How Automation at Scale is Powering the Chat of the Manchester City Football Club

The FIFA world cup 2018 is blazing at the full swing and soccer fans across the globe are enjoying the breathtaking spectacle. What intrigues millions of the football lovers is the way Manchester City F.C. roared in FIFA 2018 with a maximum of 16 players getting into the world cup this year from the same club. It’s fair to say that Manchester City had an absolutely amazing 2017-2018 season, as they claimed their thunderous victory in the third Premier League. Records tumbled and almost every opponent has been swept aside. Even the diehard Manchester United supporters had to admit that their local rivals surpassed them magnificently.

Fans and followers of the Manchester City F.C. are delighted and thrilled at every game, every goal and every victory, celebrating the club’s successive achievements. During all this high adrenaline time they were able to keep up to date with each one of the memorable moments because of the club’s Facebook Messenger Chatbot, built using a chat marketing platform.

An insight at how chat marketing platform has been delivering and giving Manchester City fans what they want and keeping them engaged with their beloved ‘Sky Blues’, can show the true potential of chat marketing for the Premier League Champions.

Building a Dream Team

Chatbot marketing is unique in both its compatibility and how brands like Manchester City are able to craft a platform that delivers customized content to users and fans and give them ecstatic interactive experiences.

Man City has their Chatbot developed and designed in a way so that it delivers not just the messages but also a wide range of content that keeps their fans excited and that too, all information available at their fingertips.

For the Fans

Fans and followers are always looking for the latest news and updates about their club, and luckily for followers of Manchester City F.C, their chatbot ensure that they not only get the most recent breaking stories via chat, but they also receive live-action updates with a number of added features.

With the services of adroitly designed Chatbots, fans were able to stay in the loop as Pep Guardiol built the team to have them playing the wonder football that has made him such a sought-after and highly respected manager. After claiming league championships, when Man City marked yet another milestone with its 16 star players in FIFA 2018, which is more than any other European club, the interactive chat system kept the fans engaged with all live updates and news related to the club.

As Man City evolved on the pitch, so did the club’s Chatbot on the internet, so that the fans could enjoy video clips, interviews, updates from the players’ social media accounts and even order kits and merchandise, all through the same content-rich Facebook Messenger chatbot. Man city’s official Facebook Messenger chatbot with the news, live updates, merchandise and ticket bookings is serving as the best single-point facilitator to all the fans.

From Ball Skills to People Skills

Every football team knows that fans are what really make the club, and Man City is no exception. Their custom-built Chatbot provides genuine interaction and puts fans at the heart of all updates and brings them closer to the team they so dearly love. Users can subscribe to different news feeds and get all the information that they crave for. Given all the excitement that took place last season and the blast Man City’s stars are going to create in FIFA 2018, it’s likely that most fans will subscribe to every update that they can. The predictions are strong because how else to explain the millions of messages being sent across its chatbot platforms, which saw traffic grow by nine times this season.

Success for Years to Come

Having successfully overseen a huge amount of growth in the number of users and fans interacting with Man City on messenger Chatbot, the relationship between the club and its chatbot is functioning as the team’s formidable strike-force.

As with any good team, they know that the key to continued success comes from developing and changing tactics, and ensuring that the fans get what they want to see, whether it’s free-flowing football as they sit inside the stadium or exciting content and updates as they follow their club online between matches.

Manchester City F.C’s chatbot tool is working on some very exciting developments, keeping the club image, and the club’s fans engaged and excited for each and every interaction with the Chatbot so that the season ahead promises to be as exciting off the pitch as surely as it will be on it.


Authored by Mr. Vipul Garg, Co-Founder, and Head of Marketing,

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