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Capabilities demonstrate the agency’s diverse expertise to meet the needs of clients in today’s modern marketing communications world

Ogilvy announced today key appointments to its capability leadership team in the Asia-Pacific region as a next step in the agency’s transformation journey.

While Ogilvy operates now as a fully integrated business centered around client needs, developing and nurturing key specialist skills is the role of Capability Leaders. These leaders have the modern marketing skills to meet the changing needs of clients, and demonstrate the depth and breadth of the expertise that exemplifies the new Ogilvy.

“Today, brands are facing unprecedented change and we must continue to evolve to meet their needs”, said Kent Wertime, Co-Chief Executive, Ogilvy Asia. “This core group of leaders reflects the diversity of Ogilvy’s offering and expertise, which is brought together holistically as innovative, integrated solutions that build our clients’ brands.”

Ogilvy’s six core global capabilities are: Brand Strategy, Advertising, Customer Engagement and Commerce, PR and Influence, Digital Transformation, and Partnerships.

The new appointments in Asia are as follows:

Giri Jadhav has been announced as the head of Advertising in Asia. Jadhav is a long-term Ogilvy veteran who started with the network in India, and has held various regional positions based out of Singapore – most recently heading the agency’s global client portfolio in the region. Jadhav will take on the important role of driving the evolution of the Advertising offering in a digital and content driven world. He will continue to be based in Singapore.

Sheilen Rathod is taking on the leadership of Ogilvy’s Customer Experience and Commerce capabilities across Asia. This extends from his current China role in charge of this capability area. These services continue to build upon Ogilvy’s long history of data driven one-to-one marketing services. This includes the fast-growing area of commerce and user experience marketing. Rathod is also an Ogilvy veteran, who has previously worked in Hong Kong before moving to his current posting in China. He now takes on this regional position based in Shanghai.

Ali Kazmi will head Ogilvy’s Partnerships in Asia – also an extension of his current role in China. Over the past several years, Ogilvy has developed critical relationships with a host of partners – particularly digital platforms in China (like Alibaba, and Tencent), international partners (such as Facebook, Google, and Adobe), and Asian homegrown platforms and partners. Kazmi’s role will be to build these and other partnerships and assure that clients have access to deep platform knowledge. He will take on this regional position from Shanghai.

Andrew Thomas will be taking on an increased role in developing Ogilvy’s PR and Influence offerings in the ASEAN markets. PR and Influence services also constitute a significant business for Ogilvy in Asia, and Ogilvy was recognized in last year’s Sabre awards as Asia’s leading PR Consultancy. Thomas will continue to be based in Singapore.

Jadhav, Rathod, Kazmi, and Thomas will join Ogilvy’s capability leadership already in place in the region led by Scott Kronick (PR and Influence), Benoit Wiesser (Brand Strategy), and Jerry Smith (Digital Transformation).

Digital Transformation in Asia entails enterprise level Digital Strategy, and Marketing Automation. Smith will also continue to oversee Ogilvy’s specialist digital agencies such as Verticurl, ARBA, and Pennywise; in addition to maintaining his Chief Operations Officer role for Ogilvy Asia, and his position as Chairman of Ogilvy Consulting in Asia.

“As we look to the new year, Kent and I look forward to partnering with our renewed capability leadership team to continue to meet the changing needs of our clients while also developing a pipeline of talent with the modern marketing skills needed to take Ogilvy into the future” added Chris Reitermann, Co-Chief Executive, Ogilvy Asia.

News18 India, Network18’s general Hindi news channel, recently launched a campaign with a humorous and quirky film to drive home its leadership position in the crucial primetime band in the highly competitive Hindi TV news segment.

Conceptualised by RK Swamy BBDO and directed by Rajesh Saathi, the film opens in a police interrogation room. A witness is being questioned. A seemingly stern cop, accompanied by two constables, asks the man about his whereabouts from 6 to 11 PM in the evening. Scared of the cops, the protagonist says that he was at home watching News18 India. When the cops don’t believe him, he re-iterates that he really was watching the channel. As the situation evolves a superior officer chips in to state that the entire nation watches News18India at that time and hence the person being quizzed is indeed stating the truth.

Commenting on the campaign, Rahul Kansal, Group Brand Advisor, Network18 said, “Over the past couple of years, there has been a surfeit of messages from media brands, claiming leadership. The format of the communication tends to be quite similar: screaming headlines, graphs showing research data etc. Over time, this communication seems to be working less and less, especially amongst over-communicated-to media and marketing professionals. We decided to present News18 India’s leadership story in a cut-through way, using humour and entertainment, instead of brute hard-sell. It seems to have worked well.”

The channel’s current campaign has an on-ground leg as well with extensive branding across 25 agencies in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore targeting advertisers and media planners with the unambiguous message that clearly positions News18 India as India’s Number one Hindi news channel.

Friday, 18 January 2019 00:00

Do We Really Need to Bash the Gillette Ad?

‘Be Friendly’, ‘Respect Women’, ‘Don’t Fight’, ‘Be Kind to Others’, ‘Don’t Bully Others’ and ‘Spread Love’ are some of the first moral lessons every boy and girl gets at home, school, and religious places. These lessons are meant to make us better human beings such that we help make world a better place.

As we grow up, we also learn a few other lessons that help us in coining a judgement about others such as ‘How to treat people who are weaker than us’, ‘How to treat the ones who are stronger than us’, ‘How to pretend/impose seniority’, ‘How to bully others with hands or words’, ‘How to only look at own interest and leave others’, or ‘How individual good is more important than greater good’. We learn these lessons not necessarily by choice but forcibly (most of the times we don’t even realize learning them) to keep our heads high or prevent self-esteem in a cut-throat environment.

Today, we hear a lot about several disturbing subjects such as #MeToo, Gender Bias, Sexual Assault, Bullying, Workplace Trauma, and Rapes which affect us. If we dig a bit deeper into these issues, most of them percolate from a single point agenda of establishing superiority over another person. The worst part is that the perpetrator does not even care.

Now, Gillette released its latest campaign putting all these issues at the centre of it and that made a lot of people angry. But, why are people angry about it? I believe there are a few reasons why people could get angry – ‘How can a Corporate Brand talk about the reality of life?’, ‘A brand does not have the right to take away my liberty of assaulting people or imposing my superiority’, ‘A brand should stay away from complex and controversial subjects, focus only on selling’, ‘What Right Does a brand have to ask me to change my ways of life (adapting correct way of life)’, ‘Brand is just cashing on a trend or Why doing it now, where were you all this while’, ‘Brands can’t show me a mirror about my character sketch’.

The new Gillette ad has evoked very similar sentiments. It asks people to stop laughing at sexist jokes, stop bullying, stop harassing women, and be the change they really want to see in the world. It simply urges people (who have not been following this practice) to be on high moral ground and make world a safer place for everyone.

Now what is wrong in asking all this. Is this not good positioning? Will this not sell products? Will it not generate social conversations? Will it not inspire other brands to take up responsible advertising?


I have grown up seeing the Gillette’s ad tagline ‘The Best a Man Can Get’ with a beautiful girl sliding hands on the cheeks of a masculine guy and finding it to be very smooth. The films have done well for the brands but in this day and age, consumers want the brands to stand for something. And, I think Gillette has very cleverly chosen it. There seems to be nothing off with the positioning of the new ad. The tag line ‘The Best a Man Can Get’ still stands tall as the brand is challenging men to be ‘the best’. The ad is challenging them to change their ways of dealing with situations in a better way (not if they are already on the right track) and in no way attacking men or masculinity. Do we criticize or troll the people who ask us to do the right thing or change our ways of life for better? If not, then why attack Gillette?

Taking a High Moral Ground

There is no right time for taking a high moral ground and saying that we stand for it. People will ask why a brand is doing this now and it will be a legitimate question. The brand may not have an appropriate answer but I think its ok if there is a long-term vision attached to it. Gillette has done it and there is no going back now. However, if the plan is just to cash in on a #MeToo trend, then the brand should be prepared for a severe backlash going forward. I hope the Gillette’s marketing team is listening. They can take a learning from Tata Tea ads ‘Jaago Re’ in India on how a tea brand has taken a high moral ground for over a decade and has been following the practice ever since. Had they done something of this sort, people would have accepted it because it has been their ways of doing things.

Impact Gained

The new ad has gained the attention of people. The film has been able to evoke a reaction, people are either liking it or trashing it. So, there is no dearth of attention or social conversations. Today, Gillette is trending on Twitter, Facebook and across online sites. People are either praising the brand or boycotting it but they are engaging with it.

Responsible Advertising

Most of the ads that we see are about a product with a celeb dancing around it. While brands across all categories try to break clutter, be relevant but like to play safe by keeping it around the product and not pushing the creative boundaries. One should give full marks to Gillette for atleast trying to push the envelope. Can you remember how many brands have to tried to do the same thing. I am sure the number is very small.

Will it Decline Sales?

No brand can always get its marketing strategy right. There are some days when it gets trolled or have to pull back. However, it does not necessarily mean that sales will fall and consumer will stop buying the product. When people are at stores, they remember the quality of the product and not ad (especially if they have used the product before) and the latter does not form a base in the intent of purchase.

I believe the new ad film has opened countless opportunities because if a brand like Gillette can risk it, then smaller brands can definitely take such risks and move towards responsible advertising.

Written by Devesh Gupta, Head of Corporate Communications, DCMN India.

(The views and opinion expressed are completely of the author's. He enjoys reading about marketing and brands, and is still learning about them everyday.)

Unveils four brand films on the three most critical financial situations in every man’s life - Tax saving, Investments, and Loans

Set to go live across India on news, movies & sports TV channels as well as OTT platforms

While the new year is supposed to bring with it new beginnings, this is also the time of the year when people scurry to produce investment declarations for tax savings. Nonetheless, this year people can relax as India’s highest rated free app for investments, loans and expense management, ETMONEY has unveiled its first TV campaign that focuses on three critical financial solutions to solve every individual’s financial needs - tax-savings, investment, and loans.

Through its latest campaign, ETMONEY not only encourages people to make smarter choices, it also offers them something extra. The campaign, conceptualized by DAIKO FHO and produced by Cellardoor in partnership with the Times Internet marketing team led by COO Santosh Navlani, has four different ads that reveal the length and breadth of the solutions offered.

Santosh Navlani, COO - ETMONEY said, “We started ETMONEY with a mission to simplify the financial journey for new-age Indians. Everything we build is with the singular goal of offering pointed solutions geared towards their financial needs. In our latest campaign, we have focused on the three most critical financial situations in every individual’s life - Tax saving, Investments and Loans and how ETMONEY enables them to make smart choices. I am confident this campaign will introduce smart personal financing to a wider audience and contribute towards further strengthening our position as the most loved personal finance app in the country.”

Rajesh Aggarwal, Founder & CEO - DAIKO FHO said, “Fintech communication in today’s day and age must be informative yet easy to grasp as the segment is penetrating deeper into Indian society. Working on this campaign gave us the opportunity to experiment with the traditional format and create communication that’s a fine blend of both financial insights as well as engaging storytelling that will inform & educate the audience in a simple and relatable manner. This campaign would certainly catapult ETMONEY to the next level in terms of brand recall.”

The campaign’s brand films revolve around relatable slices of life situations that delineate how people are ignorant of or get hassled by financial and investment related decisions and how ETMONEY comes as a smart saviour and enables them to overcome the problem in an easy and intelligent way. The films use quirky double roles for poignant humor and the brand and the specific product is revealed in an interesting manner.

The launch film reveals how people can earn extra on their tax saving investments, and how ETMONEY with its innovative tax solutions can help people save tax while earning extra returns on their tax-saving mutual fund investments. In another film, the company tries to make consumers aware about how they can earn extra by investing in zero commission direct mutual funds on its platform. The seemingly small commission is saved by investing directly and becomes a sizeable amount over a period of time. In the final film, ETMONEY highlights how it can bail you out of tight spots with its instant loan options that you can avail anytime with a seamless one-time paperless approval.

The ETMONEY campaign is a national campaign that will be played on TV and OTT platforms.

Credit roll:

Shivanand Mohanty, Creative Partner, DAIKO FHO

Biraj Banerjee, ECD, DAIKO FHO

Devdas R Nair Creative Director, DAIKO FHO

Amit Dabral, General Manager, Digital DAIKO FHO

Anisha Mann, Group Account Manager, DAIKO FHO

Chandy Mohapatra, Senior VP, Digital and Advertising, DAIKO FHO

Rishav Rastogi –Director of TVC - Cellardoor

Sourav Bangotra – Cellardoor

Thursday, 17 January 2019 00:00

Media Predictions for AI, Voice and more

Connected intelligence is leading the way in transforming media, and we asked some of our global experts across Kantar to create 12 lively predictions for 2019.

They are intended to be useful and practical, not grand airy-fairy concepts. We want to help marketers and agencies tackle their media and effectiveness challenges head on.

The Media Predictions report outlines 12 key trends that will transform the next year in media. Exploring advances from augmented reality, through gender portrayal to vertical video, the predictions are:

Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will resolve the integrated online/offline return on marketing investment dilemma.

Voice technology will breakthrough in creative planning and the marketing mix.

Chinese leadership in social media and social media analytics will be ‘fast-followed’ by the west.

The emergence of the ‘branded experience network’ will transform media management in to ‘internet of everything’ management.

Brands will start to take the portrayal of women in advertising seriously.

Amazon will emerge from the advertising world ‘shadows’ to make the duopoly an triopoly.

Vertical video will lead the way in creativity.

The big screen will make a comeback, bigger and better than before.

Attitudinal insights combined with predictive modelling will make programmatic buying more agile and accurate.

Influencer marketing strategies will pivot to prioritise credibility ahead of reach.

GDPR compliance will drive more sophistication in brand data strategies.

Augmented Reality (AR) will start to shape both the consumer journey and customer experience.

A few themes have emerged:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) infuses everything: but it’s not enough on its own. Combined with consumer understanding and analytics, AI can support the charge to measure and prove ROI for marketers. It can also support marketing automation and could lead to a more intelligent type of targeting, using attitudinal and behavioural data.

Looking at ‘old’ things in new ways: the big TV screen is making a comeback, but more connected than ever before, leading to new opportunities for media and effectiveness measurement. Another example is influencers: the more well-known ones may be on the wane, but the rise of micro-influencers and proving their trust and value will be on the increase. And in China, influencers (Key Opinion Leaders) are being validated using blockchain, and there are even emerging virtual social media characters.

Reassess your views: Amazon is becoming a more dominant force in advertising, brands will start to use voice and AR with more than experimentation in mind and will also start to consider branded experiences as part of their marketing. And finally, we can only hope that more brands will take the portrayal of women more seriously in 2019.


Written by Jane Ostler,Global Media Domain Lead, Insights Division at Kantar

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