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Goa is the most preferred travel destination for Indians

Beats Dubai & Singapore

Goa for obvious reasons remains the favorite travel destination within Indians while Mumbai and Puri are other top preferred destination.

Indians choose ‘Goa’ as their most favorite travel destination. Goa welcomes revelers with the awestruck surprise of ravishing nightlife and exotic beaches. The fascinating architecture of the colonial period, exquisite churches and breathtaking landscape of Goa, magnetize maximum tourists worldwide. A recent study by SEMrush- The online visibility management, and content marketing SaaS platform shows that Goa is searched on an average of 113975 by Indians in Jan-April 2019, making it the topmost travel destination choice within in the home country.

Mumbai with an average search volume of 78600 is the second most preferable tourist spot for Indian. Strategically located on the coastline of the Arabian Sea, Mumbai attracts tourists towards its imperial architecture and glamour of Bollywood film industry. The economic capital of India, this place is a dream city for many aspirants and an ideal tourist destination for Indians and foreigners.

The report finds 58302 average searches for Puri, making it the top third destination on the travel list of Indians, whereas Jaipur gives a tough competition to Puri with an average search volume of 57045.

The SEMRush study also reveals the top 3 websites which Indians use to organize their trips. Paytm, MakeMyTrip and Tripadvisor are the three most searched websites by Indians to plan a trip with an estimated search volume of 32598107, 21210733 and 15271007 respectively. Where in the worldwide search data for the trip-planning websites shows Booking.com, Kayak.com, and Agoda.com as the top 3 choices amongst people.

Booking.com is the frequently searched website for organizing trips worldwide with a significant search volume of 188583928. However, Paytm is the most searched website occurred in 32598107 searches to book a flight and MakeMyTrip as the top website to book hotels with a search volume of 21210733.
Another interesting finding in the study is that 80% of people are booking flights and hotels from mobile phones which is bigger than in other countries. 17.7% of people book flights using desktop and 82.2% use mobile for the same. Wherein, the percentage of people booking hotels using desktop is 31.5% and mobile users is 68.5%.

According to the study, Indians book maximum flight tickets in the month of September, November, and December. November is the peak month for ticket booking with an average search of 5567142. Moreover, the top 3 months to book hotel tickets are November, December, and May with November at the top of the list for appearing in 3467766 searches.

Mr. Fernando Angulo, Head of International Market, SEMrush, said “November is the month with pleasant weather in almost every Indian state and is the best weather to plan a trip within India. Goa relishes a monopoly of being tourist’s favorite holiday spot had been maintaining its legacy to delivering the best vacation experience to the revelers with its magnificent landscape, delicious assortment of multiple cuisines, regal infrastructure, and never-ending list.”

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