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World Champion and Rio Olympics Silver Medallist, PV Sindhu, and Indian tennis stars Sania Mirza and Somdev Devvarman laud moments of brilliance from the epic Nadal – Federer rivalry

Discovery Plus, India’s first aggregated real-life entertainment streaming app has already created a buzz with its latest offering “Strokes of Genius” - a gripping 90-minute sports documentary, based on the book ‘Strokes of Genius: Federer, Nadal and the Greatest Match Ever Played’, by L. Jon Wertheim. Keeping in line with the theme of the documentary, Indian sporting stars PV Sindhu, Sania Mirza and Somdev Devvarman, expressed their views in a candid conversation on the modern-day legends, one of the greatest rivalries of tennis and also across sporting disciplines – Federer – Nadal, the protagonists of the documentary who have defied all odds and have inspired millions over the years.

Sania Mirza who has been a teammate for the legends in the past at IPTL talked about the pure nature of this legendary rivalry and what it means to be true champions like them.

She said, “The way they talk about each other on and off the camera is pretty incredible and I’ve seen that being a part of IPTL where I was on Rafa’s team and I was on the same team as Roger in the following or the year before that. They speak so highly about each other. On the courts, of course, everybody knows that they’ve had some incredible matches and have some incredible history, but I think off the court are the moments that make them very special. The respect they have for each other and when they play you can see that there is so much respect and mutual admiration for each other as well. They bring so much to the game and such different things that our sport really needs both of them.”

The Indian tennis star also looked back at some of the rivalries she cherished the most on her road to becoming a six-time grand slam winner. She said, “There are some rivalries that are iconic. But I think during my singles career there was a girl from Russia called Anna Chakvetadze. She was top 10 in the world, I think close to top 5. We played a lot against each other since the juniors. She definitely helped me become better because initially I was not able to beat her and I felt that she was someone, she had a very unconventional game and I feel that… we played so much against each other. When Martina and I were playing, I think our biggest rival at that time were probably Elena Vesnina and Ekaterina Makarova. We won the Wimbledon finals against them as well. We played a lot against each other. Also, there was Babos - Mladenovic at the time who we played a lot against and Mladenovic and Garcia, they were probably our biggest rivals.”

Speaking to Discovery plus on the occasion, PV Sindhu said, “I believe both Roger and Rafael are legends in their own way and definitely love to see both of them play. I can’t just choose one from both but I think each of them has a different style of play and different game so I would say, both are legends.” She added, “I think it’s the greatest rivalry not only in tennis but also globally because they are true champions and they have always inspired us in many ways and I would say it is always a treat for us to watch them play.”

On being asked who is that one rival who pushes her to become better? Sindhu accepted that Carolina Marin has done the same for her over the years. Sindhu also reminisced a moment from the initial days of the #Fedal rivalry that inspired her in her career and said, “I was really young then in 2004 in Miami when Nadal won against the then no 1 Federer. When I saw that it inspired me a lot in 2004 when Nadal won against the then world no 1. So, the closest of that for me would be when I won against the Olympic champion Li Xuerui in China Masters in 2012. So yeah, that was the closest for me.”

Somdev Devvarman talked about his greatest career rivalries remembering his time in college. He said “For me, my earliest rivalry began in college. I went through the NCAA system and the couple of players that I had played against were John Isner, University of Georgia and Kevin Anderson, University of Illinois and I played for the University of Virginia. So when we were in college we spend a lot of time playing each other and sometimes we got the better of each other. Those matches pushed me a lot personally because we wanted our team to beat their team but also knowing they were the best players in the country and I had a chance to play them and beat them.”

2008 Wimbledon final which forms the centrepiece of “Strokes of Genius” also happens to be Devvarman’s most memorable piece from the #Fedal rivalry. He said, “2008 Wimbledon, for me, was one of the craziest and memorable tennis matches. The rivalry still continues in 2020 more than decades from then. These guys are playing at such a high level for such a long time. In our sport, if you look at Roger and Rafa, I think they have been crazy good examples of how to have mutual respect for each other. The way they have handled their rivalry, their competitiveness on and off the court and that has never affected their relationship. I think it is absolutely incredible and something pretty much all of us can learn from them. Tennis is lucky to have them.”

The documentary, “Strokes of Genius”, seeks to bring out the various facets that go into the making of an immortal rivalry through interesting perspectives from other living legends like John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras, Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova and others, is streaming now only on Discovery Plus.

Mr. Shamsher Singh has joined ZEE Media Corporation Limited as the Managing Editor of ZEE Hindustan and its Digital Properties. He has a rich experience of 22 years in the media and broadcast industry and has worked with networks like TV Today, India TV & Republic Bharat in his past endeavors. He has also been the winner of one of the nation’s most prestigious awards - the Ram Nath Goenka Awards 2008-09 for his exemplary work in journalism.

"ZEE Hindustan is a channel that brings light to the India of the 21st Century. A channel that does not just shows the land of mystics but also shows the land of Chandrayaan, the biggest IT sourcing hub worldwide, the biggest movies and entertainment industry in the world and the land of engineering marvels. Hence the tagline - 'Sare Jahan Se Acha' perfectly fits the channel. In these changing times, the vision of ZEE Hindustan becomes even more relevant and we believe that Mr. Shamsher Singh, a stalwart of this industry will bring his proven and prudent experience in the media industry to successfully take it beyond the vision and expectations of the channel” said Mr. Purushottam Vaishnava, the CEO of ZEE Media.

Mr. Manoj Jagyasi, Executive Cluster Head of Sales, said, “ZEE Hindustan has a great potential as a national news channel which can be clearly seen in the past few months through the response to our content and through multiple splendid conclaves & discussions conducted through the channel which were on par and even better than some of the long-time leaders in the national news genre. We are glad to have Mr. Shamsher Singh amongst us and be a part of ZEE Hindustan family and we trust that he would take ZEE Hindustan and its digital properties to new heights with his hands-on knowledge in the field of journalism especially in these changing dynamics of the news industry."

More than half females have had an unsafe experience in the past, yet only some have taken action against it

In YouGov’s latest survey, we asked women to indicate how often they felt unsafe in 19 different scenarios from daily lives. Most urban Indian women (52%) said they always or often felt unsafe while walking alone at night. 26% feel anxious while walking in certain neighbourhoods or when walking with a friend, partner or family member at night (26% each), while 18% feel insecure walking alone even during the day time.

Nearly half the surveyed women (48%) felt unsafe getting a taxi or ride share alone at night (48%) or while changing clothes at public recreational centres like swimming pools or gym (47%).

Many (36%) felt unsafe being alone with a technician at home, working late hours in office alone or with a few colleagues (35% each) or going on a first date with a male they met online (33%).

Fear is comparatively lower when exercising alone in an outdoor space (25%), driving a car by themselves (20%) or when going alone to a local market (20%).

In order to deal with these fears, most women (52%) take measures on a regular basis to ensure their personal safety. 33% take precautions sometimes and only 7% do not take any measures at all.

Keeping constant awareness of their surroundings (60%) and avoiding interactions with strangers (59%) are the most widely taken precautions in order to maintain safety.

Apart from these, more than half avoid being out in the night alone (56%), keep family or friends informed about their whereabouts (52%) or keep emergency numbers on speed dial (51%) in order to be safe.

The fear has forced some women to go a step further and make changes such as, dress a certain way (40%), carry safety equipment such as pepper spray, etc. along with them (40%) or avoid drinking a lot when out with friends (34%).

According to the survey, seven in ten women in India feel crime against women has increased in the past year. One in five (20%) feel it is the same as last year and only 9% think it has decreased in the last one year.

Talking about themselves, more than half women in India (55%) said they have experienced incidents in the past that have made them feel unsafe. Despite this, less than half of this percentage have lodged an official complain with either the police (24%) or the women’s council (16%).

A large proportion of women did not take any action after the incident and discussed the matter with friends/ family (46%) or took charge of the situation themselves (34%). A quarter (24%) ignored the incident altogether.

The data shows most women trust the police and judiciary only to some extent when it comes to ensuring their safety or imparting justice to the victims. Only some (22% and 34% respectively) trust these institutions a lot. The lack of absolute trust in the law and police force of the country could be the reason for women dealing with unsafe situations on their own instead of approaching the authorities.

When asked what steps could help reduce crime against women, a majority (67%) feel early education of men to respect women could be effective in this regard. Many (62%) believe harsher punishments or fast track trials could be effective while a little over half (52%) believe better patrolling by police could help reduce crime against women.


YouGov Omnibus data collected online among around 700 female respondents in India in October 2020 using YouGov’s panel of over 6 million people worldwide. Data is representative of the adult online population in the country.

On a continuous growth trajectory –Bigg Boss 14 on Voot witnesses a 40 % increase over last year

Garners 1.5 billion minutes of watch time in the launch week views on VOOT through its immersive interactivity and content extensions

India’s favorite and biggest reality show Bigg Boss has opened to power-packed entertainment and unlimited drama. The national phenomenon, after the stupendous success of the last season on VOOT, has once again unleashed its power and brought in fans garnering a stupendous 1.5 billion minutes of watch time just in its opening week. With 11 digital sponsors and brand partners and an immersive, digital-only, exclusive content slate on Voot, the iconic show has delivered an unmatched entertainment experience for the #AsliFans of Bigg Boss, once again.

Speaking about the show’s eminence on digital, Gourav Rakshit, COO, Viacom18 Digital Ventures said, “Our objective on Voot has always been to provide content experiences to our viewers that is immersive and engaging. Bigg Boss is a show with a massive and loyal fan base and the show on Voot this year has once again created many milestones like a 40%+ growth in watch-time and an increased contribution of 35% in viewership from Tier 2 towns as compared to the past 3 seasons. We are sure that the specially curated immersive experiences surrounding content on digital have added significant value to our users as well as partner experiences.”

With Bigg Boss continuing to get significant patronage on digital, the show has also garnered support from leading brands who have come on board the digital bandwagon and partnered with Voot to bring to life engaging interactivities for the #Aslifans.

While MPL and Samsung have partnered with the show as digital sponsors and have also sponsored properties like Fantasy League, Voting and Bigg Buzz, Flipkart Video has partnered with the platform for a special interactive segment titled the Bigg Buzz Challenge, crafted around the iconic show. Apart from this, brands like PhonePe, Mama Earth, Magic Moments Music Studio, Swiggy, Durex, Lotus Herbals (Beauty), JBL, Philips have also come on board for the Bigg Boss experience on Voot, through fun curated segments.

Some of the marquee digital properties built exclusively by Voot for the #AsliFans of Bigg Boss include -

Fantasy League presented by MPL (Mobile Premier League): Fantasy League is an interactive offering from Voot for the #AsliFans of Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss viewers are close observers and build strong fan camps to root for their favorite contestants. Fantasy League is fans’ one-stop destination to choose their teams and win prizes throughout the season. The league will see #AsliFans join by selecting contestants with a pre-assigned credit score. Points are scored basis the contestant’s performance in the show with longer the selected contestant stays in the game, the more points will be scored by the participant. There will be daily multipliers if the selected contestant stays longer in the game. A leaderboard will track the top scorers regularly and the top users will be gratified. Every day 10 winners will be gratified by MPL.

Official Voting Partner Samsung: - In addition to being the official voting partner on VOOT, Samsung is integrated on Bigg Buzz via a series of fun and customized integrations which highlight the Samsung Galaxy A71/A51 series.

Bigg Buzz Season 4 presented by Flipkart Video: This season, Voot’s popular magazine show is presented by Flipkart Video. Hosted by popular actor Karan Wahi, the show will have weekly episodes every Monday. As part of this association we have created a special interactive segment titled The Bigg Buzz Challenge which is co-hosted on Flipkart Video that provides viewers an opportunity to answer intriguing questions based on the current and past seasons of Bigg Boss.

BB Extra Masala- The unseen drama, unedited fights, and unabridged content from the house will be available to the viewers.

BB Catch up - A weekly round-up of the drama and action from the house for the viewers to catch-up everything they might have missed during the week.

The show continues to be a category game changer across television and digital and has every year on year created new benchmarks on innovation and interactivity across the Digital media ecosystem.

Featuring the most-celebrated/popular singers, artists and comedians across the Bhojpuri-speaking region, the four-day fiesta starting from 11th Nov – 14th Nov will have one hour telecast repeat across all age groups

When it comes to celebrating the biggest festivals in the country, BIG Ganga, ensures that it rings in the festivities in grand style. Continuing its legacy of festive offerings and adding to the highly-appreciated ‘Ding Dong Dandiya’ show during Navratri, the channel is set to rejoice and light up the entire region come the festival of Diwali. Making the occasion all the more grand and glamorous for its ardent viewers across the region, BIG Ganga announces ‘Ganga Deewali Carnival’. The four-day multi-entertainment, multi-celebrity carnival will start from 11th Nov and culminate on 14th Nov.

Featuring the most celebrated singers, performers and comedian of the region like Sonalika Prasad, Payas Pandit, Mohan Rathore, Mamta Raut, Tripti Sakya to name a few, the one-hour multi-entertainment show shall appeal to all age groups as they ring in the festivities with their friends and loved ones at home. Allowing viewers to enjoy the abundance of entertainment again in a repeat telecast, the four-day fiesta will feature four fantastic themes in the form of DJ Dhamaka, Suron Ka Pataka Comedy Bomb and Diwali Bumper Dhamaka.

Commenting on the festive line-up, Samrat Ghosh, Cluster Head East, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd said,“As a brand that has always placed the consumer at a pedestal, we are more than happy to ensure that the festivities continue around the year and keep the joyous mood alive taking into account that our viewers can’t celebrate these auspicious occasions outdoors. By keeping these offerings solely family-oriented and keeping their sentiment in mind, we continue to provide a whole-some viewing experience. In addition to bringing the entire household together as they immerse themselves in these celebrations from the comforts of their homes, the Deewali Carnival offers an opportunity for advertisers to leverage the opportunity to strengthen their bond with consumers on another level.”

Speaking on the unique offering by the channel and how it can add value in the life of viewers,Amarpreet Singh Saini, Business Head, BIG Ganga and ZEE Biskope said, “As a brand that continues to grow from strength to strength, we pride ourselves in curating many industry firsts for our ardent viewers to enjoy. The Ganga Deewali Carnival is testament to it as the Bhojpuri industry shall witness a multi-entertainment, multi-celebrity series around Diwali for the very first time in Bhojpuri category. Each festival brings with it a different flavour that enables us to push our boundaries by expanding our robust entertainment bouquet. Following the success of Ding Dong Dandiya, I hope this too will be well received amongst audiences and they like and enjoy it thoroughly.”

BIG Ganga has constantly raised the bar of entertainment for its viewers through its varied offerings while ensuring they all are a part of the celebrations and festivals that matters to them. Taking forward the legacy, the channel will is all set for a month-long category-first festive line-up Chhathi Ghate Ganga and Jai Chhathi Mayi in November.

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