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Publicis Sapient is making two major announcements positioning the company for growth through a focus on global digital business transformation opportunities; the ongoing delivery of best-in-class capabilities across strategy and consulting, experience, and engineering; and the attraction and development of the best industry talent:

·Publicis Sapient unveils a global rebrand, becoming the brand under which it serves its clients’ transformation needs.

·Effective immediately, Nigel Vaz will become the global Chief Executive Officer of Publicis Sapient

These announcements are designed to advance Publicis Sapient’s position as a leader in the digital business transformation space and deliver consistency across global markets and industries. Further, they signal Publicis Groupe’s on-going commitment to placing consulting, creativity and technology at the service of our clients’ transformation, to advance their business performance and sustained market relevance during a time of unprecedented digital disruption.

Publicis Sapient acknowledges that the market has been talking about Digital Business Transformation for some years now but most brands are now just realising the full value.

While a vast majority of companies today are still focusing on “digital bolt-on” strategies, meaning adding new digital technology to their existing businesses (Digitisation), very few companies are actually disrupting their businesses or reimagining the future of their businesses (Business Model Innovation), which is the holy grail of Digital Business Transformation.

Unfortunately, the focus on the former (Digitisation strategy) by most brands and their partners (service providers in their transformation journey) are tied to their current business state only which in reality needs a significant paradigm shift and a fundamentally different approach to help thrive in the future.

The important element in transforming any business from its current to future state needs a fundamentally “different approach” which we, at Publicis.Sapient are committed to delivering for our clients. This “different approach” is the “HOW” or the space between Next (future state) and Now (current state) that brands needs to do to become digitally enabled and competitive to lead in the future.

Publicis Sapient revised brand proposition positions itself as the bold (creative), agile, disruptive, customer-centric partner that organisations need today to help them lead in the future. As a brand which itself has evolved over the last three decades and helped clients with progressive thinking and innovation, Publicis Sapient has a significantly different approach to transformation compared to the traditional ways that the Consultancies have offered over the years.

Publicis Sapient’s unique outside-in and holistic approach to Transformation. Given its integrated and multidisciplinary capabilities across strategy & consulting, experience and engineering, we provide a unique view and approach of both the company and the customer for an end to end transformation (across Front Stage, Digital Customer Experience and Back Stage). Only a fundamentally different approach (a jointed view of the business and the customer) will help businesses accelerate their transformation journey, create value quickly and seize competitive advantage to help position them well for the future.

Excel Movies, the makers of Feb 14th's hotly anticipated musical drama Gully Boy have teamed up with camera company Snapchat so you can personally take the film's starring role, via AR.

Through a special lens (an Augmented Reality overlay for your camera feed) people using Snapchat can sing along to the film's title track, while appearing to be dressed up as Ranveer Singh's character in his iconic hoodie.

The lens works on both your front and rear facing camera, so you can even make your friends into Murad, and what's more, the lyrics of the song appear along the bottom of the screen, to help make sure you remember the words!

National Geographic to offer captivating wildlife, culture, history and environmental images

PBS NewsHour to provide US, global and archive b-roll footage

Reuters  announces National Geographic and PBS NewsHour as the latest content partners to join its Reuters Connect platform, offering subscribers photography from the National Geographic Image Collection, and b-roll from PBS NewsHour for the first time.

The prestigious brands join a growing list of third-party content providers available on Reuters Connect – the single destination for Reuters News Agency customers - including the BBC, USA Today and Variety.

National Geographic, one of the world’s most well-known sources of stunning photography, will offer Reuters Connect customers captivating images of wildlife, culture, history and the environment, from the ever-growing National Geographic Image Collection.

PBS NewsHour will provide footage from the U.S. and around the world, including content from current news locations, as well as historic and evergreen footage from the NewsHour’s rich 40-year-old archive.

National Geographic and PBS NewsHour join a growing roster of 30 partners on Reuters Connect, including Accuweather, Jukin Media, WENN, Omnisport, Newsflare and StarNews Korea.

Justine Flatley, Product Manager for Content Partnerships, Reuters, said: “Reuters customers expect high quality, topical content from Reuters Connect and that is why the partnerships with National Geographic and PBS NewsHour are such a natural fit. These prestigious brands, and the exceptional content they produce, add significant value to our customers’ subscriptions and to their experience on the Connect platform today.”

Alice Keating, SVP National Geographic Image Collection, said: “At National Geographic, we strive to tell stories that matter. We are pleased to bring some of the most compelling content from our ever-growing collection that spans over 130 years to Reuters Connect customers.”

Annette Miller, Vice President, NewsHour Productions, said: “PBS NewsHour is pleased to make available our b-roll content on the Reuters Connect platform. There, editorial clients will find compelling video on global issues, culture, politics, environment and more, gleaned from current news stories, as well as our 40-years plus archive of award-winning journalism.”

Women are an emerging global consumer group as their participation in the workplace increases and their disposable incomes rise.

Globally, over 2000-2017 female disposable income increased by 37% in real terms, faster than the 34% rise in male disposable income. Moreover, it is estimated that the employed female population will increase globally 14% in the period 2017-2030.

The rise of the “She-conomy” is affecting many consumer industries and areas of society, consumer appliances included. The major impact is being experienced at domestic level due to the traditional central role of women in the home environment.

She-conomy means more opportunities for appliances

The roles within the family are evolving, and with that, the relationship between women and home appliances. More women are choosing to live alone, resulting in a larger number of households and thus the requirement to purchase appliances for these homes. Additionally, couples are having fewer children and families are getting smaller. This is often correlated with higher purchasing power and an increased ability to spend more on consumer appliances.

Connected appliances will benefit

As women spend more time on work and education, time-saving and multifunctional appliances will benefit. This will have a positive effect on appliances which combine two or more functions. Manufacturers have started to launch appliances which are able to complete more than one task simultaneously to reduce the time spent on housework. Two examples are LG TwinWash, which can wash two loads at the same time, and Grundig Divide-and-Cook oven which can cook two meal at once. Female consumers will also be attracted by connected and smart appliances that help make cooking, cleaning and washing easier and quicker.

Internet retailing will continue to rise

Male and female approaches to the consumption of appliances are different. While men are more likely to purchase online, women prefer to shop directly in-store. Online consumer appliances channels are currently mainly supported by men, as they show a clear preference for avoiding stores. As more women experiment with shopping for appliances online, it is expected that the impact of females on internet retailing will be more relevant.

An omni-channel approach will become essential for retailers to maintain a strong relationship with customers in the consumer appliances industry.

Consumer appliances is set to become fully gender-neutral

Traditionally considered a female-orientated industry, consumer appliances is evolving. Gender roles are blurring and technological innovation is helping make the industry more appealing to different types of customers, young males in particular.

Manufacturers have started offering appliances with a “male aesthetic”. Samsung’s robotic vacuum cleaner, PowerBot, for example released a Star Wars edition. Technological innovation is still considered a “masculine” subject. However, female participation in STEM studies and jobs is increasing globally. As women become more involved with technology, it is expected that smart/connected appliances will benefit further, leading to a consumer appliances industry which is fully gender-neutral.


India’s No. 1 Wildlife channel, has joined hands with L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited (L&TMRHL) to sensitize citizens of Hyderabad about the importance of Tiger Conservation.

Starting February 13, 2019 for a month, Animal Planet & L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad will be running a campaign highlighting the alarming situation of global tiger population in the wild which has fallen by 96% over the last century.

Speaking about the initiative, Zulfia Waris, Vice President, Premium & Digital networks, Discovery Communications India, said, “Tigers - the revered specie, is in real danger of getting extinct. It is disturbing to know that as few as 3900 are left in the wild across the world. With almost 57% of them in India, it is imperative that every Indian is sensitized about this fact so that more and more of them can join hands with us in our endeavor to double the size of tiger population by 2022. I am delighted that L&T Hyderabad Metro has joined forces with us in this important initiative.”

KVB Reddy, MD & CEO, L&TMRHL said, “Hyderabad Metro Rail Project is the world’s largest Public Private Project in the sector. Our cumulative ridership has crossed more than 43 million and we are happy that Hyderabad has embraced metro rail as a comfortable, convenient, fast, safe and eco-friendly travel mode. L&TMRHL is committed to social causes and initiatives and has been involved in many such activities. When Discovery approached us to join hands with an aim to create awareness about tiger conservation, we readily accepted it as we truly believe in the cause of tiger conservation. This initiative will play a crucial role in ensuring that the citizens of Hyderabad become aware about the alarming situation of decreasing tiger population and be sensitive towards the global conservation project. I am glad that lakhs of our metro rail passengers who travel everyday will learn about the campaign, and I am sure will pass on this important message far and wide.”

As part of the WWF partnership launched in 2016, Discovery’s Project C.A.T. program funds nearly two million acres of protected habitat in India and Bhutan to protect and increase the wild tiger population. In 2018, Discovery further increased the ambit of Project C.A.T. by extending support to WWF for Tiger conservation initiatives in Sundarbans forest located in the coastal region of Bay of Bengal. Leading Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has also joined hands with Discovery to promote the global awareness movement to save tigers from extinction.

Animal Planet has always been at the forefront of promoting conservation of wild animals. The channel recently showcased the Second Season of Mission Big Cat - An anthology of shows dedicated to Big Cats. The programming, which included world-class series like Big Cat Legacy, Jaguar Super Cats, Vanishing Kings II, Extinct or Alive, Queen Of The Hunt and Brazil Super Cats, showcased the largest feline predator at their majestic best.

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