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Sunday, 21 April 2019 00:00

ISL: The Lyft Luck Machine

An antidote to marketing apathy

Lyft came to ISL with a challenge: incoming college students are more likely to use Uber than Lyft. They wanted to change that.

Knowing their audience and their apathy toward traditional marketing tactics, Lyft and ISL opted to create a larger than life slot machine to incentivise downloading the Lyft app.

The Lyft Luck Machine is a giant, Lyft-pink slot machine complete with a massive chrome handle, flashing LEDs, proprietary vending software, custom animations, and much more. College students were able to try their hand at the Lyft Luck Machine for the chance to win awesome Lyft merch and ride discounts, plus two lucky players could win $100 of Lyft credits every day. The catch? Before being able to play, the student had to prove they had the Lyft app downloaded on their phone.

With over 20K in-person impressions of the slot machine, it drove over 288 activations and 2.5K coupon applications.

How governments can better connect with their citizens

Intensified political polarisation, fragmented groups and rapid digital disruption risk is undermining governments’ efforts to effectively engage with citizens, concludes The Leaders’ Report.

Produced by WPP’s Government & Public Sector Practice, The Leaders’ Report is the only global research study looking at the state of citizen engagement, and the key challenges facing governments’ efforts to better connect with citizens in an age of technological and political disruption.

The Leaders’ Report: Increasing Trust Through Citizen Engagement is the second iteration of the report initially launched at Davos 2017, and is based on interviews and surveys conducted across 50 countries and six multilateral organisations, with over 60 government communication leaders and 400 government communicators, supplemented by a survey of 8,000 citizens.

The landmark study shows that while governments want to engage with citizens and recognise the benefits of doing so, they are unsure about how best to devolve decision making to the public. The key consequence of this is that governments around the world miss a vital opportunity to rebuild trust with those they govern.

The report looks at key findings from government communicators, including:

75% of respondents recognise that engagement done well can create more support for a policy, and rebuild trust.

Yet 36% know that citizens affected by a policy don’t always get a chance to share input.

77% carry out engagement activities that deliberately minimise opportunities for citizens to feed back.

More than half (54%) do not have the resources to effectively evaluate engagement programmes.

Only 8% say that their organisation commits to act on public views before running a citizen engagement programme.

The global research also identifies 10 key drivers of citizen engagement governments could adopt to rebuild trust with the public, including building and communicating a clear picture of a government’s ambitions and priorities, demonstrating social cohesion through more inclusive policy delivery, and building opportunities for citizens to help co-create public services.

DAN Consult, the consulting division from the house of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN), has roped in Ajay Row as Partner for CRM (Customer Relationship Management), loyalty and data.

Row will be based out of Mumbai and will work closely with Lalit Bhagia, CEO & Partner - DAN Consult, on growing the overall consulting business. His chief mandate here will be to help build and lead a client-facing CRM, loyalty and data practise. Prior to this, Row was CEO at LitmusWorld.

Armed with more than 30 years of experience in data-driven marketing, digital, loyalty, analytics and CRM, Ajay has worked across a variety of industries and countries. He has built several companies, including start-ups (Wunderman and Trikaya Grey Direct) and has also served as a top corporate executive at the Tata Group and ITC Ltd. for several years.

Commenting on his joining, Ajay said, “I am looking forward to contributing growth hacks across a variety of clients, leveraging today's tech and my past learning to deliver cutting-edge and out-of-the-box solutions. Lalit and his team are exciting co-workers, their ideas are exceptional, and DAN is of course a terrific place to work, being as it is, the agency group of the future.”

Commenting on Ajay's joining, Lalit Bhagia, CEO & Partner - DAN Consult said, “There is a lot of hidden revenue lying in the current customer base of companies which is not fully tapped. It’s great to have someone of Ajay’s experience in India and beyond on-board to help us build a practice around this. He is of course a legend in his field, and his knowledge of growth-hacking, data-driven marketing, digital transformation and CRM across both start-ups and large corporations will be invaluable to our clients and team.”

He added, “We want to dramatically improve the results companies get from their loyalty programs and CRM strategy through a sharper understanding and more effective implementation using our state-of-the-art tool-kits.”

In his illustrious career, Ajay has been a jury member and conference presenter at numerous events, nationally and internationally. He also is a lecturer at the IIMs and other management schools globally. Apart from being an angel investor, he is also a keen sailor, enthusiastic classical guitarist and an avid reader with a library of over 20,000 titles.

Discovery channel follows path to the moon of Israeli team in a one-hour exclusive ‘Return to the Moon: Seconds to Arrival’ premiering Monday April 22 at 10 pm

Launches a special series ‘Discovery Exclusive’ which will feature differentiated content on topical global events

Since the dawn of the Space Age only three countries have landed a craft on the moon, the U.S., Soviet Union and China. Now, in 2019, for the first time, a private technology company attempted to join that list. In a one-hour Discovery Exclusive special, Return to the Moon: Seconds to Arrival, premiering Monday, April 22 at 10 PM IST, Discovery will follow the men and women of SpaceIL on its mission to land the first privately funded spacecraft on the surface of the moon. The show will also be simulcast on Discovery HD World, Discovery Science and Discovery Tamil channel.

SpaceIL was founded by three young Israeli engineers, Yariv Bash, Kfir Damari, and Yonatan Winetraub, and is one of the organizations that participated in the international Google Lunar XPRIZE, which challenged scientists to build, launch, and land an unmanned spacecraft on the moon. In 2017, SpaceIL, the lone representative from Israel, became one of the five finalists, but in 2018, Google closed the contest without naming a winner. Undeterred, SpaceIL soldiered on with help of public and private funding.

Their attempted lunar landing was the culmination of eight years of intensive collaboration between SpaceIL and Israeli Aerospace Industries. The craft, which could have been the smallest to ever land on the moon, launched as a secondary payload on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on a two-month journey.

“This is an extraordinary story of a team which attempted to do what only nations have done before. Telling such stories of human endeavor is an integral part of our mission. It is what Discovery stands for,” said, Zulfia Waris, Vice President, Premium & Digital networks, Discovery Communications India. “The show marks the launch of a new series ‘Discovery Exclusive’ which will feature never seen before content on topical global events that are shaping our world.”

Speaking in the show, Sarah Cruddas, Astrophysicist, Space Consultant, said, “Our history of exploring the moon dates back more than 15 thousand years to when humans were first looking up and becoming aware of what lies above the earth. But it was only in the last century, that going to the moon started to turn from something which is science fiction into something that could potentially be a reality. What we’re seeing now is this pendulum shift, in terms of space. It’s no longer just about governments. It’s about individuals and private companies as well.”

DR. Philip Metzger, Planetary Scientist, University of Central Florida, added, “The biggest challenge in building spaceflight hardware is simply the experience to be able to build it. Getting that experience, can’t be obtained any other way than by doing it. And SpaceIL started from scratch. They didn’t put a lot of thermal protection into it. It’s got minimal navigation systems. This is how they can put together a much less expensive mission. Any one thing could fail and end the entire mission. It’s either going to break or it’s going to get to the moon.

One of the greatest discoveries of the last couple of decades is that the moon has water. The water on the moon is harder than granite. It’s frozen solid ice. So, mining water on the moon is literally the same as mining a rock. And we have companies like Honeybee Robotics building the drills because the water on the moon can be split into hydrogen and oxygen: rocket fuel. There’s a lot of water. A lunar geologist has estimated that it’s enough to launch one space shuttle every day for a thousand years. That’s what is so brilliant about this SpaceIL mission. They are demonstrating we can access the resources of space, do mining and manufacturing beyond planet Earth. The moon is our launching pad to the rest of the solar system.”

Return to the Moon: Seconds to Arrival is produced by Discovery Studios for Discovery and Science Channel. Sandy Jaro Jarrell, Cindy Kain and Michael Hacker are executive producers for Discovery Studios. Howard Swartz and Bill Howard are executive producers for Discovery and Science Channel.

Watch the inspiring story of SPACEIL titled Return to the Moon: Seconds to Arrival premiering Monday, April 22 at 10 PM IST will be simulcast on Discovery, Discovery HD World, Discovery Science and Discovery Tamil Channel.

In the last few years, news has become an integral part of YouTube’s experience for millions of Indians online. With improved connectivity and low cost of data, watch-time of India’s authoritative news sources has more than tripled over the past two years.

We have been hard at work to ensure that we are responsibly growing news and supporting news publishers on YouTube.

Towards this goal, we have taken a number of important steps and introduced three principles to guide the news experience on YouTube.

Make authoritative sources readily available

We know authoritativeness is essential to our viewers, so we’ve been investing in new product features to prominently surface authoritative sources across the platform. Our Top News shelf prominently highlights videos from authoritative news sources in search results. And when a breaking news event happens, we want users to know about it. That’s why our Breaking News shelf highlights videos from authoritative news organizations about that event directly on the YouTube homepage. Both features are currently launched in more than 30 countries, including India in both English and Hindi.

Provide context to help people make their own decisions:

When users come to YouTube, we believe they should be able to make their own decisions about the information they consume. We want to provide context alongside content on our platform to help users make more informed judgments, which we've done by introducing a wide range of information panels on certain events, topics, and publishers alongside search results and videos.

We recently expanded our information panels to bring fact checks from eligible publishers to YouTube in India in English and Hindi. This specific information panel aims to provide context on fresh topics that are prone to misinformation. The fact checks we surface rely on the open source ClaimReview markup process. By following this process, any eligible publisher can contribute fact check articles that could show in search results on Google Search, Google News, and now, YouTube.

And today, we are taking another small step in our efforts by rolling out additional information panels in English and Hindi. If a channel is owned by a news publisher that is funded by a government, an information panel will surface that indicates that the publisher is “funded in whole or in part" or a “public broadcast service”, with a link to the publisher's Wikipedia page. Our goal is to equip users with additional information to help them better understand the sources of news content that they choose to watch on YouTube. This information panel will be displayed on the watch page of all the videos on its channel.
Support journalism with technology that helps news to thrive

Finally, we know quality journalism requires sustainable revenue streams, so we believe we can and must do more to support quality journalism and the news industry through innovation in technology. At YouTube we have committed $25M to the news industry, as a part of a broader $300M investment by the Google News Initiative.

In December, we announced funding to 87 news projects from 23 countries around the world to build stronger video capabilities and innovate with new video formats. And 10 of these projects came from India. We are also investing in expanded support from YouTube specialists to support news partners grow their presence on YouTube, from providing training to helping with sophisticated technical integrations.

We believe these positive steps will improve your experience of consuming news on YouTube and we look forward to continuing our close partnership with India’s news industry, as we continue our efforts in this space.


Written By Tim Katz, Director, Head of News Partnerships, YouTube

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