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Festive Season Study- Buying Preferences & Trends Globally

Diwali festive spirit echoes as ‘Lighting’ tops as the top gifting options in India

Taboola, the world’s leading discovery platform, today released its Global Festive season study based on data on gift & brands. Deal-hunters everywhere are stretching out their shopping hands because of the ongoing festive season in India and globally Black Friday which is only a few short weeks away. Given Black Friday’s prestigious ranking as the world’s number one shopping day globally, it should come as no surprise that the digital space gets more crowded than the mall, and standing out can be a challenge.

This year, though, the brands and gifts catching the eyes of potential customers got the Taboola treatment. We analyzed data from over 400,000 articles read by over 460 million readers across the globe. Each of these articles included the phrase ‘Black Friday,’ and were analyzed to find the top gifts and brands in each country.

We also took a look at our trends site for creative inspiration, boiled it down to the most important takeaways, and packaged it together all in one place. Jump into our shopping cart and come along for the ride to learn the ‘who’s who’ and the ‘what’s what’ of festival season this year.

Top Gifts by Country

Technology items like Smartphones, computers, and laptops, or some combination of technology-related items were the top Black Friday gift items that drove the most interest in all countries included in our analysis.

The gift categories considered for the study included a wide range from Auto to home goods, technology gadgets, Vacation, Gym membership, gift cards, beauty care, music and wearable among others.

With technology left out for its unfair advantage as the reigning Black Friday champ, we looked at the interests that follow close behind.

Games, home, and music all emerged as global favorites. Auto, bed, food, and lighting had their niches, but still garnered enough attention to make the short list.

Top Gifts by Gender

The results change when broken down by gender.

Among men, technology is still the top gift category, followed by home good and music-related items.
Among women, music-related items are the number one category, following closely by food. Technology is a close third behind those frontrunners.
The only time technology takes a break as the Black Friday winner. Among women. Understanding which type of gifts each gender is gravitating towards can help inform decisions around content and targeting.

Brands Garnering Attention Across the Globe

Understanding the types of brands generating Black Friday buzz (Amazon and beyond) can help get the proverbial campaign-planning wheels turning.

The top brands generating this buzz is different across the globe. We looked at 10 well-known retailers and e-commerce giants in each country marked on the map to discover where consumers are searching for deals.

There is no difference in top gift categories when it comes to the difference between the number of readers and time spent reading about them -- the most gift categories are also the most engaged with on the open web.

It takes a great deal of planning in advance to be set up for the success seen by these brands. Consumers are eager to plan the deals they’ll shop for on the big day, and sharing that information early can help brands up for success. Such data insights help advertisers and brands to take an informed approach when planning their campaigns.

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