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VMLY&R India announced a key hire to kick off 2019, building on its strengths and bolstering talent across key competencies.

Sujay Kar joins the agency as Commerce Group Lead, VMLY&R SEA & India and is an instrumental hire to lead the agency’s growing Commerce Business in the region. Sujay is based out of VMLY&R Mumbai but has remit of leading Commerce Strategy and building both the practice and business across markets in SEA & India.

His recent forays have led to his expertise in Commerce, but having started his career in advertising, Sujay has come full circle. He joins VMLY&R from Reliance Jio, one of India’s largest mobile network operators, where he was Deputy GM- eCommerce, handling Digital Campaigns and Engagement - driving Customer Acquisitions, Engagement, and Retention for Online Products across and Jio Apps, and also across major eCommerce and payment platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and PayTM.

Commenting, co-CEO, VMLY&R Asia, Tripti Lochan said, “We are committed to driving outcomes for our clients. Commerce is a key part of this strategy. Having Sujay to spearhead this core pillar of our services means we are surrounding our clients with the right talent.”

At VMLY&R, Sujay is tasked with expanding the agency’s commerce portfolio, focused on driving revenues for brands and building loyalty along the customer lifecycle for clients. From foundational activities such as building commerce stores for brands on owned websites and market places and optimising traffic and conversions, to enhancing omni-channel experience for customers with the help of data, machine learning and CRM, Sujay leads the team in integrating commerce-thinking into marketing practices.

“These are exciting times for Commerce industry, with brands shifting their focus from user acquisition to building efficient retention models, and reducing costs of operations by driving loyalty. Brands are seeking to improve Sales and ROI by using personalization, driven by data and technology, and VMLY&R comes with the perfect arsenal to solve these challenges” notes Sujay.

“On one hand, VMLY&R solves macro-level challenges of identity and positioning for brands over Commerce platforms, and on the other, uses analytics as a narrative to drive micro-segmentation across multiple communication mediums. VMLY&R is providing not just the audit, strategy and creative, but is able to execute on all pillars to drive home a truly connected brand retail experience. Add it to VMLY&R’s technology expertise, and you are looking at the agency that can help your brand navigate through the next decade, and through AI and IoT led transformation.”

Wavemaker, the media, content, and technology agency from GroupM has won media duties for Acko General Insurance. Wavemaker will manage offline and online media for Acko General Insurance.

Commenting on this Varun Dua, CEO, Acko said, “We are excited to partner with Wavemaker. They bring in years of experience and expertise in building brands. Team Wavemaker impressed us with their approach and on the ground diverse team support. Our focus will be to learn from best practices while driving innovation through multiple experiments across different media avenues and formats of communications.”

Jagjeet Harode, Head of Business, Acko said, “We are delighted to partner with Wavemaker in the journey to create brand Acko. They bring in the required balance of buying expertise and adaptability to support us. Looking forward to some industry first innovations to reach consumers in a more personalised manner.”

Kishan Kumar M S, Vice President, Wavemaker, “Brands like Acko are disrupting categories in which they operate in. In a fast-growing insurance category, they’re the first online-only general insurer in the country. At Wavemaker, we strongly believe that by helping such disruptor brands win, we get better at what we do. I am looking forward applying our media, content and technology expertise on Acko and more importantly keen to create some new codes of brand building in the process.”

Founded in 2016 by Varun Dua, Acko is touted as one of the most promising fin-tech start-ups in the country and has raised more than 42 million in less than two years including a $30 million last year.

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HISTORY TV18 to air “West Meets East”

Witness the cultural and mystical exploration of the Kumbh Mela as HISTORY TV18 airs “WEST MEETS EAST” this March

The documentary tracks the journey of Actor Dominic & his childhood friend Sir James Mallinson on a pilgrimage to northern India for Maha Kumbh Mela.

New Delhi, 1st March’2019; Did you know ‘Kumbh' actually means nectar. Legend has it that in order to restore peace, Lord Brahma advised all the Gods to churn out the nectar of immortality and that this nectar is said to be accessible during the Kumbh Mela. Join actor Dominic West in his visit to the Kumbh to bathe in the River Ganges with his school friend Dr. Jim Mallinson and 30 million other pilgrims this March on HISTORY TV18 Friday 8 PM.

Kumbh Mela has been an inspiration and spiritual journey not just for the Indians but for many westerners as well. The documentary “WEST MEETS EAST” tracks the journey of Mallinson and West as they travel to northern India where the festival takes place.

It affords some special access and insight into what has grown to become the largest gathering of humans worldwide. Dr Mallinson takes his old friend to live with his own sect of Sadhus and Dominic is granted permission to take part in a unique event, James’ ordination as a ‘Mahant’, a cross between an abbot and a brigadier - the first time a westerner has received this honor in this ancient order of master yogis. The position is permanent and requires James to attend every Mela to give a feast.

Watch how this unique filma spiritual journey that changes both men as they immerse themselves in the vast crowds and see the power of mass devotion up close on HISTORY TV18’s ‘West Meets East’ premiering on 1st March 8 PM.

Focusing on Human Experience in a Digital World

CMO Council Research Lists Amazon, Starbucks, Apple and Google as Leaders in Guiding the Customer Journey and Using Experience for Competitive Advantage; Issues Call to Action for Brands to Identify

Micro-Moments of Opportunity to Further More Meaningful “Human” Relationships

Chief Marketing Officers believe brands like Amazon, Google, Apple, Nike and Starbucks are getting customer experience right, looking at omni-channel engagement as a means to guide and inspire customers on a journey, and not just push them forward in a buying process.

New research from the CMO Council, in partnership with Harte Hanks, indicates that 42 percent of marketers believe these marquee experiential brands are not just developing better relationships, but are more effectively leveraging customer experience as a driver for profitability and growth.

One issue plaguing many organizations is a sense that in the race to master data and harness the power of the marketing technology stack, the customer, and perhaps an understanding of human relationships, has been lost. In fact, 41 percent of respondents admit that focusing on the relationship being built instead of the campaign being deployed, has been a key challenge. Nearly one-third admit that they sometimes forget that their “targets” are human beings.

According to the report, Bringing a Human Voice to Customer Choice, doubts about organizational readiness to expand and advance the omni-channel experience through richer personalization is surprisingly high with 42 percent of respondents indicating they are not prepared to leverage intelligence gathered across listening posts to deliver a better customer experience. Not a single respondent (0.00 percent of the 152 senior marketing executive respondent pool) felt they were well prepared to integrate new experiences and new points of intelligence to improve brand engagement.

“Somewhere in our adoption of data, technology and process, the customer and the very real, human and fragile relationships that marketers have worked so hard to build have been lost, giving way to settling for assumptions about broad personas and an almost obsessive focus on campaign performance,” noted Liz Miller, SVP of Marketing with the CMO Council. “What came to life most notably in this research was the absolute desire of marketers to go back to their roots of relationship builders, leveraging the “why” behind customer actions and intentions to build lasting dialogues with customers instead of just pushing accounts and targets down a pre-set campaign path.”

The 33-page report includes findings and analysis of data collected by an online survey from global senior marketing leaders in the second half of 2018. These individuals expressed frustration in their organization’s listening capabilities, doubts over readiness to respond to the customer’s own voice and an overarching sense of disillusionment over data and the organization’s ability to leverage that insight to build a bond with a market of one.

“Developing the human experiences that customers are looking for can feel confusing for the data-and-technology-driven marketer of the 21st-century,“ noted Bant Breen of Harte Hanks. “In every point of connection, our customers leave small data clues behind that can enrich our current profiles and give brands the insights needed to craft the right combination of message, channel and timing. Customers will always tell us what they need. The real question is are we listening?”

Key insights and themes from the research include:

Data is a dilemma. But “big data” isn’t marketing’s biggest challenge. It is actually the “small data” – the data used to describe the small, specific attributes delivered directly from the customer through, as an example, the Internet of Things. 36 percent of respondents believe that small data will be the greatest challenge for the organization.

We’ve lost the ability to be human, and we can’t blame the machines. Some 41 percent admit that they are overly focused on driving campaigns, forgetting that they are building relationships. Nearly 30 percent admit they think of their customers in terms of targets, records and opportunities – interestingly an equal amount admit that they are also struggling to define and deliver returns from customer experience strategies.

Going small could bring our humanity back. Marketers believe small data will help extract better signal from the noise (45 percent), reveal the “why” behind customer actions and behaviors (41 percent), help focus on the people behind the data to deliver more human interactions (35 percent) and aid in filling key gaps across the customer journey (35 percent.)

Bant notes that to truly win the day, marketers must start by taking a step back to the fundamental question of revenue and intent. “Yes, we are talking about new technologies and even new concepts, but fundamentally the rule is still to generate revenue by getting the right message to the right person at the right time. So even in this age of technology, data and connectivity, we still must understand what our revenue goals are and then figure out which customers are most likely to drive that revenue and how we plan to measure and define success.”

Amagi, a global leader in cloud-based technology for TV and OTT broadcasters, today announced that PTC Network, the leading Punjabi TV content provider has added four new channels in the U.S. region using Amagi CLOUDPORT cloud playout platform.

In addition to its existing bouquet- PTC Punjabi, PTC News and PTC CHAK DE, the network launched PTC Punjabi Gold, PTC MUSIC, PTC DHOL TV, and PTC Simran – a 24x7 Sikhism channel in a short span of two weeks.

“That’s an incredible seven Punjabi channels for viewers in the U.S., making us one of the largest providers of Punjabi TV content in the region,” said Rabindra Narayan, Managing Director and President, PTC Network. Last year, the network had transitioned its entire operations to Amagi cloud platform, moving away from traditional, capital-intensive, hardware-based playout infrastructure. “The pay-as-you-go model from Amagi coupled with its scalable cloud playout solution has given us the much needed flexibility to expand our operations with very short lead time. By collaborating with Amagi, we are now better positioned to cater to audience needs than ever before”, added Rabindra Narayan.

Using Amagi CLOUDPORT, PTC Network is able to spin up new channels on the AWS cloud, complete with advanced dynamic graphics, scheduling, playout and monitoring, and deliver the channels to platforms in the U.S., such as Dish TV and Sling for further distribution. The entire workflow can be managed from any remote location using a simple web-based UI.

“The shift to cloud has become inevitable. We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with PTC Network – a forward-thinking global broadcaster, enabling them to build higher growth momentum in the U.S. market,” said Deepakjit Singh, CEO, Amagi. “Rabindra and his team are utilizing the full power of cloud technologies to attract new audiences, expand into lucrative markets, and generate additional revenue streams. Amagi is responding with equal passion and commitment to make such a transition a stellar one”.

Amagi has deployments in 40+ countries and delivers more than 160 feeds to audiences worldwide. In addition to PTC Network, Amagi clients include industry heavyweights such as Zee TV, B4U, Discovery Communications’ DSPORT, Viacom18, Turner Broadcasting, Viceland and more. The company offers pre-stitched cloud playout and content delivery options with respect to Dish TV and other platforms in the U.S., helping international TV networks expand their footprint in the region.

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