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Viacom18 and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation collaborate with partners to roll out a multi-million dollar behaviour change campaign – MTV Nishedh

 Viacom18 and MTV Staying Alive Foundation partner with CIFF, UNICEF, BMGF, Ashoka University, Packard Foundation and Johnson & Johnson as funders for the campaign

 MTV Nishedh will air every Saturday and Sunday starting 25th January at 8PM on MTV India and from 1st February at 10:30PM on COLORS Rishtey

 Bollywood superstar Bhumi Pednekar lends her support as a cause ambassador

The 7-week mini-series is part of a 360-degree youth empowerment campaign, tackling a number of important health and social issues facing Indian youth

In a distinct and ambitious drive to inform and educate around healthier social norms, break societal stigmas and give voice to some of the most taboo topics for young people, The MTV Staying Alive Foundation, partnering with Viacom18, brings a new campaign to India in January 2020. “MTV Nishedh”, will focus on fostering healthier attitudes and behaviours and removing the stigma surrounding several health-related issues, including sexual reproductive health and wellbeing, contraceptive care, tuberculosis (TB) and nutrition.

At the heart of the campaign is a 13-episode fictional series, reflecting the trials and tribulations faced by many young people in India today, using themes of love, ambition, family and health to deliver a powerful and inspirational story. The series also aims to educate its audience, and to get young people talking and seeking out more information about important and often neglected and overlooked issues.

MTV Nishedh, produced by Mumbai-based production company Victor Tango, will premiere on MTV India starting 25th January, 2020 every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM and on COLORS Rishtey starting 1st February, every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm. MTV Nishedh will also be available anytime on VOOT.

Through funded partnerships with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and The Centre for Social and Behaviour Change, Ashoka University along with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this ground-breaking campaign weaves in messaging around sexual reproductive health and wellbeing, contraceptive care and options, consent, preventing teenage pregnancy and reducing stigma around abortion, into its world, characters and stories. An educational grant from Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. has enabled the campaign to integrate messaging around the realities of TB in India – which has the world’s highest burden of this airborne disease – so young people can better understand the signs and symptoms of the disease and help reduce the stigma that is too often associated with it. With UNICEF India, MTV Nishedh will also raise awareness around the importance of nutrition for adolescent girls, with a focus on anemia.

The campaign website (mtvnishedh.com) will feature informative digital content. It will be home to exclusive short form video relating to the drama series, blogs and articles about the health issues and social the campaign is tackling, and an interactive clinic finder to help its audience access clinics and services near them.

MTV Nishedh has been adapted from The MTV Staying Alive Foundation’s multi-award-winning campaign ‘MTV Shuga’ that has had proven impact on health and behaviour change in Africa. Based on the same model, MTV Nishedh’s 360 campaign uses storytelling to raise awareness and reduce stigma around key issues. In addition to the TV drama the campaign features a robust digital content strategy, a 15-part radio drama and peer to peer education.

Sudhanshu Vats, Group CEO and MD, Viacom18: “I’ve always believed that doing good is good for business. We have, since inception, created content on social causes and built a successful broadcast business around it – from Balika Vadhu to Shakti to Laado – we have covered a gamut of socially sensitive issues through our TV content. Furthermore, through our youth brand MTV, we continue to create multimedia campaigns, over and above our TV shows, that highlight various social themes. We have explored issues as diverse as women’s empowerment to sanitation through our films like Queen and Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. This business philosophy of doing good was underscored last year when BMGF worked with us to bring forth a behaviour change content series called Navrangi Re! on the issue of Fecal Sludge Management. The sheer number of social organizations and like-minded corporate who are partnering us to launch MTV Nishedh bears testimony to its scale.”

Georgia Arnold, Executive Director of The MTV Staying Alive Foundation and Executive Producer of MTV Nishedh said, “MTV Nishedh marks an exciting point in The MTV Staying Alive Foundation’s journey. Bringing the highly successful MTV Shuga model to India facilitates young Indians to take up more space on issues affecting their everyday lives. The power of MTV Nishedh is in its reflection of real life - we engage young people in all stages of its development to ensure the stories are relatable, entertaining, and highly engaging. Crucially, all of our content drives the audience to health services where they can receive valuable help. We believe MTV Nishedh has the potential to be a genuinely relevant cultural asset, as well as a successful public health campaign.”

Known for her association with social causes and strong performances in films addressing issues of significance, award winning film actor Bhumi Pednekar has lent her support to the MTV Nishedh campaign. Speaking about her association with the campaign, Bhumi said: “I strongly believe that young people in India are going through a tremendous change be it political or social. At a time like this, it is important that they are aware of their sexual rights as well as other issues like TB and nutrition that impacts their health. MTV Nishedh is a great platform that lends voice to these issues and I am happy to partner with the campaign that creates further awareness.”

Hisham Mundol, Executive Director of Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, said, “The power of MTV is that it is a brand that young people love. We are proud and excited to support introducing MTV Nishedh to India because we believe it can inspire and empower an entire generation to take control of their health and wellbeing”

Sarthak Ranade, Managing Director of Janssen India, Johnson & Johnson Private Limited, said, “It’s time to make more people aware of TB, remove the stigma associated with the disease, and help those in need of treatment access the best possible care. At Johnson & Johnson, we have been working closely with the Government of India, NGOs and other local partners to combat TB and DR-TB at all levels. Building on this commitment, our company is incredibly proud to support the MTV Nishedh campaign to empower youth to advocate for a TB-free India.”

Archna Vyas, Deputy Director of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), said, ‘India’s youth population is the engine of economic and social progress. When youth have access to tools and information that enable them to make decisions about their health -- which includes understanding of reproductive health issues, adequate nutrition and combating infectious diseases -- we set them up for productive futures. Our investments in MTV Shuga demonstrated shifts in beliefs, attitudes and health seeking behaviours. We are confident that MTV Nishedh will break stereotypes, address myths and misconceptions associated with health, to secure the future wellbeing of our Indian youth.’

Purnima Mehrotra, Associate Director - Evidence and Learning, Center for Social and Behavior Change (CSBC), Ashoka University, said, “The Centre for Social and Behaviour Change at Ashoka University has invested in the digital campaign of MTV Nishedh to encourage uptake of modern contraception among young people in India. Digital as a medium, allows the user to decide what they see, and where, as well as encourages a more reflective and thoughtful viewing experience. It creates spaces for viewers to talk candidly, especially about more sensitive issues like sex and contraception. It also provides an opportunity to connect our audience to their peers. We are excited to be a part of MTV Nishedh and hope to leverage the characters and storylines from the TV show to engage and interact more closely with our target audience, amplify the messaging and create an online space for communities of young people to come together. As an academic institution our commitment is to learn from our projects through independent evaluation of our work.”

Dr. Yasmin Haque, UNICEF India Representative, said, “Stories that touch hearts have the power to influence behaviours. UNICEF is happy to support MTV Nishedh through its innovative TV series to focus attention on issues like adolescent anemia. We are confident that the show will go a long way to improve awareness among young people on the importance of their own nutrition.”

The show will air every Saturday and Sunday starting 25th January at 8PM and on COLORS Rishtey from 1st Feb, every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30PM

In today’s fragmented world, the successful marketer needs to align all their resources to achieve a specific objective. This requires coordination within and without the company to ensure all activities work together in harmony. But the comparison with the role of the conductor goes far beyond the need for harmony.

When the comparison to conducting an orchestra struck me, I went in search of interviews with great conductors describing their art. As a result, I found this TED Talk by Itay Talgram, conductor and business consultant. I encourage you to watch the first four minutes or so, if only to see a joyous performance conducted by Carlos Kleiber. Talgram suggests that part of the art of conducting is to bring together the stories of the composer, musicians, instrument makers, audience and more so that,

“…all those stories are being heard at the same time. This is the true experience of a live concert, that’s a reason to go out of home.”

And in that regard, a great concert is not so different from a great marketing campaign. It inspires people to want to experience something. However, as I suggested above, I think the analogy goes even further. If you think what the conductor has to do to bring off a great performance, there are five things that they need to do well. The same can be said of a great marketer.

First, they must know the principles of their art, be it music or marketing. The problem is that many marketers seem to have either forgotten the principles of brand growth, or never learned them in the first place, transferring into the role from an engineering or finance background.

Second, they must know the original score that is to be performed, and interpret it in a way that resonates for a modern-day audience. A marketer can no more change the heritage of their brand than a conductor can make changes to the score of Beethoven’s Fifth. To do so risks alienating the audience.

Third, now that the conductor has an idea of what might resonate with the audience, they need to communicate that intention to the orchestra, which will require clarity and the imposition of the conductor’s will; they cannot have musicians deciding to do their own thing.

Fourth, they rehearse the orchestra to make sure everyone knows their part, plays coherently and in harmony. One of the reasons Kleiber appears so happy in the video linked to above is that everyone in the orchestra knows exactly what they are meant to do and when (Talgram notes that the musicians hardly even look at the conductor).

Lastly, the conductor ensures that everything comes together to create a consistently positive and memorable experience. An experience that can be repeated to reach as wide an audience as possible.


Written by Nigel Hollis,Executive Vice President and Chief Global Analyst at Kantar’s Insights Division.

Publicis Sapient, the digital transformation hub of Publicis Groupe, has announced two more senior hires to its growing Experience team - Karin Giefer and Quinnton Harris.

The newly inaugurated global Experience team blends data, machine learning, and creativity to craft customer-centric experiences that deliver utmost value to both clients, and ultimately, their customers. The team will work closely with Chief Experience Officer, John Maeda, to further transform and integrate Publicis Sapient’s data, machine learning, and creative capabilities to best serve clients in their digital transformation efforts.

Karin Giefer has been appointed as Senior Vice President (SVP), Experience and will work closely with John to operationalize Publicis Sapient’s LEAD experience system, which aims to make dataful experiences into the default for clients. An expert in data and Artificial Intelligence, Karin previously held positions at McKinsey & Co, as well as Executive Creative Director at frog Design, and Director of Business Innovation at Wieden+Kennedy.

Both of these new hires bring their own unique expertise in the creative and technology industries, further cementing the global credentials of John’s expanding Experience team.

Quinnton Harris has been appointed as Group Creative Director, Experience and will also serve as John Maeda’s Chief of Staff to maximize global exchange across Publicis Sapient’s Experience team. Prior to joining Publicis Sapient, Quinnton was inaugural Creative Director at Blavity, Inc. and before that, led design at Walker & Company Brands, a start-up consumer products and tech company recently acquired by Proctor & Gamble. He is also an MIT alum, graduating with S.B. in Mechanical Engineering with dual minors in Architecture and Visual Arts and working with the MIT Media Lab’s CityCar Project.

“The expertise brought by Karin and Quinnton will undoubtedly strengthen Publicis Sapient’s ability to help clients thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution with access to their blended engineering and artistic talents,” said John Maeda, Chief Experience Officer at Publicis Sapient. “At Publicis Sapient, we ground ourselves in a creative and humanistic approach to technology and design in order to deliver the most dataful experiences. In an era when businesses are rapidly learning how to speak machine to be fully competitive, Publicis Sapient works to humanize technology in a world that is increasingly digital.”

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ALTBalaji and ZEE5 launch CODE M

ALTBalaji and ZEE5, known to co-create innovative content, has now launched their most-anticipated offering — Code M this January 15, timing the show’s launch perfectly with the occasion of Indian Army Day. After ruling the television screen Jennifer Winget once again dons yet another challenging role, this as Major Monica Mehra, a Military Lawyer, whose sole purpose is finding out the truth and cracking Code M. Jennifer has been ruling the hearts of audiences since many years now and with her digital debut has once again proved her mettle as an actor by performing a host of serious action stunts and delivering some heavy-duty dialogues in the series.

The web series also features a talented pool of actors like Rajat Kapoor who is playing Colonel Suryaveer Chauhan, Commandant of the Army Base and a family friend of Monica, he is a complete no-nonsense person who cuts off all personal emotions while on duty. Talented actor Tanuj Virwani, who has proved his mettle with some of his recent stints is playing the character of Angad Sandhu, a civilian lawyer who helps Monica in cracking the case. Donning the role of a man who is sarcastic, witty and one with a very different sense of humour is what aptly defines him. Other actors who played the pivotal parts in the series are Seema Biswas, Keshav Sadhna, Aalekh Kapoor, Madhurima Roy, Gautam Ahuja and Meghana Kaushik.

Launched on Indian Army Day, Code M promises to invoke the true spirit of patriotism in every Indian out there. Produced by Juggernaut Productions and directed by Akshay Choubey, the story revolves around an Indian Army lawyer, Monica Mehra, who uncovers an uncomfortable truth while investigating the open & shut case of a militant encounter. The incident involves the killings of an officer and two militants that further sees the mother of the militants set herself ablaze. Out to find what really happened, Monica sets out on a path to discover the truth which leads to a twist in the tale as the young woman decides to side with justice and investigate deeper to uncover inconvenient truths about the army and army men.

On playing the role of Major Monica Mehra, Jennifer Winget shares, “Code M is not only my first ever digital debut with ALTBalaji but for me, it’s been an opportunity of a lifetime. Working on this show was even more special as my very first television break too was given to me by Ekta. Coming to my character on the show, once you get into an army uniform, it’s a different high all together but also a huge responsibility on your shoulders to uphold your mannerisms and stance as an officer. There is no room for slip-ups. But with all the support from my cast and crew, I’d like to think that I’ve successfully portrayed my Major Monica Mehra. I am excited to hear what the audience reaction to the show and my character is.”

Speaking about the launch of the series, Rajat Kapoor quipped, “I am really excited that to be the part of Code M and now that it is finally released, I am looking forward to know about the audience’s response. With each one of the teams having put in so much effort and dedication, we hope that the show evokes feelings of patriotism in the hearts of one and all.”

On playing the role of Angad Sandhu, Tanuj Virwani shares, “I am extremely proud to be a part of an army-based web-series and portray the character of Angad who’s shown as a civilian lawyer in the series. This series has definitely taught me a lot of things which is going to help me in my further projects. It was not an easy project to work on, but certainly one of my most interesting ones.”

McDonald’s India - North and East has announced a new partnership with Zomato, further expanding the availability and accessibility of McDelivery.

Customers in North and East India will now be able to order for their favorite McDonald’s food items on Zomato, and get it delivered to their doorsteps. The service will be available through more than 125 McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India.

“At McDonald’s, we are constantly looking for new and convenient ways to serve our customers, whether they are dining-in, or picking up their food on-the-go via our drive-through restaurants or ordering through McDelivery. We are excited to make McDelivery accessible to customers on Zomato, one of India’s leading online food delivery platforms, making it even more convenient for them to enjoy their favorite McDonald’s menu items,” said, Rudra Kishore Sen, Senior Director, Operations and Training, McDonald’s India – North and East.

“It is absolutely wonderful to partner with a brand that revolutionized the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segment in our country. Indians have endorsed, loved and cherished McDonald’s for more than two decades, and there’s only one thing to be said on Zomato now empowering McDelivery – I am lovin it”, added Mohit Sardana, Chief Operating Officer- Food Delivery, Zomato.

The partnership with Zomato has added a new dimension of convenience to McDonald’s core of serving great tasting food to the customers every day. Zomato’s live order-tracking feature is streamlined with in-restaurant operation to provide the best experience for diners by delivering their food as hot and fresh as possible.

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