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Rooter maps behavioural data of Indian football fans to reveal interesting insights; football hubs Bengal & Kerala no longer support only big guns such as Brazil and Argentina

Data maps behaviour of more than 2 lakh football fans on Rooter over the last 25 days

As we near the end of the month-long greatest show on Earth, Rooter, the first-of-its-kind live social sports engagement platform, has captured data on the behaviour of more than 2 lakh football fans across India. The insights generated reveal a lot of interesting information on the country’s changing preferences as far as the game goes. The platform, which has endeared itself to sports enthusiasts across the country thanks to its innovative live sports fantasy gaming and other features, has captured and analyzed a huge amount of data from the massive user engagement it has managed to generate in the last 25 days, during the ongoing Football World Cup.

The data on Rooter maps user behaviour of nearly a million sports fans on board, across 8 different sports in India thereby making it the most reliable source of sports trends in the country. The behavioural data insights on football have indicated that India’s biggest footballing hubs-Bengal and Kerala-are slowly but surely breaking away from their almost fanatical and exclusive support for footballing giants Argentina and Brazil and have become much more accepting of other teams as potential title contenders. This conclusion is corroborated by the fact that Rooter’s app launches registered 21% less traction during Brazil's matches & 33.3% less during Argentina's compared to England's matches in West Bengal. Furthermore, the passion for football is growing significantly among other states, with Maharashtra emerging particularly prominently as a big footballing market.

The report further underlines the popularity of Lionel Messi over Cristiano Ronaldo in India, with Messi emerging as Indian football fans’ most favorite player to be picked during Rooter’s Live Fantasy game. He is followed by Neymar Jr. and Ronaldo, with Brazilian attacking midfielder Philippe Coutinho and English striker Harry Kane rounding off the list.

Commenting on the trends, Piyush, Founder & CEO, Rooter said, “For almost a month now, Indian football fans have followed their favorite players and teams most passionately. We have witnessed unparalleled growth in our engagement and app-interaction levels over the past few weeks. This puts us in a solid position to collate some of the trends noticed during this period, and it is extremely heartening to see football enthusiasts emerge from states such as Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Telangana. The trends mapped, much like FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, have offered a few highly unpredictable results, which overall, make the growth of the beautiful game all the more exciting in India!”

The report has detailed the top 5 players for each position on Rooter, which are as follows-

1. Goalkeeper – Kasper Schmeichel, Danijel Subašić, Guillermo Ochoa, David Ospina, Thibault Courtois

2. Striker - Neymar, Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eden Hazard, Lionel Messi

3. Midfielder - Isco, Philippe Coutinho, Toni Kroos, Granit Xhaka, Luka Modric

4. Defender – Jordi Alba, Yuto Nagatomo, Marcus Rojo, Mario Figueira Fernandes, Kyle Walker.

Ed Stafford: Left for Dead is an epic new adventure series, premiering on Discovery Channel this Saturday, July 14th at 7 pm Sat-Sun, that follows explorer and adventurer Ed Stafford in his attempt to escape from some of our planet's most extreme environments.

On the move without food, it takes just 10 days for the human body to start to shut down. So, that’s how long Ed is giving himself to escape the subtropical forests, parched deserts and desolate mountains that await him.

Using only natural navigation, Ed relies on his wits and survival skills to make split-second decisions as he travels without basic survival gear. With just his camera kit to document each journey, he has no map, compass, knife, camping equipment, food or water – pushing the limits of human endurance on the move. He must rely on instinct and his will to live to combat hunger, thirst, fatigue and life-threatening obstacles. The challenges that Ed faces are in fact so dangerous that an expert rescue team tracks him from afar – ready to venture out to retrieve him at a moment’s notice. However, the distance between Ed and his emergency crew means that certain situations could still prove perilous for Ed, given the risk that they arrive too late.

In this new series, Ed proves that survival is more than just a test of physical strength – it takes mental agility and unyielding determination to make it out alive. Watch as he takes on Bolivia’s Atacama Desert, Panama’s Darien Gap, the Asian forests of Laos and the coastal mangroves of Madagascar, Mongolia’s Altai Mountains and Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains. This is as close to real survival as Ed can get.

Ed Stafford: Left for Dead premieres on 14th July at 7 PM every Sat-Sun only on Discovery Channel

Becomes the most watched News Network in India

Network18’s mighty news network of 20 channels garnered 10.31 per cent of viewership amongst all News networks during the quarter April-June 2018.*

Network18 that owns premium television news brands such as CNBC-TV18, CNN-News18, News18 India, and the vast News18 Network that reached out to 26 states in 15 languages has seen consistent growth in viewers every quarter. Beating the nearest competitor, Zee News Network, it has emerged as the leader in news watching space.

Speaking on the BARC rating, Avinash Kaul, Chief Operating Officer, Network18 said, “The ratings are a testimony of the viewer’s trust in the quality of our journalism, the technology that backs our network, our ability to reach every nook and corner of the country in a language of choice and the superiority of our content. Network18 is fuelled for the future and we aim to increase the viewership share quarter on quarter.”

 * Source: BARC| TG: 15 + | Market: All India

Argentina vs France most watched match with 22 million viewers 

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia continues its strong run for football viewership in India in its fourth week. The tournament that is being telecast live on SONY TEN 2, SONY TEN 3 and SONY ESPN channels and live streamed on SonyLIV app & website, garnered over 192 million viewers across 58 matches played until Week 4 of the tournament.

Key Viewership Highlights for 58 matches of the tournament (SPN Sports Channels + Sony LIV)

The total cumulative reach of the tournament on our network is 192.7 million viewers.

(BARC, All India, CS2+, LIVE matches + wraparound shows + highlights + repeats + surround programming of FIFA World Cup, SPN Sports Network, SonyLIV)

150.7 million viewers watched the World Cup on TV and over 42 million viewers live streamed it on SonyLIV app and website

Key Viewership Highlights for 58 matches of the tournament (only SPN Sports Channels)

· The 58 LIVE matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia has been watched by 96.7 million viewers across India on the sports channels of Sony Pictures Networks. The 8-pre-quarter final and 2 quarter final matches telecast in Week 4 have been watched by 57.1 million viewers

(BARC, All India, CS2+, LIVE matches, SPN Sports Network)

63.1 million viewers in rural markets across India have sampled our television coverage of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia – 42% of the overall TV reach

(BARC, All India Rural, CS2+, LIVE matches+wraparound shows+highlights+repeats+surround programming of FIFA World Cup, SPN Sports Network)

Top markets in terms of highest reach for LIVE matches

West Bengal – 20.4 mn
Kerala – 16.9 mn
Maharashtra/ Goa – 10.5 mn
North East – 10.1 mn

The France vs Argentina pre-quarter final has been the most watched game in the tournament till date with 22.2 million viewers tuning in to watch the game

There were three other matches which were sampled by more than 20 million viewers – Brazil vs Mexico, Uruguay vs France and Spain vs Russia (BARC, All India, CS2+, SPN Sports Network)

Local language feeds (Hindi+Malayalam+Bengali+Tamil+Telugu) have contributed to 47% of the overall viewership.

(BARC, All India, CS2+, LIVE matches with local language feed, SPN Sports Network)

Our regional commentary has been well received, with 9.0 million viewers in Kerala sampling Malayalam commentary and 9.2 million viewers in West Bengal sampling Bengali commentary

36.3 million viewers across India have sampled our regional commentary feed (BARC, All India, CS2+, LIVE matches, Sony ESPN)

In our report How Disruption Can Fuel Brand Growth we argue that significant brand growth results when a brand does something different that challenges established category rules or existing brand perceptions. But how does that fit with the need for brands to build consistent memories and brand assets?

Kantar Millward Brown have said for many years that consistency is valuable and important, leading to clarity of what the brand stands for and how it is recognized. But the evidence from BrandZ finds that only 6 percent of brands grow across a three year time frame and those that do achieve that growth by going something disruptive. These apparent contradictions are easily reconciled if we think about brand building as a process that takes place over time.

We are not suggesting that brands should aimlessly try new things just for the sake of being different. It is possible your brand’s point of difference already exists; you just need to make that difference meaningful and salient to more people in order to grow. In which case consistency is important, the brand needs to stay the course and find ways to reach out to new customers.

However, many established brands find themselves well-known but lacking differentiation. In which case, they would benefit from doing something disruptive. But disruption needs to be substantive, something with the potential to be meaningful to many people, and that does not happen very often. Disruption can apply to any aspect of the brand: from go to market strategies, product and experience innovation, pricing strategies and big, new creative ideas. However, it is unlikely your brand will have major new innovations every year.

When you do have something potentially disruptive, you need a ruthless focus on promoting that advantage before competitors can respond. You have to make people are aware of what you have to offer and that it is salient to as many people as possible. If successful your brand will see a step change in market share. But after that, you need to leverage the advantage of consistency to help solidify your position and, if possible, continue to make your marketing even more effective. Growth is still possible but it is more likely to be incremental, if only because competitors will do their best to claw back lost market share.

Our report focuses on disruption because in a world where salience is often perceived to be the only marketing lever available, we wanted to draw attention to the importance of difference as a precursor to growth; but this is not to say that an established brand needs to change everything in order to seize a new opportunity. In order to leverage the benefits of disruption to the full established brands should make their new offer as meaningful and salient as possible and that will mean building on existing brand associations and cues, not starting from scratch.

But what do you think? Is there an inherent contradiction between disruption and consistency?


Written by Nigel Hollis, Executive Vice President and Chief Global Analyst at Kantar Millward Brown.

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