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North India is using iPhone, while OnePlus dominates the West

Delhi has the biggest concentration of iPhone users while Maharashtra is the hub of OnePlus customers

Mobile lovers in India are divided in their preference for smartphones. YouGov Profiles reveals that while the North of India has a higher number of iPhone users, the West has an inclination towards OnePlus phones.

YouGov Profiles is an audience segmentation and analysis tool which connects and collects data on brand usage to give a richer, more detailed portrait of consumers' entire lives. It combines unique filters to build up a portrait of the audience you need most, incorporating media consumption, psychographics, demographics, and much more.

While Apple has been a market leader globally, OnePlus is gaining foot in the premium smartphone sector worldwide. YouGov Profiles reveals some fascinating insights to show what differentiates their customers from the rest of the pack.

A typical iPhone user in India resides in the North of India, with most of them hailing from the state of New Delhi. This user is married, and from a slightly older age group (30+). He may have more than one handsets and is most inclined to use a Samsung smartphone as a second handset.

Meanwhile, users of OnePlus are younger, mostly in their twenties, are single, and most of them are currently living in the state of Maharashtra. They are price- sensitive and look for the lowest prices when they go shopping.

Compared to OnePlus users, iPhone owners are not price-conscious and prefer to trust big and famous brands. They also tend to be health-conscious and agree with the statement, ‘I like to choose diet and healthy versions of my favourite products.’

YouGov BrandIndex, the daily brand tracking tool, proves this comparison to be correct and reveals the top 5 smartphone brands in these regions according to positive brand health.

BrandIndex tracks public perception of thousands of brands over various metrics on a daily basis. The overall brand health is measured by Index which is an average of Quality, Value, Impression, Reputation, Satisfaction and Recommend scores.

The data shows that although Apple’s brand health seems to have declined to some extent, it is still going strong among its customers in the North of India. OnePlus on the other hand, is strengthening its position in both the regions and is the strongest brand in West India right now.


Data collected online by YouGov Profiles among around 1100 respondents in India in May 2019 using YouGov’s panel of over 6 million people worldwide. Data is representative of the adult online population in the country.

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