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ZEE Vajwa’s innovative launch campaign reaches over 10.5mn marathi audience online

ZEE Vajwa’s #FullToVajwa challenge becomes the first ever Instagram reels tie up for a regional channel launch

ZEEL’s Marathi music channel - Zee Vajwa, has left no stone unturned to reach out to and connect with the audience. From the quirky and trendy #FullToVajwa challenge that took social media by storm to brand films promising to amplify Maharashtra’s everyday moments into a mahual with music and last but not the least popular celebrities from the industry coming together to introduce the channel in their own unique style; truly dialled up moments and created a launch mahaul across the state.

It all kickstarted with celebrities partaking the #FullToVajwa challenge, a unique dance on the culturally vibrant Sonic ID of ZEE Vajwa. The challenge created a chain with multiple celebrities from the fraternity - Amey Wagh, Abhidnya Bhave, Prajakta Mali, Abhinay Berde, Amruta Deshmukh, Gayatri Datar, Phulwa Khamkar, Krutika Gaikwad and many more posting their videos and in turn challenging their fans and followers. The challenge quickly caught on generating 3.7M+ views & 283K+ engagement on social media. Adding another feather to the hat, Zee Vajwa associated with Instagram's newest offering - 'Reels'. The 15-second videos on the platform opened a new world of possibilities with #FulltoVajwa challenge becoming Instagram Reels first ever regional channel launch tie-up. With every new video, followers passed the baton to their friends, thus creating a chain where everyone showed their dance moves on the upbeat brand tune. Participation in the#FulltoVajwa challenge brought in a wave of fun and enthusiasm amongst marathi youth allowing them to showcase their hidden talents online during these times of social distancing. To celebrate the overwhelming response from viewers, as a token of appreciation the channel showcased audience entries on-air on Diwali eve.

The channel was welcomed by the entire Marathi industry from Nilesh Sable sharing about the launch in Chala Hawa Yeu Dya and Lav Re Toh Video, Advait Dadarkar in Dancing Queen, Gauri Kulkarni and Nikhil Damale in Almost Sufal Sampurna to last but not least Aadesh Bandekar in Home Minister, the hosts elaborated on how Zee Vajwa will amplify everyday moments into a mahual with best of marathi music, living up to the brand promise - ZEE Vajwa, Kshann Gaajwa.

Speaking about the launch, Pankaj Balhara – Deputy Business Head – Music Cluster, said – ‘Launching a channel in the current scenario was a challenge but we designed the campaign to use the two most powerful media in today’s time – TV & Digital. The #FullToVajwa challenge was a unique way to create a buzz about the channel launch and engage with our viewers while capitalizing on the strengths of both the mediums. The power of Zee Network was leveraged to maximize the reach to make this a successful launch campaign.”

Top brands such as Yamaha Faschino 125 Fi, Garnier Men Shampoo Color, Cadbury Celebrations, Fogg, Jeevansathi and Santoor made most of the opportunity and partnered with the channel’s launch campaign to strengthen their connect with Marathi youth.

With ZEE Vajwa’s addition to the ZEE Marathi channels bouquet, the audience is privy to a complete entertainment package from the network comprising of best of shows, movies and now music.

Tune in ZEE VAJWA today to amplify everyday moments into a Mahaul with music

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OTT Streaming Wars: Raise or Fold

Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming services, for the most part, are growing quickly and globally, and making news headlines daily based on the success – or failures – of their efforts.

As a result, media and entertainment companies of all shapes and sizes, regional and local, are looking for ways to establish their own OTT (over-the-top) streaming services and searching for answers about how to survive and thrive in a fiercely aggressive market.

At Capgemini, we decided to take a closer look at this (r)evolution as the market becomes more crowded and more competitive. Our study aims at better understanding how data unleashes differentiation and competitive edge across strategic dimensions such as content sourcing, customer acquisition, customer loyalty and lifetime value, cost optimization.

We organized one-hour interviews with close to 50 senior media industry executives and experts in various companies. The interviews were run between July and September 2020 and geographically span the globe from APAC to the Americas. Our discussions included broadcasters, telcos, right holders, pure players and key vendors.

What follows is an examination of our study, including some best practice tips, what it will take to be relevant in the market, and how to play a winning hand in a very strategic new game.

OTT Streaming Shakes-up the M&E Industry

OTT Streaming Becomes the Main Form of Content Consumption

Online streaming has ushered in a rapid progression these last 10 years, driven by the Netflix disruption and its explosive growth since 2010, and is increasingly becoming the main choice of video consumption for consumers.

A Global Phenomenon

In 2017, SVOD services lagged behind Pay TV globally, but they are now poised to overtake Pay TV in more than 30 countries by the end of 20201.In the UK in 2018, Netflix surpassed the prestigious Sky satellite TV in number of subscribers, pushing Sky to develop its own OTT service, which is now Sky’s major growth driver.

The rise of streaming is not limited to English-speaking countries. While the United States is still far ahead, the evolution of OTT is beginning to accelerate elsewhere. India is experiencing a full-on expansion. Likewise, in China and Germany, OTT is starting to cannibalize Pay TV . As a result of EMEA and APAC growth, Netflix now has more subscribers outside of the U.S. than inside.

 Advertising-Based Model Accelerates the Industry's Entry into a New Era

Traditional TV audiences are eroding. The younger generation is flocking to OTT and nonlinear channels. Public broadcasting in Europe is also making the move
to streaming, and demonstrating success in reaching incremental audiences.

However, standalone SVOD business models are not sustainable for everyone. In order to support the investmentintense content business, platforms need to reach the right threshold of scale for their subscriber bases, which is a huge challenge in a fragmented space. Furthermore, with the multiplication of SVOD services, viewers are becoming overwhelmed with too many choices and not willing to pay for multiple subscription fees. If subscribers flee, who will support the investment?

Eyes and ad dollars shift from linear to on-demand

As consumption and attention shift away from traditional television, enter advertisers, who are looking for new ways to reach their audiences through OTT. As a result of this new and burgeoning platform, OTT ad spending is also growing. Pixilate reports a whopping 330% rise in worldwide programmatic OTT/CTV ad transactions in 2019.

For broadcasters, building a unified distribution of traditional television, and ad-based OTT, became a real differentiator to provide incremental reach for TV ad-campaigns, while maintaining the scale of their audiences and the viability of their business model.

A compelling value proposition for brands

Beyond reaching an incremental audience, ad-based OTT services offer advertisers more attractive and targeted audiences with better attribution and measurement capabilities. Moreover, ad-based OTT services are reinventing the viewing ad-experience to a more premium and less intrusive one, in comparison to other digital services such as YouTube. This brings high value for brands, but it can also test viewers’ tolerance of more advertising.

Consolidation and new opportunities for aggregators

In this context, we are seeing a rise of aggregating services that are trying to reduce complexities for the consumer, by combining content from various right holders, or different streaming services, via one interface. These aggregators are mainly telecommunication providers or major tech companies such as Amazon Channel, Jio T +, and a bundle solution partnership by Viacom CBC and Apple.

What these services have in common is that their value proposition is focused around ease of use, guidance and support for users who are lost or annoyed by an overload of OTT platforms.

These aggregators must excel at user experience and unlock key aspects of the value proposition including ease of use and guidance. The more fragmented the market, the more complicated clear guidance gets, and thus, the need for more aggregators.

The crowded market will see OTT players appear and disappear, depending on their popularity. Thus, aggregators need to be agile to quickly integrate and partner up with the right platforms. Choosing and adapting to partners will be a key differentiator for aggregators; however, it will be made difficult because OTT platforms have highly fluctuating content and brands.

Lastly, aggregators will require a high level of regulatory maturity, since they combine national and international content, along with various methods of data consumption and user content.

With so many new streaming services emerging, consumers are beginning to crave (re-)aggregation. Device/ technology companies players like Amazon (through Fire) or Roku, but also strong MVPDs/telcos through their set-top-boxes are in a great position to play that role”

Christian Kurz,SVP Global Insights ViacomCBS

Content is King, but DATA Emerges as Key Success Factor

Data underlies all and challenges the core business of media and entertainment companies. Our research reveals that content, by far, is considered as the key differentiator and at the core of the value proposition for most OTT, followed by user experience and brand. Besides content, brand, and customer experience, a fourth key pillar for differentiation emerges: Data and analytics.

Using data as a strategic asset is a key lever for creating differentiated content, brand, and user experience, and is also a vital enabler of market differentiation and profitability.

The Privacy challenge

OTT platforms face a major challenge sharing data with their programming partners to allow data-driven advertising in a privacy-compliant manner. Trust is a key component when developing brand loyalty as a scalable offering and the best way to win trust is to make sure consumer privacy protections are in place between OTT platforms, content companies and advertisers.

OTT platforms need a cloud data platform that can let them easily turn the dial up on privacy, but still allow for the transparent data access and sharing necessary to build audiences and measure campaigns. Snowflake has built in all the controls and capabilities that deliver orchestrated privacy and security, without impacting performance or scale”

Bill Stratton,VP of Media Strategy at Snowflake

Raise The Stake Or Fold

The Direction Is Set Towards a Data-Powered Media & Entertainment Industry.

With OTT and streaming services, the media and entertainment industry has truly entered the age of data. The growth of digital media consumption, the launch of direct-to-consumer services and the advancement of advertising-based business models have made data strategically vital.

The development of these models is increasingly making companies data dependent, with the realization that customer and operational data can bring business value at every step of the creative and distribution processes.

The direction of being data dependent is set by the social media and technology giants who have put data, analytics and AI at the core of their business and operational models. Facebook and Google are the main players today, equally competitive in end-user attention and advertising dollars attractiveness.

Acceleration Is Required To Stay Relevant and Attractive For Subscribers, Content Providers Or Advertisers.

In an algorithm-driven competition, failing to extend reach and to deeply personalize the entertainment experience, will threaten long-term survival. Media & Entertainment companies need consequently to assess their competitive positions, revisit strategic capabilities and protect content and client assets.

It is equally true as companies are more and more vertically integrated (ownership of production and distribution).The direction is set.

Becoming “data-powered” requires the understanding of leaders’ best practices and to address 3 dimensions simultaneously:

1. Put data at the heart of the media company strategy together with Content, UX and Branding

2. Enhance Value Propositions and Experiences for both customers and advertisers leveraging data

3. Adopt ‘data-in-motion’ operating models, capabilities and architectures

Becoming Data-Powered Ultimately Reinforces The Local And Societal Mission And Role Of Media Companies.

The age of data creates challenges for the Media & Entertainment industry as they need to learn and balance creativity, tech and data from production to distribution or monetization. At the same time, it creates unique opportunities to differentiate the role of medias in contrast to the global algorithm “dictate” of social media.

Media & Entertainment companies must become more intelligent, trustable and relevant by leveraging both data and people to safeguard media creativity, independence and diversity.

The future is now.

Six teams to compete in the 33-match inaugural series

D20 tournament scheduled for play December 6th through December 24th

After the resounding success of the Emirates D10 Tournament, Emirates Cricket, in partnership with ITW Consulting, has today announced their inaugural Emirates Domestic ‘D20’ tournament. Dream 11 will be the tournament’s ‘Title Sponsor’ with sports portal SKY247.net the ‘Powered By Sponsor’.

The D20 tournament will be played at the Dubai International Stadium starting December 6th, where 6 teams will compete through 33 games - to and including the final on December 24th (2020).

Khalid Al Zarooni, Vice Chairman Emirates Cricket Board, said: “Following on from our successful hosting of the Emirates D10 tournament during July and August of this year, it is my pleasure to announce that the Emirates Cricket Board has finalised a domestic D20 (20-over) tournament. This initiative is an integral step in promoting and developing the sport in the UAE.” “Matches will be witnessed by UAE Cricket’s Director of Cricket, Robin Singh as well as by members of our National Selection Committee with a view of consideration for future selection (to represent the UAE). Our thanks goes to ITW Consulting, as partners of both our D10 and now our D20 tournament, their continued commitment to promoting and highlighting our domestic talent is exceptionally encouraging and we are excited to, through them, take our talents to the cricket-loving world through various streaming services.”” added Al Zarooni.

As with the well-received Emirates D10 tournament, the teams will comprise of a mix of the Emirates most talented senior and up-and-coming male players. All matches will be broadcast live across various regions utilising varied streaming and social media platforms.

“In any sport, identifying critical talent is extremely important. Catching them young and grooming them deliberately and professionally within a conducive environment goes a long way in building a strong national team.” commented Dr. Tayeb Kamali, Selection Committee Chairman, Emirates Cricket. “The 20-over format is a well-established and highly popular format of the game that is played around the world at International levels. We are confident that this tournament will help identify promising cricket talent who can then be further trained and integrated into the UAE National Team. We look forward to 12-days of thrilling, competitive cricket.” added Dr. Kamali.

Vivek Chandra, Director, ITW Consulting, commented: "UAE Cricket is seeing a positive change and we are committed towards strengthening the Board’s vision of being a Full Member in the coming future. Emirates D10 had a great success, and we are sure Dream11 Emirates D20 would also be a stepping stone towards a sustainable domestic structure”.

Mubashshir Usmani, Secretary General Emirates Cricket said: “Emirates Cricket’s domestic tournament portfolio continues to become a sustainable pathway for the growth and development of our game. Our thanks are extended to our Councils and affiliates for their continued support.” “While we are still facing uncertain times, we will review spectator attendance as we move through the tournament,” added Usmani.

ZEE5, India’s number 1 entertainment super-app and one of the country’s largest and fastest growing Content and Technology (ConTech) brands, has announced the on-boarding of XroadMedia to ramp up its hyper-personalized Video on Demand offerings and social media services.

Through this partnership, ZEE5 will put to use XroadMedia’s innovative back-end solution, Ncanto, to provide multiple content discovery, recommendations and personalization use-cases to its users. XroadMedia is a leading specialist in building innovative and ground-breaking personalization services and its expertise will also be deployed to scale up HiPi, ZEE5’s new short-form-video platform. Since HiPi’s beta launch in August 2020, ZEE5 has witnessed a massive 30 million new user installs along with 70 million existing ZEE5 users upgrading to the short-form-video platform. With this, XroadMedia joins ZEE5’s haloed list of global technology innovators and disrupters who contribute to the streaming site’s superior user experience, making it home to some of the world’s best-in-class products and technologies.

Commenting on the partnership, Rajneel Kumar, Business Head – Expansion Projects & Head of Products, ZEE5, said, “ZEE5 has always believed in the power of great content and powerful technology coming together to offer the best experience to a viewer. We are potentially the only player in the country, and possibly in the world, to be working towards hyper-personalization for ‘The segment of ONE’. We believe gone are the days of broadcast; even the current trend of viewing audiences in clusters and cohorts will soon give way to individual personalization. And this is where XroadMedia comes in. We have benchmarked their solution for a few months and found adoption and click-through-rates on recommendations were significantly higher along with a substantial increase in average time spent by a user. XroadMedia’s cloud-based services have also provided us with a higher level of flexibility to serve personalization use-cases and I’m confident this partnership will heighten our seamless content viewing experience, a feat we take great pride in and work tirelessly to maintain.”

“Our partnership with ZEE5 is another major milestone in the history of XroadMedia and proves the progress we have made over the past few years. We are particularly excited to work with ZEE5 as they are using our solution to its full extent – from personalizing entire screens in the user interface via creating and managing editorial services to applying our solution across multiple content types and sources. We are very pleased with this partnership, as the application of our solution shows how important personalization is to ZEE5 and I am sure together we will push the boundaries of content discovery and personalization even further in the future”, says Adolf Proidl, Co-Founder and CEO of XroadMedia.

First launched in India in July, Ncanto provides dynamic personalization of ZEE5’s services based on interests and watching behavior. Additionally, with the help of Piloto, XroadMedia’s advanced business and service management tool, ZEE5 can provide an ever-changing user experience by closely following the user’s entertainment journey. XroadMedia’s cloud-based solution also encompass a dynamic mix of statistical, editorial and user-based recommendations, bolstering the ConTech brand’s already superior services even further.

Fans will now be able to access match highlights, in-play moments with best catches, best wickets, and man of the match on Facebook for the duration of the series

Facebook, today announced a digital content partnership with Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI) for the Indian national cricket team’s tour of Australia. Kickstarting on 27th November, the partnership will involve exclusive video-on-demand match content being showcased on Facebook Watch, the only social media platform, across three ODIs, three T20Is, and four Tests in relation to the said video-on-demand match content provided by SPNI.

The wide range of content will include match highlights, in-play moments with best catches, best wickets, and man of the match amongst others and will feature on Sony Sports India’s Facebook page, enabling fans to catch up on action they missed and talk about or share the top moments with their friends.

Speaking on the association, Mr. Manish Chopra, Director and Head of Partnerships, Facebook India, said, “At Facebook, we are committed to deepen and enhance engagement with cricket fans across the globe by bringing best in class, premium action to them in ways that ignite conversations, build connections and enhance affinity towards the sport. We are delighted to work with Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI) to bring some of the most exciting moments from one of India’s most awaited overseas tours to cricket fans on Facebook Watch.”

Manish Aggarwal, Head - Growth and Monetization, Digital Business, Sony Pictures Networks India, said, “We are excited to partner with Facebook as the exclusive social media platform for the India tour of Australia. This association will enable us to offer interesting match content to a host of cricket enthusiasts and drive further engagement for the much-hyped tournament, across the Indian subcontinent. This collaboration will surely get the fans closer to the game.”

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