25 May 2020 22:52


Hip Hip HERray – Calling all Women Storytellers to Break the Celluloid Celling!

Newly launched digital content studio dedicated to ‘by women’ web series & films.

It’s going to be a Hip Hip HERray time for women storytellers in India. Those looking to break the celluloid ceiling and showcase their talent can now turn to Hip Hip HERray Studios, the newly launched , India’s first digital content studio dedicated to ‘by women’ web series & films. An OTT content development & production boutique, the studio aims to produce short and long form online series and films, creatively helmed by women storytellers. It hopes to be the go-to place for all women story tellers, with a view to promote ‘Her’ gaze across varied genres - crime, thriller, horror, comedy, drama et al.

Says Nina Arora, National Film award & Filmfare award winning screenwriter of "Page 3”, “No matter what the story, it becomes complete only when retold by women! HerStory promises to bring both halves of every narrative together for a fuller, richer & deeper perspective for viewers!”

Says Nidhi Dubey, Country Director of Girl Rising India, “Happy to know Hip Hip HERray aims to build a new engendered narrative that champions equality and meritocracy in entertainment industry”

“For generations women content developers have got a hard deal. Much of their energies have been spent in negotiating a hugely male space. Hip Hip HERay will cut that all out and provide a platform where women can focus solely on their creative genius,” says Mukesh Anand, the Founder & Chief Content Officer- Hip Hip HERray Studios. “We hope to tap into the boundless energy & talent of women storytellers, bringing an untold world to the forefront while creating wealth and value for everyone.”

Content Strategy:

Entertainment for her, him and everyone Hip Hip HERray is committed to EveryonEntertainment – Creating gender-agnostic timeless entertainment aimed at the collective universal Indian and global audience. Collaborating with women from diverse regions of India, and leveraging their storytelling strength, the studio seeks to create a rich and robust pipeline of Hindi and regional fiction & non-fiction content. Creating an ecosystem where women storytellers, writers, directors, editors, DOPs and show runners would be an integral part of the decision-making process.

Currently, the creative team is in the process of shortlisting uniquely original stories that are rooted in universal truth and emotions. The timeless, purpose-driven content that Indian consumers are willing to pay for. Apart from Hindi shows, the studio will also create regional original content, as small towns are the heart of India’s thriving online video-content space. A recent study suggests that regional content has grown to account for 40% of overall content consumption in India. The studio has developed an innovative & unique content selection methodology to identify and curate content in a meaningful way.

Prominent names from the Media & Entertainment industry have come on board as well- wishers in this endeavour. https://www.hiphipherraystudios.com/her-well-wishers

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