Indian Sports Sponsorship Industry Grows 14% in 2017

5th edition of the ESP Properties – SportzPower India Sports Sponsorship Report

Increase from INR 6,400 crore in 2016 to INR 7,300 crore in 2017 and in the process breach the $1 billion for the first time

View From The Ground In 2017

• On Ground Sponsorship grew by healthy 15% from INR 1,165 crore to INR 1,337 crore

• India Cricket grew by 19% (INR 563 crore to INR 669 crore) as India played more matches in 2017

— On Ground sponsorship in Cricket crossed the magic $100 million mark for the 1 st time

• Football showed a momentous 64% (INR 110 crore to INR 179 crore) increase in On Ground sponsorship

— India hosted its first ever FIFA U-17 World Cup - the most attended one in the history of the event

• Two Big Title Sponsorships of Domestic Leagues

— Hero MotoCorp renewed ISL Title Sponsorship till 2019 at 196% incremental value from previous year

— Vivo secured PKL Title Sponsorship for 5 years at 100% incremental value from right holder’s previous ask

• Emergence of UTT, SBL, SFL, Cue Slam, Powerboat P1 contributed to overall growth

Team Sponsorship & Franchise Fee

• Team Sponsorship up by 17% in 2017 – from INR 700 crore to INR 819 crore

• Oppo secured Team India Sponsorship at INR 1,079 Cr (Apr’17 to Mar’22)

— 21% (INR 429 crore to INR 518 crore) growth in Cricket Team Sponsorship

• Football Team Sponsorship has grown by 41% (INR 98 crore to INR 139 crore)

— ISL Team Sponsorship grew by 22% due to increase in the number of teams & matches

— International Football Club Sponsorship by Indian brands tote up to INR 75 – 80 crore

• 25% (from INR 548 crore to INR 684 crore) upside in Franchise Fees came from developments on the Other Sports, as Cricket remained unchanged

— Five New Franchise based leagues were started – UTT, SBL, SFL, Cue Slam & Powerboat P1

— 2 New Teams added in ISL

— 4 New Teams added in PKL

Virat pads up Blue Sky between him & rest

So does Sindhu among women

• Endorsements has de-grown by 17%; major reason

— Messi – Tata Motors deal & Tiger Woods – Hero MotoCorp deals got over

• Cricket endorsement has grown by 15%

— Virat Kohli leading from the front with 19 brands & INR 150+ crore worth of endorsement value

• PV Sindhu is leading the non-cricket endorsement space with 11 brands and over INR 30 crore worth of endorsement value

• Cricketers got total of 90 brands whereas non-cricket athletes got 78 brands endorsements

Media Investments Hits High Notes

• Media Investments on Sports grew by 16% from INR 3,511 crore to INR 4,065 crore

• Media Investments driven even more strongly in 2017 by Television, which grew an incredible 43%, from INR 2,367 crore to INR 3,379 crore

• On digital, investments growth has largely been on the back of cricket with other sports contributing to a smaller share

Technology- Bridging the Gap

• Data and Technology bridging the gap between physical & virtual live sports experience

• Increased awareness towards fan engagement and viewer experience leading to the merger of digital and physical environment

Off season & Non Live

- Limitless opportunity to show sports content on a variety of platforms provides first-hand experience to the fans

- Data and Technology to revolutionize the way the sport is organized, played, analysed, and experienced


Sports Sponsorship has grown by 14% (INR 6,400 crore to INR 7,300 crore)

• Sports Sponsorship / India AdEx, 2017 = 12%

• Football rode forward and showed a momentous 64% (INR 110 crore to INR 179 crore) increase in On Ground sponsorship

• Five New Franchise based leagues, 2 new ISL teams & 4 new PKL teams helped Team Sponsorship to grow by 17% (INR 700 crore to INR 819 crore) and Franchise Fee by 25% (from INR 548 crore to INR 684 crore)

• Virat pads up Blue Sky between him & rest; so does Sindhu among women

• Biggest growth driver – Media investments grew by 16% (INR 3,511 crore to INR 4,065 crore)

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