and following are something that creates an aura that is irreversible. This indeed is not stopping with celebrities alone, we have seen Apple, XBOX, MI in China and host of other brands who have dedicated fan following and consumers become the voice of the brand. At times this is directly attributed to Guerilla Marketing however when the ownership is resting with an individual then clearly it is the consumer who becomes the vehicle of propaganda for the brand and word of mouth becomes a huge contributor in increasing awareness, which in turn converts to sales. This when socially pushed becomes a platform for not just sharing information but at times becomes a vehicle for problem solving and grievances.

India has witnessed a lot of handles in Twitter, the first of it’s kind came up with IPL, where “FAKE IPL Player” gave inside information, which went far beyond what a common man can know however it added to the massive franchisee of the brand IPL and to many this account on Twitter became even more resourceful given the kind of information that was getting out in the open, which were all true but was never directly confirmed by the IPL.

Likewise there is a huge Apple Fan Boys Club, There is an Xiaomi MI Club and a bunch of other internationally however what has taken the social media by storm is the quick information along with clear support given on Jio by one Twitter Handle @JioFanClub.

This handle is not an official handle however has all the information and is faster in resolving the issues around Jio Preview Offer or any of the service provider’s app ecosystem. It has garnered over a 1000 followers and doing highly engaging conversations around Jio. This seems to be the first of it’s kind for a brand, which is not even commercially active except for having given the preview offers to it’s employees and people who buy LYF Phones along with a few select Samsung Phones.

This handle @JioFanClub on Twitter is growing in popularity and is infact becoming the voice of the consumers and also has become the Go-To channel online for everything Jio. Such is the noise now, can’t imagine how things will shape up as it launches it commercial operations.

Fan Clubs are the new paradigm of marketing and indeed Jio seems to have garnered a lot of them through their Preview Offers.

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