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Strengthens its leadership team in India

Silicon Valley based advertising and marketing technology (AMT) leader- C1X (Class One Exchange) has appointed Gaurav Prabhu as Director - Sales, India.

Based out of Mumbai, Gaurav was previously working with Vuclip, where he was heading the mobile performance business. Prior to Vuclip, he has had a successful stint with Vserv and Networkplay. He will be reporting to Sunil Punjabi, VP and Business Head South Asia.

On the appointment, Sunil stated, "I am very excited to have Gaurav on board. His networking skills and knowledge of the ecosystem will help C1X in the execution of the strategy and meeting of goals that we have set for ourselves in India and South Asia."

Commenting on his new role, Gaurav said, "Over a decade long career, I have developed a strong fascination for the start-up ecosystem, and what drives me personally are the rigour, passion and endless opportunities that it never fails to present. These are in fact the attributes that have drawn me towards C1X, as their values and approach resonate with my beliefs and thoughts on programmatic business in India. The team here is incredibly brilliant and is poised to define class leading standards. I'm looking forward to an exhilarating journey ahead!"

Gaurav has been a pivotal Business Development Executive for over 10 years in implementing successful strategies and motivating highly galvanised teams to produce significant bottom-line results. He has a distinguished background in recruiting and developing “A Players” to drive revenue across multiple sales organisations, adept at devising and executing effective sales strategies to optimise market opportunities. He is an exemplary communicator with the passion and drive needed to cultivate and foster profitable relationships while maintaining trust.

C1X is an independent Advertising and Marketing Technology (AMT) leader that helps brands and their agencies find difficult-to-source audiences directly and transparently from leading premium publishers. Its data-driven digital advertising platform facilitates a friction-free marketplace for both publishers and advertisers with easy to execute direct connections, delivering industry-leading visibility and view ability. The C1X Platform offers an Audience Guarantee approach to provide buyers and sellers smooth participation in private marketplaces without having to rely on Deal IDs.

Founded in 2014, C1X is a funded global corporation, headquartered in the Silicon Valley, with offices in New York, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Mumbai, and New Delhi, and with development centers in San Jose, Chennai, and Bengaluru, find C1X online at

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 00:00

Google & YouTube Brand Safety


There have been multiple reported brand safety issues relating to advertising agencies on Google / YouTube and other sites. In short, brands have found their advertisements connected with hate speech and offensive content that they would wish to avoid being associated with their brands. Worse, due to model operated by YouTube and other sites, these ads are financially supporting the organisations creating the offensive content. These issues are currently reported as related to advertising through Google’s UK operations.

Details and Implications

YouTube is un-curated. It deploys brand safety technology but it is not infallible. While brand adjacencies to bad content are minimal, however horrible, an additional immediate issue in respect of brand reputation is the featuring of these instances in media with far wider reach than the concerning adjacency itself. The recent issues have been covered widely by The Times, The Guardian, BBC, Sky, The Financial Times, The Independent, The Sun, Wall Street Journal and many more national, international and trade publications in the UK and beyond.

In response to this issue, many advertisers have chosen to withdraw or pause their investments in Google and YouTube until there is more clarity over the situation. GroupM is not currently advising the withdrawal of advertising from Google / YouTube, but has been vocal, along with WPP, in pushing for more responsibility over the issue from the major digital platforms.

Sir Martin Sorrell has spoken widely about the need for more responsibility to be taken by the major digital platforms: "I think the most constructive way of doing it is getting Google and Facebook to understand the problem, which I think they do, and to get them to step up to control it just like any other media right now would in a traditional sense,” he told CNBC.

Matt Brittin, Google’s head of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, apologised to the assembled audience (and those watching online) at Advertising Week Europe in London. Watch the Ad Week Europe session here.

Google’s Chief Business Officer Philip Schindler announced in a blog post ( Google’s intention to tighten controls and improve systems. We will update our guidance to clients as soon as details are known.


Digital advertising on platforms where content is user-generated and not curated has inherent brand safety risks. GroupM vigorously pursues every brand safety precaution and technology available to mitigate these risks, and we encourage all clients to make use of these tools.

At the highest levels, we have communicated with Google, Facebook, Snapchat and other partners to encourage their development of solutions. However, a 100% foolproof system may not be possible. It’s important that brands know this and proceed with caution – as well as with available safety tools.


Source: WPP

Navratri, the Hindu ​festival, has always been celebrated with great fervour across the country culminating on Ram Navmi commemorating the birth of Lord Ram. As the nation gears up for the same, News18 India has lined up special programming with Ayodhya Ke Ram. With programming spread across 9 days, the channel is all set to take the viewers on an enthralling journey spanning not just India but Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Cambodia, recalling the legends and tales associated with the Ramayana.

From places associated with the existence of Ravana and Lord Hanuman in Sri Lanka to the folklores associated with Lord Ram in Indonesia and Cambodia, from searching for the elusive Sanjeevani Booti to the cave in Chhattisgarh where it is said Lord Ram stayed during his exile, this special series travels the length and breadth of different countries showcasing these and many similar myths and stories.

Tune into News18 India to watch ‘Ayodhya Ke Ram’ starting 28th March 2017 at 10 PM

How long have we been saying this? You cannot blindly take a TV ad and shove it into Facebook newsfeeds or YouTube and expect it to prove effective. People consume these channels differently and respond differently to the content they see in them. Marketers have to work with people’s mindset not against it.

I was reminded of the challenge of the need to tailor video content to the channel in which is shown when I reviewed a case study for Kantar Millward Brown’s new Link for Video. This variant of Link is explicitly designed for marketers who recognize that different channels require different approaches if a video is to be effective. Link for Video also includes some really neat enhancements like measuring implicit associations – the intuitive response to the ad – and behavioral measures like whether the video was viewed to the end.

The case study was not client commissioned but the test was conducted live last year. The test video was one for Smart ForFour titled ‘Reverse Parking’. Watch the ad through and I think you will find it pretty funny, but one of the key findings from the Link for Video study was that most people did not watch the video all the way through when the video was placed in Facebook’s newsfeed.

On Facebook about 20 percent of people do not engage with the video at all and a further 20 percent dropped out in the first 5 seconds. By the end only 24 percent remain watching the video (although this is the norm). Further, when viewing the video naturally 9 out of 10 watched with the video muted, further undermining its effectiveness. Which, of course, is one of the reasons why Facebook is now going to automatically enable sound unless you actively turn it off (guess what I’ll be doing).

By contrast, Reverse Parking performed really well as a YouTube preroll or TV ad. Facial coding reveals a huge spike in smiles just after the scream (even more so on second viewing as people focus in on the most engaging scene) and open ended questions collected using an instant messenger format revealed a positive response with plentiful use of smile, big smile and cheeky emoticons. The top three intuitive associations were cool, fun and comfort. Unfortunately agile was not a strong intuitive association, because the scream scene tends to dominate the scenes devoted to parking.

Overall, the likely impact on short-term sales and longer-term equity were strong for preroll and TV but far less so for Facebook, because the video is simply not well suited for that environment at the time of testing. Obviously that might change when sound is automatically enabled but the video might still need to be recut to deliver the scream scene sooner. Particularly when viewed on mobiles, video works most effectively when attention is earned early and the brand association comes within the first 15 seconds.


Written by Nigel Hollis,Executive Vice President and Chief Global Analyst at Kantar Millward Brown.

adidas sends long hashtags ‘back to the pavilion’

Creates the shortest hashtag for cricket: #III

adidas athletes Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant cast as cricket’s first superhero squad in the campaign 

adidas is all set to blow away cricket fans with the launch of its latest digital campaign titled #III, cricket’s shortest hashtag - #III, aiming to make the hashtag synonymous with cricket. Interestingly, the three “I’s” in the “#III” not only look like the three stumps of cricket but also give a visual representation of the trademark three stripes of adidas. The idea behind the campaign is to keep hashtags concise and crisp, in line with the tenets of social media. The campaign is being led by adidas athletes Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant and each ‘I’ in the #III, represents each one of them. As part of the campaign all three athletes will come together as the adidas #III squad, to become cricket’s first 3D superhero squad who are here not merely to play the game but to entertain audiences at extraordinary levels.

The #III Squad (or the cricket squad) of Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant will regale audiences on field with their explosive performances and off-field with fictional storytelling around the game. These three superheroes will live two lives - one with fantastical superpowers and the other with cricketing powers.

“As the world’s leading sports brand, we decided to establish the world’s shortest hashtag that represents the game - #III. We also realized that it was time to bring back the excitement to the cricket season and hence decided to push our athletes to go beyond just being sportsmen. Today audiences are seeking entertainment in the sport of cricket and we felt that the time was right to showcase Rohit, KL and Rishabh as the explosive players and entertainers that they are. What better than their superhero avatars to showcase their super abilities.” said Dhanashree Sowani, Director – Heartbeat Sports & Outdoor Business Unit, adidas India.

The campaign kicked off on the adidas Cricket Facebook page on March 11 with teaser posts that were followed with a video that established #III, as cricket in three characters. The next phase of the campaign saw the unveiling of the superhero avatars of Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant through animated posts on social media. A digital film is to follow early April cementing the characters and introducing their role in making cricket entertaining again.

Rohit Sharma said, “I am super excited with my superhero avatar and cannot wait to get back onto the field to start entertaining my fans. The #III is also a great piece of creative work from adidas, especially in today’s day and age of keeping communication short”.

During the upcoming cricket season, the #III squad will give epic live commentary through GIFs and cinemagraphs on social media especially during matches. The superhero avatars will also be placed at prominent malls and adidas stores in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. adidas will also giveaway limited edition merchandise to winners of online contests that will be run on the adidas cricket social media handles.

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