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The campaign launched on TikTok on January 1 and has more than 575 million video views till date

Goonj, one of India’s trusted award-winning voluntary organizations and short video platform TikTok have come together to launch an in-app winter contribution challenge called #SpreadTheWarmth. Goonj has been highlighting the issues faced by the less fortunate who don’t have adequate winter clothes and therefore, has joined forces with TikTok, to raise awareness among people to contribute their new/old but usable woolens during one of the coldest winters in India in decades.

The #SpreadTheWarmth campaign that went live on January 01, 2020, encourages TikTok users to create videos while making contributions within their communities and helping the less fortunate to tackle a severe winter season. Since its launch on TikTok, the hashtag has garnered over 575 million video views and many new community initiatives have come up to showcase the spirit of giving.

During the month of January 2019 alone, winter claimed 103 lives in Delhi and in January 2020 the state has already recorded the lowest temperature in 119 years. This initiative is a great way of encouraging the youth and the community at large to come together for a common cause. It also highlights the effectiveness of the popular video sharing app TikTok to create a positive change in the community.

To amplify the campaign message, Goonj has also been posting videos about tips for ‘responsible and respectful’ contribution, from their TikTok account. Volunteers of Goonj are sharing important information about things to keep in mind while making contributions, education about precautions during winter, etc. The #SpreadTheWarmth page on TikTok also directs users to Goonj's dropping centres across various cities in India where they can send their contributions.

Anshu Gupta, Founder of Goonj, believes that the campaign is a unique approach to sensitise people about the realities of harsh winter for a large number of children, women and young families in India. Commenting on the campaign, Anshu said, “For many years now, Goonj has been highlighting winters as an annual disaster for people who don’t have enough clothes and how the death and suffering due to cold is entirely preventable with the contribution of the many woolens and clothes lying unused in urban homes. TikTok is a medium of the masses, especially the youth.That’s why this campaign makes a lot of sense as it reaches out to each one of us and encourages us to do our bit.”

TikTok India spokesperson added, “In the recent past, several social welfare organizations have been successful in spreading their message about causes they advocate by effectively leveraging TikTok's strong user base and reach. We are pleased that Goonj chose TikTok as a medium for the #SpreadTheWarmth campaign that aims to bring warmth and comfort in the lives of the less fortunate. We remain committed towards India and we will continue to emerge as a positive platform inspiring change.”

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Kalpesh Parmar to head Mars Wrigley’s India

Mars Wrigley has announced that Kalpesh Parmar has been appointed General Manager for India with effect from January 9.

Kalpesh will be based in the Gurgaon office and will become a member of Mars Wrigley’s Global Emerging Markets Leadership Team.

Kalpesh succeeds Andrew Leakey, who has moved to Australia as General Manager.

An alumnus of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Kalpesh is a seasoned business leader with 21 years of experience in consumer industry spanning across South Korea, Singapore, Dubai, Turkey, Nigeria and India, with specific focus on business development, brand building, route to market, e-commerce and capability building.

Kalpesh has been associated with Unilever for the past 12 years and was most recently designated as the CEO for South Korea, Pacific Islands and Mongolia, and he also managed the Ice Cream business in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Prior to this, he was designated as the Global Customer Collaboration Director based out of Singapore. He was the member of Global Customer Development team and was responsible for managing 30 customer insight and innovation centers across the Globe. He was driving the joint business planning process for developed and emerging markets for Top 40 markets. At Unilever Nigeria, he was leading the Shopper & Customer Marketing agenda, supporting customer marketing and modern trade development for Sub Saharan Africa. Kalpesh has also worked with Gillette and Marico in India prior to Unilever.

Today’s youth ends up gaining superficial knowledge about issues, without understanding the core issue.

After the CAA came into existence, we’ve seen the youth take an active interest in politics and policy. Suddenly, they are taking a crash course on the constitution, government and the larger populace and standing up against the NRC-NPR-CAA combine. However, can many really say that they know the issue in the depth that it deserves and requires?

General news awareness which was already dipping, fell off the radar ever since the advent of social media. But the renewed rigor with which people, especially the youth are taking a keen interest in current developments is indeed heartening. However, how well do they know these issues? Most of the people vehemently for or against the CAA or NRC have not been there or done that. They’ve not seen nor heard about the horrors of Partition or the context and evolution of these laws. Forget Partition, most don’t even know anything about India’s darkest period, the 1975-77 Emergency.

Shakir Ebrahim, Founder of GoBisbo Broadcasting Network Pvt. Ltd. and Creator, Bisbo said "One of the reasons behind this superficial knowledge and lack of depth is how they’re receiving and consuming news. They want it short, crisp and to the point. They consume 1 minute news or news in 60-100 words, which does not give any idea about the whole issue and misses out on many important points."

For instance, few know that the concept of 'Make in India' is just a variation of ‘Import Substitution' an Indira Gandhi policy which had failed miserably. As the youth can’t connect the dots, history is bound to repeat itself, possibly with similarly disastrous results.

Yes, the youth are eager to know what's happening in the country. Governments decisions, judgments and developments have them hooked. However, what they do end up knowing is only the chaos and drama which is covered by Television news channels, many of whom have given up balanced news coverage and openly lean towards one or the other side. Those with superficial knowledge are also more prone to be swayed by malicious WhatsApp forwards whose main purpose is to muddle the issue further.

They can certainly know more and dive in by reading the wealth of material that’s already available, but who’s got the bandwidth and the time to do so? What’s required is a platform that brings this information, this background in quick spans, to meet the needs of today’s audience. Bisbo is one such platform.

Shakir further adds, "Bisbo susses out the main background information, combines it with current events and presents the whole piece in an easily digestible format. 80% of Bisbo's viewers across all their 9 languages are in the age group of 18-34 and their interaction with the platform shows how keenly they follow what is posted here."

Bisbo's video explaining the historical context of Article 370 and on the Naxal problem have already received more than 1.85 million & 835,000 views respectively because they’re providing much-needed depth and background. Their recent video on the less well-known issue of the Chakmas, has received rave reviews.

The enlightened minds of today need to know these depths before they make any decisions on an issue. These minds are the future leaders of a better tomorrow.


Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam music ruled music streaming charts in 2019

Regional music now contributes more than 35% consumption on Gaana

India’s music streaming market to grow to 600 million users in the next 3 years

India's No.1 music streaming app, Gaana’s annual report on the country’s music consumption trends registered an unprecedented demand for regional music. This genre accounted for more than 1 Bn music streams in Dec 2019, registering an incredible 8X in 2.5 years growth in the past 2.5 years - making regional music the most vibrant and potent genre in the country’s audio OTT market.

Currently regional music accounts for more than 35% OTT music consumption, with more than half of all users of regional music coming from smaller cities. Given the rising popularity of Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam music across the country, the country’s audio OTT market is expected to grow to 600 million users in the next 3 years, buoyed by the surging interest in regional music consumption. Gaana Originals, Gaana’s initiative to promote regional non-film music also saw a sharp jump and now contributes more than 100 MN streams per month. The most notable song amongst the Gaana Originals was Lehanga by Jas Manak that topped all charts in 2019 and crossed 115 Mn streams on Gaana.

Commenting on the year gone by, Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwal said: “2019 was a landmark year for music lovers, artists and the industry in more ways than one. The meteoric rise in regional music consumption across the nation marks one of the biggest cultural shifts in perception of music in the past decade. As established and emerging musical artists across the country realised the growing importance of music streaming apps to reach their fans at scale in their own language, our primarily young music streaming population are embracing their respective cultures and are ‘going back to their roots’. It's no longer ‘uncool’ to groove to music from your own region or culture, it's rather the ‘in’ thing to have a playlist featuring music in multiple languages. At Gaana, we are humbled to be at the centre of this vibrant blend of cultures, powering these musical connections that celebrates our country’s unity and diversity.”

Besides the rising interest in regional music, the most popular music artists of 2019 were Tanishk Bagchi, Arijit Singh and Neha Kakkar for most of the northern and western states, whereas Punjab and Haryana had regional artistes like Jas Manak, Diljit Dosanjh, Guru Randhawa, Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz and B Praak winning hearts. Down South, Telangana favored Devi Sri Prasad, Sid Sriram and S. P. Balasubrahmanyam; Tamil Nadu prefered A. R. Rahman, Anirudh Ravichander and Tamizha while Kerala was grooving to A. R. Rahman, Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. In terms of music preferences, Tanishq Bagchi’s Tere Bin, DSP’s Ek Baar, A.R Rehman’s Thalli Pogathey, Guru Randhawa’s Ishare Tere, Arijit Singh’s Ve Maahi and Neha Kakkar’s Aankh Marey were the most popular hits across the country.

Dedicates a week-long series on the author’s journey

MY FM- the radio arm of DB Corp ltd, honors Mr. Javed Akhtar on account of his special birth anniversary by dedicating a week-long tribute show-‘Yun Hi Chala Chal’. The show goes on air for a week from today and will continue till the author’s 75th birthday on 17th Jan 2020.

The week long show will celebrate Mr. Akhtar’s journey and his revolutionary contribution towards the Indian Film Industry. Apart from this, it will also feature some candid sessions with the author where he will share his first hand experiences about the interesting work he has done over the years. Famous celebrities and family members like son Farhan Akhtar, daughter Zoya Akhtar and brother-in-law Baba Azmi will also share entertaining and inspiring inside stories which define Javed’s poetic personality. This will be a daily feature of the special and will be played as capsules throughout the day.

There will be live sessions with Akhtar’s close friends Mr. Arvind Mandloi, Surbhan Gupt & Vahaazuddin Ansari, who will chat about some unheard snippets from his personal and professional life. It will be an interactive session as they will be taking calls from listeners as well.

Vinay Manek, National Programming Head, MY FM adds “One of the most illustrious lyricist and screenwriters of our times, Mr Javed Akhtar turns 75 this year on 17th January. MY FM celebrates the virtuoso and his impressive body of work on radio with a world exclusive special. Listeners can catch the maestro himself and his family including actor director son Farhan Akhtar, actor and wife Shabana Azmi and director and daughter Zoya Akhtar, friend and writer Arvind Mandloi amongst others talking about lesser known facets of his inspiring life journey and cinematic contribution.

All this, along with the choicest of his classic Bollywood tracks that have regaled us through the years- a treat indeed for musical and lyrical aficionados. Catch Javed Akhtar- Yun hi Chala Chal through the week at a radio set near you.”

Speaking on the campaign, Rahul Namjoshi COO, MY FM said “Living up to our promise of bringing something unique and interesting for our listeners, we bring to you "Yun hi Chala Chal”- A Javed Akhtar Birthday Special. This is a ‘World Exclusive’ with some untold, unheard stories and snippets of his life through some very close people from his life like Farhan, Zoya, Shabana Azmi and many others”

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