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Zippo Manufacturing Company has announced the appointment of Richard Finlow to the new position of Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. Finlow previously held the position of Senior Vice President of Global Sales. This newly created management role has united the sales and marketing divisions. In his new position, Finlow is set to steer Zippo into its next chapter with this restructure. An important step towards supporting the iconic brand’s global strategic initiatives.

In recent years, Finlow played an active role in enhancing Zippo’s global organizational structure as a key player in the creation of Zippo subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, which provide a strong framework for effective global expansion and successful product diversification. Mark Paup, President and CEO, remarked, “The integration of two divisions under Richard’s lead will forge greater collaboration, consistency and efficiency across the company. In recent years, we cemented our ‘regional – on the ground approach’ to managing the subsidiary markets with the support of future focused leaders like Richard. These steps have improved relations, control and speed of global distribution. I look forward to working with Richard on further impactful initiatives that drive the Zippo brand forward.” In addition to his global sales and marketing duties, Richard is responsible for overseeing Zippo subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, as well as London-based brand communications agency DeVries Global and Texas-based integrated marketing agency McGarrah-Jesse.

Finlow is enthusiastic for the next stage of Zippo’s progression. He further commented, “Zippo is one of America’s most iconic brands and it is a privilege to continue work on a brand with over 86 years of history. I am excited about the diversification of Zippo’s portfolio and to see sales and marketing become truly unified. To keep Zippo relevant, it is our ambition to regularly refresh and carefully consider our position in culture today. With our sales, marketing and innovation teams working together, we have aligned our strategy and resources to continue delivering great quality products.”

Moving into 2018, Zippo has a strategic focus on innovation to continue to build its strong brand equity and deliver solid sales results globally. Zippo continues to venture beyond its cult lighter to give fans new ways to enjoy the brand. With a regional approach to product diversification, the global brand is leveraging local insights and research to define tailored product lines across Europe, Asia and the US. From men’s lifestyle accessories in Europe, and new outdoor products, like the Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer in the USA, Zippo’s American heritage and style serve as a guiding compass as the product portfolio expands.

Acquisition is another global strategic initiative for Zippo in 2018. Paup states, “Zippo has a renewed commitment to acquisition and the continued expansion into new territories allowing us to find brands to bring into the Zippo family and support long-term business growth.”

Content Innovation by Zoom Studios for the finale of Season One creates ripples

The Zoom Studios first series, The Reunion on zoOm styled by Myntra has created a record over the course of its one month run. The smash hit finite series has garnered more than 30 million views across platforms, while being greatly adulated by the viewers and Bollywood brigade alike for its fresh approach to storytelling, relatable characters and stylish direction. This simple yet ground-breaking series immediately struck a chord with fans and took over the internet in no time since its launch. The show garnered critical acclaim as well as millions of views for its refreshing content. Reunion is also one of the few series in India to create a first-of-its-kind content innovation, with a special rendition of Arjun Kanungo & Momina Mustehsan’s song ‘Aaya Na Tu’, which received an overwhelming response.

As a strategic approach, The Reunion was purely marketed on content and the storyline, which successfully resulted in an organic success of the show crossing 30 million views, a remarkable milestone for a new series. The finale episode of Reunion was led by a unique innovation, the rendition of ‘Aaya Na Tu’ that captured the chemistry between Dev and Deva, played by Anuj Sachdeva and Shreya Dhanwanthary. The episode trended on twitter along with conversations on other platforms, where the viewers sentiments and reactions were overwhelming. The finale has been the most successful episode, with many viewers confessing that it was the best series that they have watched.

Not just fans, even the Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan, posted on Instagram that he loved the trailer which received more than 2 million views. Katrina Kaif and Ali Abbas Zafar, too, took to social media to congratulate Karishma Kohli, on her directorial debut. Starring some of the most popular faces on television including Sapna Pabbi, Anuj Sachdeva, Veer Rajwant Singh and Shreya Dhanwanthary, the story has set a benchmark in content uniqueness and engaging storytelling.

Speaking on the series success, Nikhil Gandhi, President, Times Network said, “The Reunion, is only the beginning of a spectacular content line-up from the Zoom Studios and we are delighted with the overwhelming response from our viewers. Zoom's refreshed brand identity reflects real, conversational and multi-lingual entertainment that viewers in India are looking for. Our attempt is to continue to drive conversations that reflect the changing consumption patterns of the youth. We are happy that the new Zoom brings the ‘wow’ factor that engages viewers across platforms”.

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Embracing the Power of Word of Mouth

According to the Nielsen Global Trust In Advertising Survey, 92 percent of people trust recommendations from friends.

That means if you aren't receiving word-of-mouth recommendations for your business, you're missing out on the single most effective and trusted means of attracting new clients.

And despite the prolific influence of social media on modern society, an extensive fact base has been established by marketing researchers that reveals that the vast majority of sharing of information about brands is actually offline, rather than online. While going about our day to day, we engage in many conversations that often lead us to the exchange of ideas regarding brands, products and services - sometimes those recommendations are obvious in our conversations, yet other times extremely subtle. According to research, “more than two-thirds of those conversations we participate in involve a recommendation to buy, consider or avoid a brand.” Therefore as you can see, word-of-mouth communication is a critical part of the consumer decision making process.

Why is word of mouth so powerful in comparison to traditional advertising? I see the two key factors being trust, and consumer targeting.

Trust. Not surprisingly, we trust our friends more than we trust billboards. We know brands pay to place their ads in print, online and broadcast platforms. We are acutely aware that advertorial recommendations are coming from the brand itself. Ads will always provide a glowing product or service review - brands don't provide a fair and balanced review of themselves, the good with the bad. And because ads are just that - ads - we tend to take them with a grain of salt. Our friends, however, will tell it to us straight. They have no ulterior motive to tell us whether they believe a brand is useless, or fantastic, and as a result we’re more likely to take on their recommendation as a genuine, unbiased and accurate. The bottom line is consumers trust fellow consumers, while we highly likely to treat brand-led advertising with caution and scepticism.

Better Targeting. Word of mouth is also a much more targeted form of marketing. For instance if you are selling baby shampoo, in targeting your message at potential customers you might choose to advertise on TV during morning programs when you predict your target consumer is most likely to be watching - you would be operating under the assumption that many women with young babies may be "stay at home" mothers, who watch day time television. Yet while a segment of the audience you actually reach may in fact be in the market for baby shampoo, many may not. Ultimately you cannot accurately predict your viewership, it's more of an educated guess. Word of mouth however, is much more focused. A friend is less likely to pitch to you the technical advantages of their new Macbook Pro unless they know the conversation is somewhat relevant to your interests and lifestyle. Friends and colleagues share common bonds, meaning that if your product appeals to a particular individual, it is likely to also appeal to his or her close network of peers.

So how can you as a brand harness word of mouth and leverage it to your advantage?

1. Start by investing in building relationships with the people that matter most, giving them words to share, and making it easier for them to spread those words for you.

2. Be sure to specifically request referrals from happy customers and client, they will be your best and brightest advocates.

3. Additionally, foster positive word of mouth within your own business network, through suppliers, strategic partners and business associates, to ensure those who understand your brand and share buy-in can also spread positive and accurate messaging within fertile networks where new business opportunities exist.


Written by Medy Navani, Founder & Creative Director of Design Haus Medy

Conceived by India’s leading independent news media platform Newslaundry, and produced by pioneering entertainment and arts company Teamwork Arts, the second edition of news forum,

The Media Rumble is scheduled to take place on August 3 and 4, 2018 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. A specially-curated two-day news forum, The Media Rumble will feature panel discussions, film screenings, talks, interviews, workshops and exclusive masterclasses.

The forum will revolve around the three-sixty degrees of news. Both traditional and new media will be discussed in a programme founded on the key pillars of news: content, technology, economy and policy. The forum will see discussions on various issues pertinent to journalism such as the gender imbalance in newsrooms, the way media reports on women and women’s issues, how technology can be effectively used in newsrooms, whether journalists should become politicians while still holding on to their day jobs, the debate between patriotism and journalism, whether political cinema is possible in today’s India and other topics.

The 2017 inaugural edition was a first-of-its kind coming together of news professionals and news enthusiasts in India bringing together award-winning writers and journalists like Mike Rezendes, Suki Kim, Rob Wjinberg, Sarah Shourd and others.

Commenting on the second edition of the forum, Newslaundry’s Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder, Madhu Trehan said, “This year’s The Media Rumble is bigger and wider in scope. We plan to deal with the noise in the media space by crafting a passage through it. Unless we ask the right questions, how will we get great answers? TMR 2018 takes it to the next level from where we started. With twice as many speakers covering more areas of media, we are excited about the possibilities these conversations will throw up. The medium was the message. Now the message is drowning the medium. Let's listen and talk, then emerge on a clear medium with a message.”

Sanjoy Roy, Managing Director, Teamwork Arts, said, “The Media Rumble is a much-needed forum in these times in order to discuss the numerous issues that confront one of the oldest professions in the world. Today journalists are at the forefront of change and confront danger frequently. To discuss how they negotiate the new world order, The Media Rumble has the best of them coming together to share, discuss and debate their many experiences."

Sudhanshu Vats elevated as Managing Director of Viacom18

The Board of Directors of Network18 Media & Investments Limited (Network18)  has appointed Mr. Rahul Joshi as Managing Director of the Company for a term of three  years with effect from July 9, 2018.

Mr. Rahul Joshi is associated with Network18 Group since September 2015 and is CEO - News & Group Editor in Chief. Rahul has done Masters in Management Studies from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai University. Prior to joining Network18 Group, Rahul worked for more than two decades with Economic Times, where he rose through ranks to quickly become one of India’s youngest editors, and has also worked as its editorial director. He also launched ETNOW and helped shape the digital coverage of ET Online. Rahul has also worked with The Indian Express in the past. Rahul is also on the
board of News Broadcasters Association (NBA).

The Board of TV18 Broadcast Limited (TV18), the news broadcasting arm of Network18, has also decided to appoint Mr. Rahul Joshi as its Managing Director on receipt of necessary regulatory approvals.

The Board of Viacom18 Media Private Limited (Viacom18), the entertainment broadcasting arm of Network18, has decided to appoint Mr. Sudhanshu Vats as its Managing Director on receipt of necessary regulatory approvals. Mr. Sudhanshu Vats is associated with Viacom18 from last six years and is the Group CEO of Viacom18.

Sudhanshu is a Management Graduate from the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad. Prior to joining Viacom18, Sudhanshu spent about 20 years in Hindustan Unilever (Unilever India) where he worked in Sales & Marketing and General Management roles across categories and shaped many popular household brands. Sudhanshu is also Chairman of the National Media and Entertainment Committee of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), Vice President of IBF (Indian Broadcasting Foundation) and Director of BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council).

Adil Zainulbhai, Chairman of Network18 and TV18 said “Both the appointees have tremendous skill and experience and will continue to drive our news and entertainment businesses towards leadership, as we continue to invest in these areas.”


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