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Planet Marathi is breaking ground by innovating the traditional

Are we still living under the impression that regions make a nation and nations make the world? With technology penetration, the story is different in India, region is the world. Our country is known for its diverse heritage and we Indians take pride in our miscellany. Today, India’s rich culture is taking a backseat and newer traditions are emerging. This gives us more the reason to break with this folly and start re-inventing our old traditions and get embraced in this evolving era.

A unique digital platform that is trying to entice the audience with its modern means and a traditional core is Planet Marathi. It is a one of a kind planet amidst a galaxy of stars. Reaching out to people to embrace their traditions with a variety of productions and new initiatives. It is known for producing some of the best Marathi infotainment, keeping the audience abreast with the latest on goings and entertainment shots.

The Indian digital audience is thriving, with an increased availability of smartphones and reduction in internet costs the number of people accessing regional content on social media has blown up to an overwhelming volume.

Major social Media giants like Facebook and Twitter are focusing on India as their most important market today. Increased digital penetration and the influx of consumers has made regional content to take over the widely spoken languages like Hindi and English in India. While major cities continue to consume English content, regional languages have proclaimed their dominance with an exponential growth in native language content.

According to an infographic released by Time Internet India, regional language content consumption in India is not just restricted to their native cities and states but countrywide. Marathi content is being consumed in all the major metros and mini metros.

With an overwhelming response by not only the Marathi ‘manoos’ but non-Marathi speaking folks, Planet Marathi is all set to reach newer heights this year, confirms the brain behind this magnum opus- Akshay Vilas Bardapurkar, Founder Planet Marathi.

He further states that, “We began by having just a few shows which are very popular on our platform now. We have kept it very simple till now, so that anyone who watches it feels like sharing it with others and enjoying it with his family and friends. We take pride in the fact that we don’t engage with controversies to sell our content. In future we may have shows specific to the age groups to cater to a wider audience. Churning out progressive and massy content is our mantra for now. This year we plan to create a lot of our new IPs like conclaves, world tours, musical events also participation in CSR activities is on the cards, our first ever Marathi digital conclave with the Government of Maharashtra is currently in its planning phase. We will also come up with a franchisee model to take our brand global, we have already set our foot in Australia and Ireland, looking at expanding in the Middle East and USA as well. Our own OTT platform is also underway, and we are now looking out for real crisp content for our app which we will be launching on the 1st of May- The Maharashtra Day. Also, to produce at least 2 Marathi movies in this year is our target. So, all and all a total masala packed 2019 is in store for all of you.

Creating content that is both relevant and valuable to its target audience is at the very heart of the process that rules Planet Marathi. It is constantly appealing to the emotional quotient of the audience by celebrating the regional language and culture.

A latest study by Internet and Mobile Association of India and IMRB International showcases that regional content availability can enhance the growth of internet in India by 24%. Out of 70,000 newspapers that are consumed every day in our country around 90% are printed in Hindi or other vernacular languages. Local app distribution platforms are on a rise after realising the importance of regional content.

Planet Marathi is one of the pioneer digital platforms to realise this ascend and build a wonderful community which takes pride in their originality and roots.

So, when are you stopping by to experience this creative and one of its kind YouTube channel?

See you soon!

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